100 Chicago Professors "Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable"

Even The Wall Street Journal's op-ed pages have realized that American Universities, and their tenured ivory-tower-protagonists' "free speech" arguments, have sent the Spinal Tap hypocrisy amplifier to 11..

Authored by Tunku Varadajaran, op-ed via The Wall Street Journal,


Snow carpets the ground at the University of Chicago, and footfalls everywhere are soft, giving the place a hushed serenity. Serene, too, is Robert Zimmer, the university’s 70-year-old president, as he talks about a speaking invitation that could turn his campus turbulent.

Steve Bannon is scheduled to talk at the school early next month - there’s no confirmed date - and Mr. Zimmer is taking criticism for the imminent appearance of Donald Trump’s former right-hand man, a paladin of alt-robust conservatives. Mr. Bannon is precisely the sort of figure who is anathema on American campuses, yet Mr. Zimmer is unfazed by the prospect of his visit, confident that it will pass with no great fuss.

“It’s been quite interesting to watch this because, as you can imagine, there are many people who are opposed to Steve Bannon and wish that he hadn’t been invited,” Mr. Zimmer says. Nonetheless, “the students have been remarkable. The student government had a ‘town hall’ with the faculty member who invited Bannon.” The students ran the event, “and they were very clear that there was to be no disruption, that they wanted to have a conversation.”

But at American universities, it isn’t just the students you need to worry about.

More than 100 Chicago professors have signed an open letter to Mr. Zimmer objecting to Mr. Bannon’s invitation:

The university should model inclusion for a country that is reeling from the consequences of racism, xenophobia, and hate.”

They propose to “model inclusion” by excluding viewpoints they find objectionable:

“We believe that Bannon should not be afforded the platform and opportunity to air his hate speech on this campus.”

Mr. Zimmer says most Chicago faculty support free speech, and the letter’s signers are exceptions. “What we see among our faculty is that only a few of those who dislike what they view Bannon as representing have asked that he be disinvited.” Most of their colleagues have instead “talked about counterprogramming, and have talked about protests—nondisruptive protests—which, of course, is totally fine.” He sums up their strategy: “It’s ‘How are we going to effectively argue with this guy?’, not ‘How are we going to prevent him from coming to campus?’ ”

Mr. Bannon was invited to the university by Luigi Zingales, a finance professor. Would Mr. Zimmer ever contemplate having a quiet word with the prof and asking him to withdraw his invitation to Mr. Bannon? “I wouldn’t even think of it,” Mr. Zimmer answers, in a mildly but unmistakably indignant tone. And no, he won’t be attending the Bannon event. “We have many, many talks,” he says. “I’m really pretty busy.”

Mr. Zingales’s attitude is consistent with the norm Mr. Zimmer seeks to uphold. When I asked the professor by email why he extended the invitation, he replied that Mr. Bannon “was able to interpret a broad dissatisfaction in the electorate that most academics had missed. Remember the shock on November 9, 2016? Regardless of what you think about his political positions, there is something faculty and students can learn from a discussion with him.” Mr. Zingales, too, welcomed peaceable protests as a healthy exercise of free speech. “I admire the way our students have conducted their protests,” he wrote. “It speaks very well to the values that our university shares.”

The University of Chicago has long enjoyed a reputation for tough, even remorseless, intellectual inquiry. Its world-famous economics faculty, for instance, is not a place where faint-hearted academics go to road-test their research. In recent years, as colleges across America have censored unfashionable views, Chicago has also come to be known for setting the gold standard for free expression on campus. Mr. Zimmer, who became president in 2006, deserves much credit. He has been outspoken in defense of free speech and in 2014 even set up a committee—under the constitutional law scholar Geoffrey Stone —that produced the Chicago Principles, the clearest statement by any American university in defense of uninhibited debate.

Mr. Zimmer, a mathematician, says Chicago’s intellectual and moral strengths are “totally tied together.” He’s also quick to point out that its commitment to free debate precedes him, naming virtually every one of his predecessors as a guardian of openness. Mr. Zimmer created the Stone committee, he says, after watching free-speech struggles at other schools: “People were starting to be disinvited from campuses—speakers of some stature, in fact. You started to see this pattern.”

A nadir came in 2013. That year the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) counted 34 “disinvitation attempts”—a record. The University of Pennsylvania canceled a keynote from the future prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, for fear of “potential polarizing reactions.” At Brown, New York’s then police commissioner, Ray Kelly, was shouted down by students holding signs like “Ray(cist) Kelly.” FIRE reports that the 2013 record was exceeded three years later, when the group counted 42 incidents.

