WSJ Reports That Iran Has "Likely Resumed Nuclear-Research Work"

Tensions in the Middle East is once again heating up. Following earlier reports that Israel would not take too kindly to Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal, the WSJ now reports that Iran has likely resumed nuclear-research work. "A new classified US intelligence assessment concludes that, even as Iran enriches more uranium, there is an increasingly heated debate within its regime over whether to move towards building nuclear weapons, suggesting international economic sanctions may be sowing serious divisions." Does this mean it is time for a new revision and more lethal version of Stuxnet to be released? How much of this report is based on fabricated data is unknown, although judging by how well it worked last time around there was a full scale US incursion, we will likely find out soon enough (or eventually). As to whether Israel is actually willing to take the risk and actually initiate a military offensive against Iran, and, indirectly, against Egypt's military coup government, we will likely find out tonight when the ships are actually expected to cross the canal.


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