China Is Building Its Second Foreign Military Base In Pakistan Amid US Diplomatic Scandal

America’s declining influence in the Middle East and the Pacific Rim has been in hyperdrive this week following President Trump’s tweetstorm against Pakistan.

On New Year's day, Trump unleashed a series of tweets accusing  Pakistan of harboring terrorists, and went so far as to threaten cutting off the country’s financial aid. To make matters worse, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, also accused Pakistan of playing “a double game for years,” and said President Trump would withhold $225 million in aid to the country.

Trump’s tweetstorm did not impress the Pakistani government: in response, it announced that it would be evicting some 1.4 million Afghan refugees from the country later this month. The Pakistani government also announced closer ties with China, and would ditch the dollar in bilateral trade with China, a move that has threatened Washington’s diplomatic relations with Pakistan.

And now, according to the Washington Times, Pakistan will further boost economic and defense ties between Beijing and Islamabad. The report specifies that China is planning to build a military base in Pakistan, which would be its second military base in the East. The naval installation will be erected in a key strategic location: the Pakistani town of Jiwani, a port near the Iranian border on the Gulf of Oman and near the Straits of Hormuz, which resides at one of the six proposed economic corridors of the One Belt One Road Initiative, commonly called the Silk Road Economic Belt.


Plans for the base were advanced during a visit to Jiwani on Dec. 18 by a group of 16 Chinese People’s Liberation Army officers who met with about 10 Pakistani military officers. Jiwani is located on a peninsula about 15 miles long on a stretch of land with one small airfield.

China’s economic strategy in the Jiwani region of Pakistan is as follows:

Plans call for the Jiwani base to be a joint naval and air facility for Chinese forces, located a short distance up the coast from the Chinese-built commercial port facility at Gwadar, Pakistan. Both Gwadar and Jiwani are part of Pakistan’s western Baluchistan province.

The large naval and air base will require the Pakistani government to relocate scores of residents living in the area.
Plans call for their relocation to other areas of Jiwani or further inland in Baluchistan province.

The Chinese also asked the Pakistanis to undertake a major upgrade of Jiwani airport so the facility will be able to handle large Chinese military aircraft. Work on the airport improvements is expected to begin in July.

The naval base and airfield will occupy nearly the entire strategic peninsula.

Jiwani will be China’s second overseas military base, in addition to the first foreign military base opened last year in Djibouti, a small but tactically critical African nation near the Horn of Africa, where China deployed troops  for the first time last July. In doing so, China has direct oversight and visibility of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea, which together with the Suez Canal and Strait of Hormuz, is one of the planet’s most important oil chokepoints.

Washington has called China’s foreign military base expansion the “string of pearls” strategy. Meanwhile, as the world grows fed up with Washington's overseas policies, the Chinese are using this opportunity to roll out military bases in the Persian Gulf through the Indian Ocean, and in South East Asia.

Harrison Akins, a researcher at the Howard Baker Center who focuses on Pakistan and China, told Newsweek, “Chinese investment in Pakistan is expected to reach over $46 billion by 2030 with the creation of a [China-Pakistan Economic Corridor] connecting Balochistan’s Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea with Kashgar, in Western China.”

“Trump will soon find that his ability to unilaterally exert pressure to promote U.S. policy and security abroad is severely limited, as Pakistan has increasingly relied upon China for economic and military assistance,” Akins added.

So as Pakistan pivots away from the US, both financially, diplomatically and militarily, China is happy to step in and fill all the voids.


And so, America’s fading influence has claimed its latest victim, Pakistan. In one week, President Trump and Niki Haley have managed to collapse the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States, which has spurred China to pick up the broken piece and start nation-building in Pakistan. And as China tastes diplomatic success, the same blueprint will soon be applied to all other "US-allied" nations in the region.



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India, a Brit colony... US, a presumed breakaway Brit colony....

ISI arguably created by the CIA.

OSS arguably part and parcel of British Intel (as per John Coleman).

Partition of India into Pakistan/India certainly "involved" British Intel.

Islam, the last created major world religion, came to be under the sword and helped along its way by the usual suspects.

It is said there are essentially 4 major holders of stock in We Are the World (factions if you will). All intertwined (intermarried) some more powerful than others.