Mr. Zimmer attributes this campus intolerance to “the national mood,” as well as a change in “the ambient environment” in which universities exist. He describes a sort of national attention-deficit disorder: “How much is the national environment amenable to long-term thinking and investment, versus just responding to particular issues, particular needs?” The importance of education and research, he says, “has certainly come under question” in recent years, in part because “the entire tone of the country has shifted toward people being more focused on the immediate and the short-term.”

Mr. Zimmer shames this age of ours by pointing to the Morrill Act of 1862, one of his favorite examples of investing in the long term: “In the middle of the greatest single crisis in the history of the country—the Civil War—the Congress passed, and President Lincoln signed, this act which essentially established the land-grant university system.” The foresight was there then, he says. It isn’t now.

Two examples: budget cuts that are starving state universities of the money they need to grow, and “the nature of our immigration policies.” Mr. Zimmer takes a particular interest in the latter: “Even just in the last two decades, if you look at Nobel Prizes awarded to Americans in the sciences, something like 40% are immigrants. And this doesn’t include those whose parents may have migrated to the United States.” Mr. Zimmer laments that Americans no longer seem to recognize fully “the unbelievable power that being attractive to the most talented people in the world has brought to the capacity of this country.” Trying to imagine the scientific and technological output of the U.S. over the past century without immigration, he says, is “simply inconceivable.”

But America, Mr. Zimmer believes, is “getting less attractive than other places,” so much so that it is in peril of “discarding this huge comparative advantage.” The problem, he says, precedes Donald Trump’s presidency: “It’s been exacerbated, but it’s not a new problem. Trump has obviously taken a position more pronounced than others, but it’s been a problem for some time.” Specifically, foreign students who come to the U.S. and earn doctorates face a lot of obstacles “to be able to work here, to have a spouse who can work here.” Ultimately, he says, people are going to look for other places to go—to America’s detriment.

Although conflict on campuses “is not a new thing,” Mr. Zimmer does think that “right now, we’re in a particular period of moral fervor,” with people believing that there’s “a sense of urgency about the rightness of what they’re doing.” Mr. Zimmer was an undergraduate in the 1960s, so he’s no stranger to political ferment. The activists then, however, were motivated by two issues, civil rights and the Vietnam War: “There was a huge amount of focus on what the laws were, and what rights people had under them. And the Vietnam War was very much a matter of government policy.”

The 1960s protests “may have had cultural roots,” Mr. Zimmer says, “but there was a lot of focus on what actions the government should be taking.” Today’s campus indignation is “a bit more broad-based. Yes, what should the government be doing—but it’s also focused on corporations and NGOs, and what communities and universities should be doing.”

One could argue, perhaps paradoxically, that today’s campus activists are much more atomized as well. Identity groups push for their own particular agendas, often in absolutist terms: It matters to me more than anything else in the world that you call me “they,” not “she.” That’s not exactly a broad-based concern.

When I put this argument to Mr. Zimmer, he gently deflects: “Again, I’d go to the point that the main issue is—whether everybody is focused on one thing, or whether there are multiple groups focused on multiple things—that you get the same . . . kind of fervor, which says certain ideas should not be discussed and thought about. And that’s what the problem is.”

Mr. Zimmer has his eye on the future of free speech in another, innovative way. As president of a university, he sees himself as a stakeholder in America’s high schools. “High schools prepare students to take more advanced mathematics, and they prepare them to write history papers, and so on,” he says. But “how are high schools doing in preparing students to be students in a college of open discourse and free argumentation? I’ve started thinking about this.”

The free-speech president, as some of his colleagues call him, is going on a free-speech roadshow. Mr. Zimmer invited six high-school principals—including from his alma mater, Lower Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High—to dinner in New York City to talk about this question last month. He plans two similar dinners in Chicago, followed by more in other cities. The initiative is still embryonic, and although Mr. Zimmer insists he’s “not going to pretend to tell high schools how to prepare people,” he does consider it “an important question for high schools to confront.”

