U.S. Policies Continue To Fail In 2018

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via SHTFplan.com,

As of this writing, the Russian military has had three of their bases attacked by drones. They destroyed six of them and captured another seven. The significance: the drones are of a quality that could not have been made by the ISIS “rebels,” and had to come from a technologically-advanced nation. The drones were multidirectional and able to be controlled by satellite through GPS coordinates.

[Schwarzenegger, in “Predator”]: “Heat seeker, Dillon. Pretty sophisticated for a bunch of half-assed mountain boys.”

Exactly. The U.S. (via Tillerson) released a statement that the U.S. was not involved in the drone strike and was unaware of who supplied the drones.

Not only does that not hold any water, but as it turns out, a U.S. intelligence aircraft was monitored in the theatre while these drone attacks were taking place.

Syria is still being hotly contested between Assad and the “rebels” who are none other than Al Qaeda that “morphed” several times to become the ISIS we all know and uphold in the manner of Emmanuel Goldstein, the bogeyman of Orwell’s “1984.”



On the front with Eastern Ukraine, the Russian-backed separatists are about to receive a present... bequeathed by Obama, and allowed to be delivered by President Trump, certified by the Senate and all on the taxpayer’s dime. This being antitank weapons in the form of Javelins and other antitank missiles to the tune of about $47 million. Now the President is thinking of tripling that amount. So much for “détente,” and the reset that was supposed to happen with Russia.

Domestically, as disturbing as our foreign policy (and in some ways more so) is the project to create a domestic “spy” service to complement the alphabet agencies. One of the individuals considered to head it is none other than Eric Prince, the former Navy SEAL and CEO of the same Blackwater that the U.S. government gave “carte blanche” in Iraq with limited ROE (Rules of Engagement) and almost no accountability.

Internally, the same draconian measures that were emplaced by Obama to circumvent the Constitution are still in place. The police forces are growing throughout the U.S., and via the Fusion Centers and CCTV networks steadily germinating across the nation the local, state, and federal police forces are coming beneath one umbrella. The sled is still traveling downhill. A slower rate than before; nevertheless, it’s still moving in the direction it did prior to the election.

The belligerent and imperialistic foreign policy of before is still in place, with relations souring instead of improving. In the meantime, we are watching a form of “creeping Statism” that is domestically moving almost too slowly to be noticed, but making headway. We have an Attorney General who selectively enforces the law, and has a “hands-off” policy for prominents such as Mueller, Comey, and Hillary Clinton.

The North Korean threat has not dissipated: it persists. They will soon launch Kwangmyongsang-5, a satellite that will be able to map positions with advanced technology to be utilized for a nuclear strike.

From this and other problems we are constantly distracted by the MSM (Mainstream Media) with Harvey Weinstein’s escapades and the “witch hunt” in progress against every male in the U.S. We are distracted by NFL players taking a knee, by Oprah Winfrey considering being a candidate for president in 2020 (would her campaign be managed by Harpo productions?), and other items that are nonsensical and nonproductive.

Other nations are making their move, such as China with a gold-backed Yuan attempting to supplant the Petrodollar. If our country doesn’t take some drastic steps with foreign policy and domestic agendas, it may realize a few lighter moments, but that is not enough.

This period is the calm before the storm. Those midterm elections will be along in no time, and the next presidential election is right around the corner. Hope that we last long enough as a nation to make it that far.


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Of course the US didn't attack the Russian bases in Syria. Guess who's VERY close to Syria's borders? Israhell [and its spawned child, ISIS (AlQaeda 2.0)].

The Good News is, Putin said he knows the perpetrator behind the conflict with his nation both in SYRIA and UKRAINE. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

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If the oil war is lost the illusion is shattered. Plain and simple. The leftists won't get their ridiculously wasteful Teslas, the right won't get its bullshit "work hard and prosper" faith-based belief system, the elderly won't get their meds, free ambulance rides for indigestion, or days wasted watching wheel of fortune, and the retarded millenials won't get their fidget spinners, video games, and social media. 

Without fuel there is no modern world. There is no avoiding this. Fracking is trash. Solar is trash. Wind is trash. The good coal is largely gone. Speculation on new wells is just that, speculation that runs in opposition to discovery rates. Mexico's largest play in 15 years will theoretically power the United states for 17 days, if all the oil is a resource and not a reserve. Wake up. 

