Poisoned Russian Spy Linked To Christopher Steele

The Russian double agent poisoned along with his daughter in Salisbury, England last weekend is linked to former British Spy Christopher Steele, reports The Telegraph

Col Sergei Skripal - who is currently in intensive care after he and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a suspected nerve agent - was recruited by MI6 while working at the British embassy in Estonia, according to Russian intelligence services.

When Russia discovered that Skripal had allegedly been paid $100,000 by MI6 to expose undercover Russian intelligence agents in 2006 - the same year Russian double-agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. In 2010, however, Skripal was one of four prisoners released by Moscow in exchange for 10 US spies - after which he moved to the UK and befriended an employee of Christopher Steele. 

The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier. -Telegraph

A recently deleted LinkedIn account revealed that the British security consultant is based in Salisbury, and his employer is Orbis Business Intelligence - Steele's firm. Steele notoriously assembled a series of memos containing anti-Trump opposition research to Fusion GPS, the first seventeen of which were compiled into the unverified "Trump-Russia" dossier which the FBI relied on to obtain a spy warrant against a Trump campaign associate. 

21 people were hospitalized last week when Yulia Skripal reportedly opened a "gift from friends" as they ate in a restaurant.  UK counterterrorism police and domestic security agency MI5 are investigating why the Russian double-agent was targeted seven years after his release from a Russian penal colony. Of note, Skripal's son, Alexander, died last year at the age of 43. 

Was Skripal still working as a double agent?

If, as The Telegraph posits, Skripal assisted Steele in compiling the dossier - which notably relies on senior Russian officials, despite Steele never having traveled to Moscow - according to testimony by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, it could explain the motive behind the assassination attempt in Salisbury town centre. 

Valery Morozov, a former construction magnate who fled Russia after revealing corruption, claimed last night that Col Skripal, 66, was still working, and remained in regular contact with military intelligence officers at the Russian embassy. That would raise the possibility that he was still feeding intelligence to people in this country.

Mr Morozov said that, as a result, he had decided to steer clear of Col Skripal for his own safety. He told Channel 4 News: “If you have a military intelligence officer working in the Russian diplomatic service, living after retirement in the UK, working in cyber-security and every month going to the embassy to meet military intelligence officers – for me, being a political refugee, it is either a certain danger or, frankly speaking, I thought that this contact might not be very good for me because it can bring some questions from British officials.” -Telegraph

Authorities are trying to piece together the movements of both Sergei and Yulia Skripal, who lives in Moscow but was due for a visit - believed to mark the birthday of Skripal's deceased son. 

Skripal had reportedly asked his housekeeper to clean his daughter's room on Monday, Feb. 26 in advance of her visit. Her travel plan may have activated the assassination attempt.

Security services now suspect that when Miss Skripal flew out of Moscow, her departure triggered a “red flag” with a hit squad that was being dispatched to assassinate Col Skripal. It is thought that Miss Skripal was being targeted along with her father in a clear message that “traitors” are not tolerated by the Kremlin.

It is not clear when Miss Skripal landed in the UK, but sources suggest the Russian team sent to kill her father was probably a day behind her. -Telegraph

While Russian media has warned "traitors" after Skripal's poisoning, British lawmakers have suggested Moscow will have committed a "brazen act of war" against Britain if Russia is found to be behind the attack. 

British intelligence suspect that the attempted assassination would have been made earlier, but weather conditions from a massive snowstorm dubbed the "Beast from the East" delayed the hit squad. 

The snow may have deterred father and daughter from venturing out, while it also would have put in doubt the assassination squad’s likely escape from the UK. With flights cancelled and delayed at Heathrow, they risked arrest if they were stuck in the UK.

By Sunday afternoon – and with Miss Skripal on the brink of returning to Moscow – the assassination squad had little room for manoeuvre and were forced into action in broad daylight in the middle of a busy shopping precinct. -Telegraph

“It now looks as though they got desperate by Sunday afternoon and decided to strike,” reported a confidential source.


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The art of projection.

Do some fuckery. Blame the fuckery on the other side. Classic British MI6. Ask China. Ask India. Ask Japan. The whole British peerage system is simply a DNA compromised, inbred tree of human fuckery.

British MI6 spies in America should receive military punishment, aka American Revolution style. Lined up and shot. Starting with Christopher Steele, for sedition. Followed by whoever is behind the asassination of Seth Rich and many others past, present and future, and all the traitors in the deep state, including Senate, DOJ, FBI, CIA, who are conspiring with the British spy consortium, starting with 33 degree fuck-master McCain.

Meanwhile Mueller Magoo pulls out his boy scout BB-gun and indicts another bowl of borscht soup for existing. Hey Mueller. Why don't you get a ticket to London and investigate this murder, you disgrace to the Marines, paper-pushing, traitorous cunt.

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NumbersUsa Boris Alatovkrap Fri, 03/09/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

Time to Investigate ‘Israelgate

March 8, 2018 Staff National News 0

If the FBI director wants to uncover foreign meddling in U.S. elections, says Phil Giraldi, he ought to look at Israel, and specifically, NSA-designee Michael Flynn’s call, at Benjamin Netanyahu’s request via Jared Kushner, to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on Dec. 22, 2016.