1. Colossus world Banking (money changers)

2. Intelligence

3. Monarchys

4. Major religions

Couple oldies; but goodies


All food for thought..investigagate and draw your own conclusions.

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French Bloke cheech_wizard Sun, 01/07/2018 - 13:38 Permalink

Why is everyone so fixated on whether or not Africans will be better off in the future or not? Who really cares? I don't... I'm more concerned about where I live and my kids' futures. And the West is in decline - there's no way we will get to where we were 50-60 years ago in terms of average wealth (ie. When 1 income could comfortably afford a house/car/holidays, etc but now you need both incomes to barely exist). We are fucked. Bankers buying all the assets paid for by our taxes/inflationary money printing directed into various bubbles for the rich. I really couldn't give a shit about Africa except in terms of if they really do become better off, perhaps those in Europe will all fuck off back!

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uhland62 IH8OBAMA Sat, 01/06/2018 - 21:45 Permalink

This Australian is not convinced that we could be in an alliance against China. We'd run out of money, because Chinese trade is the biggest sector of our livelihood. With the US, there's always a deficit. No worries - but we are not prepared to starve to be in an anti-China coalition. Being roped into the Vietnam and ME wars was expensive enough, thank you. 

There's plenty of kabuki going on. It has long been clear that the Gwadar port development would lead to more Chinese activity in Pakistan. How long? Two years probably.

a visit to Jiwani on Dec. 18 by a group of 16 Chinese" makes it quite clear that Trump's withdrawal of money two 1/2 weeks later was a reaction.

The world was overdue to learn to live without American money. 

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Agree 100%.

The DC Swamp threw it all away by directly and indirectly destroying one nation after another, and confident that they were so smart and everybody else was so stupid that nobody would notice the constant common denominator of the Swampites and the Langley psychos.

Directly by bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria to rubble and creating a demographic catastrophe in the target nations and Europe, and fomenting chaos in Ukraine thus drawing in Russia.

Indirectly by unleashing Langley's serial killer employees aka ISIS, spreading terror and depravity everywhere they go -- doing the dirty work that is beneath even the CIA wet workers.

And of course State Dept. idiots organizing mass protests in foreign nations without the slightest knowledge of the underlying history.

Who needs history when you have unbridled power, incalculable heaps of money, and a guarantee of no accountability?

The MSM makes everything worse by broadcasting fables as truth, and host fancy professors from fancy schools to make it look factual.

The professors in turn feed off the MSM and look even more impressive when they get to be TV stars.

None of them have any grasp of history.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is starting to notice, especially those nations on the Swamp menu.

So the past recipients of bombing campaigns and threats, and future potential target nations look around for a better deal, and still the Swamp seems genuinely surprised.

It would be better for the Swamp to focus on our own internal problems which threaten the very existence of America, and leave other nations to their own devices.


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World Island Theory is like Highlander. There can be only one. China obviously wants to be that one and Russia is going to have to react or lose territory. Russia already has a demographic problem with falling population and Chinese moving into the east. That is not going to work out well for Russia! Russia’s stance with China is just one of necessity just as the turn to ally against China will be a necessity

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You have me mixed up with someone who wants the world the way it is and the USA with dumb-assed bases all over the FN world! Putting bases in to surround perceived enemies is what Uncle Slam and the MIC do! I wish they didn’t but they do. How many bases in the world make FN sense for the US to have? You are worrying about how they will be supplied!? You do realize that when the war with China starts everything in that area is going to change don’t you? Russia is going to ally with us and so is Iran! It’s going to be a completely different situation everywhere across Asia. Even if it was the dumbest place to have a base they will keep it because they don’t have bases to cover that area yet. That is why they are going to stay there and hope it works out! MIC loves it! More money through their meat grinding money hole!

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ScratInTheHat 07564111 Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:49 Permalink

I know the coat of arms well. I’ve personally spent three weeks in the Hermitage viewing the 1.8 million plus to see there. I particularly like the Scythian items. I’m glad Peter grabbed all the stuff before it was completely destroyed! I also think that Russia is going to wind up taking the Bosphorus back for the Church. I guess that is crazy too?

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