FBI Chief FOIA Officer: "Every Single Memo Comey Leaked Was Classified"

As James Comey trots around the country on his book-selling tour, tweeting bible quotes and nature scenes, a less serene series of events is playing out in Washington D.C. which suggests the former FBI Director may be in trouble over the memos he leaked to Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, allegedly detailing conversations between Comey and President Trump. 

James Comey, Daniel Richman

While Richman told CNN "No memo was given to me that was marked 'classified,' and James Comey told Congressional investigators he tried to "write it in such a way that I don't include anything that would trigger a classification," it appears the FBI's chief FOIA officer disagrees

While we previously reported that Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said four of the 7 Comey memos he reviewed were "marked classified" at the "Secret" or "Confidential" level - tonight we find out that every single Comey memo was classified at the time, per Judicial Watch director of investigations Chris Farrell - who has a signed declaration from the FBI's chief FOIA officer to that effect: 

We have a sworn declaration from David Hardy who is the chief FOIA officer of the FBI that we obtained just in the last few days, and in that sworn declaration, Mr. Hardy says that all of Comey's memos - all of them, were classified at the time they were written, and they remain classified. -Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

Therefore, Farrell points out, Comey mishandled national defense information when he "knowingly and willfully" leaked them to his friend at Columbia University. 

It's also mishandling of national defense information, which is a crime. So it's clear that Mr. Comey not only authored those documents, but then knowingly and willfully leaked them to persons unauthorized, which is in and of itself a national security crime. Mr. Comey should have been read his rights back on June 8th when he testified before the Senate. 

In closing, Farrell tells Dobbs "Recently retired and active duty FBI agents have told me - and it's several of them, they consider Comey to be a dirty cop."


What was that about "more ethical leadership" Jim?


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This whole mess makes me laugh.  Have to be vague again but it'll prove a point.  I'm in Vegas working as are thousands of others for the major convention going on, shouldn't be too hard to figure out the event.  The "booth" we're doing is actually a building from scratch an intelligent infrastructure (yeah, wtf is that but "hey...", you get the picture).  Can we take pictures?...no.  Can we talk about it on social media?...absolutely not.  Point is there are all kinds if everyday situations where you have to leave the info you've acquired in the room because that's the simple agreement & part of the contract you signed.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a private conversation with POTUS discussing policy falls into this scenario.  Comey's not only a communist but he's an idiot communist to boot (which I hope one eventually lands up his...).

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2/4/2018 - Zerohedge Headline

Comey Arrested After Attempting To Flee United States After Warrant Issued For His Arrest

"James Comey was arrested today at a motel 6 in Bozeman, Montana after evading authorities for 2 weeks after a warrant for his arrest for Treason against the United States of America was issued on January 22nd. An international manhunt for Mr. Comey led by US Marshalls commenced after he disappeared from his Washington D.C. residence soon after word about his indictment became public. Mr. Comey was found to have radically changed his appearance; he had a shaved head, and it is rumored that he also has plastic surgery as well. He was carrying several weapons, and $100,000 in cash when he was apprehended. An anonymous tip from a caller from Arkansas led to his arrest.

When he was apprehended, he is said to have quoted scripture, Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of the evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

Mr. Comey is currently being transported to the 16th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital, and in an interesting twist, will be occupying the same room as former Defense Secretary James Forrestal, when he jumped to his death during a routine health and wellness examination."


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Hillary will die of natural causes and Bill will have a medical emergency.


This is just Kabuki theater on an international scale (roll eyes).

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Comey like Mueller was in place to protect the elite on both sides of the aisle.  If this thing falls the wrong way then 100's could face jail. The obama/clinton globalist cabal was so sure they would ever lose another Presidential election so they did anything and everything they wanted for 8 years. Then the lardazz bit*h lost. They're all going down and Buckwheat Obama is going with them. The useless bisexual affirmative action community organizer was stupid enough to do everything his backers asked. He and his ugly wife just want the money. You can bet they will be calling for niggers in the streets. It's coming. 

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I have been saying this for over a year. The FBI was built on the foundation of corruption to the fullest extent possible, it lives off of corruption to the fullest extent possible, and it will end off corruption to the fullest extent possible

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When a CEO hires incompetent and corrupt employees, it should reflect on him as much as the underlings.

Face it folks, Trump isn't what we were sold - anyone still understand the return policy?

vegas Jan 5, 2018 1:09 PM Permalink

Ok, AG Jeff Sessions, get on your fucking horse and start prosecuting these scumbags; WTF are you waiting for? Sessions, by far and away, is the biggest disappointment I see that President Trump made ... I don't know what he does all fucking day, but going after the swamp rats in D.C. doesn't seem to be a high priority for him. Get your ass in gear Jeff, or get the fuck out and let somebody with a pair do it.



