They just might not be worth it!

As shoppers, we all love an online bargain – BoGo (Buy-one-Get-one-Free!). And from experience, we know that some online “bargains” aren’t really that at all! In many cases, you could likely find that BoGo item much cheaper elsewhere. And when you add separate shipping, handling and taxes, what you expected to save has suddenly evaporated!

So, when someone online tells you about “money saving hacks that really work”, you should look at them with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Everyone loves a great narrative, and Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND) has got that in spades. The alternative meat company’s stock soared after it outperformed earnings expectations, rising to a high of $168 before falling to its value of $141.39 at the close of trading Wednesday. The company wants to market itself as the alternative meat company of the future, helping to lead a sustainable, better future.

The first thing that anyone does, before they opt in for a new product and service, is to do some research. A VPN review is often the initial step for anyone looking to buy or subscribe to a VPN service. But are these reviews truly unbiased? 

Some reviewers don’t really “spell it like it is” …read on to learn what you should be beware of.

Today’s digital age has changed many aspects of our lives. The sheer volume of data, about customers, competitors and prospective clients, that commercial insurance businesses have available to them, is transforming the insurance landscape. And while the digital era is well in progress, and the post-digital era has now taken off in earnest; it is what comes next that the insurance industry must have its sights on.