Trump Fires Tillerson's Top Deputy Steve Goldstein Amid State Department Purge

Just hours after news broke that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was let go on Wednesday morning, the White House also fired his top deputy, Under Secretary Steve Goldstein - who earlier disputed the terms of Tillerson's firing - amid what appears to be an unprecedented State Department purge.

According to CBS, the White House called Goldstein to tell him he is no longer needed. Goldstein was then called up to Tillerson's office for a meeting. Tillerson spent the morning at home - after flying in from Africa early Wednesday morning - but he is now at the department. It is unclear if Tillerson will talk to the press today or not.

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

Goldstein had largely fallen into the role as Tillerson's spokesperson, and was unanimously confirmed by the senate last year. He has been on the job for less than three months and is known for being loyal to Tillerson according to CBS. He did attend many meetings at the White House, and consistently said Tillerson was going to bring foreign policy decision-making back to the State Department.

"The Secretary had every intention of staying because of the critical progress made in national security," Goldstein said in a statement before his own dismissal and after President Trump tweeted that Tillerson was being replaced as Secretary of State by Mike Pompeo, who had been serving as CIA director. "He will miss his colleagues at the Department of State and the foreign ministers he has worked with throughout the world. The Secretary did not speak to the President and is unaware of the reason, but he is grateful for the opportunity to serve, and still believes strongly that public service is a noble calling."

Goldstein was informed of the move shortly after he released the above statement which disputed the official narrative for Tillerson's termination, which said that the former Exxon CEO was “unaware of the reason” for his termination. Goldstein had also told reporters that Tillerson learned of his firing Tuesday morning from Trump’s tweet announcing he was nominating CIA chief Mike Pompeo to lead the State Department, while the White House claimed that John Kelly had notified Tillerson on Friday evening.



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Trump Is Amazing...  The Art Of The Drain...

..... Step 1) Create New Swamp By Selecting Past DC Swamp Creatures

..... Step 2) Have New Swampers Run Amok... Criticize Them... Poke Fun

..... Step 3) Have New Swampers Look Like Deer Caught In Headlights

..... Step 4) Attack New Swampers On Twitter For Disagreeable Policies

..... Step 5) When BIG Policy Issue Comes Up - Fire New Swampers For Disagreeing

..... Step 6) Praise Newly Fired Swampers For Their Committment and Service

..... Step 7) Hire New Swampers By Selecting Past DC Swamp Creatures (((Kudlow)))

..... Step 8) Rinse and Repeat... MAGA...

..... Step 9) Take Credit For Doing a Great Job

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Hopefully @bay of pigs doesn't mind if I repost his comment from another thread

Pompeo is far more ruthless than Rex Tillerson. His quotes on NK, Ukraine, Syria, Iran and Russia are straight up Zionist Neocon bullshit. He hates Assange and wants Snowden to get the death penalty. He also loves the NSA spying on everyone at all times.

How is all this an improvement and "stopping the madness"?

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So the takeover by The Deep State is now complete? Diplomats actually practicing diplomacy (Except for neocunt Haley, of course)? I'm assuming that Tillerson and co were opposed to breaking the deal with Iran because it would lead the rest of the world to conclude that it is a total waste of time entering into any kind of "agreement" with the US because it will change its mind next week? The ABM Treaty which the US pulled out of is a good example, whereafter Russia promised an asymmetric response and now, 16 years later, has delivered. Karma is a bitch.

And if Trump can clean out State by firing the top echelons, why in God's name can't he do the same thing at Justice and FBI?

Tillerson is no fool. You don't get to be CEO of the world's most valuable Company (at that time) by being stupid. And I believe he was trying to do the job of what the State Department should be: Diplomacy. Anyway, he can now move down to Florida and relax, enjoy his hundreds of Exxon millions.

