WTI Drops Below $100, Down Almost 10% On The Day, Complete Wipeout In Euro Brent

The anti-speculator witchhunt is bearing fruit: following the wipe out in precious metals, the next, and key, target of this commodity take down, crude, just went from triple to double digits, hitting a low of $99.70, with the $100 limit orders resulting in a surge in the USD and accelerating the drop in EUR. Stocks continue to be completely disconnected from this massive liquidation across all commodities, as every mutual fund knows all too well that Ben will always step in and make sure that the Russell 2000 never has a downtick. Yet this complete isolation of equities from other products merely confirms that not even the HFTs correlate stocks to other asset classes. It also means that HFTs are no longer present in stocks, which means that even the fake liquidity provided by HFTs is no longer there, and we will likely have a far worse flash crash the second Brian Sack loses control of the stock market.

Yet the move in USD-priced crude is nothing compared to what is happening to Euro-priced Brent. In a word: "total wipeout"


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