Over Two Dozen Teen Gymnasts Molested By Larry Nassar While FBI Sat On Case

After FBI offices in three cities were told in July of 2015 that sports doctor Lawrence "Larry" Nassar had been molesting elite gymnasts, the agency advised officials with the US Gymnastics team "not to discuss the case with anyone," before sitting on their hands for over a year - while dozens of girls continued to fall victim to the once-respected Doctor.

Nasser routinely gave his teenage victims highly inappropriate massages under the guise of providing legimiate therapy, with some as young as 12. 

Jane Doe is an Olympic medalist who claims she was sexually assaulted by Nassar from 1994 to 2000, from when she was 12 or 13 until she was 18. She is also suing USA Gymnastics and three of its past presidents, according to the Indianapolis Star. The lawsuit claims the organization was warned about Nassar and did not adequately address concerns about him.

In the lawsuit she accuses Nassar of “groping and fondling” her “vagina and anus.”

The lawsuit claims Nassar began “grooming” her in 1994 “under the guise of care, athletic training, osteopathy and kinesiology to normalize intimate, inappropriate and sexually abusive contact.”

She accuses Nassar of fondling and groping her “feet, ankles, thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, breast, arms, shoulders and neck” while claiming it was part of the treatment. -Heavy (July, 2016)

The New York Times identified "at least 27 girls and women who say Dr. Nassar molested them between July 2015, when he first fell under F.B.I. scrutiny, and September 2016, when he was exposed by an Indianapolis Star investigation."

The three alleged victims then at the center of the F.B.I.’s inquiry were world-class athletes; two were Olympic gold medalists. Nearly a year passed before agents interviewed two of the young women.

The silence at times drove the victims and their families to distraction, including Gina Nichols, the mother of the gymnast initially known as “Athlete A”: Maggie Nichols, who was not contacted by the F.B.I. for nearly 11 months after the information she provided sparked the federal inquiry.

I never got a phone call from the police or the F.B.I.” during that time, Gina Nichols, a registered nurse, said. “Not one person. Not one. Not one. Not one.” -NYT

The FBI declined to comment on the investigation, aside from a 112-word statement that said "the safety and well-being of our youth is a top priority for the F.B.I.," while adding that the many allegations against Dr. Nassar "transcended jurisdictions" - an apparent excuse for the agency's lack of action on the case.

Nasser has been sentenced to 40-175 years in Michigan prison - which follows a previous 60-year sentence for child pornography charges. 156 victims testified against him in open court during his sentencing hearing, while he also faces lawsuits from over 100 women who have accused him of sexual abuse. 

How the FBI became involved: 

After the mother of one of Nasser's victims, Gina Nichols, told U.S.A. Gymnastics president Steve Penny about her daughter's molestation - telling him police had to be called immediately, Penny advised her to keep quiet:


Gina Nichols, Maggie’s mother, recalled telling Steve Penny, then the president of U.S.A. Gymnastics, that the police had to be called immediately. But he insisted that she not tell anyone, she said. The organization would take care of alerting law enforcement.

Weeks of silence passed, Gina Nichols said, interrupted occasionally by admonitions from Mr. Penny to keep quiet about the matter — although the United States Olympic Committee has said that U.S.A. Gymnastics reported that one of its physicians had been accused of abusing athletes “and was in the process of contacting the appropriate law enforcement authorities.” -NYT

U.S.A. Gymnastics would eventually hire a specialist in workplace harassment, who recommended that Dr. Nassar be reported to law enforcement following her investigation. 

On Monday, July 17 2015, officials from the US Gymnastics organization contacted the Indianapolis FBI field office. After meeting with agents the next day who assured them they had come to the right place, the gymnastics officials handed the FBI the contact information for three gymnasts: Ms. Nichols, Ms. Raisman, and McKayla Maroney - a retired Olympic gold medalist who had become a minor celebrity. 

Video evidence of Dr. Nasser demonstrating his technique were also handed to agents:

They also turned over copies of videos of Dr. Nassar demonstrating his technique as he chatted clinically about pulled hamstrings, buttocks and trigger points. Reporters for The New York Times have seen the videos, which show him kneading the legs of girls before his ungloved hands begin to work under a towel, between the girls’ legs.

“It’s not a fun place to dig,” Dr. Nassar says to the camera.

