74% Of Americans Believe The "Deep State" Is Running The Country

For the past two years, the long-running narrative, at least that promulgated by the mainstream media which continues to "explain away" Hillary Clinton's loss to Donald Trump, is that Americans had fallen for a massive, long-running fake news scam (in part aided and abetted by the likes of Facebook), which boosted Trump's popularity at the expense of Hillary's as part of some giant "Russian collusion" conspiracy theory between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin (which Mueller was supposed to uncover, but has instead shifted to investigating obstruction, seemingly unable to find anything).

But what if that entire narrative is dead wrong: what if Americans have become so skeptical in the government process and structure, they never needed a "fake news" boost to vote for an establishment outsider?

According to a new poll, that's precisely the case because a supermajority of Americans believes the faction of unelected officials, known as the deep state, is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C. and effectively running the nation.

The Monmouth University Polling Institute found that no less than 74% of Americans believe in a "deep state" when it is described as a collection of unelected officials running policy. Only 21% do not believe this kind of group exists.

As a result of countless "conspiracy theories" being proven as facts in recent years, chief among which the Edwards Snowden revelations which exposed the NSA as nothing short of "big brother", and the Wikileaks disclosures which revealed how the Democratic Party colluded against Bernie Sanders to promote Clinton's candidacy and countless more such examples, fully 8-in-10 believe that the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of American citizens, including a majority (53%) who say this activity is widespread and another 29% who say such monitoring happens but is not widespread. Just 14% say this monitoring does not happen at all. Shockinly, there were no substantial partisan differences in these results.

What is even more surprising, is that the poll found than 7 out of 10 Americans polled in each political group, not just Republicans but Democrats and independents as well, believe in a deep state.

31% of Republicans and 33% of independents say they believe a deep state “definitely exists,” while 19% of Democrats believe this.

"We usually expect opinions on the operation of government to shift depending on which party is in charge,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said in a statement. “But there’s an ominous feeling by Democrats and Republicans alike that a ‘Deep State’ of unelected operatives are pulling the levers of power.”

While there is general partisan agreement on concerns about government overreach, there are some notable differences in the level of concern by two very different demographic metrics: race and membership in the National Rifle Association.

Americans of black, Latino and Asian backgrounds (35%) are more likely than non-Hispanic whites (23%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists. Non-whites (60%) are also somewhat more likely than whites (50%) to worry about the government monitoring them and similarly more likely to believe there is already widespread government monitoring of U.S. citizens (60% and 49%, respectively). More non-whites (35%) than whites (23%) say that such monitoring is rarely or never justified.

The Monmouth University Poll also found that NRA members (43%) are significantly more likely than other Americans (25%) to definitely believe in the existence of a Deep State operation in DC. In a Monmouth poll released earlier this month, NRA members voiced opposition to the establishment of a national gun registry database in part because of their fear it would be used to track other activities of gun owners. NRA members (63%) are somewhat more likely than other Americans (51%) to worry about the government monitoring them and similarly are more likely to believe there is already widespread government monitoring of U.S. citizens (61% and 51%, respectively).  However, there are no significant differences between NRA members (30%) and others (26%) on whether such monitoring is rarely or never justified when it does occur. The opinion of gun owners who are not NRA members are more similar to non-gun owners than they are to NRA members on these questions.

“Anxiety about a possible ‘Deep State’ is prevalent in both parties, but each has key constituent groups who express even greater concerns about the potential for government overreach. This includes racial and ethnic groups who still experience the effects of historical prejudice as well as gun owners who fear their constitutional rights are being threatened,” said Murray. “Can those fears be allayed or will they intensify and spread? Or is this just the new normal? This is something we will have to keep tracking.”

Ironically, the poll also found that a majority of those polled, 63%, said they were “not familiar” with the term "deep state," however. Thirteen percent said they were “very familiar,” while 24 percent said they were “somewhat familiar.” In other words, someone else is running the country, just not those who are supposed to be.

“This is a worrisome finding. The strength of our government relies on public faith in protecting our freedoms, which is not particularly robust. And it’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. These concerns span the political spectrum,” said Murray.

