"We Sent A Message": UK Pushes Back Against More Syrian Airstrikes

Just hours after US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the US was "locked and loaded" for another attack on Syria if Bashar al-Assad is again accused of using chemical weapons on his own people, the UK is seeking to emphasize that there are no plans for another Syria strike, a sign that lawmakers might be rethinking their support for Prime Minister Theresa May's unilateral action, per Bloomberg.

Johnson said "we in the UK do not seek an escalation. Absolutely not," adding that strong efforts had been made to communicate to Russia that the bombing in Syria was "limited to saying no to chemical weapons."


Indeed, there is "no proposal on the table" for further strikes, Johnson said. While the US, France and the UK had insisted that Assad's actions represented a moral outrage that was simply too heinous to ignore, Johnson claimed that "the overwhelming purpose, the mission was to send a message," Johnson said.

"Finally the world has said enough is enough." He conceded that this meant "the rest of the Syrian war must proceed as it will" and that Assad would be allowed to "butcher his way" to victory.

Johnson's remarks come ahead of an appearance by May before Parliament on Monday. May will explain her decision to unilaterally authorize the bombing, though she still needs to avoid a vote on whether she was right. However, Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow could still grant one, Bloomberg said.

In the US, lawmakers and the media applauded the strikes, while whole segments of President Trump's noninterventionist base were outraged.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, maintaining his historical opposition to every US and UK intervention, said during an interview that the legal basis for May unilaterally authorizing the strikes was "debatable," once again putting him at odds with Labour Party members who supported the strikes.

Fortunately for May, members of her own party and at least some Labour MPs are planning to vote against a measure that would require an official explanation about the reasoning behind her decision from May.

Corbyn has also differed from other members of his party by supporting a closer partnership between the UK and Russia, which is still facing sanctions from the EU over its annexation of Crimea. Corbyn believes the UK and US should authorize another agreement similar to the 2013 accord that saw Russia negotiate the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile.

"Several hundred tons of chemical weapons were destroyed as a result of that process," Corbyn told the BBC.

Corbyn has also suggested that the British government's case that Russia was behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal is weaker than they would have the public believe. He once told the BBC that he was "unconvinced" by the intelligence he's seen.


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Not unless Assad and Russia use chemical weapons again.  This stuff has been banned since WWI because of the millions who died savage and painful deaths.

Back to why Putin is so angry, it seems there were a number of decoy ships and subs and the actual targets were unrealized by the Russians and Syrians.  In fact, Russian hunter/killer subs, ships and aircraft chased a British sub around the Mediterranean that was never used in the attack. Thus, there was no defensive response to the three pronged attack. 

I think Putin thought he was in position to knock down some missiles and possibly retaliate when actually the attack was over and accomplished before any of them had a clue.  Putin is pissed that his generals miscalculated so badly.  Russian AA was never even activated.  Not that it would have made much difference.


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You are dreaming my popular and malevolent ape friend. 

UK got the message that vintage Russian missiles are more efficient than their jet fighters or smart bombs or bullshit and that they should retire before losing their capabilities. 

Russia did not use their more modern missiles or weaponry because they were confident the Syrian arsenal was upgraded and up to date, and they did not disappoint. 

On the other hand the strikes only lasted for about one hour instead of 3 days before being stopped. Word is that Russian fighters took off equipped with hypersonic anti ship missiles. There must have been some intense negotiations at that moment. 

The purpose of the exercise was to allow America to save face by squandering circa $200-500 million before gently getting out of Syria. If French and British armies participated it was just because both Macron and May were embattled in their countries and needed a political diversion to tune down their opposition. In doing so they might have gotten 10-15 days of respite. I doubt they would be interested in losing planes or vessels... that would be worse.

Additionally, Israel is now afraid Russia could provide S-300 to Syria:


Which can only mean that it's coming. 


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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these fuckers are convinced they can do anything they want, the people be damned for the wealth and power of the zionazis. a total disregard for the people hasn't ended well for any .gov. timing is the only unknown. will there ever be a critical mass of woke americans willing to take up the fight? americans are too dumb and docile to fight. even the french have marine le pen. all the american got was the orange sunshine man taking us on a psychedelic trip through dysfunctional, loony usa politics.....with a lot of weapons

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I think, if anything, these strikes have only shone the spotlight on Israel even more. From observing comment sections on sites like these over the years, the one thing I am noticing quite strikingly is the overwhelming proliferation of posts blaming Israel for a lot of Americas woes and quite rightly so.

