QTR gives his quick take on Herbalife's latest earnings report as well as MiMedix executives performance on their recent conference call. He also comments on Marc Cohodes' response to MiMedix's conference call and a hilarious Seeking Alpha piece offering "analysis" of what the MDXG call could hold, written on the day prior. 

Ryan Sellers is a former open outcry market maker from Chicago who traded on the floor for years in the early 2000's. He's also the originator of the @OpenOutcrier Twitter handle, an invaluable resource for traders that started many of the day-to-day nuances we see on FinTwit nowadays. His team of traders and news junkies have turned their once casual Twitter appearances into a full fledged news feed service - we talk about the evolution of OOC, how his team got started, how they trade, what life was like on the open outcry floor, whether or not he remembers being at a club with me in Las Vegas this past summer and more. For more information: www.openoutcrier.com