The proof is right in front of you. Fracking has never had positive cash flow and has already exceeded the lifetime average of the easiest first wells. It's downhill from here. There are no solar powered factories making solar panels, or batteries, dismissing out of hand the diesel consumed mining the materials. The same goes for wind. In an economy that depends on ten to twenty years doubling times, nothing has been more consistent in tracking economic growth than energy consumption by volume by capita.

You aren't going to beat the laws of physics; no matter how much you pretend the earth is flat, scientists are wrong, and oil is renewable.

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Yeah, well, it's "Jeremiah Johnson," Mac Slavo's skeevy pretend Green Beret alter-ego at "SHTFPlan."  That's the silly website that re-writes old stories in a vague and breathlessly alarmed tone, the same way "The Weekly World News" used to.

Good for a chuckle once in a while, but ultimately boring.

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It was a very interesting post and made me LOL (in tune with your intent) and LOL (not in tune).   Let me teach you a lesson about Solar, the right way, not the bone-headed way that to which you point.

I have TWO "RV's."   One floats, one rides on tires and BOTH are COMPLETELY independent from the Grid, with solar panels, feeding battery arrays, and we do not need any shore power when parked or moored.

Of course, we are FUEL dependent to move the big diesel pusher, but while on water, we float for years without a single external power source, other than the fuel it takes to deliver goods to suppliers, for food and parts.

So, to an EXTENT, we are using SOLAR.  So, your point about SOLAR is falling on deaf ears here as we are LIVING IT.

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With no free lunch in energy , no matter how long you are able to carry on using your solar, the negative return

on the energy invested to make, install  and maintain it cannot be done on any scale.Even the must efficient processes

usually only return 50% and lose the other half.Most lose far more

Your "I'm all right Jack" exception proves nothing except you lack of any ability for critical thought.

What happens when you to need to replace panels at the end of their lifespan and there is no hydrocarbon

left to do so ?

Short term thinking is the problem.

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To Fedup 

Hiding inside the unthinking crowd.  Same today, same as it always was.  Coldest winter on both coasts of the northern states-claimed to be due to Global Warming.

Having a heat ball a million times the mass of the earth claimed by "consensus scientists" to be irrelevant. 

Franz Kafka needs to be required reading, if only reading wasn't dissed by our ignorant educators.

Diversity- those still seeking knowledge combined with those dumber that a sack of hammers, is not a strength.

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All oil is not the same. 

Oil is a loose term that now applies to both kerogen and bitumen.  Venezuela’s oil reserves are predominantly heavy crude.  Heavy crude is closely related to the bitumen found in tar sands.  Bitumen flows like molasses.  Venezuelan oil though thinner than bitumen, has a slower flow rate than light sweet crude.  This makes Venezuelan oil more expensive to extract and more expensive to process.  Venezuelan oil must be thinned to produce fuel oil.

Shale oil is actually kerogen which upon extraction can be immediately used as fuel oil to fire boilers and run internal combustion engines.  While both are considered barrels of oil, there is a vast difference in the oil produced in Venezuela and the oil produced in the Permian Basin.

Venezuela’s oil is low quality of its product.

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China is moving away from coal, slowly and steadily, just as the Chinese do things. They change to gas in a serious way. With 4 times more mouths to feed than the US these large projects don't happen overnight.

Some facilities where they burn coal have been closed. One gas pipeline from Russia is operational and there is talk about a second and third one. Near Vladivostok, in Russia but close to China, they plan a gigantic steel complex, powered with cheap Russian gas which will enable them to close coal burning old steel complexes in China. Expect Chinese coal imports to reduce. Indians are keen to create more air pollution and want to import more coal. 

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Deep State has gone barking mad. See my post below.

The next enemy du jour, will be those old lady (terrorists) who hinder commerce by not being fast enough crossing the road, or at the checkout counter.

Deep State must be abolished NOW, As they are taking matters into their own hands, under false pretenses, without the consent of the CIC, Congress and the people.



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I'm really excited waiting for the "oligarch list" that Congress is cobbling together... will the Americans be the top 10? They should be... Blankfein, Dimon, a bunch of senators, Bushes galore....

Hell, Hillary and Obama need to be right at the top with their uranium one scam!

Something tells me it'll just be a bunch of foreigners that they want to steal from tho.... to bad....

