PropOrNot Unmasked ...

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

Preface by Washington's Blog: A leading cybersecurity expert has publicly said that Mr. Eliason's research as presented in this article does not violate the law. Washington's Blog does not express an opinion about whether or not the claims set forth in this article are accurate or not. Make up your own mind.

Note: If any images are hard to see, you can look here. (I'm not sure why, but these images are a tad fuzzier at ZH.)

A little over a year ago, the deep-state graced the world with Propornot. Thanks to them, 2017 became the year of fake news. Every news website and opinion column now had the potential to be linked to the Steele dossier and Trump collusion with Russia. Every journalist was either with us or against us. Every one that was against us became Russia's trolls.

Fortunately for the free world, the anonymous group known as Propornot that tried to "out" every website as a potential Russian colluder, in the end only implicated themselves.

Turnabout is fair play and that's always the fun part, isn't it? With that in mind, I know the dogs are going to howl this evening over this one.

The damage Propornot did to scores of news and opinions websites in late 2016-2017provides the basis of a massive civil suit. I mean huge, as in the potential is there for a tobacco company sized class-action sized lawsuit. I can say that because I know a lot about a number of entities that are involved and the enormous amount of money behind them. How serious is this?

In 2016, a $10,000 reward was put out for the identities of Propornot  players. No one has claimed it yet, and now, I guess no one will. There are times in your life that taking a stand has a cost. To make sure the story gets out and is taken seriously, this is one of those times.

If that's what it takes for you to understand the danger Propornot and the groups around them pose to everyone you love, if you understand it, everything will have been well worth it.

In this article, you'll meet some of the people staffing Propornot. You'll meet the people and publications that provide their expenses and cover the logistics.  You'll meet a few of the deep state players. We'll deal with them very soon. They need to see this as the warning shot over the bow and start playing nice with regular people. After that, you'll meet the NGO's that are funding and orchestrating all of it. How am I doing so far?

(Larger image)

The image that you see is the clincher or game winner that supplies the necessary proof up front and the direct path to Propornot. This was a passive scan of showing the administrative dashboard belongs to the as shown on the left of the image. On the right, it shows that uploads to come from and is a product of that publication.

Now we have the first layer of Propornot, fake news, and our 1st four contestants. We havea slew of new media organizations that are influenced by, or feeding Propornot. Remember, fake news got off the ground and got its wings because of the attention this website received from the Washington Post in Dec. 2016.

At the Interpreter Mag level, here are the people:

  • Michael Weiss is the Editor-in-Chief at the According to his Linkd profile, he is also a National Security Analyst for CNN since Jul 2017 as well as an Investigative Reporter for International Affairs for CNN since Apr 2017. He has been a contributor there since 2015. He has been a Senior Editor at The Daily Beast since Jun 2015.

With the lengthy CNN cred's, how much involvement does CNN have in fake news? Yes, I know, but we're talking about Propornot.

  • James Miller's bio at the includes Managing Editor of The Interpreter where he reports on Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. James runs the "Under The Black Flag" column at RFE/RL which provides news, opinion, and analysis about the impact of the Islamic State extremist group in Syria, Iraq, and beyond. He is a contributor at Reuters, The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, and other publications. He is an expert on verifying citizen journalism and has been covering developments in the Middle East, specifically Syria and Iran, since 2009. Follow him on Twitter: @MillerMENA- Miller even works for the US Embassy in Kiev "diplo-page" the Kiev Post.

The Interpreter is a product of the Atlantic Council.The Digital Forensics Research Lab has been carrying the weight in Ukrainian-Russian affairs for the Atlantic Council. Fellows working with the Atlantic Council in this area include:

  • Bellingcat- Aric Toler and Eliot Higgins- This linked article shows how an underwear salesman became one of the most important faces of the deep state. Don't laugh, the image is really appropriate. Higgins' insecurity runs so deep because of his failures that Higgins tries to get publications censured that question his author-i-tie.
  • Anne Applebaum
  • StopFake- Irena Chalupa- Chalupa is the sister to the same Alexandra Chalupa that brought the term Russian hacking to worldwide attention. Irena Chalupa is a nonresident fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center. She is also a senior correspondent at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), where she has worked for more than twenty years. Ms. Chalupa previously served as an editor for the Atlantic Council, where she covered Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Irena Chalupa is also the news anchor for Ukraine’s propaganda channel She is a Ukrainian Diaspora leader. The Chalupa's are the 1st family of Ukrainian propaganda. She works with and for Ukrainian Intelligence through the Atlantic Council, Stopfake, and her sisters Andrea (Euromaidanpr) and Alexandra.

