Austin Bomber Identified As 24-Year-Old Mark Anthony Conditt

Update IV: Austin police say they have detained two of suspected bomber Mark Conditt's roommates - though they were quick to clarify that the two young men were not under arrest.

One was questioned and released, while the second was still being questioned early Wednesday afternoon, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Their names have not been released.

Police are saying that they don't believe any member of Conditt's family had any idea about his murderous intentions.

“They wanted to express their condolences to the families of those who have been affected and that will be reflected in their statement,” said Austin Police Det. David Fugitt while standing outside the house of Conditt’s family in Pflugerville . He said police had no information “to believe the family had any knowledge of this.” “They are having a difficult time and it is understandable; this is certainly a shock to the conscience and they are taking it in stride,” Fugitt said. The detective said Conditt’s family has been very coooperative in providing information to the police.

Still, they are searching the grounds of the family’s home and will be using a dog to assist them.

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Update III: Police say they're evacuating all homes within a five-block radius of the suspected Texas' bomber's home.



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Update II: Police have identified the Austin bombing suspect as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt.


Metro also pointed out that a Reddit user with the screenname Austinbomber was suspended from the site last night after publishing a post purporting to explain the bomber's motive.

According to the post, the bomber didn't plan the bombings because he wanted to kill people, but instead did it because he "wanted to watch the world burn."

Police said they're looking into the account, but haven't commented on whether it has any link to the bombings.

In surveillance footage released earlier, Conditt appears wearing a blonde wig. According to the Washington Post, police said Conditt is 24 years old, while some public records suggested that he is 23. He was unemployed at the time of his death.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said his city is now breathing a sigh of relief after multiple days of terror.

"They are confident that they have someone who has been responsible for these bombs going off," he said on the "Today" show. "As a community we’re just really relieved and just incredibly thankful for this army of law enforcement that has been in our community here for the last week or so."

Meanwhile Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said police are still searching for a motive, and haven't ruled out the possibility that Conditt had accomplices, the New York Times reported.

"We do not understand what motivated him to do what he did," Manley said.

Police tracked Conditt to a hotel in Round Rock, Texas - a town about 18 miles North of Austin. After discovering him in his vehicle outside the hotel, police moved in after SWAT team reinforcements had arrived.

Investigators said they used "basic investigative techniques" to track Conditt. According to Reuters, FedEx officials provided "key evidence" that led to the suspect's identification.

The New York Post reported that Conditt lived with two roommates in a suburb of the city. Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales said Conditt lived in his city, about 17 miles northeast of Austin. Police are searching the house they shared for evidence.

One Pflugerville resident said he was jogging Tuesday night when he was stopped by police and asked about the bombings. He said police flew drones over a home in his neighborhood for about six hours between Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning. He described it as a "weird house" where people were "coming and going" constantly. He added that the home is "a bit rundown."

Still, details about Conditt remain murky. His mother, Danene Conditt, published a Facebook post in 2013 celebrating Mark Conditt's "graduation" from high school, adding that he had been home-schooled.

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Update: President Donald Trump has tweeted his congratulations to law enforcement and all involved in stopping the bomber.


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The Austin serial bomber suspected of delivering six homemade bombs to locations around Austin this month, killing two people, has died after blowing himself up. Less than an hour after CBS Austin  released photographs of the suspect at a Fed-X facility, media reported of an officer-involved shooting on I-35 in Round Rock.

Police have identified the dead suspected bomber as a 24-year-old white male, according to the Associated Press.

As CBS Austin reported, police were closing in on the suspect when he killed himself by detonating some sort of explosive device in his car, according to CBS Austin's source. People in the area reported hearing the explosion, the New York Times reported.

According to KVUE, the FBI and police tracked the bomber to a hotel in the Round Rock area using cell phone technology, security video, store receipts before 'engaging him' around 3 am on Wednesday. Then, as officers pursued the suspect a device was detonated, before a volley of gunfire.

CBS Austin reported that police pursued the bomber until he drove his car into a ditch off I-35. As officers approached, the bomber detonated a bomb in his car, killing himself and injuring an officer. CBS added that an 11-year veteran SWAT officer fired on the suspect. He has since been placed on administrative leave. 

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the incident that led to the suspect's death will be investigated by the Austin Police Monitor and the Texas Rangers.

The confrontation came just hours after CBS published CCTV showing images from a surveillance video from the FedEx Office store on Brodie Lane in South Austin which helped investigators zero in on the suspect.

According to the Daily Mail, the images show a man - possibly wearing a wig and gloves - delivering two packages around 7.30pm on Sunday. One of the packages subsequently exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility outside of San Antonio in Schertz.


The other was intercepted at a facility near Austin airport and was later confirmed to contain a bomb.



Authorities believe the same person is connected to the two packages that surfaced Tuesday is also responsible for the four other explosions that began on March 2nd, killing two people and injuring six.

Austin Police Department tweeted that they were working on an officer-involved shooting near the highway, but gave no further details.

I-35 is closed while a massive presence of law enforcement - including Austin Police, FBI and ATF investigators - processes the scene, which involved officers firing at the suspect. Several helicopters were seen hovering overhead.