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and who has the still some what oil that is being taped into at costs less than market price? all in demise. SA, russia, iran, to name the first 3. rest all in demise too. norway, mex, libya, ect. ect.

back to the big three. who and what exchange are they switching too? 

see the petro dolla fade coming?

see the wars evolving from said quest for oil.

this and treasury bid are the dismal future.

all whilst dc with heads up collective asses.

moar doom porn, mdp

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How long have you been depressed? The US produces 10 million barrels per day. The Trump administration opened up vast new regions which have already been explored and tested to produce millions more per day.

Solar is cheap and good, it's an excellent investment. Wind is good too, it's the total mix of technology and hydrocarbons, and coal will always be mined.

It's such a joke, a small, minute fraction of people, many anti-American foreigners  come on here without a clue on anything, poorly read, extreme biased.

Even the articles are so skewed it's incredible, the authors aren't published anywhere except their own web site and ZH, it's free with out copyright, but no other more normal, less slanted publications on this board.

The anti-American slant is childish and it's always some fake point to prove some anti-American point of the deranged American hating authors and most of them are foreigners too.

Many Americans have left the ZH board of late, announcing they're leaving. It's because the posters are ignorant Euro trash with one thing in  mind, pissing like a dog for a territorial marker on a board which isn't going to grow or have any meaning to most people.

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Most Americans and Trump's base would like to kill or see Bush I and Bush II eliminated. Trump is not Bush, the success of the US economy is not Bush, the break away from providing free defense for Euro Trash is slowly moving forward, and the end of one world government is slowly ending. It's slow because it's a huge shock to brainwashed communist.

The list of Trump accomplishments is remarkable, more like amazing, a good example was the ending of the Pacific Trade Partnership, Trump killed it. Recall Bush II came out and made a speech saying we can't do this, we can't destroy his daddy's big plan, One World Government. But slowly but surely the One World Government - international communism plan is being dismantled.

Trump isn't perfect, but he's better than all the presidents COMBINED back to Bush I, and who would you have preferred Murderering Bitch Clinton and the incredible level of corruption. It's interesting how many prefer the most evil over someone who is dragging us out of One World Government, trying to restore the economy, and Republic. Trump's not perfect, but he has done better than all presidents back to the early 90's before we started on the path of destroying the US for the International Communism plan of One World Government.

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I knew you'd guess right.

I guess you guessed wrong... bout what there is to "know" here.

The jihadist Russo-talmudic mafiya-controlled puppet regime of Turkey is 'close to Syria's borders'... and even closer to the splinter group of jihadis who sent the Russkies their message in a bottle-rocket. I need merely reference my previous comment here

In the delicate dance between the members of the love-hate menage a trois -

Srael, Russia... and their jointly if somewhat chaotically managed puppet state Turkey...

the strings sometimes pull sharply this way, then sharply the other. Currently, the dynamic has shifted a bit to the Srael side, and the groupings of jihadist factions controlled by Ankara have been busy making signals of displeasure about the thwarting of the caliphs plans for further intrusions in north Syria/Rojava.

As a result... the drone drama. There is very little mystery about the source of the weaponry. It has doubtless been lab-tested and identified. Turkish military manufacturers have been busy turning out.. and seeking markets for... their new array of drones with the latest military applications. Their recent attendance at the s e Asian trade fair in Thailand with all their various arsenals on display was a sign of their eagerness to impress cash-rich clients. But the proof is in the pudding - as always - and therefore 'field demonstrations' the order of the day!

Masters of the tight-lipped \delayed response/kind of diplomatic warfare, the Russkies have observed this sally from their erstwhile 'partners' in tel aviv with the same discipline as was applied when their ambassador was offed in Turkey in a previous episode of tit for tat intrigue which the mediaz were unable to wrap their noggins round. And as always... foolish fanbouys will rush in ... on cue... with the usual blustery bullshit bout "CIAs" and other creatures of the night... hoping to ward off further erosion of a fake news storyline the wheels of which have been falling off to no end lately!https://www.zerohedge.com/comment/10991285#comment-10991285

To put paid to the usual false attribution of the kind which delicately covers up the real dynamics in play.


mossad/unit 8200's "masters of deception" are quite happy to have \srael/ blamed for every event in the muddled eastern "theatre" if it helps muddy the real dynamics at play EVEN MOAR.

JUST SAY no moar... to 'internet medias' incessant mis-directions of the 'news'... in service to the forces of international finance capital.



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Check your sniffer for malfunction.

Having noted a pleasing degree of awareness creeping over the congregation here... and creeps of the cabbalist kind being forced to creep back into their holes in tandem...