The strand that ties this crew together is they all work for Ukrainian Intelligence. If you hit the links, the ties are documented very clearly. We'll get to that point again shortly, but let's go further:

Propornot-> Atlantic Council -> Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)

Who are the BBG? According to Wikipedia- "The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is an independent agency of the United States government. According to its website, its mission is to "inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. The BBG supervised Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio y Television Marti, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcast Networks.

The board of the BBG was eliminated and replaced with a single appointed chief executive officer as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, which was passed in December 2016."

On January 1, 2016, the Interpreter became a special project of RFE/RL and under the oversight of the BBG. The Secretary of State had a seat on the board of the BBG until December 2016. Why the change?

During the 2016 election, the BBG developed a major conflict of interest. At least two BBG board members worked actively for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. These government officials were working against the president-elect after the election. It looks like it didn't go unnoticed. In the following linked article, it shows that they should be investigated for their part in an attempted coup.

From a Nov 7, 2016, article- "Karen Kornbluh is helping refine and to get Hillary Clinton’s message out. ” All of them are names to watch if Clinton wins — and key jobs at the FCC and other federal agencies are up for grabs.”

According to her bio: Karen founded the New America Foundation’s Work and Family Program and is a senior fellow for Digital Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. Karen has written extensively about technology policy, women, and family policy for The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Washington Post. New York Times columnist David Brooks cited her Democracy article “Families Valued,” focused on “juggler families” as one of the best magazine articles of 2006.

Michael Kempner is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MWW Group, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, and may get a greater role if she is elected. Kempner is a member of the Public Relations Hall of Fame. Michael Kempner hired Anthony Weiner after the sexting scandal broke in 2011.

Jeff Shell, chairman of the BBG and Universal Filmed Entertainment is supporting a secondary role by being an honor roll donor to the Atlantic Council. While the BBG is supposed to be neutral it has continuously helped increase tensions in Eastern Europe. While giving to the Atlantic Council may not be illegal while in his position, currently, the Atlantic Council’s main effort is to ignite a war with Russia. This may set up a major conflict of interest.

According to journalist Robert Parry “The people that will be taking senior positions and especially in foreign policy believe “This consensus is driven by a broad-based backlash against a president who has repeatedly stressed the dangers of overreach and the need for restraint, especially in the Middle East.”

Parry goes on to say that at the forefront of this is the Atlantic Council, a think tank associated with NATO. Their main goal is a major confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia."

So, to make sense of all this, most of the people listed would have held cabinet positions in a Hillary Clinton presidency. If the Interpreter is a project of RFE/RL then the decision to go ahead with Propornot would have to go across their desk. That includes then Sec of State, John Kerry.

The unasked question of why would a US Government Agency do this (?) needs to be addressed. All the people listed above were actively working for Clinton to get her elected and throw Donald Trump's campaign off the rails.

After the election, they were going to take care of Clinton's "deplorables" by dissecting alternative media. I wrote about this before the election and I warned several major new sites what they could expect. I was right on the money. After she lost, it was already in motion. The deplorable media didn't fall into a particular political pattern other than they did not promote Hillary Clinton.

The purpose of Propornot has been to get people to demand freedom of speech be rolled back. This was/is to be done by destroying fact-based media. If you read further, the entire plan is laid out starting from 2015 when it started coming together.

These people want reality shaped on what the perceived majority (louder) group believes to be true, regardless of what the facts are. Perception based reality is only a Facebook like away from killing one person or elevating another to hero status regardless of what they have done. That little statement about the free speech rally says it all.

It's something that would hardly be noticed unless you were looking for it because it is part of the meta-data.

Now you can say it's only a sentence and who cares? Nobody communicates through metadata do they? Wasn't that what Propornot was all about? Yes, they do communicate through metadata. That's why I look at it.

Do you see it? No? Look again. There in the metadata, at the bottom of the image is an ad for a job. Go for it and remember to mention the header. It could just as easily be hacking instructions, or a do not disturb sign. That's why it pays to really research carefully.

