Whitney Tilson Underperforms S&P By 30%, Blames Bulk Of Miss On Netflix

Whitney Tilson, the consummate "value investor" is the latest confirmation of what we have been claiming since the beginning of 2010: namely that with the Fed's intervention in capital markets, those who plan on making money using a gold old fashioned long-short, 130/30 portfolio distribution, value trading are in the bullseye of central planning. What has happened over the past year, when courtesy of the Chairman's endless market manipulation, is that the worst of the worst stocks, those traditionally shorted by all, the 5x beta crapshoots, were the ones the screamed higher, with State Street and BoNY making it impossible to hold shorts in anything, not to mention repo desks calling in borrow on a daily basis, and killed traditional fundamental analysis, where good companies are purchased, and bad ones are shorted. Congratulations Bernanke: with your reckless destruction of prudent capital allocation decisions, you will put every single "value investors" out of business. Which is why we feel for Whitney, who despite his seemingly constant appearance on CNBC at one point talking his book, returned just 10% net for his fund, compared to the S&P which did about 50% better. Hopefully the redemption requests leave something in their wake. On the other hand, like every single self-respecting asset manager, Tilson blamed the bulk of his underperformance on Netflix. Of course, he is absolutely right: the company is worth exactly nothing, but it will likely take a few years for the momo crew to figure it out. By then, all shorts in the name will be but a memory.

Full Tilson letter below:

h/t StockBox and Steve Jobs