The air strikes by Israel on Syria smacks of sheer desperation as they were not getting the hoped for 'retaliation' from America. Israel is slowly, tentatively and gradually becoming more and more marginalised by Trump's administration. 


On a side note I have been observing Trumps body language and facial expressions when he is in the company of Nethanyahoo and its very obvious to me that he flat out despises the man. I've heard and read  that they are supposed to be good friends. I'm not buying it for one minute. Trump knows well who Americas enemies are and is only keeping them close - killing them with kindness and empty promises.



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Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, Addresses All Americans

1. your wood frame houses are highly flammable

2. you live as Pseudo-Christians, loaded with sin and impure thoughts

3. your military power has bankrupted your nation and accomplished nothing

4. your economic-financial system is unsound and quite funny

5. your children have cognitive disabilities and behavior problems

6. your opioid epidemic is quite understandable

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I have not seen any proof that any of the "allies" actually overflew Syrian airspace at all.

From published reports it looks like they all fired standoff weapons from outside any missile envelope.

According to Orange chickenhawk in his Friday  speech it was going to be a multiday campaign yet it lasted

less than an hour.No plan survives first contact with the enemy, but an hour ?

At least one report that Russian aviation launched an anti ship strike and an ultimatum was delivered.

Who knows, but we may have come closer to a nuke war than I care to think about.

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Ok let’s step away from the name calling for a few lines and look at this from a distance using a clear unobstructed lense.

First we know that there are much worse abuses of human rights that could be attended to if this was a major motive so scratch that one.

we know through revealed cables that the Saudi’s have motives that have nothing to do with the above and in fact are currently involved in their own genocide in Yemen, see above.

It is common knowledge that the neoconservatives (including the top echelon of the Democratic Party) have outlined a plan to overthrow Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Libya (and any other that get in the way, personally I thing the House of Saud is on that list as well but they are useful right now, Israel will shiv then when the time is right)

There is only room for one superpower in the Middle East 

Syrian Oil and Oil Pipeline into Europe.

If Iran is to be taken Syria is geographically in the way.

Israel needs greater gaps between them and their enemies, they can defend the air but not the ground in an all out Donnie Brook, they need the space.

Western governments miscalculated Russia’s resolve.

The misinformation campaigns by the msm and western governments are losing traction and the daft inconsistency and out right lies are beginning to be exposed and even the most thick headed are questioning the declared motives.

No coherent argument has been made refuting any of the above and all of the above is common knowledge and has been hanging out there for several years yet the best anyone can come up with is name calling and vacant accusations.

China must watch all this with great amusement while sharpening their knives.

At this point in history we have the most uneducated, self serving cadres of “leaders” to have ever run a major superpower and I can assure you that there will be blowback the likes we as a nation are in no way prepared for.

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Some among the older generation just can’t let go of the “The Russians are coming” narrative.  It was popular from the 1960s through to the late 80s.  Now that the Red Scare has been resurrected, you will find the strongest adherents to be among the older, elderly, generations.  

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well, I'm older, not elderly... and I remember the "get under your desk" drills... early 60s- what a fucking joke!!... what's the real shame here is that even though Russia is almost a dozen time zones across, folks like tmosley couldn't find it on a map... "hmmmm it starts with R, but I still hate em, cuz that tricki Nikki told me to"... "oh, there it is"... "nope, that's Rhodesia"

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We have no real idea how effective the Syrian defence was. The US are saying all missiles hit their targets, that the Syrians didn't even manage to launch any of their SAMs before FUKUS' missiles hit their targets. On the other hand, the Syrians/Russians are saying they downed most of them.

Both sides are proven liars and have incentive to lie about this incident as well. Until the Syrians produce some evidence that they downed incoming missiles, or a NATO whistleblower comes forward, I don't know how anyone outside the Syrian government/Pentagon could know the truth.

What I do know is that I'm pretty sure "Assad" (read; the jihadis) will carry out another gas attack, or just fake one, and FUKUS will strike again, harder, then rinse/repeat until Assad is overthrown or Russia steps up and sinks a carrier or 20.

Or our electorates wake up, but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

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Let me add that the Americans had said that they had shot 120+ missiles and later said 105. Perhaps the other 15 missiles fell on the sea coast by Russian jamming technology. The truth is that their numbers were very low and now the pentagon is concerned about the results on the Syria strikes. The deep state is shitting their pants!

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