The Boston 'Free Speech' Rally was billed by the social networks and MSM as a fascist rally. It was really a Free Speech Rally. What they learned is that with just a little nudge, they can make you demand nationalist repression. Nice going Boston!

Hey, is this starting to sound a little conspiratorial? If it is, we need ruskie hackers with Guy Fawkes masks to make this work. They have to admit to changing international politics through hacking in 2016, belong to a foreign country, code in Russian, and use spear phishing techniques to lure people in. Let's not forget that they also have to work for some form of Intelligence.

Most importantly, they have to work with and influence all of the people above. They will definitely impact US foreign policy toward Russia. Let's raise the stakes even more. The hackers have to answer to whoever is funding a lot of the illegal and immoral activities.

They are not even savvy enough to stay clear of outing each other. This is the Pravy Sektor hacker RUH8. The common thread for these hackers is clear if you read the linked material on the profiles that make up these organizations.  They work for Bellingcat, Informnapalm, the Atlantic Council, Ukrainian Intel, and the Diaspora.

In a follow-up article, I have reason to ask if they were given access to United States Government Top Secret Secure Servers. I'm not kidding. In a Euromaidan Press article dated November 2nd, 2016, the hackers state enthusiastically "Ukrainian hackers have a rather high level of work. So the help of the USA… I don’t know, why would we need it? We have all the talent and special means for this. And I don’t think that the USA or any NATO country would make such sharp movements in international politics.”

And we have a winner. In 2016 the sharp movement in international politics was caused by...survey says....hacking!!!!

According to Donna Brazille, the Democratic Party servers were hacked multiple times and the hacking didn't stop until December 2016. At this juncture, we should be able to agree that Seth Rich leaked the information to Wikileaks. But, now we are talking about other hacks.

In the above linked article, these hacker specifically say their favorite route is spear phishing email accounts. In the article, you'll also see they work directly for Ukrainian Intel. Bellingcat works directly for Ukrainian Intel and works with them and the Atlantic Council. Stopfake is a product of Irena Chalupa who works for RFE/RL, the Atlantic Council and the Ukrainian government. Stopfake works directly with them and is a product of the Ukrainian government. Crowdstrike has an ongoing relationship with Ukrainian Intel and these particular hackers. Crowdstrike conjured up Fancy Bear. Well say, hello to the real fancy bear of 2016 (*fancybear is technically a set of tools and not people).

This means that former Secretary of State John Kerry approved of Ukrainian Intelligence hackers having access to servers inside a US Government Agency because of Propornot and the Atlantic Councils reliance on the hackers.

How are the Ukrainian hackers tied into Propornot at any level? James Miller isn't shy about using their work. Propornot relies on the work of the Atlantic Council, Aric Toler, Aaron Weisburd, Clint Watts, and Joel Harding. The Ukrainian hackers work directly with InformNapalm and are the go-to resource for most of the people involved and all of the people just named.

Below we have assessed the details of the reports from InformNapalm, and have expanded on their investigation.James Miller

Americans are attacking Americans for a foreign country for what amounts to pennies. We'll deal with them again soon.

Who does the Atlantic Council work for? It's the same people that staff RFE/RL.

"On 29 January 2016 in Washington, U.S.A., Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij and Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement to renew the cooperation between the UWC and the Atlantic Council, that began in September 2014.

In accordance with this Memorandum, the UWC will continue its cooperation with the Atlantic Council on implementing the “Ukraine in Europe Initiative”, which aims to galvanize international support for an independent, sovereign and territorially integral Ukraine, including Crimea. This initiative is also intended to support reforms in Ukraine and its EuroAtlantic integration, and to counter Russian disinformation."

This one little paragraph spells out clearly what I have shown in detail throughout this article.

The Ukrainian World Congress is represented in the US Congress by the Ukrainian Caucus headed up by ISIS supporter and Nazi cheerleader Marcy Kaptur. Her Ukrainian Caucus represents people with political positions that scared Adolf Hitler in WWII.

The obvious takeaway is that a lawsuit is a bare minimum that needs to happen. People need to be investigated for crimes against the state. When we take a closer look at who had potential access to top-secret servers, that will become painfully obvious.

These people have tried and are trying to rip the fabric of society in pieces. At the very least, they have earned a good tarring...and feathering. When you look at the financial end of this a lawsuit in the billions would barely touch it.

Just one company the Ukrainian Diaspora started for this is valued over 100 million dollars. This will need to be a class action suit with a cease and desist to the BBG.