It also means that if it was indeed Russia that wanted to brainwash America (spoiler alert: America has been quite successful in doing to itself for generations without Russian influence), it has already succeeded, and that if Putin plans to run for re-election in 2024 he may have to do so in the US.


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You have to give this point to Trump.  This is his centerpiece accomplishment to bring this into the frontal lobes of so many.  Quite in fact he may accomplish nothing else and I will feel it was a success.  Just give us another wrench to toss in the gears each election.

Things were smooth with puppet Obama because he did as he was told like a good little boy.  The Deep State had its way with that butt boy.

Trump did this and it is EXACTLY why I voted for him.  Yet the lefties can't see the forest for the trees. They think things will change if they get the right soy boy in office. That is of course laughable.

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Once Tether stopped printing around end of december bitcoin and other cryptos started to tank, perhaps something similar happens with fiat...the people remove the Fed and then the house of cards collapses, establishment then this spins this to their advantage to create a global reserve of some sort, maybe gold at first but then devolving back into fiat.

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Bone looking to relocate to Shallow State.

There is no room for compassion or empathy in the practice of Capitalism. The ultimate goal is to profit, even at the expense of forfeiting any moral or ethical compass.  The similarities between Capitalism and psychopathy are striking.  

Slaves who complain will have their electrons reformatted.

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1,000,000 Points Up !!!

Exactly!!!  Read a poli sci book awhile back which made brilliant sense:  the author's studies pointed him to the conclusion that voters [universally speaking] will choose someone, than project their opinions onto them.

Reminds me of countless futile discussions, attempting to change someone's opinion on their political choice based upon their abysmal record, which contradicted the voter's beliefs!

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let's quit using words to fool people...the "deep state" is camoflage for BANKERS...the "deep state" runs on money; money to bribe, money to arm, money to lie...THE PEOPLE aren't losing to the "deep state"...they're losing to the BANKERS...


               E N D   the   F E D

                                              S O U N D   M O N E Y

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Wisely stated, BullyBearish, wisely stated!

The two top lobbyist groups today in the USA are the Bretton Woods Committee (brettonwoods.org), the lobby for the international super-rich, and the Group of 30 (group30.org) the minions for the central banksters.

Not surprisingly, they both use the same office, same telephone numbers and people in Washington, D.C.

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It is self-evident to anyone who bothers to examine it that the Federal Reserve Board is the single most powerful institution embedded in the global network of similar institutions, which are based on the public powers of governments being used to enforce frauds by private banks, which systems have been enabled by about exponentially advancing technologies to become about exponentially more fraudulent, while the underlying realities have been that "money" made out of nothing as debts has been used to "pay" for strip-mining the natural resources of a fresh planet in the most unsustainable ways possible.


The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

However, at this point in time, "End the Fed" is too little, too late, and too trivial to fix the problems, since THE PROBLEM is that money is measurement backed by murder, and therefore, sound and honest money systems would require sound and honest murder systems to back those up.

Returning to money backed by gold and silver is problematic due to the diminishing returns from being able to strip-mine the planet in order to concentrate the ownership of those precious metals. There have been several articles previously published on Zero Hedge about how the production of both gold and silver are apparently peaking, due to having collectively high-graded to hell a Civilization based on strip-mining resources. Hence, any attempt to return to gold and silver backed money, or money backed by any other commodities, more and more enters into the milieu of previous exponential growth running into the limits to growth, in the form of increasingly severe diminishing returns from attempting to continue to do so. (Similarly, alternative electronic currencies tend to not be genuinely better than the mainstream electronic currencies, but rather, merely relatively small parasites on top of much larger parasites.)

The "deep state" is due to the structure of Globalized Neolithic Civilization becoming the manifestation of the methods of organized crime on larger and larger scales. The oldest book on The Art Of War starts by saying success in warfare is based on deceits, and ends by saying treacherous spies are the most important soldiers.

The "deep states" are the organizations which have most developed their abilities to be deceitful and treacherous, which includes those hiding behind public figures which are their political puppets, who are voted for by enough of the masses of muppets. Public governments have effectively become as treasonous as possible, since the "deep states" have long ago captured sufficient control over sociopolitical systems such as the schools and mass media, such that the puppets and muppets were mostly brainwashed to believe in bullshit. Indeed, that bullshit has been built into the basic structure of the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science which almost everyone uses to think and communicate with.

