'Rent-For-Sex': Landlords Exploit Thousands Of Broke Millenials

It is now time to sound the alarm bells on the economic prospects for the Millennial Generation in the Western world, but more importantly, in the United Kingdom. This generation of citizens aged 18 to 36, is the first in modern developed economies on course to have a lower standard of living than their parents.

Housing affordability and a decaying job environment are some of the most pressing issues affecting Millennials. The future is bleak for this avocado and toast generation, as Western world economies have likely plateaued regarding economic growth. Surging debt and rising government bond yields are producing an environment that could lead to more hardships for this lost generation.

Landlords in the United Kingdom have taken full advantage of broke Millennials by offering “adult arrangements” for a roof over their heads. Yes, you heard this correctly, Millennials are trading sex for a place to sleep — unearthed in a new documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which provides a chilling insight into just how bad the Millennial generation has it.

BBC reporter Ellie Flynn went undercover to expose the scale of the ‘Rent For Sex’ issue in the United Kingdom, in which landlords on Craigslist are advertising “free” accommodation in exchange for sexual acts.

Ellie portrayed herself as a broke, 24-year-old nursing student with very little alternatives. She confronted one man in a Newcastle cafe who defended his actions and told cameras: “I’m not doing anything wrong… it’s not just about sex, it’s about companionship.

“BBC Three’s Ellie Undercover: Rent For Sex also met up with a landlord who had built a log cabin in his garden where tenants could sleep if the agreed to have sex in return for a ‘physical arrangement once a week,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The man offers to show Ellie around after saying: ‘That’s where you sleep, it’s a log cabin, alright,” the Daily Mail reported.

He later denied knowing the practice of asking for sex in exchange for housing is a serious offense in the United Kingdom, saying: “I don’t know, I can’t truthfully answer that .”

One landlord put Ellie in touch with a former tenant who told of “how he tried touching her while she was staying rent-free with him,” said the Daily Mail.

“I would just feel almost paralyzed every time he tried to touch me but he didn’t force himself on me,” said the unnamed woman.

The woman added: “The idea of consent gets mashed up because a woman thinks this is the exchange I have to give this man in order for me to have a roof over my head.”

In fact, the number of listings on Craigslist and social media websites offering rent for sex is exploding. Latest figures from the Housing Charity Shelter are absolutely mind-numbing, more than 250,000 women over the last five years have been asked for “adult arrangements” in exchange for housing.

UK Millennials lack a living wage, therefore, this generation sees nothing wrong in offering their bodies to landlords for a roof over their heads. Apparently, the smartest generation to ever step foot on planet earth is the first generation since the 1950s to fail to do better than their parents, as this chart shows:

The homeownership rate for UK Millennials is so low that these levels have not been seen since World War I:

According to the Office for National Statistics, millennials have largely been priced out of the real estate market as prices soar above 2008 levels.

Over the same period of rising real estate prices, UK Millennials have dealt with stagnating wages:

Real estate price increases and low personal savings rate for U.K. Millennials have been mostly fueled by low-interest rates, set by the Bank of England (BoE). Some ten years ago, the BoE decided to juice the economy by suppressing UK lending rates to a zero lower bound with cheap money after the 2008 crisis:

“In our society, it seems acceptable for people to wield their power over the vulnerable in order to get what they want, no questions asked,” explains Ellen Moran of Acorn, a tenants union and anti-poverty group.

“That power is entrenched and such actions are ignored by law enforcers. Sometimes, though, this happens because people are alienated in their society to such an extent that they crave physical affection without knowing considerate ways to get it. Sometimes it is a mixture of those two things,” she added.

Unfortunately, the ‘Rent For Sex’ issue in the United Kingdom will only get worse as the economic prospects continue to deteriorate for the Millennial generation. There is no end in sight for this madness, and it will only be a matter of time before this trend washes up on the shores of the United States. It seems as failed Central Bank policy has given landlords one new perk to owning real estate: sex with millennials.


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I would like to know...

Where the fvck are the parents, and why don't they house their children? If you bring forth life into this world, you are responsible for it. This says that either (a) the parents that birthed these souls don't give a fvck about them, or (b) in some twisted "oughta make it myself or die trying" attempt, these youngsters don't want to reach out to their parents or stay with them.

If these people are orphans or their parents are deceased, then it's a different story.

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It's just fascinating as hell how this all works...

A country (or countries through its policies) has impoverished an entire generation then, an entity which is directly subsidized by the government to the tune of millions of pounds (the BBC) dutifully reports the outcome of said policies to a rightfully outraged nation, the result of which will no doubt be a direct government subsidy for housing.

Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but this sure looks like a government social work project spanning generations to me ;-) 

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Several dramatizations of this sex as rent scenario have been done on video, um, presumably .   I received such an offer in real life from a very drunken, fat loud old redhead French broad once, who happened to be my landlord for a while .  She took no offence at my blowing it off, but I e imagined the loneliness and despair of such end of life nostalgia for a romp .   Anywho .  

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>>She took no offense at my blowing it off<<

Indeed!  -lol-

Just kidding.

Most people don't want to think about their life, let alone systematically evaluate it, because life really is a challenge, and it becomes exponentially more challenging when one ventures into close relationships of any kind.

I think Jordan Peterson has some good Youtubes about organizing one's life in a way that has meaning.

Jordan Peterson on Organizing One's Life (42:26 in)

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"The idea of consent gets mashed up because a woman thinks this is the exchange I have to give this man in order for me to have a roof over my head.”"

Isn't this marriage? Am I missing something?

The bad news is that housing inflation has been used as the wealth effect in the UK for so long that the system has peaked, so no-one can now afford to get on the ladder. The good news is that the property market is headed down, down, down.

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The so-called nuclear family, of two plus their minor children, has been the norm in Britain for many centuries. That's where Americana got it from. See the fun people at this forum make of anyone above eighteen living with his parents. In the traditional world of the other high civilizations extended families are at the very heart of all value. No old folks' home for granny. No daughter getting fucked for rent. But you have got to make way for progress. Right? 

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It is the norm for all K-selected races. It is why Whites are superior to most races. The ones we are not superior to, we are equal but different. Any race coming from the equatorial regions, or other regions without harsh winters, are going to be r-selected. They are incapable of civilization as K-selected races would have it. Allowing them a seat at the table (citizenship) is literally like mixing oil and water. It is insanity. They have to go back to their own shitholes, if we even give half a shit about our children, out people, and our ideals.

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You should go back to Amren Blue Steel.K selection is a eugenic theory. This is a politics and economics site. Perhaps K selection applies to the Jews or High cast groups who have always controlled their numbers but not white Europeans. Golden age of Western Imperialism all the major powers had birth rates of 6 to 8. Look at Queen Victoria. Europe was technologically backwards until at least the 17th century. It was also the Christian fundamentalists like the Jesuits who first managed to begin moving technology from the vastly more advanced and complex Empires in the Far East. If secular low birth rate cultures worked and socio-economic factors are not an issue why did the Soviet Union collapse and fall into chaos during the 90s? Its this sort of thing described in the article that was a sign that things were collapsing in the Soviet Union. After things reached a certain point they just began exporting women for brothels in Western Europe. Once the university system shut down after the industries were sold of there was nothing else to do. The supposedly high K population turned out to be useless when demographic decline meant there was no need for complex technology these people were educated to develop. Same nightmare unfolding in the West now where the High-K selection is breeding for a better class of whore.  

Historically speaking most the economic and military expansion came on the backs of poorly fed, diseased illiterates. High mortality through war meant European political systems evolved expecting a never ending supply of plebs and peasants. Mass industrial production was always used by the military to create the equipment and weapons used by the military. Without this there was no need for technological advancement. The only outlier in this trend is the U.S who have never suffered a more than million men dead in their entire history. Another factor is the main culls were never caused due to socio-economic factors. War and disease lowered life expectancy the most. As weapons and social organization advanced so did the body count. Most 19th century medical technology never worked with European medicine being more dangerous and less effective than Vodoo. The west is dysgenic in almost every way besides perhaps education. Africans are may end up beating the HIV virus in a few centuries just through sheer attrition and natural selection.

Irony is the European Aristocrats and the Jews who are examples of long term High K breeding patterns are actually riven with genetic diseases. Tay Sachs syndrome and the hereditary madness amongst these groups point to numbers and healthy breeding patterns being a safer bet. Specializing along certain lines helps but the threat of violence, famine, disease and social breakdown would lead to very different adaptions. Keep in mind most the middle class were really just typists and managers. Most of the truly revolutionary geniuses died in penury because they were dangerous to the economic status quo. Intelligence is only useful if it can be applied. Physical Strength, Endurance, Beauty, psychological stability and many other traits usually overwhelm technological advancements.  