Mr. Zimmer says, optimistically, that even universities that “may not have been talking about issues of free expression two years ago” are at least “trying to confront them, at least recognizing that maybe there’s a problem.” In the same vein, it would be very healthy, he thinks, for high-school teachers “to actually be thinking about this in a kind of systematic way.” He’s observed that “a lot of students are not prepared for this environment.” Some of that is inevitable, Mr. Zimmer believes, because “free expression doesn’t come naturally for most people. It’s not an instinctive response.” Young people need “to be taught it”—and it’s better if universities don’t have to start from scratch.



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(((Mr. Zimmer))) doesn't talk about jew censorship of goyim.  He doen't want to mention the percent of his tribe in key positions in the University or in admittance either.

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hedgeless_horseman All Risk No Reward Mon, 02/19/2018 - 13:39 Permalink


“We believe that Bannon should not be afforded the platform and opportunity to air his hate speech on this campus.”

Hate speech? 



I am familiar with this sort of ignorant behavior.

Thursday afternoon, I learned from our gracious hosts in Marfa that a few special snowflakes, which had only recently fallen in this hot and dry desert, had started a petition for the city to ban us from holding the symposium in "their" town. I asked what the perceived problem was, and was told that they were afraid we were violent and white supremacists.  We all laughed, especially the non-whites and pacifists.  Someone asked if the special snow flakes were able to read the list of speakers and topics.  Apparently not. 


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It’s not even so much about “free speech” on campus - it’s about getting the truth out to people that have been indoctrinated in leftard politics their whole life. I feel sorry for these young people - they want to cover their here ears and scream so they can’t hear the truth. Sad and pathetic.

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Disgusting that former bastions of debate have become daycare centers for snowflakes.  Makes me wish Giant Meteor won the election.

These fucking snowflakes are insulated from any challenging views, bathed 24/7 in their cocoon.  
That wouldn't be that bad on its own, but then they get turned loose on society and wish to continue living insulated from life.

We have one here. Fucking gender bending "it," who can do whatever he/she/it wants.  Management either likes that shit, or is afraid to clamp down on the behavior. Either way, I'm gonna GTFO.  I will keep moving until excellence and loyalty is rewarded, and people are treated equally.


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I'm tired of this too pods. We are reaping the " everyone get a trophy " policy of the liberal left now.


Growing up I was expected to handle my own problems including class bullies and terrible teachers. My parents would step in if I was out of my experience level and give me a hand but the rest was my responsibility." Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me." was the mantra of our day. Being a very shy withdrawn child I was an easy target for bullies. Instead of coddling me my father put me in karate class. It gave me the mental fortitude to deal with my problems as well as some good fighting skills which, fortunately, I rarely had to use. The interesting thing was once I became confident and proficient, the bullies started to leave me alone. I had conquered my fear. 


Today everyone one is afraid of everything. Opposing viewpoints, climate, Russia, offending someone... this hypersensitivity is toxic poison. And those who are infected with it are easily manipulated. 





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Well I was honored to come and got a lot out of it. It was nice meeting you and your family. This year is a bit trickier for me. We are moving our lab to a new location Memorial Day weekend and I am one of the point people to pull this off. All vacations have been cancelled. I do have June 1-3 off naturally so if I can get a late flight out from San Diego may 31, I could do it. If anyone has some accommodations I could share I would be most grateful. Maybe I could drag the eminently private Mr Miffed too.





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Miffed, I'm afraid I believe it is much, much more sinister and more structural than simple teaching.  The Money Power has figured out how to manipulate our mineral profile in order to turbo-charge our sympathetic nervous system and retard our sympathetic nervous system.  This further screws up our mineral profile in a negative spiral that gets worse from generation to generation.

In other words, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Here are some good resources to review some of the data I've used to reach my conclusion:

The Calcium Shell

Spiritual Defensiveness

Iron Overload

Note that high calcium, high copper, and high estrogen almost always run together.

Why is this important?  Birth control pills are copper based, and the "placebo" consists of what I think is toxic iron (unlike the iron form actually found in plants).  Copper IUDs.  Antibiotics (anti-life, people) that dumps copper in the blood as its mode of action.

All work to dull the senses and self-awareness, drain the adrenals, deplete magnesium, and metabolically turbo-charge the sympathetic "fight or flight" nervous system that will greatly increase "sensitivities."

Think of excess calcium in the cells as "cement" that blocks a key cellular energy source in magnesium.

Magnesium is needed in more than half the steps of the Krebs cycle, as well as when the body wants to use the ATP created by the magnesium dependent Krebs cycle.

033 – What are you mag about? With special guest Morley Robbins

048- Morley & Me (Magnesium!!!!!!!!)