By Philip Giraldi

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Since it says the daughter Yulia lives in Russia it would have been much easier for her to be "dealt with" in Russia if it was the Russian state involved. Also why is the guy having regular meetings in the Russian embassy? The use of a nerve agent is probably intended to suggest state involvement (see Litvinenko) but in fact it is not hugely difficult to produce several nerve agents, certainly does not require state level facilities.

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Conspiracy theorists on both sides gonna have fun with this one.  With theories on either side equally plausible - not to mention the possibility of 3rd party intervention (Brits or Israeli) to provoke more feuding between the R's and D's/US and Russia/cats and dogs/Ginger worshipers and Maryann aficionados.

Gotta love the British tabloids, they found the daughters picture posed "salaciously" with a gun.  (And god bless them for that!)

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DNC has Uki brownshirt connections. So do the people that compiled the dossier. The people that compiled the dossier have connections to the DNC....

Uki brownshirt paramilitaries have access to anything currently available in Ukr, they were made part of officisl armed forces. Which means anything the USSR had, apart from nukes...plus perhaps some new simple stuff they made and any gear the West gave them.

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Two Things:
1. This is apart of some plan and Skripal wasn't really poisoned. Its some twisted false flag
2. He was really poisoned by Western Intelligent ageants to further demonize Russia by the western public.

If the Russians did it, It likely would have been a heart attack, traffic accident or something that wouldn't be a high profile murder. It doesn't make sense the Russia would use a nerve agent which is easy to detect.

2018 = 1984.

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Personally think the following.

1.) It would have been easier to use a gun with a silencer.

2.) The VX gas was some western intelligence concept to generate fear and outrage in the population.

Thinking it would sway the narrative in their favour because they can run around shouting WMD's ... lol there will be way more VX gas in Porton Down that is there all the time.

The narrative fails on the following ...

All the lies and deceit that has been carried out over the last few decades by government and their minions ... I do not believe anymore like I do not believe BREXIT will happen neither. On top of that all the spying and removal of privacy by these said minions and you are supposed to like them? Do me a favour pleaaaaaaaassssssssse!


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Re post :

Britain has a strong hold on her daughter.

1)- The non Federal non Reserve non Bank was created by Britain's banking chosen cabal in 1913. They brought W Wilson to power

,may he rot in Hell. They bought the other politicians.  In 1912 ,one year prior to the Fed creation ,all the powerful

industrialists ,the American Elite opposing the creation of a Central Bank , died on the Titanic . very ,very convenient.

Not making accusations ,just saying. I don't believe in coincidences .

2)-the American Judicial System is subordinated to the British one.

A BAR licensed Attorney is not an advocate, so how can he do anything other than what his real purpose is? He can't plead on

your behalf because that would be a conflict of interest. He can't represent the crown (ruling government) as an official

officer at the same time he is allegedly representing a defendant. His sworn duty as a BAR Attorney is to transfer your

ownership, rights, titles, and allegiance to the land owner. When you hire a BAR Attorney to represent you in their courts, you

have hired an officer of that court whose sole purpose and occupation is to transfer what you have to the creator and authority

of that court. A more appropriate phrase would be legal plunder.  Lawyers are Esquires.

Read about this here :http://educate-yourself.org/cn/attorneysarenotlawyers13mar05.shtml

This is why you are NOT a land owner ,you are a tenant

3)- CIA was created by British secret service and ran by them for a long time. Named first OSS . See Jim Angleton involved in

JFK murder

4)-CFR was created by Britain. CFR makes the internal and external policies . Every American president needs to have THEIR


Short history : East India Comp ,the original ruthless ,criminal corp .was dismantled by Queenie and became British Institute

for Foreign Affairs ,or Chatham House ,or The Round Table (they like their Arthur history). This created CFR.

5)- UN was created by Britain and US (Britain first tried the  League of Nations,in 1920 ,Woodrow Wilson ,may he rot in Hell

,was involved here too . Ctzar Nicolai II of Russia was opposed to it ,but he conveniently died)

So this is a short history of Britain huuuuuge meddling into American affairs. I'm sure I don't know everything


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Britain is nothing without its USA fuckery activities. It would probably be another shithole without America. Can you imagine if the Japanese were doing this kind of seditious shit in the USA? Japanese actually work to be the number three economy in the world.  Meanwhile, the central bank creators from Britain continue with their global fuckery on unprecedented levels, particularly right here in the USA.

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OZZIDOWNUNDER ???ö? Sat, 03/10/2018 - 01:59 Permalink

Very good chance this was the work of the British M16. The Brits have been working very hard to Blame Russia for just about everything bad that happens in the World. There is a concerted push to keep stirring until Russia retaliates --then the $hit really hits the fan as these Cuts will gang up & "TRY" to make Russia the BAD guys  - -again. Fuck them all.

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