“Do the hand-shaky thing,” he adds later, demonstrating how he shakes his hand vigorously when it is deep between a girl’s legs.

Part of the FBI's bungling of the Nasser case may stem from jurisdictional issues; although the agency received the complain in Indianapolis, the alleged sexual abuse by Dr. Nassar had taken place in Texas and Michigan, while one of the victims lived in California. 

When we consulted with the U.S. attorney, we knew right away that we would not have venue,” said Indianapolis FBI agent W. Jay Abbott, who added “It was never really our case.”

Asked why federal law enforcement officials did not notify people — other gymnasts, parents, coaches — that a potential child molester was in their midst, Mr. Abbott said, “That’s where things can get tricky.”

“There is a duty to warn those who might be harmed in the future,” he said. “But everyone is still trying to ascertain whether a crime has been committed. And everybody has rights here” — a reference to both the alleged victims and the person being accused.

An internal debate also took place within the FBI as to whether or not Nasser's techniques were a legitimate medical procedure. 

After not hearing back from the FBI for some time, Mr. Penny and another U.S.A. gymnastics official visited the FBI's Los Angeles bureau. 

“As time passed, concern about a perceived lack of development prompted Board Chair Paul Parilla and C.E.O. Steve Penny to report the matter a second time to a different F.B.I. office,” U.S.A. Gymnastics said in a statement to The Times on Friday.

So - after two complaints to the FBI over a case that would eventually include three FBI field offices - one of which recommended not saying anything about Nassar - at least 40 victims were molested over the course of the next 14 months.

One father to three of Nasser's victims, Randall Margraves, attempted to attack Nassar last Friday in a Michigan courtroom. It took three uniformed deputies and a plain-clothes officer to detain him.

"Let me at that son of a bitch" Margraves shouted in court.

Margraves apologized, telling the court "I feel very remorseful... this cannot be a lawless society, I know that. I lost control but I regained control later in a holding cell," he said.


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Stage mothers and fathers hoping little Betty will win a medal, meanwhile she runs around in a skimpy Fredericks of Hollywood leotard spreading her legs and sticking out her flat chest. The whole business is a bit weird. Whatever became of cheerleaders wearing sweaters instead of pole-dancer costumes and girls going to accordion school?

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If you really want to understand these "people" watch the interviews with them where they rationalize their actions. Unfortunately once you see it and get it you will notice it's equivalents all over.  There is a reason why they are incurable and it is futile to speak logic to them.  Often times psychologists will call it wrong thinking but that is a huge understatement.  They will never acknowledge the victim unless it's a ploy.  It's  a bizarre broken record of justifying what their deranged desires are and no other reality exists.  That's why offenders this prolific are locked up for life and not one has ever been cured.  It's hard for people to understand but it's literally all they are, their entire being. 

Everything they think, say or do is centered around this. The video embedded in this article will give you a pretty good idea because they interview guys denying it and then admitting it.  Like all other malignants (psychos, narcissistic personality disorders, sociopaths and borderlines) they are human manipulators in their entirety.  It gives you a really good feel for how convincing they can be and what a joke they take us for, how easy it is for them in our society that lacks mettle.  Warning, it is disturbing.  In all the varieties of evil, their targets always have something they don't, conscientiousness and human empathy.  They are masters at disguise and even more adept at evil skills like triangulation (social maneuvering to do things like getting the parents out of the way).  All malignants are wolves exploiting sheep.  This is the microcosm mirroring our macrocosm.  The term exploitation embodies what they are.  They aren't the same as us so it's hard to conceptualize them.


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Crosses jurisdictions?  Hello, the FBI has jurisdiction across the entire fucking country.  They are a FEDERAL agency.

Couldn't decide if it was a legitimate medical procedure?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Since when has the treatment for a pulled hamstring been THAT??

You guys may not know but I've got a niece who is an Olympic-path gymnast on Team USA since 2016.  Maybe a few months earlier and she could have been exposed to this sick fuck, too.  Hits a little close to home.  


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That would have been one Lowrenta Lynch in 2015, who was busying herself with "matters" and setting up a 2016 airport tarmac meeting with a past president, who's spouse just happened to be...under criminal investigation for violation of the Espionage Act. 

For the payoff.