While reports surfaced last night that police had discovered surveillance footage of what could be the bombing suspect, CNN added that police had been tracking the man for between 24-36 hours.

Police warn that, though the bomber is dead, there might be more bombs out there. Police don't know what the bomber has been up to over the past 24 hours, and have warned the community to be vigilant.

The bomber's motive is still unclear

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Whoa Dammit NoDebt Wed, 03/21/2018 - 07:21 Permalink

The  weirdest part of this was that FedEx didn't seem to think anything was amiss when a guy in a blonde wig wearing surgical gloves dropped off packages (until one of them later exploded).  Are there that many people going around dressed/acting oddly these days that the oddity is just ignored?

Other than that I am glad the crazy s.o.b. is dead.

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Croesus Stan522 Wed, 03/21/2018 - 09:58 Permalink


The Libtard media paints the narrative as if they constitute the majority in this country. Here's an article from my local paper, on this school shooting BS memorial:…

Between 100-150 participants, out of 500. How many of those participants did so, just to get out of class for a bit? We'll never know, but the point is, don't be worried about Libtards - their idiocy is on full display for all to see, and their credibility is nonexistent.

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Send his parents a bill for all the expenses of the operation, especially if he is still considered a dependent on their tax return.  It is time that all acknowledge that a kid is mostly a product of his upbringing, especially his parents.   Why do we ignore this?   The answer is likely, cause parents/I/we don't want to be responsible for our actions and want to hide and call them adults.  Well, we hold car companies responsible for building unsafe cars?  We built the kid???????   But, but, but.......but BS. 

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Obscene FRN Call two hoots Wed, 03/21/2018 - 12:01 Permalink

What America do you live in? As soon as a child is born it's assigned a SSN and becomes a ward of the plantation, which will have no qualms about removing said child if parental performance is lacking (in their opinion) ...though there is no such remedy when "the state" is found lacking.

What fraction of the population makes the decision to engage in violence to get guaranteed attention, and what influence does the rabid media contribute when it ignores the rest of the social dynamic in order to highlight every instance of gun/bomb violence to further its own agenda?

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snblitz Obscene FRN Call Wed, 03/21/2018 - 14:41 Permalink

I home schooled my children in California.  The state was oddly torn between its repressive and controlling tendencies vs its free love roots from the 1960s.

Most of the pressure and/or anger towards me came from teachers, their unions, and their minions in government.

In the end my wife and I formed a registered private school of our own (called an R1) and I became a teacher and administrator.  Some home school parents thus consider me to be impure.

My older daughter got the gold in the US junior Olympics in her individual sport. (trying not to DOX her) and got a full ride sports scholarship to a top tier college.  She is now working on her graduate degree in Medicine.  To get a full ride sports scholarship her earlier education had to be NCAA certified.

My other daughter is working on her STEM degree.

I did have to dodge the authorities, even with my R1, when I was out and about with my children during "school hours".  The good news is that children in public school do not really spend much time there any more.   8am to 3pm used to be the witching hours, but nowadays its more like 9am to 1pm.

The "authorities" are basically child protective services (CPS).  And the biggest risk was that a teacher might recognize what was going on and drop a dime on me and my child.

Like the #metoo movement, CPS works with a "the accusation proves the crime" model.

The closest I got to a serious problem was when my younger daughter broke her arm.  She was walking along with a scooter (not riding it at the time) when she simply tripped and fell tangled up in the scooter.

In the ER they actually separated me from her (she was 8 at the time) and started to grill her (as she told me later).  They were asking her questions like "did I hurt her, was she telling the truth?" 

What was particularly terrifying was that these people were supposedly medical practitioners but instead were agents of the state. (I consider what they did to her to be child abuse.)

And this in a state where a fair number of fathers were put in jail for abusing their children via "repressed memory syndrome" which was proven to be a fraud.

Basically CPS, the medical practitioners, and psych people would lead young women to believe their fathers had abused them.  The scam fell apart as increasing numbers of women recanted on their "memory of abuse" and increasingly the cases were prove-ably false.

Much of the power of the state today comes from the "the accusation proves the crime" mentality.  Drop a dime on someone and their life becomes a nightmare.

Well at least for some people.  People dropped 38 dimes on Mr. Cruz and no one cared.  Sometimes I wonder if the state was grooming him.



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Retired Guy eclectic syncretist Wed, 03/21/2018 - 11:48 Permalink

I wonder if the bomber's mommy had time to love him or was she busy working hard enhancing some rich guy's share holder value. In the old days mommies stayed home with kids to teach them to be civilized. We didn't have mass murder every week back then. You have to wonder if Women's lib was invented by and for rich stockholders wanting more wage slaves.

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everything1 Retired Guy Wed, 03/21/2018 - 12:26 Permalink

You are 100% correct, watch the happiness machines/century of the self by Adam Curtis.

People always thrived via communities/tribes/purpose, etc. in fact the people who live the longest (centaurian communities) are still found in the world, not many left.

See, once they get the TV, the smartphone, etc. it's all over for them, they lose their identity.

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