If it were not for the ways that most people were brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit, for generation after generation, then it would be closer to 100% of the people would recognize the facts that Civilization necessarily operates according to the principles and methods of organized crime, where those with the most power were also mostly hidden.

The existence of the "deep states,"  which are behind the public states all around the world, makes sense from the perspective of human beings and Civilization operating as general energy systems. After life exists, then the death control systems direct the evolution of that life. Those death control systems have their most extreme forms in the murder systems, while those murder systems are driven to maximize maliciousness.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization developed as increasingly integrated and sophisticated social slavery systems. The basis of those systems were the credible threats to "do what one is told, or one will be killed." Inside that context, of people attempting to kill each other, the resulting murder systems were driven towards maximizing maliciousness, due to the social successfulness of deceits and treacheries. That then became the basis upon which to make and maintain monetary and taxation systems which are enforcing frauds. Furthermore, upon that foundation, the about exponentially advancing physical science has enabled those social pyramid systems to become about exponentially more fraudulent.

Inside that overall context, "End the Fed" is not remotely close to being enough of a response to the Fed having become the single most significant institution within the overall globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic weapons.

Those currently existing systems developed out of the previous systems where paper frauds were backed by gunpowder weapons, which developed out of the systems where the original metal money was backed by metal weapons such as swords and spears. In general, those who now recommend "End the Fed" tend to indulge in wanting to believe in various impossible ideals about "what money should be," which tend to deliberately ignore what money actually is, namely, measurement backed by murder.

It is typical on Zero Hedge for various authors to present superficially correct analyses, followed by bogus "solutions" which are similarly too superficial. First and foremost, that takes the form of deliberately ignoring the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of human life, which demand that there must be some death control systems, because endless exponential growth is absolutely impossible.

Moreover, since the already existing death control systems developed through the long history of warfare to become as deceitful and treacherous as possible, there is now almost nothing but various layers of controlled "opposition" groups which surround the central core of excessively triumphant organized crime, namely, the "deep state" banker dominated governments, in which context the best organized gangsters are those banksters, whose single most significant institution became the Federal Reserve Board, to the degree that the US Dollar continues to be the global reserve currency, as backed by the US Military.

By and large, most of the layers of the various controlled "opposition" groups to the existence of the Federal Reserve Board are not personally able and willing to engage in deeper analyses of the relationships of the human artificial selection systems within the natural selection systems.

Ironically, many of those controlled "opposition" groups prefer to pretend that they are engaging in deeper analysis, when they actually shy away from doing so, because they do not admit and address the central significance of the death control systems backing up the debt control systems. Of course, one can somewhat sympathize with that kind of superficiality, because the problems surrounding attempts to "End the Fed" become almost infinitely more difficult and dangerous when one considers that doing so would require radical transformations in the murder systems that backed up radically transformed money systems.

A recent typical example of that kind of controlled "opposition" presentation may be found in this article:

Things Must Be Serious, Everyone's Lying

Why So Serious?!

Look around you, step back from the craziness and see the bigger picture.  When you do you just see a bunch of incompetent, venal people covering their asses.  While a lot of what I write here could be considered ‘conspiratorial’ I would disagree. In fact, I rarely, if ever, chalk up to conspiracy that which incompetence explains far better.  As a root cause analyst, I prefer Occam’s Razor to Alex Jones.

Hanlon's Razor is the reformulation of the general idea of Occam's Razor to become that one should first presume incompetent stupidity, rather than jump to conclusion that there was malicious planning. However, both of those logical razors only make sense in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

Actually, there is an overwhelming abundance of historical evidence that there have been trends towards maliciousness maximization, which were the deeper reasons for how and why the public politicians became puppets, voted for by enough muppets, who themselves appear to be incompetently stupid, because they became socially successful as those kinds of puppets and muppets.

