Pakistan Threatens India With Nuclear War After Indian Army Chief's Statement

Hawaii’s ballistic missile attack on Saturday turned out to be nothing more than fat-fingered "fake news" by State officials. However, a far more significant threat of nuclear war is growing on the border between India and Pakistan, called the Line of Control (LoC), which continues to be generally ignored by Western media outlets.

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said Friday his military was ready to call Pakistan’s “nuclear bluff” and carry out aggressive military operations across the border.

"We will call the (nuclear) bluff of Pakistan. If we will have to really confront the Pakistanis, and a task is given to us, we are not going to say we cannot cross the border because they have nuclear weapons. We will have to call their nuclear bluff," Gen. Rawat warned, responding to a question during a press conference on the “possibility of Pakistan using its nuclear weapons in case the situation along the border deteriorates,” said the Hindustan Times.

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif unleashed a Tweetstorm denouncing Rawat’s comments as “very irresponsible. Amounts to invitation for nuclear encounter. If that is what they desire, they are welcome to test our resolve. The general’s doubt would swiftly be removed, inshallah.”

“The threatening and irresponsible statement by the Indian Army Chief today is representative of a sinister mindset that has taken hold of India. Pakistan has demonstrated deterrence capability,” he tweeted.

“These are not issues to be taken lightly. There must not be any misadventure based on miscalculation. Pakistan is fully capable of defending itself,” he added.

The spokesperson of Pakistan’s Foreign Office Mohammad Faisal also criticised Gen. Rawat’s comments as very “irresponsible.” Further, the Pakistani army said its nuclear weapons have deterred India from launching another full-scale conventional war, as both nuclear superpowers are playing chicken.

Escalating the war of words, Pakistan army spokesman Asif Ghafoor said on state-run television, “should they wish to test our resolve, they may try and see it for themselves. We have a credible nuclear capability, exclusively meant for threat from east. But we believe it’s a weapon of deterrence, not a choice.”

The Line of Control (LoC) refers to a heavily militarized zone in  Jammu and Kashmir, in which it splits some of the India-Pakistani border. In 2017 alone, the Indian Army killed 138 Pakistani troops in tactical and retaliatory operations along the LoC. In the same period, 28 Indian soldiers perished. In late December, we reported on an intense battle between Indian and Pakistani forces leaving 4 Indian troops dead, where it was believed that Pakistan was the aggressor.


Both countries have a long history of skirmishes on the LoC, and have even fought multiple wars on the border since India gained independence from British colonial rule in 1947. And as the beat of nuclear war gets louder between India and Pakistan, the LoC is one region which should be carefully monitored as conditions continue to deteriorate in 2018.


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Now that the attempt to stir up arms sales by threatening North Korea has been cooled off by China and Russia, another border dispute has to be stirred up. Pakistan has gone rogue by accepting investments from China and allowing China to build port and military facilities in Pakistan, so the US is now treating Pakistan as an enemy.

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mpnut stizazz Sun, 01/14/2018 - 19:11 Permalink

Last time a Bomb was dropped it was in Japan.  The world saw the devestation and loss of life.  Scared the world for almost 80 years..  The people who witnessed this are the only ones warning about the consequences while the younger generations have no experience and clue to the potential fallout it can have for the world and its surrounding environment..  

"History Repeats, because human beings are just too stupid to learn from past mistakes".

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Conveniently forget the Bomb saved half a million US casualties, and ten times as many Japanese men, women, and children dead and wounded that would have occurred in an invasion of Japan in 1946. 

The US has still not used up all the Purple Heart medals manufactured in 1945 for the invasion of Japan. 

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They've been at this for a long time. Experts on how much to push before pulling back. A box waltz of armies.

There is one border village where everyday at a certain time, say 4pm, the Indian Army contingent parade marches with full fanfare, then the Pakistani contingent performs their full parade routine. Like male peacocks. Every Day.

The artillery fire in the mountains is normally aimed to not do any damage. "They lob a few and we lob a few back."

Lately, like other places and events, it does seem to be getting out of hand.

Admiral Josh Painter:
This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

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You think?

Basic survival instinct. Beyond Family the strongest bonds are ethnicity and culture.

Common to all humans. Not evil. Innate.

Problem arises when basic nature is under pressure by social reformers trying to force their ideas of society upon others.

Thinking that a random group of strangers will integrate into a community and strengthen that community.

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Easier said when the fireball isn't pointed at your family and yourself.  These weapons will go off, it's only a matter of time.  Remember these aren't the M80s they used on Japan.  There's going to be more than two countries shooting them off.  

Well see if you still feel this way when family starts dying. 

Sick to encourage others to die. 

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What should be most disturbing to all of us is childish behavior exhibited by our erstwhile 'leaders.' 

A good start down the path to statesmanship might be to disable the Twitter accounts and seize the cell phones belonging to all members of the executive branch in every nation and physically destroy them. That at least might give the children time to cool down, listen to smarter people and engage in a little Sober Second Thought before they start typing - or better yet, talking.

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YHC-FTSE peopledontwanttruth Sun, 01/14/2018 - 19:40 Permalink

Zero sympathy for the whores of Pakistan who helped anyone with a shekel to invade and destroy their neighbours and covered up the batshit crazy narratives of the last two decades whilst harbouring the worst excesses of Wahabist nutjobs to let them thrive so their fucking awful madrassas could multiply and affect a new generation of nutjobs.


Never liked Pakistan. (Can't you tell?)

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Ar15ak47rpg7 HRClinton Sun, 01/14/2018 - 18:25 Permalink

O.K. Nothing to see here Folks. A major and sustained nuclear exchange between the most populated cities of Pakistan and India is truly not a problem. Actually it would do both places a good. Both those shitholes would benefit from a population reduction . A reduction of 100,000,000 souls in Indiain India would be a good start.  

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bluez Ar15ak47rpg7 Sun, 01/14/2018 - 19:09 Permalink

YOU ARE A GODDAMNED FUCKING IDIOT. If even a few giant Indian and Pakistani cities become monster nuclear fire cyclones, you will either die or wish you were dead.

The stratospheric dust particles would block out visible light, while the ozone layer would vanish, bathing you in ionizing ultraviolet.


You would never begin to see blue skies in your lifetime, or in 100 years. The skies would be constantly gray. Forever.

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Idiot. Take your pills. It is year 2017 not 1960s. The nuclear winter is just doom porn these days and actually this is what makes it much higher probability to have a major global nuclear conflict ignited - because of the targeted strategic nature of the new arsenal vs just raw massive unlimited destruction as of the arsenal of the previous generations.

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Nah. I remember Indian and Pakistani contractors in 1998-99 at AirTouch Cellular in Ohio, they and the USA contractors worked at two lunch tables placed end to end. They did not care what was happening on the LoC at the time. They got more excited about Cricket matches.

The Paki guys did not stop work during the day and bring out prayer rugs. That is a more recent occurrence after 9/11.

in 2014 or so, I left for the day just before 4pm, then before I got out to my vehicle I remembered  that I needed to take my work laptop home with me. I went back up and found a muzzie female in the prayer position on a rug in my cubicle, I moved around her and collected my hibernating laptop, having to wake it up on the company network and then shut it down, so it would boot up to my home internet. She was not happy. I could not care less.

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