I mean, when she wasn't repetitiously signing visa waivers, for "Russian government lawyers", to enter the United States, in order to call up the Trump campaign, to offer up Hillary dirt, that was never provided, ending any and all premise of the meeting ;-)

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I tried to warn all of you people about tis deviant demon and his intent on tis board: IH8OBAMA.

Having heard this pedophile utter his unbridled fantasies in third person (often a giveaway sign of person authoring said words are a true reflection of his desires) will you now come to the realization of his true agenda here?

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Yeah, he is a complete troll.  It's one of miseries of this existence.  I noticed in your other post you said something to the effect that " ...I can sense if from far away."  When you said that I thought, "I knew it".  Anyway in my weirdness I am aware that you are pretty strong in that category and it is something that is important for you to understand.  It effects many things and is far more interesting than trolls, so pay attention.  John Keel described a few aspects of it quite perfectly in the 9th tower (it's all true):

"In my early teens I found that I could sense what others were thinking and I assumed everybody could [sometimes it's just intention], but later I learned that only a small portion of people can... I had friends that operated on the same wavelengths to such a degree that conversation wasn't necessary.  Raw EPS doesn't deal with the transfer of words or whole thoughts, but with the feelings (oh that dreadful word, but more just an information package of intention) that lie behind the thoughts.  [For example:] I sense the hostility and somehow discern accurately that this is about my necktie.  Now and then I encountered somebody whose mind was vulnerable to my own."  My landlord has that problem.  ( :

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I've said as much from his first days here...He will intice you only to betray you in the end.

If he should even wonder a hair breaths away from my daughter, he will find, rest asured his convictions, to have suffred the most painful death imaginable...Tis being a guarantee, not so much a promise...

I've know this loser: gearjammer1 is stalking you, but have no fear, he is nothing, a zero, in the sceme of things.

Did you hava a chance to examine what I've posted in our last discussion in terms of the las vegas massacre?

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Oh, thanks.  No I actually haven't read that yet.  I saved that and forgot about it until you mentioned it.  Thanks for reminding me.  I will get back to you on that, rather than spending my time arguing with pederasts. 

I'm glad you are protective of your daughter.  You're family is very lucky.  I don't know where all of you went.  It seems like that was all their was and then one day they were just gone.  There doesn't seem to be many around anymore, or maybe that is just online where the trolls roam.  The way things are going there can't be too many.  It makes you feel like an alien in your own country.   


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I suppose you will never utter another word in response involving what I post as a response. No matter, I hold no animus against you, no matter of others' opinions as I can judge for myself quite well, I would think, other than we will agree to disagree at times. I hope you hold the same of me, in turn, as I would expect. You certainly found a way to avoid my comments on yesterday's thread...not by coincidence, I presume.

If you can respond to tmosely, who uses derogatory words which I've never once uttered here, I suspect you can come clean in return: what is it that bothers you, I can sense if from far away.

No matter the outcome, I still value what you have to say...now isn't thar open-minded? Please do not take it the wrong way if my presuppositions lay fruitful/less.

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I am thinking that too.

Yes, the top is corrupt and politicized. But field level agents need to rise against the bad actors or else they are guilty of being ACCOMPLICES. You cannot look the other way and stay unsoiled.

I think they need to can everyone as I am not aware of any real value add.  Here is where it would be helpful to see some good work and stories of what they are doing. I just see bad, Bad and BAD.



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I doubt the man had an erection but wanted to compromise their performance, cause them to be traumatized as one would expect one would be following a visit with a doctor ending in being molested by the safety of them not being able to leap up and say:  Get your fking hands off me asshole" but forced to endure without protest, and watch in horror as he acts like it is routine procedure and nothing out of the ordinary occurred.  This is not about CUMMING, it is a WRENCH in the life of a person and their endeavors.  I hope he is raped to death in prison.

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WHY, too, is this a month-long media circus, with a trial timed to align with the Olympics? Do you think ratings have anything to do with it? The media milked the Roy Moore sex scandal for massive profits, and now, they have this.

This is a bad thing, but I remember an Olympics season, in which doctors, coaches and parents were accused of approving procedures that literally stunted the growth of child gymnasts, delaying the onset of their menstrual cycles, etc.—all to make them competitive in a sport that occasionally fetches fame and fortune.

There was no extensive media coverage there, as the ratings-driven money-making potential was not high due to the non-sex-related abuses of growth-stunting. It seems like parents should be as concerned with the physical ramifications, though. 

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