Politicians and citizens which deliberately ignore and never publicly discuss the enforced frauds supervised by the Federal Reserve Board, et alia, such as the Bank of International Settlements, are necessarily incompetently stupid regarding those MAD Money As Debt systems. But nevertheless, due to the long history of applications of the methods of organized crime through the vicious feedback spirals of the funding of all aspects of the funding of the political processes, that history has selected for the ruling classes to maximize their maliciousness, at the same time as those they ruled over behaved more and more like incompetent political idiots. To the same degree that the public money supplies have already become about 99% privatized, about 99% of publicly significant politicians are the banksters' puppets, because of the corresponding degree to which acting like those kinds of incompetent idiots are the most socially successful strategies, given that the "deep state" has already captured about 99% of the effective control of the most important public powers.

There are no reasonable doubts about the basic history of the currently established systems of public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, as described by Carroll Quigley:

"... powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching goal, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole ... to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements. ... The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. ... The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks."


"If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt — above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who’s doing something wrong."

— David Graerber


It is plainly obvious that the public powers of governments have been almost totally captured by the methods of organized crime applied through the vicious feedback spirals of the funding of the political processes, the most important manifestations of which are the ways that private banks are legally allowed to make the public money supply out of nothing as debts, while governments enforced monetary frauds through the taxation systems and international systems, using the force of both the police and military.

It is therefore painfully obvious that it would be a good idea to "End the Fed." However, it would NOT be a good idea to attempt to do so in ways which continued to deliberately ignore how and why the currently existing systems actually evolved, from how relationships based on violence devolved into the language of debt.

It is typical for articles republished on Zero Hedge to present superficially correct analyses, followed by similarly superficial "solutions."  That most often takes forms whereby those authors presume upon Hanlon's Razor, rather than face the overwhelming evidence which demonstrates the actual maximization of maliciousness. Furthermore, that also then takes the following forms of not admitting and addressing that there must necessarily be some death control systems, which issues are becoming about exponentially more acute, as the about exponentially increasing strip-mining of a fresh planet are running into the limits to growth, showing up as various diminishing returns.

The only resolutions of those issues which the "deep states" have actually prepared for are to mass murder the majority of the human population. The only actually possible alternatives would necessarily have to become alternative death control systems.

At the present time, more and more people are noticing the accumulating apparent anomalies due to the ways that the operations of the "deep states" are becoming about exponentially more fraudulent. Hence, that about 74% of Americans are somewhat aware of those social facts seems an improvement.

As the video I linked above correctly stated, it was no too long ago that one could correctly state that probably not one individual in a million understood how the Federal Reserve Board actually operated, while perhaps now one could assert that maybe one individual in a hundred at least superficially understands how the Federal Reserve Board really works, as the legalized counterfeiting which is the supreme achievement of organized crime.

The dominate established systems are NOT "finance capitalism," but rather ORGANIZED CRIME, which has been able to make and maintain "a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole."

That "deep state" is painfully obvious to anyone who LOOKS at enough of the now many freely available

Excellent Videos on Money Systems.

However, at the present time, there continues to be almost nothing but various layers of controlled "opposition" groups which surround the central core of bankster dominated governments. A common theme of the presentations of those controlled "opposition" groups are to presume upon the validity of using Hanlon's Razor, because they are willing and able to deliberately ignore how and why Civilization was necessarily dominated by its death control systems in general, and its murder systems in particular. Hence, that kind of controlled "opposition" can understate the degree to which the existing systems are based on maliciousness maximization, and then overstate the validity of superficial "solutions" which do not attempt to propose or promote anything regarding the alternative murder systems which would back up alternative money systems, or the alternative death controls which would back up the alternative debt controls.

Meanwhile, the problems continue to become about exponentially worse, since about exponentially more money is being created out of nothing as debts all around the world, and being used to "pay" for exponentially strip-mining the natural resources of a fresh planet, in ways whereby almost everyone who is enjoying currently doing so also apparently enjoys drowning deeper and deeper in their favourite bullshit-based world view with respect to what is actually happening.

The "deep states"  are somewhat aware of running into the issues of diminishing returns. The biggest bullies became the bankers, while the resulting enforced frauds achieved symbolic robberies. However, those symbolic robberies were actually taking place inside the context of Globalized Neolithic Civilization strip-mining the natural resources of a fresh planet as fast as possible, while doing so was publicly presented as if those were good and productive things to do, since everything was publicly accounted for through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, where money made of out nothing as debts continued to be presented as if that was "capital" when that was actually "negative capital" which annihilated "free market capitalism."

