U.S. is now Japan

Well, the "most anticipated" September FOMC meeting has come and gone, and no hike yet again. After the release of the FOMC statement, SPX rallied to a high of 2020, then sold down 30 handles into the close, and another -28 handles at today's open. Why? Well maybe people have finally realized the Fed is absolutely clueless, and that they have been completely misleading.


What people and central bankers do not understand, is that you can't devalue your way to prosperity. Absolutely nothing has changed since the last crisis. The same too big too fail banks have only gotten much bigger. The same people that were in charge leading into the crisis and during it, are the same people who are in charge of fixing it. New regulations were established to try and regulate the industry, but they will be proven to be ineffective. Why? Because the Volcker Rule and Dodd-Frank have had all the important elements removed, thanks to the massive lobbying power of the TBTF banks and the Fed.

Just my take on the whole Ebola situation which is unfolding at a rapid speed. As we are all well aware by now, Ebola is rapidly spreading across West Africa, and has made it to shore here in the U.S. Government officials are coming out in droves to tell citizens that the situation is under control and contained. They claim that Ebola does not spread easily like the flu or a cold, and that you can only contract the virus from exposure to bodily fluids.