Wildebeast Heard Shifts From Dumping All Long Bonds To Lifting Every Available Offer

While it is easy to ignore the latest delayed and frankly laughable melt up in stocks, which reacted to nothing but Bloomberg headlines even as the "Gangbang of Three hundred million" information was well in the public domain, and have surged on the usual and now much adored low-to-no volume move, the move in bonds is far more troubling for the simple reason that unlike stocks (recall that most fast money asset manager are now in cash and just intraday HFTs and day traders rely on the S&P, as well as the dumb money of course) bonds are far more critical. And it is there that we have a truly unprecedented buying rampage, with an emphasis on the 30 Year, which has moved from being most hated this morning to most loved in the span of a few hours: a move which courtesy of massive leverage has left many holders with a whiplash induced concussion. And since the Congress has said absolutely nothing good about this news, expect the same whiplashing that we saw out of Europe on every headline to make its way to the US bond market.


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