In short, our autonomic nervous systems are under attack, and the attack is generationally cumulative.




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Miffed Microbi… All Risk No Reward Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:37 Permalink

I find this strangely prophetic you posted this to me. I have found out recently I have a very high serum calcium, 11.1 and I am experiencing all the symptoms that go alone with it. Fortunately for me I also have an off the charts level of parathyroid hormone ( PTH) which indicates a benign parathyroid tumor. I will be in Tampa this Friday to have it removed and all these symptoms will be gone. I am fortunate I found this soon enough because I don't have osteoporosis, kidney stones and heart artery calcification yet which is the inevitable outcome. Your links don't include this possible diagnosis. 




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Hi Miffed, make time to listen to Morley's medical literature research based "take."  It is amazing how little allopathic doctors know about medical research.

I presume you don't take hormone D...  Morley discusses how this can be quite toxic to the production of bound copper (and the enzymes it runs) and bound iron (resulting in unbound oxidative stress with negative feedback loop that further reduces bound copper and bound iron.

Since magnesium runs the parathyroid hormone, you want to make sure your magnesium red blood cell test shows up right near 6.5 or better (at least that's very close to the number Morley recommended based on the research).

You also might want to invest in the Full Monty blood panel from Request-A-Test.  If so, make sure to follow the instructions.


The truth is that doctors are taught to use the wrong tests such that problems are concealed (and eventual profit maximized by Big Pharma and Big Hospitals).

For example, they test for serum Mg and not red blood cell Mg.  Well, Mg works inside the cell, not in the serum.  In fact, under stress Mg is kicked out of the cell and into the serum.  Morley's analogy is that if doctors were cookie chefs, they'd obsess over room temperature and pay absolutely no attention to oven temperature.  It is a spot on analogy with the heat in the oven being the magnesium and the oven being the cell.

Rockefeller Medicine doctors are trained to only check for storage hormone D (calcidiol), not active hormone D (calcitriol).  Every other hormone has storage and active levels tested, but not the misnamed "vitamin D" hormone.  One of D's jobs is to jack up calcium levels in the blood.

If a doctor were a mechanic, they go to the trunk of the vehicle and count storage quarts of oil in order to determine how much active oil to put in the engine.

Yes, this is exactly what they do - and, yes, it is completely retarded...  except for Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Medical Complex that maximizes profits off our ignorance-based illnesses.

They screw up iron testing, too.  Or should I say, they profit maximize iron testing, too.

They screwed up the fake cholesterol hypothesis, they admit it, but the Big Pharma gobemouche Rockefeller Medicine doctors still shill for the statin fraud...

From the Pharmaceutical Journal (A Royal Pharmaceutical Society Publication):

The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance

David Diamond - An Update on Demonization and Deception in Research on Saturated Fat...

My guess is that your magnesium is low, your ceruloplasmin is low (the protein that binds copper and iron and makes them bio-available), you active hormone D isn't anywhere close to your storage hormone D, and your unbound iron is high, even if your ceruloplasmin bound iron is on the low side.

Yes, I bet all of them are significantly wonky, to one degree or another.  The problem is that surgery won't fix any of those issues.

Neither will your doctor, because s/he's only been trained to search for things under street lamps, not where things are actually lost - so to speak.

Youtube Rethinking Iron Supplementation and Rethinking Vitamin D Supplementation.  You can Youtube "Morley Robbins magnesium" as well.

I can't speak to the cancer, if it is actually cancer (it sounded like it wasn't known 100%).  I hope it isn't.  Rather, I hope it is metabolic dysfunction that can be resolved through improved nutrition.

There is the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook, too.  Maybe you can get some information there.

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Heavy metal chelation...  This kind doesn't take out calcium, others do however (maybe some circumstances where that is okay.  I don't know).  One bottle is the equivalent to one hospital IV chelation.  It's probably best to take breaks so you don't overwhelm kidneys and liver.  I've never had a problem with it except the first time got a mild headache. 



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Ms. No, one consideration for chelation is that it can take out trace minerals, which is not ideal for someone who is mineral deficient (and we all probably are due to a jacked food supply, let alone a jacked diet).

There is something that interests me, though.