Now the limits to the growth of that exponentially increasing strip-mining are manifesting as diminishing returns, the "deep states"  are set up to mass murder the majority of the human population. Since the most socially successful murder systems have always been driven to become as deceitful and treacherous as possible, within which context the only apparent "opposition" was controlled, those political problems are almost always grossly understated.

Given the degree to which those "deep states" have already captured almost complete control over the powers of governments, and that there is almost nothing but layers of controlled "opposition" surrounding those "deep states," it is difficult to imagine any better death control systems being developed, since doing so would require enough people to stop making presumptions based on incompetence, and instead make more presumptions based on the maximization of maliciousness.

The first levels of deeper analysis are to more fully recognize that the "deep states" were actually based upon maliciousness maximization,  while only their puppets and muppets manifested the corresponding incompetent stupidities, due to having adapted to living as slaves within the overall debt slavery systems (such as supervised by the Federal Reserve Board.)

The next levels of deeper analysis are to focus on the imperatives that there must be some murder systems, while the existing systems have become almost exponentially more problematic, due to about exponentially advancing physical science and technologies enabling the development of about exponentially more powerful weapons of mass destruction, inside which overall context, the "deep states"  are becoming about exponentially more psychotic, and collectively suicidal, since the abilities to mass murder the majority of the human population are the preparations for insane "solutions"  to INSANE PROBLEMS.

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Many of the other comments posted under this article superficially stated similar points that I did. However, by being more brief they did NOT provide enough deeper analysis of the "deep states" operating de facto "shadow governments."

Many of the other comments correctly identify the ability to make the public money supply out of nothing as debts as the heart of the power of the "deep state."  Some also mention the history of who effectively dominated being able to do that.

A few also indicate the most probable tragic trajectory towards the mass murder of the majority, due to that the ways that the ruling class minorities are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths. However, it continues to be the case that such superficially correct analyses are not sufficient, which is why deeper analysis can not be so brief.

Too many of the ideas that people take for granted continue to figure within the context of taking for granted facile "solutions" such as simply "End the Fed."  To adequately critique those notions that most people take for granted takes a longer, more systematic, presentation.


My comment above was actually a brief overview, considering the degree to which the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science compromised with incorporating the biggest bullies' bullshit, which became the banksters' bullshit. The depth of the implicit acceptance and belief in that bullshit by most people is one of the main sources of the power of "deep states" to operate through "shadow governments," such that the public governments ended up cruel jokes dominated by goof ball political puppets.

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In point of fact, I generally concur. The thing is, too much black ink defeats the eye. I say this as someone who as part of my profession writes a great deal of detailed reporting and other correspondence for the eyes of others, and struggle to keep it short enough for them to take in. I like good English, but am mindful that too much of it can lose the message.

This leads me to my question to you:- with all you have said, are you an anarchist? If not, why not? 

It seems to me that you identified that power was initially taken and secured by force, and so led to enrichment. You  then identified that over time the enrichment became the main purpose of power, and the strongmen came to be directed by the nefarious. Now the nefarious have exploited the system to the point that only a total reset will maintain their grip on the riches they have stolen and they are quite happy to dispose of the smellysocks to keep on enjoying the spoils. 

I know that is a gross simplification, but, if it gets people to take on board the message, they can go and read up on ZH and elsewhere. For what it's worth, I rate John Pilger's scepticism and dissections of the controlling cabal.

If one accepts that then the only logical thing to do is strike first and decapitate the beast, n'est-ce pas?

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Radical Marijuana Sirius Wonderblast Mon, 03/19/2018 - 22:08 Permalink

I am not an anarchist.

I WISH that enough people would understand the principles and methods of organized crime so that they could become more competent citizens.

I WISH that the good ideas of a democratic republic, or constitutional monarchy, operating through the rule of law, had not been reduced to nothing more than cruel jokes.

I believe that the only political system is organized crime, and therefore, the only genuinely good resolutions of the problems due to the excessively successful applications of the methods of organized crime by the ruling classes would be more effective resistance which could be done by more people understanding the principles and methods of organized crime.