I'm merely upping the ante (as usual)by bringing to light further aspects of the GIANT PSYOP which the 'new internet medias' conduct daily. We'll file this particular episode under the title of


as a handy way to summarize the LITTLE KNOWN BIG FACT that ... the great majority of those most virulently disposed to post

heheheh... "anti-zionist" or HOHOHO... 'its the jews' commentary... are in truth working for the mossads many moving parts of media dissimulation which ... gathers up unsuspecting naifs into groups of malleable victims who can be manipulated in any number of ways as part of a grand design which is far beyond the imagination of most westerners/ and so sophisticated in application as to be invisible to the target audience.

The usual process of discovery can be expected...

  • angry beard mutterings and loud denouncements from behind the floorboards
  • a flurry of venomous personal attacks in the absence of any and all attempts at intelligent rebuttal of the precis presented
  • silence... as the paucity of rational counter argument becomes pathetically obvious
  • a small but noticeable outbreak of brave voices willing to risk a shower of condemnation from the consensus trance enforcers of orthodoxy
  • new level of acceptance of 'neo-journalisms' inevitable victory in the joust for 'truth in media'
  • rinse n repeat.


gawds how I luv the smell o burnin memetic disinfo in the mornin!

*Bob, you forgot sumthin in your list...

wat's dat?

Rain of arrows.

Hahaha... that dead Votan meter god thang? Fogit a boout it. Ran that voodoo down!

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"Israhell and its spawned child, ISIS (AlQaeda 2.0)."

Israel or KSA. KSA has purchased advance hardware. Either way pretty silly to use advanced weaponary when masking a Proxy war using primative rebels (ISIS).

Of Course Trumpet could had played a role in de-esculating the ME proxy wars. but He seems completely pre-occupied starting a World war. If not Syria, Afganistan, then NK, China & russia. Also through in Pakastan, Ukraine... The only good think is that there are only 260 nations Trump can pick a fight with /sarc

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He not gonna do nuffin bout it.

And you know it ... but keep dreaming, one day someone will have the balls to do what nobody has come remotely close to even attempting ... lol.


Long Vladimir, in any case ... he is too smart to use the ones he’s got, for a weak client.

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Deep State threatens domestic coup due to “global warming”.


… If the Trump White House insists on ignoring the inevitable, the professionals at the relevant departments and agencies have to take it upon themselves to develop real strategies, and put real resources, into keeping the U.S. and its global interests secure far into an uncertain future.


About the Author:


James Stavridis, a retired U.S. Navy admiral and former military commander of NATO, is dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

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imo all this shit will come to a head when the dolla continues it's slide and treasuries need a bid as rates head up with possible spike.

this swan is poking it's head above the reeds and can now be seen.

when it takes flight, i ask, how the fuk are the feds going to fund all this ultra counter productive shit? priorities will be domestic as in marshal law and controlling the unrest turned violent.

killers in the wind:

healthcare craziness

inflation coming from fed print buying treasuries(1923 d.mark)

treasury dumpage as pertro dolla trade fades.

SS/medicare-caid funding > healthcare craziness

1 trillion/yr new bond issues, who is buying?

pensions/stawk/bond unwind, blow off tops

underlying assets impaired due to above massive debts and ratios

rising massive loan forclosures/defaults/margin unwind

on and fuking on.

serious problems on the horizon.

soon to be, out-of-fukng-control

my doom porn for the day, lol...

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The U.S. military depends on thousand mile supply chains, drones piloted by kids in trailers and never ending air support.  Nuclear submarines are of little or no use in a civil war.  Tanks and APC’s do not fare well in an urban setting.  Without food, fuel and electricity, the MIC will unravel very rapidly. 

The three percent that would actually go to war against the MIC is a swarm of nine million pissed off individuals with no command structure and no supply chains.  Such a force does not fit into the battle plans of the MIC and would be extremely difficult to contain.

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Nope, those fuckers require an intact organization behind them to flex their tiny escape muscles. They won’t even be able to run and hide. Does anyone with a brain believe that the military will side with the lying psychopaths? I visualize Goldfinger donning the military uniform and hauling ass in his private jet. Too late Cabal, you did the unthinkable, went batshit crazy with greed and power and failed to garner your support to pull it off. Now, Time is running out for plastic surgery to camouflage your Goldfinger escape. I want some Junior Mints with my popcorn.

Mop-up time is here.

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