Recirculatory autohemo perfusion: Also known as plyatomic apheresis, recirculatory autohemo perfusion is the crème de la crème of ozone delivery. Dirty, dark, diseased blood is taken out of one arm and ozonated with 27 mcg/ml3 ozone, and filtered outside the body. Then the remaining clean, bright red, freshly sterilized and oxygenated blood is put back in the other arm. It's a complete body blood wash, highly effective in all ailments because the ozone-oxidized leftover garbage of dead microbes, diseased cells and detoxified by-products drops out of the blood into the external filters. The waste products are not sent back through the liver, kidney and lymph systems to irritate and perhaps weaken the body further, as occurs in all other ozone methods. All other methods are handicapped by comparison. This method is so good that the medical industrial complex immediately shuts down any attempts to test it, in any country. I knew of one dying patient who, during the first treatment, got up off the stretcher and walked out after just a few hours of this treatment.

Ozone and Cancer

Also, Nutrition Balancing is an interesting complete lifestyle makeover option that I'm currently in the process of implementing myself.  If I had cancer (or other serious condition), though, I'd be looking at the above ozone option in depth.

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"These fucking snowflakes are insulated from any challenging views, bathed 24/7 in their cocoon. "

After Trump filled the swamp and went full war neocon, I thought there might be an opportunity to get disenfranchised Bernie supporters to talk with disenfranchised Trump supporters. 

I pushed the idea in every left place I could find, wrote many letters, spoke to many young people. Nada.


So, I changed tack. Instead I tried to find people on the left who wanted to actually know what the alt-right thinks and feels. I figured, whether you want to work with em or fight em you would definitely want to know that.  Wrong.

I found one glimmer of light and was asked to write a paragraph or two on what the alt-right thinks on immigration and one on identity politics. I sent to the the requester and waited for a response. I figured I would get a few questions. Not, crickets. So I pinged back, whats up? There response was that I didnt support my case. I said, I am not making a case, I am telling what I think they think and feel. Crickets. I found a young friend who is on the right and he asked me for these writiings. He told me what when he showed them to his friends, he could actually watch the coginitive dissonance causing a meltdown. He said they could not finish the paragraphs they were so traumatized. BTW, just as usually here at ZH my writing is somewhat mild mannered. I said, I cant even imagine what they would do if they had to read some of those rough dudes and dudettes on the Hedge would write.



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Yeah, I get that same autonomic nervous system response when I talk about the Money Power...  and it doesn't matter what side of the fake Money Power financed false political dichotomy the hearer is on...  they don't want to hear it, let alone actually consider it along with the ramifications.

H*ll, I have friends who are two steps from death (one of dialysis and one having a heart attack every couple months and neither can bother to investigate nutritional therapy to support cellular energy, enzyme function, and energy gland function.

But when they need me to take them to the hospital, well, they sure show a lot of interest in my investing effort into their ill condition.

Insanity.  Pure insanity.

I believe it is metabolic.  Once enough unbound copper gets stored in the liver and the brain, and enough unbound iron gets stored in the body, I know for a fact that the ability to manage one's stress response becomes almost zero...  if not zero,..  even at the expense of one's quality of life.

This condition is pretty easy to pick out on a hair tissue mineral analysis test done by a Nutrition Balancing consultant.

Calcium, unbound copper, and estrogen all seem to run together, so you can see why the Money Power would promote all three as they benefit from the feminization of men and the hyperfeminization of women.

If you want a cite regarding the DOD focusing on enzymatic attack profiles, go to Google Books, search for the book A Terrible Mistake, and then search the word "enzyme."

Netflix's Wormwood is a show based on the book A Terrible Mistake and is worth watching (although, I haven't finished it yet, so we'll see how far they go with the story).

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The Left instinctively knows that their arguments and tenets are based on lies.  Thus, they instinctively strive to silence anyone who might dare to shine the light of truth on their false ideologies.  It's as simple as that.  It's a survival tactic for them.  When the Overton Window finally opens wide enough for that cool breeze of truth to air our their polluted ivory towers, they're done for.

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Notice to all that value Liberty !!   jew supremacists are gunning for you.

Pay very close attention to any more pushes (the 100 professors are one of them) for so-called "hate speech" laws, or restrictions of speech in any form and fight it at every hand. 

The jew supremacists have all but gagged Europe and Canada and they are pushing it here and have actually passed some under our collective noses already.

This is the fight of fights and we encourage you to take it to them with all vigor and wit.

What they are doing they did very successfully in Russia in 1917, then they slaughtered 60-80 million of their own citizens- they were not Russians they were murderous bolshevik jew supremacists, exactly the same as these professors.  