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 The bestest top cop in the country was Comney. That kinda says it all folks. The corruption goes all the way to the very top. It sucks but its true.

 The thing is nobody left their sweet pension. They pretty much all are ok with it. After they lock in the pension maybe they will have a come to jesus moment. Integrity always carries a price. Nobody at the FBI is willing to pay it.

 And that sucks!

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I will repeat this one more damn time..What the  hell does this have to do with Trump eating cheeseburgers in bed while watching three televisions simultaneously and refusing to pick up his clothes..Get the damn priorities straight..

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Sometimes reading articles like this is a waste of time. We know the crimes, we know they are guilty and we know there will be no consequences, they will not be punished. Period. Same old song and dance.

Easyp Jan 5, 2018 12:47 PM Permalink

Leak + Classified = Jail?

Well No actually only the little people do jail time for whistle blowing on the real Washington based crooks.  Hence the ex FBI man, the Clinton clan and dozens of their associates will dodge charges. 

San Pedro Jan 5, 2018 12:41 PM Permalink

A Special Counsel is needed to drill down into the comey / mueller / oobama / hillary / FBI collusion and find out why the clinton(s) enjoy leniency and "special privilege" with the FBI.

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When the former director of the FBI doesn't know what is and isn't 'classified', we's gots some problems.   The DOJ has imprisoned lower ranking government employees for disclosing classified information. If the director of the FBI SHOULD know better, the punishment should be far more harsh.

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Comey, like Clinton, was just doing his job for the deep state.  Therefore if he is charged, they will go light on him even though he deserves some hard time IMO.  The religious veneer he has now reminds me of John Ashcroft, who looked the other way while the Bush administration committed numerous crimes, including war crimes.  

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All these smug deep staters are now trapped in the Trump Event Horizon, whirling around the point of their own OBLIVION faster and faster.

And the kickers (or icing if you prefer) are that: 1) They put themselves in this position because they REACTED without thinking.Arrogance without deep intelligence, otherwise know as HUBRIS, which is the human characteristic most hated by the Gods. 2) They still think some big globalist Deus Ex Machina will wipe Trump off the face of the Earth and let them get back to the business of murder and extortion at their government desks. Comey manifests a real and frightening type of psychosis wherein the psychopath projects the utmost probity and boy scout morality, and he actually believes it about himself. An indictment or two would definitely cause a psychotic break in this imbecile, and perhaps in the long run that would be good for him, as a human being.

CatInTheHat Jan 5, 2018 11:45 AM Permalink

It pisses me off that these people walk and can write books and make millions more off their pretentiousness to innocence. First Clinton and now COMEY. 

The CRIMINALITY is so in our faces it makes me want to slap the shit out of all of them.

I watched a video by a multi bazillionaire awhile back (can't recall his name), who said that what the Rich fear most is REVOLT. 

They should be. How much longer are we going to put up with this shit show before we do just that?. These people are sociopaths. Comey is one of the worse and his scripture quoting is patronizing and condescending. POS.

bigfire Jan 5, 2018 11:21 AM Permalink

One of them is so classified that the congressional oversight committee member is only allowed to read it in secure location with protocol officer in the same room.   

RubberJohnny Jan 5, 2018 11:09 AM Permalink

"Director Comey.

The Court finds you guilty of treason.

On the morning of May 6 2018 as the sun is rising you shall be hung by the neck until dead.

Court is adjourned."

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Everyone here who has a burner phone, start "Swatting" Comey, he'll be gone in no time.


Listen, make sure you call this in from outside your house due to triangulation and GPS (even if you think GPS is disabled).

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I got so drunk yesterday I got into a fist fight with a parking meter.  My right knuckles are cut up and swollen but not bruised, which means the terrorists have won.

Jim Comey and Bob Mueller are patriotic American heroes, unbiased in their judgment and tenacious while pursuing justice.

Folks can rest easy knowing these shining beacons of truth are lol I'm just bullshitting.

What's the story about Jim Comey being a pedophile who likes young boys to dress like Howdy Doody before he rapes them?

I also heard that Kevin Spacey almost killed a kid on that pedo island.

rejected Jan 5, 2018 10:40 AM Permalink

Anything a government classifies is usually illegal government actions the government would rather keep quiet.  With the US government that would probably encompass 90 percent of what it does.