In early 2015, almost 2 years before most people took the idea of censorship seriously, I documented its inception. In the same way, it happens with many of the biggest stories of our times, I stumbled onto it by accident. In early March 2015, Ukrainian Information Policy designer Joel Harding laid out what to expect going forward in the following statements: "In military IIO operations center on the ability to influence foreign audiences, US, and global audiences, and adversely affect enemy decision making through an integrated approach. Even current event news is released in this fashion. Each portal is given messages that follow the same themes because it is an across the board mainstream effort that fills the information space entirely when it is working correctly.

The purpose of “Inform and Influence Operations” is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences “think and act” in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audiences emotions, motives, and reasoning.

These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche.

Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that write, speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill-informed, or irrelevant."- Harding

While the above sounds gloriously overoptimistic, Harding, along with his little band of Kremlin Troll hunters personally started developing the idea of organizations capable of blackballing journalists and publications in a way that could not be construed as censorship.

From another March 2015 article- A “Disinformation Charter” for Media and Bloggers: Top-down censorship should be avoided. But rival media, from Al-Jazeera to the BBC, Fox and beyond, need to get together to create a charter of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Vigorous debate and disagreement qre ,of course, to be encouraged—but media organizations that practice conscious deception should be excluded from the community. A similar code can be accepted by bloggers and other online influencers.

This “Disinformation Charter” for responsible behavior (Ministry of Truth?) he describes is to fight “conscious deception” can only be weighed against how he describes Propaganda. “The word is frequently used to describe any news emerging one’s opponent.”– Harding

Journalists that need to be excluded are those “our side” label as propagandists or active measure agents.”

Harding's connections in media are very large. Through his friend Mathew Armstrong, Harding had access to and the ear of the board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The BBG board is staffed by the who's who of network and radio broadcast, print media and shortwave CEO's and heavy hitters. They are behind RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty).

On the other end of this in 2015, Joel Harding was assembling a group of miscreants to attack the social networks of different journalist and publications. The crude logic behind a direct assault was that by developing, training, and overseeing vast troll networks they could speak over their opposition (people that their employers wanted to be silenced) and subdue dissident online conversation and control the information.

Where this wasn't feasible, they set up hack and harass attacks at various publication to get them to stop publishing hard-hitting journalists. This still hasn't been effective because it caused publishers to dig in and harden their internet properties instead.

The softer more indirect approach Harding pushed in March 2015 quickly developed into the unified media strategy he wanted for the US and Europe. Control the information and don't allow contradicting information or news into the media stream. When it does get in, call it propaganda.

Enter Propornot.


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~~)).. Life Is A Bitch And Then Killary Comes Along And Makes It Worse  ..((~~

AI AL has everyone on the planet by the SHORT HAIRS.

Including you and me.

Blink, and AI AL knows and records how many times and what kind of eye shadow you are wearing.

Patent Pending 2018

Ok, so what if Al is a voyeur? .......... I have nothing to hide.

I hear that a lot from dumbasses.

Mind if AI AL spies on your wife and daughter too?

No? .......... That's good,..because he is.

JG And Some Tattooed Buddhist Dude Named Quinn

What does this have to do with Killary and The Clinton Satan Foundation?

Everything. ............ Pay attention.

Live Hard, Sometimes You Just Have To Call A Lying Witch A Satanic Bitch Too, Die Free

~ DC v8.5

DuneCreature Cognitive Dissonance Fri, 01/26/2018 - 12:38 Permalink

Ooooh, just stop that right now!!!!

That was funny until you put the ‘humor tag’ on the end.

We have to fight this PC ‘Kill the 1st Ammendment, nothing offensive’ assault on our last remaining freedoms!

You gotta help me piss people off and then make them lick it up and LIKE it!

Live Hard, Don’t Wuss Out On Me Cog! … I Was Counting On You To Man-Up And Defend The Big 1st A Parapet Wall With Everything You Can Muster! ……. We Are The Last Line Of Defense Here, Dude! .... Chartreuse Around Town Running Errands And Deep Purple After The Sun Goes Down For A More Alluring Look. … You?, Die Free

~ DC v8.5

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VWAndy DuneCreature Fri, 01/26/2018 - 13:07 Permalink

 We really should start pushing back. It saddens me greatly to sit here and watch people falling for some of the silliest of lies. Dogma petting just makes me sick. Dogma stompin on the other hand lifts my spirits.

