Facebook: Trump Campaign Was Better At Facebook Than Clinton Team

Despite a record $1.2 billion Hillary Clinton's campaign spent before losing the 2016 election, the former Secretary of State - who has horrible twitter game - was also out-Facebooked by the Trump campaign according to an internal Facebook whitepaper, published days after the election. And that's excluding the alleged "help" of Russia.

“Both campaigns spent heavily on Facebook between June and November of 2016,” the whitepaper's author wrote, citing internal revenue figures of $44 million spent by the Trump campaign vs $28 million for Clinton during the same period. “But Trump’s FB campaigns were more complex than Clinton’s and better leveraged Facebook’s ability to optimize for outcomes.

The paper, first obtained by Bloomberg and "describes in granular detail the difference between Trump’s campaign, which was focused on finding new donors, and Clinton’s campaign, which concentrated on ensuring Clinton had broad appeal."

The data scientist says 84 percent of Trump’s budget asked people on Facebook to take an action, like donating, compared with 56 percent of Clinton’s.

In other words, Clinton's team felt they needed to convince voters to start liking Hillary

According to Bloombergthe Trump campaign ran 5.9 million different versions of ads during the campaign - immediately testing audience response in order to push the ones with the highest levels of engagement, according to the paper. 

Clinton ran just 66,000 ads during the same period. 

A former Facebook employee referred to the internal white paper in a memo to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who said that Schiff and other congressional investigators could use the document in order to "ask the right questions" about whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia. 

For example, according to the paper, more than a quarter of Trump’s ad spending was tied to third-party data files on voters, and leveraged a Facebook tool that helped the campaign show ads to people who looked similar to the names on file. Clinton’s ads aimed for broader audiences, with only 4 percent of her Facebook spend on the lookalike tool. -Bloomberg

“Did Russian operatives give the Trump campaign a list of names to include or exclude from advertising that was running on Facebook?” the former employee asked in the memo.

The House Intel Committee closed down their investigation into Russia days later, which Rep. Schiff - who sat on it - says left "questions unanswered, leads unexplored, countless witnesses uncalled, subpoenas unissued." 

Meanwhile, Congress is looking into the use of third-party information on Facebook in the wake of the company's data harvesting scandal uncovered in an exposé of GOP-linked political data firm Cambridge Analytica, which revealed that over 50 million users were compromised. 

That said - Facebook knew early on - days after the election in fact, that Trump's team simply "out-Facebooked" Clinton, and that her team was focused on trying to get America to just like her. And, as a result of that failure, and in order for Clinton's team to deflect blame, the nation has been gripped by the most ridiculous wave of anti-Russian hysteria since the days of Joe McCarthy.


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Necessary poison it seems...


It's still the place you go every morning to see what your friends did not invite you to the night before......

DownWithYogaPants toady Tue, 04/03/2018 - 22:10 Permalink

Yeah right like Facebook really is so sophisticated.  We rubes out in the hinterlands believe everything we see on Facebook.  We are powerless to resist what we see.  

They're lying and they are not particularly good at it!

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more than a quarter of Trump’s ad spending was tied to third-party data files on voters, and leveraged a Facebook tool that helped the campaign show ads to people who looked similar to the names on file.


“Did Russian operatives give the Trump campaign a list of names to include or exclude from advertising that was running on Facebook?” the former employee asked in the memo.


Apparently, all Trump voters bear a striking resemblance to our friend Boris Alatovkrap. Bad news for guys with MAGA wives and sweethearts.

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IntercoursetheEU Billy the Poet Wed, 04/04/2018 - 00:23 Permalink

Trump team? Nope, it was the Berners for Trump, brutal anti-Hillary contingent, beyond deplorable. Seth Rich, never forget. We fried the bitch. There were plenty of us and we stayed pretty busy, 24/7 meme factories, Pizzagate, Danny Williams,  Chelsea's Daddy Hubbell, the kitchen sink, whatever. Bill made it so easy. What were they thinking?, if at all. We had the time of our lives. Fuck the Russians.               http://vcbestor.blogspot.com/2016/12/identity-politics-died-with-bernie…

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I think like 100 Russian troll factory accounts were deleted 


So Ok.. have you seen the quality of the Russian Trolls here?  Pretty fucking lame, and then the people who follow them?  I doubt that those followers vote, do a followup study by state, check voter registrations and then see  if the poll signatures were used, in PA you sign to vote.

That somehow Hillary's loss was due to "anything" but her own chronic professional incompetence is a fiction continued to this day by sore losers who have set an amazingly bad precedent for the USA.  I'm awaiting the next left POTUS to inherit the blow-back from Hillary in a subsequent election, and then even the left will objectively look at this ridiculous cunt of a woman and call her what she was: a flawed candidate with scandals throughout her career, with a good database of Clinton donors who hijacked the DNC and lost an election even though she had near 100% support of the corporate press. 

The magnitude and complete loss of her campaign epic in respect to money spent and historical in just utter failure.  Video doesn't lie the reactions of the MSM the night of the election is still something to marvel at, historians will look at this 20-20 objectively and laugh at Hillary.  There will be a footnote somewhere: she was just a ridiculous cunt coughing, stumbling around, eyes rolling in her head, as she went about lying about her crooked career.


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Well HRC did get a lot more votes than Drump... If the Clinton Campaign wasn't so arrogant, stupid , lazy (she took off most of Aug-Sept 2016) and disrespectful to her base, they would have looked at state by state polls and using lo-tech targeted key precincts that needed attention (blacks, white workers)... Drump did exactly that along with getting (maybe) a boost from FB profiles and 70 million ads.

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Stop with the Hillary won the popular vote bullshit.  She didn't.  There was fraud so massive that they called off their challenges in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It is highly probable that the margin of her supposed popular vote win was exceeded by the number of illegal voters in California alone.  Anyone who thinks that disgusting old whore won the popular vote is deluded.

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66 million voted for her, but only 10 million "liked" her on FaceBook.

23 million people "liked" Trump on FaceBook!

Holy shit! She was really not liked by her own people!

Raging Liberal family in the neighborhood...ALWAYS have signs for any Democrat running no matter how small the office...they NEVER put a Hillary a sign in their yard or on their car..it was Bernie or Bust for them...I knew she was toast!

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Every "accomplishment" in Hillary's life came from being married to Bill; like it or not, he was a master politician. That is why no matter how many affairs, rapes, or "indiscretions" on Bills part, she "stood by her man".

Bill was off his game in the 2016 election and, at times, seemed to be intentionally sabotaging her; she was doomed from the start without Bill being on point and on fire.

Without Bill Clinton, Hillary would have never amounted to more than a third rate lawyer in Arkansas chasing ambulances...and she's a "role model" for young women...just wanna puke.

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Obama outFacebooked her, too, and won twice, yet liberals are trying to blame Hillary’s 2016 loss to a small troll farm in a foreign country. In 2008, her loss was attributed to manuveuring by the Obama team in Michigan and Florida. 

Trump’s people generated close to 6 million ads, just on that one online venue, whereas Hillary’s team only put out a fraction of that, so it might be that Hillary’s team did not work as hard. Or, it might just be the candidate.  

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