High K in my opinion is a scam idea invented by globalists the same way 19th century eugenics was. They need Europeans to with away for political and economic reasons. Much easier to control a population that is rapidly dying out than one growing in numbers. High K is just another buzzword that slips of the tongue like Manifest destiny, End of History, Reparations and Over Population. Its a catch all phrase no one debates or thinks about. Its mostly those cold blooded feminists types who trot it out on American Renaissance to make up for the fact they can´t have kids because they wasted their lives. Blame the poor for the fact they didn´t settle down because they needed to be worth 10 million and have a mansion.  

Consider that memes are just psychological tools to control thought. Money on the other hand is tangible. Bill Gates has a lot of money and is a major advocate of population control. Its actually the faux geniuses that feed you this crap that are eroding white, European and most importantly Christian civilization. Jared Taylor is a judas who perverts the foundation of the west by scapegoating ethnic minorities people like Bill Gates. Gates does not fucking care who lives or dies. He owns the Pacific North West just like Rockefeller and Astors who played the same game for centuries. They are culling you like these people always did just so they can rifle though your pockets. When the U.S collapses they will just move elsewhere. Follow the money and you will understand the situation. Gates and the Rockefeller family  are not engineers or programmers so why are they getting paid and buying up entire U.S regions. Same goes for Ted Turner. They own the technology the high K birth rate families invented and use it to undermine the people who created it. Compare real prodigal geniuses from engineering backgrounds like Tesla and Howard Hughes and you will see how the system works. I bring up Jared taylor and Bill Gates because Taylor still champions Microsoft and has a similar mind set in regards to eugenics. Joke is Amren is inferior to Zero hedge because they don´t study the financial system. Gates made more money on the .com bubble than selling software. He is a financial disinformation oligarch not an information technology pioneer. That crash devastated the white middle class making anything but a High-K birth rate unaffordable. Now his shill Jared Taylor touts this as the way things have always been to cover up a massive betrayal. 

I only throw my two cents in because I live in one of the most cut off areas in Europe and the idiots here have the same idea as they slowly go extinct. Rolling with Dominican, Romanian or Moroccan drug dealers seems like a better bet for survival than staying with the supposed High-K birthrate indigenous Galicians. I am pretty much trading sex for rent now but I´m a guy in a stable relationship living through a slow motion economic collapse I can do nothing to stop.

You idiots bringing up the High K argument to this article when its that exact mentality that is destroying you pisses me off more than anything.

But what do R-Types like me know.


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Thank you for the well written and thought-provoking post.

My issue with your train of thought is that it's too human-centric.  You assume that there's some kind of God-given "good" in having the human species take over the entire planet, using every square inch of the Earth's surface to support human life.  Your viewpoint is the prevailing one among humans no matter what ethnic group, geographical location, religion, or political or social structure they come from.  After all, we're all humans.  Everyone wants to be on the side of "Humanity".

I have no desire to live among teeming masses of humanity.  I'd go insane living in Manhatten, London, Tokyo, etc, no matter what my income.  Have you ever heard a loon calling in the early morning on a secluded lake in the Wisconsin North Country, while you prepare coffee over a small campfire surrounded by old growth forrest?  You should experience that.  It may make you question the desirablness of filling the planet with billions more homo sapiens.  

There are so many people now we're like a mass of maggots feasting on what's left of a dead chicken.  The World's great religions all tell us to go forth and multiply even more.  Cultivate the entire planet and grow genetically modified grain to feed ever more people.  We're like bacteria in a Petri dish of agar.

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I'm scared of it all, God's truth! so I am;
It's too big and brutal for me.
My nerve's on the raw and I don't give a damn
For all the "hoorah" that I see.
I'm pinned between subway and overhead train,
Where automobillies swoop down:
Oh, I want to go back to the timber again --
I'm scared of the terrible town.

I want to go back to my lean, ashen plains;
My rivers that flash into foam;
My ultimate valleys where solitude reigns;
My trail from Fort Churchill to Nome.
My forests packed full of mysterious gloom,
My ice-fields agrind and aglare:
The city is deadfalled with danger and doom --
I know that I'm safer up there.

I watch the wan faces that flash in the street;
All kinds and all classes I see.
Yet never a one in the million I meet,
Has the smile of a comrade for me.
Just jaded and panting like dogs in a pack;
Just tensed and intent on the goal:
O God! but I'm lonesome -- I wish I was back,
Up there in the land of the Pole.

I wish I was back on the Hunger Plateaus,
And seeking the lost caribou;
I wish I was up where the Coppermine flows
To the kick of my little canoe.
I'd like to be far on some weariful shore,
In the Land of the Blizzard and Bear;
Oh, I wish I was snug in the Arctic once more,
For I know I am safer up there!

