As Yen Surge Continues, Time For Another G-7 Intervention?

Even as the dollar is plunging to fresh 3 year lows and was on the verge of crossing 1.50 earlier, the inverse is happening with the former carry trade darling, the JPY. As of a few minutes ago, the Yen was up to 80.49 against the dollar: a massive 500+ pip surge from over 85 in early April. More importantly, this is the level where the G7 intervened to weaken the Yen back in March after the Nikkei flash crashed. The question then is: will the G7 and BOJ intervene once again to do whatever they can to dilute the Yen (don't forget - Japanese monetization is coming with a vengeance), or will it let go sub-80 again at which point the Mrs Watanabes of the world will be forced to once again close all their unprofitable shorts and send the Yen surging to another all time record high against the dollar. Of course, for that to happen, it would mean the dollar will likely be forced to weaken even more. Then again, the opportunity cost is an even greater economic plunge in Japan in Q2. And just like that the global central planning Committee is caught between two pingponging carry currencies. Luckily, for the time being, Americans continue not to care that their "reserve" currency has all the credibility of toilet paper in the international FX market.


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