 Discernment is one thing that really messes with the propaganda game. Basic logic does to if used well. By showing how you got to the truth gives others a good idea how they can find real truths on their own.

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MillionDollarBonus_ Aerows Sat, 01/27/2018 - 04:24 Permalink

Wow you ZHers are stupid. PropOrNot are a joke. These dudes are the biggest trolls on the planet. I even did an interview with them at the Accredited Times:…

It comes up top on Google for PropOrNot interview. Our writer from Australia, Rich, figured it out over a year ago, when he saw scooby doo references in some of their comments, and worked out that their YYY marker refers to the team's favorite band "The Yeah Yeah Yeahs".

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nmewn MillionDollarBonus_ Sat, 01/27/2018 - 09:24 Permalink

Well then...because you're so smart...I guess you are also aware that Peter Strzok has retained trial lawyer and all-around Hillary crony David Boies as his defense counsel.

Any thoughts on how this "former counter-intelligence officer" and occasional editor-in-chief of Hillary exoneration, just a menial FBI Human Resources employee...can afford someone like a Mr.Boies or are you thinking Boies is doing this "public service" pro bono, ya know, out of the good graces of his heart? ;-) 

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Talk about AI...

We need this going viral. “Jesus is a
fictional character” according to Google Alexa. Let’s put a stop to
this crap now……

Watch the whole thing and see what Alexa thinks about the "wise prophet Mohamed".

We're being brain washed by Silicon Valley...

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Hey! .. That looks like my Firebox bookmarks file directory named ‘Good Guys’! … I was wondering where that darn thing got off to.

It landed in good hands apparently.

I know there’s a lot of good information and good people out there. .. For how much longer? .. I don’t know. ………. One thing I CAN say, the Internet was an awesome deep and rich resource when I first got logged onto it and it has degraded ever since. ..

At this downward trajectory it is on it won’t last much longer.

Thanks, scrappy.

Live Hard, Use It Or Loose It And It Looks Like We Are Losing It In Mid-Use Anyways….We Might End Up Having To Cobble Together Our Own Soon Somehow, Die Free

~DC v8.5

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so this coalition of "bad guys"(and gals), are alive and present. using what they do best, deceive the fuk out of the majority.

thanks to the spirits of justice, that few remain, to  question everything and anyone that says- do this/think this. seeing power as all corrupting clears the head.

what bothers me is communicating via a device that is listened to. yup, i know, this. ok when and how do we meet? all expenses paid?(lol).

how about the park bench. gun range? (my private place). bring the 9...

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So ignoring the ramblings of 'new game', let me say this list of red pillers from 'scrappy' (just above) is a who's who of disinformation artists & controlled op

'Dune', you're a good entity here & should make that more clear for a casual reader

Granted, I subscribe to many of those channels, but you need to be careful not to imply whole-hearted endorsement

Take Alex Bam-Bam Jones as an example. For every one person he serves as redpill gateway for, there are five people who will stop with his limited hangout & not go deeper into the rabbit hole

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DuneCreature house biscuit Sat, 01/27/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

Cherry pick your intel, hb.

You never know what a guy's personal 'on the ground' situation is.

He may have one of his kids tied up somewhere and have been threatened with having a kid finger or two mailed home in a little box. (Don't scoff, that shit happens in Mexico all of the time.)

Learn to read between the lines. .. Jones, for instance, talks a lot of code. ..... But he still gets a lot of good intel through too if you think about what he's saying. ... I'm not a BIG AJ fan but he has some solid information from time to time.

We have to learn to counter-filter what AI AL is feeding us too.

Live Hard, The World Is Way More Complicated Than The Black And White You're Trying To Make Things, Die Free

~ DC v8.6

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Jesus Christ knucklehead- what are you- a 10 year old girl?

If you can look at this Quinn & walk away without wanting to clorox yourself, you've got no business here

He most closely resembles a planted Anti: revealing bits & pieces while appearing crazy

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Is it just me, or my PC, or is AI AL already messing with us here? For a truly frightening conspiracy piece like this the responses seem rather sparse. Is everyone afraid to respond for fear that AI AL may be readying a counter attack?

All I see is one page of comments, and I find that highly unusual. Your latest comment, at the end of the (single) page, is indicated to be from 10:07 PM. That's the comment with the link to Jim Stone, who mentioned his Intel-based PC was acting oddly. So where is everyone today? On Pornhub?