Since both measurement and murder exist, therefore, money based on measurements backed by murders will continue to exist. While it is theoretically possible that more people could becoming more competent citizens, which could enable better dynamic equilibria between the different systems of more or less organized lies operating robberies, in practice, the already existing systems have become way too successful at controlling their apparent "opposition."

It is an impossible ideal to advocate that there should be no government. Advocating politics without violence is like recommending physics without force. The only realistic way to have real governments which would be marginally better would require enough people to understand how and why there must be some murder systems, in ways which could better limit those murder systems.

However, what I may well WISH for looks like nothing more than a vain fantasy at the present time, and for the foreseeable future. I am mostly writing for my own amusement, as my attempts to build better mental models of the world ... More and more, I have been forced to come to conclusions that the only ways that the existing systems shall actually change is through those driving themselves through series of psychotic breakdowns and crazy collapses into chaos, most of which will occur when the strip-mining of the planet no longer is possible to continue to increase, but rather, the more and more serious diminishing returns result in the MAD Money As Debt systems becoming TOO MAD, in the sense that making more money out of nothing as debts will less and less be able to "pay" for strip-mining a planet that has already been strip-mined.

The slim chance for changes that I WISH were still somewhat possible would be for the eruptions of death insanities, driven by the runaway debt insanities, perhaps being catalyzed to happen better, in the senses of not becoming as bad, and recovering faster, IF more people were able to better understand why that actually happened, instead of continuing to believe in bullshit about how that happened.

At the present time, the most probable "reset" of the established systems will end up being much worse for most people, while those most responsible for those conditions will likely end up those who least suffer from the "reset." Therefore, I am not in a hurry to attempt to "strike first," but rather, I would prefer not striking until more people understood themselves and civilization as manifestations of general energy systems, so that systematic transformations might be possible, rather than collapse back to the same old-fashioned class warfare, which will most likely continue to benefit the ruling classes.

I recommend series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in political science, as the basis for attempting to make and maintain better government, as better organized crime. That is, to stop using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals to perceive political problems, and propose bogus "solutions" still based on those impossible ideals. Instead, start using more UNITARY MECHANISMS to understand how and why governments are necessarily the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangsters.

That the public governments are controlled by "shadow governments" according to the powers of the "deep state" should be better understood by more people, and not be short-circuited back to the same old bullshit by controlled "opposition" groups recommending the implementation of impossible ideals, which will continue to backfire badly.

I WISH that there was almost no publicly significant genuine opposition to the power of the "deep state," however, at the present time, and for the foreseeable future, that is the case and will continue to be the case. In that context, I am NOT an anarchist, but rather, I am in favour of better government, based on the view that governments are necessarily forms of organized crime, because the only political systems which actually exist are various versions of organized crime.

The great paradoxes in political problems are the sets of consistent contradictions that arise due to the biggest and best organized crimes making and maintaining Civilization, in ways whereby the most absurdly backwards bullshit are the dominate social stories. When one better understands the principles and methods of organized crime, then it makes sense how and why governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangsters, which are currently the international banksters.

From that perspective, I believe that the only theoretically possible genuinely better resolutions of the chronic political problems inherent in the human condition should be for enough people to better understand those problems, and hence, better understand how and why the only political systems are necessarily organized crime.

It is NOT possible to have no organized crimes, and hence, it is NOT possible to have no governments. It is possible to have better organized crimes, which would actually be better governments. However, for that to actually be implemented enough people would have to sufficiently understand how and why there are actually "shadow governments" using the powers of "deep states" to control what the public governments actually do, which are mostly enforce frauds which achieve symbolic robberies, that benefit the ruling classes in the short to medium term, while everyone gets worse and worse screwed by that in the longer term.

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The whole problem with governments is that somehow the logical point of view that they should work for us has been completely turned upside-down to the point they issue their commandments and seem to assume we work for them.

How bizarre is that?

But is gets worse.

They make demands of us for payments to pay them for their incompetence. 

You really cannot make this up.    

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Sirius Wonderblast Radical Marijuana Wed, 03/21/2018 - 10:46 Permalink

I agree. The political system as it currently exists is nothing more or less than a massive protection racket, in my view directed towards the enrichment and aggrandisation of a small and repellent group.