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It does seem awful coincidental that where ever the Marxist Zionist "diaspora" cough cough.... infiltration nested heavily goes to epic shit in a hand basket in very similar fashion to what they pulled in Russia before at least 20 million were slaughtered, which apparently went down the memory hole with the same people controlling media and school curriculum.

There are no coincidences in politics.  If there are they are few.


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The fact that these cultural marxists already occupy all important positions across the entire US university system is proof in and of itself that their revolution is already completed in the USA.

One could also read the Protocols and then it is also clear how far along they are and that their revolution is complete.

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Bezmenov talked about their stages and it looks like they have long held us in stasis at the second to last stage having to do with crisis.  So they could pull the plug and get extremely violent at any minute.  Except all those damn guns...

If we were honest we would have to say that this is way beyond coincidence, but rather, stupid people can't make the connection.

Bezmenov (also if you watch all his stuff you will notice emphasis on words like Hollywood, Shmoe, Schmuck, etc., a KGB agent doesn't do that by accident while he describes the system destroying you, of course)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZnkULuWFDg

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 you might like this:


been reading a history of the Russian revolution and one of the things that jump out at you is how many sociopathic criminals rose to the tops.

I never knew that Stalin was so damn good looking when he was young. He was also an assassine, bank robber, extortionist, womanizer, and all around criminal extraordinaire. Made Al Capone look like an amateur. I must say, he did have panache though, Smokin Joe Djugashvili 

And Trotsky, that was something plain cruel

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>>Notice to all that value Liberty !!   jew supremacists are gunning for you.<<

No.  Stop running interference for and protecting the Money Power Supremacists.

The people that are taking you out, as well as the ordinary Jewish people in Rothchildville (you may know the propaganda name as Israel), are the Money Power Sith Lords and all those under their employ, whether they are Jewish or not.

The fact the Money Power hires a high percentage of Jewish people doesn't make those Jewish people the power structure, it just means they are good Money Power Sith Lord order followers.

The Money Power Sith Lords have all the power.

Correlation is not necessarily causation...  and the most basic anti-bigotted, anti-programmed common sense reveals that the Money Power rule chit, not their employees, regardless of whether marker one would prefer to obsess about.

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Well ARNR, we have had 150 years plus of jew supremacist correlation to the cause experience here in the States and 2500 years of it throughout the world.

Enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in any credible court of law, that the jew supremacist are the #1 culprits in all devious, destructive & bankrupting activities in the world.

The jew supremacists are the deceivers and destroyers of the world. Their own rabis tell you the same.

If you choose to suck the teats of the jew supremacist- then suck on.

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"Serious threats, BM?"  I guess you're right... speaking the truth IS a serious threat to you and your friends.  Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly... "Who on the Right advocates silencing Leftist speakers or opinions?"  Who?  I can't think of ONE.  I think you know that this is because our beliefs are not based on lies, which require the constant application of rigorous censorship of facts.

Oh, and I feel very cozy and safe in my little internet cocoon.  Thanks.

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The US population is technically the largest army in the world.  It is difficult to do a proper Bolsheviking in such circumstances.  In order for everyone to be shot and bulldozed into a ditches and the society at the apex of the modern world to be brought to heel a few things would be helpful.  1) The older generations who have a clue and a spine need to die faster allowing snowflake indoctrinated morons to take their place.  2)  They need to take as many guns as possible.  3) Making all gun ownership and use activities technically illegal in some fashion so gun grabbing is legalized and becomes the norm.  4) Restrict supply of ammo.  5) Create ammo that damages guns or that disintegrates in long term storage.  5) Bring in western funded Muslims and cartel members.  Give them endless flow of superior weapons and ammunition.  6) Justify all of it with false flags and exaggerations.

Don't think they haven't been thinking about these things, for decades.

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Everytime they carried out their ideology once it fails they run away shouting they are victimised.

Live to do it all over again so to speak.

Problem this time is in a fully known world there are no hiding places to run too.

Will this be there undoing, no hiding place and we are only at the beginning of the great unravelling.

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I think this fight over who gets to sit next to the overton window is going on right now, and very fiercely.

I was astounded reading the yahoo comments to this polish non-holocaust brou-ha-ha. It was like 95% "we are sick of the yids".


This is why the attack on free speech is so fierce on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.  And it does appear that they are getting desperate as is illustrated by Bibi getting pissed off at the polish PM for "polish-holocaust-denial".

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