Damn, the Celeron in this system is starting to smell funny....gotta run.

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A little girl took her coat off and left it laying on the floor in front of the door.  She believed it to be easier than putting for the effort to hang it up.

Along came a man who owned the door and the floor.  When he saw the coat laying in his way he picked it up and threw it outside on the other side of a snow bank.

The little girl discovered that sometimes just dropping her coat on the floor is much harder than taking the effort to hang it up.

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Ukraine = US/CIA/Soros puppet.   The common sheeple are ignorant and/or stupid, controlled by their received information.  The common sheeple is not logical, falling for any logical error.  The common sheeple emotes identically alongside his nearby flock, because he knows he's stupid and hopes to conceal that from sheeple companions.   PropOrNot generates information for emoters, not truth.

house biscuit honest injun Sat, 01/27/2018 - 09:04 Permalink

Hey pal, you're playing checkers on a chess board

Has it occurred to you that propornot & the "redpill" (rolls my eyes) sites they appear to antagonize are part of the same control matrix?

TPTB control both the primary media narrative, as well as the first few layers of the 'alternative' media. That's what 'system of control' means

The few sites that really contain revolutionary truth are never attacked publicly; know why? Because it's no publicity that is the real weapon, not bad publicity


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VWAndy Fri, 01/26/2018 - 12:37 Permalink

 Yes the stupid is very well funded indeed.

   Thanks GW I always did like how you backed up all your work with facts,links and logic.

house biscuit nowhereman Sat, 01/27/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

Outstanding? Really?

Am I outstanding for stating the sky is blue? Or that you're simple minded?

Propornot is a joke. A grade D strawman to agitate the few rubes that leave behind their NFL beer party

You're essentially given a cointelpro wet-dream list of controlled op sites

And you pat each other on the back as if you've figured it all out

This is why we can't have nice things.....

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Thank you GW

The main thing is too keep talking about the issues those who rule us would really like to go away.

That is the challenge against their right to control us as free human beings, the freedom we were born with.

Even if they kill or censor the web ... the whispers against what they are doing will still exist it only serves to prove their criminality by censoring objection and the evidence needed in any trial of one or all of them.

If as I feel it will get much worse driven by the economic system they have forced upon us that whatever they attempt to do now (because it is criminal) the populist rebellion will grow.

Unstoppable only because they refuse to discontinue what they have been criminally doing for so long be it war, slavery or economic fraud.



house biscuit GreatUncle Sat, 01/27/2018 - 09:21 Permalink

Born free? You state that like it's obvious. Do you know WTF it even means?

Unlike most of the nutclapping on this thread, I don't disagree with the spirit of your post

But you don't take it far enough

The internet is an epochal event

TPTB unleashed a genie because they were confident their ability to control the net outweighed the risk that it would escape their grasp

The pivotal issue of our time is not fiat currency or geopolitics; & it's certainly not porn stars & doom porn

The pivotal issue is net freedom, & related to that, cryptocurrency. If TPTB successfully constrain these- & it looks like they are- you can look forward to levels of sophisticated social control that would make the pharaohs slobber over

A world of zombies who applaud their captors & beg for more chains

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Radical Marijuana VWAndy Fri, 01/26/2018 - 23:26 Permalink


Considering the prospects of a huge class action, as mentioned in the article above, made me think of all the previous wartime propaganda, and other dirty tricks, which could never be legally responded to, because it used to be that those activities were more directly under the control of governments, which could use "sovereign immunity" as a defense against any legal action for the harms that they caused to individuals. That is, claims of "national security" could allow harmful things to be done by governments with impunity.

In my view, it is a relatively new phenomenon to have so much of the activities associated with warfare become effectively privatized. Judging from the degree to which, as I understand it, about 75% of "security clearances" are now being issued by the US government to people employed by private corporations, rather than directly by the government, one could consider that about 75% of military activities are being done in ways which have become effectively privatized.

The issue then arises whether private contractors can claim "sovereign immunity" when they advance their political agenda. The article above indicates that they might not, but rather, might end up embroiled in legal actions for damages, for the harms that they caused to other private individuals or private companies.

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Sorry man, but the important images are impossible to decipher regardless of where one looks at them. Can't read one word, so the evidence is actually useless in that form.