I prowl in the canyons of dismal unrest;
I cringe -- I'm so weak and so small.
I can't get my bearings, I'm crushed and oppressed
With the haste and the waste of it all.
The slaves and the madman, the lust and the sweat,
The fear in the faces I see;
The getting, the spending, the fever, the fret --
It's too bleeding cruel for me.

I feel it's all wrong, but I can't tell you why --
The palace, the hovel next door;
The insolent towers that sprawl to the sky,
The crush and the rush and the roar.
I'm trapped like a fox and I fear for my pelt;
I cower in the crash and the glare;
Oh, I want to be back in the avalanche belt,
For I know that it's safer up there!

I'm scared of it all: Oh, afar I can hear
The voice of my solitudes call!
We're nothing but brute with a little veneer,
And nature is best after all.
There's tumult and terror abroad in the street;
There's menace and doom in the air;
I've got to get back to my thousand-mile beat;
The trail where the cougar and silver-tip meet;
The snows and the camp-fire, with wolves at my feet;
Good-bye, for it's safer up there.

To be forming good habits up there;
To be starving on rabbits up there;
In your hunger and woe,
Though it's sixty below,
Oh, I know that it's safer up there!

-Robert Service

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I am not for insane never ending expansion of the population. I actually agree with Jared Taylor on many points. European nations have been per capita more productive in material terms than anything that had come before. The problem is that position is slipping due to nothing more than nonsensical anti-natal culture.What I find frightening is that as other places explode demographically Europe is withering. Only until perhaps 10 years ago the idea of European extinction was unthought of. As the decline accelerates it comes closer yet the propaganda doubles down pushing it on. Ethno-Nationalists and Religious Fundamentalists are actually starting to sound attractive.

Globally Birthrates are dropping toward Equilibrium with most growth being in Africa. For the most part they have plenty of space provided the environment holds. India is tiny and still manages to hang on though I think culturally they are better at handling over population due to the Dharmic faiths, caste system and vegetarianism.

Europeans need to think about the long term picture in terms of declining birth rates the same way Africans need to think about what they are doing with a population explosion. I can entirely understand somewhere like Texas, New York or Soviet Industrial cities being a major driver of environmental destruction. But the argument does not apply to rural Italy, Scandinavia, Australia or the Pacific North West. Its actually the most harmless rural populations that are dying the fastest. It is like blaming the Amnish for the Manhattan project because they happened to live in the same country. Again Jared Taylor lauds technological innovation not realizing it was only the excessive industrial population that damaged the environment imperiling the very people  

On the environmental front humans do have the potential to behave like maggots or bacteria in a petri dish. But one thing people forget is that maggots and bacteria do not cooperate or fight each other to the extent humans do. Humans will turn on each other because of a shortage of fancy shoes or one person wanting a different color flag than an another. I do think the level of environmental destruction is devastating but I also think the biosphere and most life forms will outlast the madness of humanity. Western Civilization will implode into resource conflicts long before we scorch the Earth. Animals and plants are incredibly tough. Its only heavy industry or massive changes in land use that can make other species go extinct. The problem is economic and that is why I point the finger at Bill Gates, Rockefeller and Jared Taylor for not pointing out who was responsible. 

In my opinion the same way nature veers towards equilibrium so do humans. The industrial nations seem to be turning into meat grinders with the population rapidly dropping. The globalist world view is to just ship people around the globe to keep the madness going. Its these economic and social pressures that create these bizzare situations where landlords take fertile young girls and basically pimp them out while they intern in PR. If the population in cities is dropping and wages are going down then how can rents be going up? Is the value of sex going down relative to real estate? This where you see madness of the situation especially when these people are not causing over population and people are being shipped in to fill the gaps in places like London,New York and Paris. I give a certain amount of respect to the Japanese despite the Shibuya Terminalification" of their culture at least they protect the environment by allowing the population to drop. If looks like Primae Noctis at least let the Samurai caste go first. Keeps Japanese girls at a premium and the birth rates rock bottom low.

I´m for a global rebalancing. If people want stability every group on Earth needs to shift towards a 1.7 to 2.5 birth rate unless under exceptional circumstances. If you break that you pay a tax but the money has to stay local otherwise global finance and black markets will make a mockery of it. Right now it exists in a way but its too heavily tied to either pointlessly long education systems in the west or slave like conditions in the developing third world. As strange as it sounds this was actually the point of the church marriage rituals and monogamy. As long as people adhered to the spirit of it and followed the rules it acted as a good population control system. Turning young women into hookers or instigating violence between men so they enslave each other works as well but its an inversion of how things are supposed to work. If violence and subjugation are inevitable at least fight fair and speak honestly.  

