West Texas Intermediate Passes 2 Year High, Jumps To $90.57

Those who are about to spend another 20% of their paychecks to cover the cost of surging food and gas prices, salute the wealth effect. For everyone else, there is the discount window. WTI Crude has just passed $90.57 (and at last check was at the highest it has been since mid-2008). We hope Ben Bernanke has plans how to deal with oil passing $100 (to the upside) - at today's rate of dollar devaluation, that target should be taken out by the end of the month. And in addition to supermarkets, next up one can safely cross out all companies that use petroleum distillates in the COGS. In fact, everything that worked in the spring of 2008 as the bubble was on the verge of blowing up last time, should work all too well. And back then we didn't even have a daily POMO...


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