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I used to respond to the frequent Trump "surveys" sent to me since I contributed to his campaign early and often. I would mark the appropriate boxes that reinforced his campaign positions and would explain in the text space where I thought he went wrong. No more.

I throw EVERYTHING out from both parties, all candidates. Everything. After voting in every election of significance for nearly 50 years, I'm going to burn my voter card. I'm done working within the system.

Change is NEVER going to happen by a System-approved method. Never. I accept that now. All my work for whatever time I have left will be outside the system.

Buckminster Fuller was right. Don't waste your energy trying to change the hopelessly broken. Put all your attention on working around the current process, undermine it, refuse cooperation, sabotage as the opportunity presents itself. It is the last, and only, hope.


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Every Patriot needs to have the same attitude so we don't all keep living under total tyranny from the Republicans and the Democrats. Congress has functioned more like overlords of this country and have sold out everyday citizens in the name of lining their pockets. They have authorized and permitted the losses of millions of US jobs, taken our rights, killed of thousands of innocent civilians for no good cause, and refuse to follow the US Constitution. We are no better than we were under King George now. Their refusal to do what is right is an abomination to citizens of the US and all over the world.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to subvert, blockade and thwart all of their efforts at every single turn possible, by any means necessary.

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I like your idea. Your timing is rusty.


You have to wait until those folks collecting EBT/SNAPS get hungry - whether that's due to Federal bankruptcy, inflation, war, JIT disruption, or a combination. Point is, they have to be hungry and pissed off. That's when you start disrupting power, water, and communications.


Then, you step back, get a beer and some popcorn, and watch the Dems eat each other while National Guard beats them with clubs on TV.

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Oh what a tangled web we weave.......the truth is easier and oh so much more decent? This red team blue team shit gets so boring. We all need to spread the word to the sheeple, to the extent possible beyong the mobile phone screen, that it makes no difference and is just divide and conquer by the Globalists. We must try to get to what is really going on. Just tryin...

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YES YES YES. It is all kabuki theater, with stylized heroes and villains stalking the stage. When the audience exists, the actors all go back to the same clubhouse for saki and blowjobs.

Fuck what this government has become. The political model of social organization has become what the Church was in the Spanish Inquisition: Corrupt, drunk with power, divorced from reality, an out of control monster that destroys those it claims to protect. That is government at all levels today. Kill it.

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you seem to have missed :Empire..the country has become a lower priority as well as the constitution and lawfulness..

one must be willing sacrifice every ideal, if needed ,to preserve the Empire...state dept and other agencies have adopted Empire and left the people in the dust..

Trump seems to be turning that around..the NWO elite enablers are many in DC

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Not quite. AP clarified that Chief of Staff Kelly gave the heads up last Friday, causing Secretary Tillerson to cancel a scheduled trip to Africa.

For the record, everyone in the Executive Branch serves at the pleasure of the President. There are no conspiracies here. After all, hasn't anyone hear ever heard of 'Foggy Bottom'? Instead, what is more likely getting the swamp's dander up is that no one is ever brought to an account and fired for any reason. They simply can't fathom that someone might act more like a chief executive than a politico and ask them to leave if they either are not agreeable with the policies of the President, that they have finished the task that they were brought in for, or worse, if they are nothing more than overpaid incompetents and political hacks hanging on until their next gig.

Can most of you here pause and remember that if we changed the subject of the article about the NSA, Treasury, Energy, FDA or numerous other alphabet agencies that you would be adamant in demanding that everyone be fired? Think I am full of it? What were your feelings about, say, Louis Lerner?


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Your memory must be very very short. Don't feel bad, you're not alone.


The RINOs told President Trump just 3 months ago that, if he fired Sessions, he could kiss all their support goodbye. No wall, no policy support, diddly squat.


March of an election year is not the time to show voters what kind of traitors they elected. Better to wait until July or August, fire Sessions, watch the RINOs betray their short attention span constituents in time for the people to choose replacement candidates, and pave over that bit of swamp.

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