Russian Heavy Bombers Return To Iran For Syrian Operations

Submitted by Al Masdar News

According to media sources close to the Iranian government, Russian heavy bombers are once again permitted to operate from Iranian military airfields.

Sources say that the development comes after an agreement was reached between between Russian and Iranian high-level military-diplomatic officials. It gives Russian bombers the right to transit Iranian airspace and use at least two Iranian military airports for refueling.

Although unsaid, the development is most likely a response to recent US threats against the Syrian military – a close ally of both nations – following an alleged chemical attack in rural Damascus.

The information of development also comes after two Tu-95 and two Tu-22M heavy bombers were noted to have left their permanent base in Russia for an unknown destination.

During mid-2016, Russian Tu-22M bombers temporarily used the Iranian Hamadan Airbase amid a major bombing operation against Islamic State forces in eastern Syria.



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True, but unlike the US and NATO countries Russia does not have landing and use rights around the World. It has to negotiate as the need arises. It has done that now and is prepositioning its assets.

Meanwhile the US etc is pouring assets in all over the place in the MW, just in case of course.

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DisorderlyConduct JohninMK Fri, 04/13/2018 - 20:56 Permalink

It's like when you were a kid and you played Risk. There was always that kid that was a dick and built up like infinite armies all over the place because they had like every continent but Europe.

You're thinking "goddammit, just fucking end this", but then they screw up and all of the sudden the balance shifts. Then, right before you win...

...the other kid flips the board and calls it a draw...

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don't forget world's official capitals of psychopathy are London, LA and NYC. I've lived in all and London is the worst by far. Psychopaths have no conscience, no mercy, no love for anyone (only money, power, irrational competition). they are also natural traitors - no loyalty to anyone. No honor whatsoever. Very sick creatures, 

And their boarding schools (apart from raping them as boys) teach them to be efficient psychopaths - how to lie (but with that catatonic accent so valued by Anglosheeple), be charming, but exploitative and ruthless. I have a few friends/former roommates from some of the most famous of these boarding schools (i.e. Malborough, Harrow etc)

this is a good article on why the UK is ruled by a bunch of immature, mentally damaged imbeciles like that fat clown Boris:…

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The problem, of course, is how and where doe we set those borders and boundaries which are to be inviolable?  Much of the middle east is composed of populations which make sense and are governable as tribal societies, but they are forced to interact with the developed economies through nation states which make little sense in a tribal context.  Africa faces the same challenge. 

  The post WW2 system was supposed to be based on the principal permanent territorial integrity of nation states.  It was to be illegal and universally seen as illegitimate to change borders without the full consent of all parties involved.  70 years later, the territorial and ethnic claims to independence which were papered over in the cold war era are becoming evident again.  It will be impossible, in most cases like Crimea and Catalonia, to achieve a political consensus between the affected parties. 

The conflict between Russia and the West is also about borders and control of strategic invasion routes and trade access points.  The Crimea and Abkhazia are controversial only in the context of the post 1945 rules.  Ukraine has little legitimate to the Crimean peninsula in an historical sense, and Georgia has even less claim to Abkhazia.  Russia, however, has several centuries of history in Crimea, and critical strategic interests in the Black Sea.  Control, or at least influence, in Abkhazia, which the Russians believe blocks an important southern invasion route to the Eurasian Plain, is also seen, by the Russians, as an existential necessity. 

These are just a few examples among, literally, hundreds of cases of existing borders and boundaries being causes of conflict.  The post war era is over.  The guarantee of territorial integrity can no longer be the organizing principal of international law.  A mechanism must be established by which populations can unilaterally secede from their assigned nation state.  A means of incorporating populations which are, or seek to be, self governing, but which do not conform to the boundaries of an existing nation state (i.e. the Kurds, Baluchs, Uighars, etc,) into the system of global governance and trade must also be sought, assuming one wishes to salvage something of the current world system.


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I get where you are coming from and the idea sounds good.

In the current state, it would also have an influence on migration, or rather, the consequence of mass immigration will, when such an idea takes hold in international law, which should have been incorporated in 1919 during the Versailles peace talks, might cause the upset if national borders in other places as well. (think Europe)

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And my unicorn poops candy. By the looks of it  1/2 the American population beat you to the punch...people Apparently really like not working free stuff makes em happy, I agree everybody should stop using fossil fuel except me I kinda like making money unless I can utilize the horse and buggy. By the the looks of the trend in the good ol USA the anti gunners agree take everybody’s right to self defense. Good luck with the borders issue ain’t never gonna happen here. 

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lumin-ah-tee love joo-let-us using his diamond and 666 hand for the idiots that actually beieve:

1- the vote counts and they actually helped him get in office

2- that joo-let-us was gonnah actually do something for murikah...


hey Q...... whaahz up ????

still playing to your pavlov puppies on u-boob...

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This is what I would call a double entente : Iran +Russia. no need for Iran "nuclear weapons " now ,isn't it JUSA ?

 Put it in context that no other NATO country ( except France and UK) is this alliance . Turkey ,a key component of NATO,is out ,they met Russia and Iran and said that Turkey is not permitting US to use their bases against "their friends" . LOL!

 And France just called Kremlin to "be in touch" and discuss Syrian situation . Double LOL! Positioning for exit.

 That leaves the real idiots standing ,The dotard and the witch. For now.


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Tu-22M Backfire (as in picture above) has top speed of Mach 1.8 whilst the Mig-31 gets to Mach 2.8.

Think you might be thinking about the Tu-160 which gets to Mach 2.05 the fastest bomber out there.

The new Kinzhal (Dagger) is currently only shown on the underbelly of the Mig-31 but a pair is likely to be carried by at least the Tu-22M but the Kinzha's performance may be reduced due to the potentiall slower speed at launch.

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US, Israeli and Saudi psychopaths going in for the kill. 

But hey, we're just so special but Russia isn't. Isn't that what Pompeo said? These fuckers are traitors to the American people .

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Agreed Murcia ain’t looking so good. I see the majority of posters here have a real affinity to anybody but Uncle and mostly got a real nut for the USSR oopps sorry Russia you’all so sure you’d rather live there? Grass ain’t always greener you gotta get passed what yer feeding on shit sucks here!?! Sucks a whole lot wuurse there....

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