Drunken Russian Man Uses Stolen Tank To Break Into Liquor Store

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while intoxicated?

That’s nothing compared with this.

A Russian man rammed an armored personnel carrier into a shop window before climbing through to steal a bottle of wine on Wednesday morning, according to local media and video posted on social media. The incident occurred in Apatity, a small town just south of the Arctic circle.

The man had swiped the vehicle from a privately-run motorsport training ground nearby, driven it through a forest. But as he struggled to turn around in a narrow street, the man - whom witnesses described as being drunk - proceeded to slam the tank into the window of the “Family” convenience store.

He also crushed a Daewoo car parked nearby. Footage shared on social media showed the man exiting the tank, briefly inspecting the damage, then entering the shop through the broken window and snatching a bottle of wine.

He was later arrested while in possession of the same stolen bottle of wine, local media reported. The shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning, the agency added.


Despite the fact that a drunk man was in full control of a tank, witnesses visible in the footage did not seemed particularly disturbed.

“Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle... and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning,” one social media user said while filming the scene.

The man, in his late twenties, did not resist arrest, RIA news agency reported. His identity was not released.



hxc GUS100CORRINA Thu, 01/11/2018 - 00:00 Permalink

You could be the libertarian conservative you profess to be (and really are 99% of the time) but 1% of the time, you channel jeff sessions (who i hope is really doing what we hope he is and not spending his time amassing SWAT faggets to shoot stoners' dogs).

Cmon, we all love your spot-on rants, but remember that plenty of people perform complex jobs and have fulfilling careers (and fulfilling families and friends) that happen to smoke weed sometimes. Big deal. Better than a society of alcoholics and even that I think would be tolerable if we had the society both of us advocate (though i may be more extreme). Let people be who they are if they aren't hurting you. If everyone followed that then we would have actual free markets, individual liberty, society-wide mutual respect, etc.

Try a joint next time you're off work. If you're retired, well, have one with your dinner tomorrow night. It is REALLY not a big deal. Cough syrup is more intense unless you smoke yourself silly.

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Ralph Spoilsport NoDebt Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:19 Permalink

I "borrowed" a John Deere 5020 in 1978 and got my impounded vehicle out of a police storage lot near Elkton by flattening the fence out so I could drive over it. The statute of limitations has run out so this is my big reveal. Fuck You Elkton cops, I got away with it!

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Ralph Spoilsport Donald J. Trump Wed, 01/10/2018 - 23:50 Permalink

Tractors. The US has millions of them in various states of repair. You can flatten all the cop cars in the state police parking lot with a JD 5020 or its equivalent in Case, Minneapolis-Moline, Allis Chalmers, JD, old International Harvester gear which is much better than any John Deere, and my current favorite price leader, New Holland. I've done amazing things with my NH TC35 and LA16 loader. Suburban owners of Kubota toy tractors quake in fear because I can lift their entire tractor in the air and deposit them in the overpriced dumpster at Southern States. Oh, how we laugh at these toy tractors.....

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83_vf_1100_c Ralph Spoilsport Thu, 01/11/2018 - 03:06 Permalink

I retired my engine crane when I got my tractor/FEL.  When you get older and the back ain't what it used to be, fire up the tractor.  Rule #1 of tractor buying is always buy a size larger than what you need. Can't say I ever robbed a likker store with mine. Maybe if they ever open a weed store here I'll think about it. That loader can scoop up a lot of weed. Not a very good vehicle for outrunning the cops.

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Ralph Spoilsport 83_vf_1100_c Thu, 01/11/2018 - 03:33 Permalink

Exactly. The spirit is willing but the joints don't want to play along.

My neighbors thought I was crazy getting a 4WD 35 HP diesel tractor until I cleared their lanes of snow a few times and pushed fallen trees off to the side when we had a bad windstorm. I also have the biggest Stihl commercial chainsaw in the neighborhood and all kinds of chain and rigging stuff. I'm a popular guy!

Someday, I'm going to show up driving the New Holland in my corporate garb complete with button-down Arrow shirts, a power tie and wingtips. I don't give a fuck any more. Nowadays, I wear Carhartt shirts and jeans to board meetings and don't plan on wearing wool suits anytime soon except for funerals.

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gearjammers1 NoDebt Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:08 Permalink

That's why I like the crazy Russians. I read war and peace 8 times when I was a kid. Pierre and his buddy Dolohov captured a bear and spent the night out drinking with a bear. Crazy Russians - listen to this Russian beauty - the Russians are genious - Night on bald mountain by mussorgsky - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCEDfZgDPS8 - I told you about the crazy old Russian Prince who ordered his daughter to study Calculus every day

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