In the end I agree with many of the concepts but they are being twisted to carry out an agenda that most the population of the planet don´t agree with. The current generation of White Nationalists like Jared Taylor are shills for Corporate America.

The city I grew up in was the first to reach 8 million in the early 20th century. London is still roughly as populated as it was back then. After a few generations I´ve seen and heard most of the chaos that has gone on when all growth stopped and never ending waves of demographic replacement began. Perhaps its eugenic or perhaps its dysgenic. Perhaps its sustainable now perhaps the whole city is going to fall into the Thames. End of the day its the liars and the hypocrites who made things into a nightmare.........

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I have a few acres of old growth woods on a country road an hour North of our State Capitol.  The acres were semi-cleared and crudely fenced many years ago, turned into pasture land for cows.  They cut enough trees to let the sunshine in so the grass would grow for forage.  In 1889 the railroad came through and cut my acreage off from the rest of the pasture land, and it's sat idle ever since.  It's now densely wooded.  I bought it years ago as a young man from the (then) farmer who owned it.  I had little money, and it was a great sacrifice for me to pay for it, but something in me said that I HAD to buy that patch of land.  Everyone thought I was nuts; I paid as much per acre as one would for good tillable production farmland.  It has a road on one end, a river on the other, an anbandoned railroad track on the Northern border, and a corn field to the South.  I put in a culvert and driveway, built a little hunting and fishing shack, and pounded in a sand point well with a hand pump for water.  There is no electricity, no sewer, no city gas.  I don't live there; it's my getaway from the World when I want peace and quiet.  The deer, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and trees live there; it's their home.  I just visit.

My little patch has, over the years, become extremely valuable as a potential building site for a country McMansion.  Due to zoning regulations it's now impossible to find a buildable spot with such natural beauty so close to the State Capital.  I'm grandfathered into the zoning laws, so my patch is still "buildable".  The old hardwoods growing on the property are very valuable for lumber.  As a result my property tax burden has become huge.  Society is determined to pressure me into either developing the property or selling it to someone who will.  Birds, trees, raccoons be damned - society sees my patch of woods as being "wasted" just sitting there.

Fuck 'em all.  No one is going to harm that woods if I can help it.  I pay the taxes and enjoy my quiet time.  It's priceless.  I'm getting old, and I intend to figure out a way to preserve that patch in perpetuity.  There are ways to put deed restrictions on it, but I've found that these can be appealed and changed by my heirs after I'm gone.  So long as society wants that land developed and "put to good use" there will be legal means of doing so.  Even if I donate it to the Nature Conservancy they can find ways to sell it for big money and use the proceeds to buy more land in a less desireable location.  Goddam society is DETERMINED to destroy the animal's home to make way for human progress.


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Farms and industrial cities are no more nor less "nature" than each other, specially when you spray the fields with pesticides or consider animals living around them as "plagues". Be that in "la bella Italia", or in the Midwest.

Objectively, humans and all the shit they do are just as much "nature" as anything else. Rhinos poop and fight in their ponds, and then die of natural anthrax and infected wounds; meerkats, those "oh so cute and adorable little beings", are the worst of the worst at killing each other, and humans sit right with the other big primates at the lower end of intra-species violence...

Bottom line: there's nature and its offspring, biology, and that's all (e.g.: wars follow Sun's activity cycles, not human "will")...

Maybe when we fully realize that, we'll be able to live more harmoniously (again?).

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Oh relax, population growth is already flattening, we are going to level off around 10 billion and then birth rates will be at a very reduced rate of growth (yes, the growth OF growth will decline precipitously, even more than its already quick decline in the vast majority of places).

In addition, most of the world is declining in growth rates themselves now. The only place still with increasing population of any pace is Africa, and even their growth rate of their growth rate is levelling out and will declibe around the time we hit ten billion. So really, most of the dumb fucks that love living in big cities already do, then tack on a couple more billion in Africa and that's about it for the "awful evil crushing population growth" BS meme.

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It is not declining, it is growing exponentially.  In 500 years, at current rates there will be one person for every square meter on earth.  

The people who claim that there will be a slow down, use the justification that the population will become more educated and make the decision not to have liters.

That doesn't seem very likely, when the US, who was a leader in educating its citizens, has become a nation of dumbed-down k-12 graduates, who require remedial courses for dumbed-down colleges.  No longer is something challenging like math required, it is now all about "studies" of minorities and/or victimized groups and diversity. 

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