They may also perceive themselves as engaged in a form of holy quest: that I will leave others to debate. In reality, people are good at making grand and often theologically-based excuses for their greed and venality.

My feeling, compared to yours, is that the only realistic process to change is a complete decapitation of the  include political, economic and religious power structures. I just don't see change being capable within the existing system - it's apparatus will bend opposition round to the will of those in charge, or eliminate it as you point out.


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Sirius Wonderblast VWAndy Mon, 03/19/2018 - 18:00 Permalink

Could it be I wasn't replying to you? Could it be you are a narcissist who thinks your comment is the one to be given the most attention? 

Radical Marijuana has gone to the trouble of posting a long piece, no doubt taking much time to do so. The problem is that - being that I was at work - the time to read such lengthy pieces is not there. Sometimes there is more impact in less. Maybe not in your case though.

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This was a great comment. Inability or lack of attention span to process it is merely a symptom of why we are where we are in western civilization as a whole. Critical thinking means reading or looking at information and having the capacity to glean knowledge from what makes sense and logically discard what does not. The bottom line extraction that I have removed from what you wrote is that what we see of the " Deep State" is merely the tip of the iceberg. And you, in that, are right.

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bshirley1968 ClickNLook Mon, 03/19/2018 - 12:01 Permalink

The problem is no one can agree on just what the "Deep State" is or who is in charge of it.

This is by design.  If you can constantly muddy the waters so that no one can get a clear image or direction, it makes it very difficult to bring a coordinated assault.  "Divide and conquer."

To me, the deep state is the Federal Reserve.  Always has been and always will be.  There can be no "power" out of reach of the people once the UNLIMITED FREAKIN' MONEY is removed.  As long as they can print what they need to buy off who they need to buy off, they have unlimited control.  They can corrupt a good system.  We have a great system but the system has been corrupted by men who can be BOUGHT OFF by unlimited money.  Men will always be corrupt and greedy.  The answer is to remove the unlimited money that is controlling them.

Federal Reserve = the Deep State.....or at least the power of the Deep State.

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bshirley1968 veritas semper… Mon, 03/19/2018 - 12:40 Permalink

I agree.  However, the main issue is the "fractional reserve" part.  I am a gold/silver guy as well, but the problem is the "unlimited" factor of the paper money.

Tyranny has a hard time being tyrannical without unlimited funding.  Unlimited funding has created an unbalanced playing field.  We have always realized that the rich have an inherent "advantage", but the Federal Reserve has taken the "rich" to an whole new level.

The reason a corrupt state like Illinois can keep chugging along in spite of their blatant irresponsible actions, it because of the unlimited money they get....they are backed by the Federal Goobermint, who is backed by the Federal Reserve.  The money gets there indirectly.....but it gets there.  This allows Illinois to be irrational, unreasonable, tyrannical.  If they were truly dependent upon the "people" for their income, then the people would be in control.

Whoever pays gets to say what is and what will be.  That has always been the rule.  Do I even need to repeat that Rothschild quote about money and laws?

Never will we take this country back until we remove the Federal Reserve and kick the international bankers out of our goobermint.

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veritas semper… bshirley1968 Mon, 03/19/2018 - 13:25 Permalink

Well said.

We will never change anything for the better if we do not cut off (their) blood line , the infinite source of "money" which gives them infinite power.

But I don't think we can do it .The last chance was in 2008 ,but instead of jailing the crooks and and disassembling the banks and the Fed ,what did we do/allowed ? Reward them with a cool 1 Trillion ,for start (they added more printed T to that).

I have some hopes for the outside forces . Let's see what the petro-yuan backed by GOLD will bring.

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dizzyfingers bshirley1968 Mon, 03/19/2018 - 14:46 Permalink

For that we must remain free people. But that looks less and less likely.

News like this (if true) is disheartening:

The Irony of the Chinese Communist Party Pushing a U.S. Gun Ban
By Joe Jarvis - March 19, 2018

Some people say that “No civilian should have military style weapons!”
Ironically they also criticize those who say gun ownership deters oppressive government. “Oh yea, your hunting rifle is going to stand up against the government’s tanks and bombs,” they laugh.
And yet, guerrilla warfare is extremely difficult to defeat.

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