Krieger Fears Friday's Missile Strikes "Mark The Official Start Of World War 3"

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Sharing links unrelated to the reckless, criminal and unconstitutional act launched by Donald Trump and the U.S. government Friday night feels kinda inappropriate. As such, here are a few short paragraphs on what I think it all means. I’ll have more next week.

I think Friday night’s historically foolish action by the U.S., UK and France may mark the official start of World War 3.

You could argue it began long ago, but there’s always been hope for the trends to reverse. We’ve now likely gone over the brink, and the odds of turning this ship around is so low it doesn’t deserve serious consideration.

Russian leadership are not a bunch of fools, nor will they back down. After Friday night, they know for certain the U.S. empire is determined to castrate them globally at all costs in order to impede an inevitable emergence of a multi-polar world.

I don’t think Russia or Iran will respond with a shock and awe attack any time soon, nor will this likely spiral out of control in the near-term. It’s more likely we’ll see this all play out over the course of the next 5 years or so.

I also don’t expect this to go nuclear, but I think the chances the U.S. experiences an imperial collapse similar to that of the USSR (or like any historically unmanageable and corrupt empire) has become increasingly likely.

My view at this point is the U.S. and its global power position will be so dramatically altered in the years ahead, it’ll be almost unrecognizable by 2025, as a result of both economic decline and major geopolitical mistakes. This will cause the public to justifiably lose faith in all leadership and institutions.

I’ve been increasingly using Twitter to express my thoughts, so you should really check out my timeline there.

Here are a few tweets from the last 24 hours.

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FireBrander Sun, 04/15/2018 - 12:32 Permalink

 ensuring that chemical weapons are not used in any way that pose a risk to U.S. interests - N. Haley

 USA bombed because, the story goes, that Assad used chem weapons against "Millitants" (ISIS) in Ghouta...ISIS is a "U.S. interest"?

I now understand the rush to was to save what was left of the USA's proxy army in Ghouta.

Ghouta is lost, "US Interests" gas some folks, Assad/Russia are distracted and ISIS escapes under live fire cover from the USA.



After Ghouta, Syria army eyes rebels in Daraa, on Israel’s border

Will Assad be foolish and use chem weapons in on it as he gets close to winning and wiping out "US Interests".…

Dickweed Wang 07564111 Sun, 04/15/2018 - 12:50 Permalink

Here's an interesting take from "Syrian News" regarding the recent attack on their country:


This crime against humanity should not go unaccounted for, if the citizens of the countries involved do not overthrow the politicians they elected to launch this attack, each citizen of those countries is a partner in crimes against humanity and holds the same blood share their ‘elected’ politicians do hold. No excuse for ignorance or incapability is justified.

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Luc X. Ifer Klassenfeind Sun, 04/15/2018 - 12:58 Permalink

USA does and repeats the same fatal mistake all empires did at the end of their life, they try to preserve their leading position by terrorising and trying to contain emerging new enclaves of power . Proof is it never worked out, but hey, they take their chance at beeing the 1st ones to succeed even if again, for a 1st in history the fall may unwind in a global scale catastrophe.

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NiggaPleeze Consuelo Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:13 Permalink

One hypothesis of the plan (which, alas, didn't work) is as follows:

US has a large basis on the Syrian boarder in Iraq where it trains "opposition fighter" (terrorists).

The plan was for the Saudi-supported terrorists in E. Ghouta to fabricate a chemical attack and the Evil Empire would launch a massive surprise attack to take out Syria's Air Force, Command and Control, munition warehouses, armor, etc.  Under cover of these attacks, the 20,000 terrorists in E. Ghouta and the terrorists on the Syrian border would launch a pincher attack against Damascus.  The US would impose a no-fly zone and take out Syrian tanks who were engaged to resist the assault, just like they did in Libya, likely with the same allegation that the tanks would be used to massacre civilians.  Really it was to be Libya 2.0.

This is why UK was pressuring the White Helmets to initiate the false flag or farce chemical attack, as Russian reported:  E. Ghouta was on the verge of falling (and it did indeed fall shortly after the alleged attack), defeating the entire plan.

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Lumberjack beepbop Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:58 Permalink

Everything you wanted to know about BZ but didn’t ask...



This article mentions a publication that covers biochem incidents.

 Handbook of Toxicology and Chemical Warfare (2015)


It’s available for about $300 and should be a part of of your library. Especially if you have any advanced first aid or EMS training skills.

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richsob yomutti2 Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:44 Permalink

Come on, man.  You just don't get it.  The U.S. military is a paper tiger.  It couldn't defeat Ethiopia right now.  Everything in the U.S. sucks.  Americans are all evil, stupid, fat, lazy and misinformed.  The rest of you ZHer's can feel free to jump in here and pile on.

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DarthVader101 07564111 Sun, 04/15/2018 - 16:28 Permalink

There is no doubt that Russians are a very brave and courageous people. However, the same cannot be said of their leaders - a bunch of cowards and game players going all the way back to the World War I era.

Just imagine Russia being invaded by the British and French in 1918. It happened. Russia's weakness and main Achilles heel is its addiction to to the game and practice of Realpolitik. When you play games with your enemies, you invite them to slap you and kick you in your ass as hard as they can, until it gets to a point where you can't take it anymore and decide to take off the gloves and kick ass. That's when you find out the difference between Russian leaders and the Russian people because the people who will be doing the ass kicking will be the Russian people instead of their "cowardly and game playing" leaders.

The bottom line is this: Russia invites disrespect and War on itself.

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ProstoDoZiemi 07564111 Mon, 04/16/2018 - 01:47 Permalink

Something smells fishy.....

Ruskie ships leave port right away after announcement to just float in the Mediterranean while Amerikanski's UKes and Frenchies fire off..... yea yea it's ok we'll let you hit these targets and that's made? Art of the Deal at work? 6 sided Stars at work?

Something smells fishy

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DillyDilly tmosley Sun, 04/15/2018 - 12:44 Permalink

"There will be no war"


FFS mosley ~ There's been non stop fucking war since about as long as I've been alive.


Last time I can remember there NOT being a war was in the 80's when instead there was a WAR ON DRUGS (which, hmmmm, was exactly the time while the Bushes & Clintons were flying drugs into Mena, AR ~ bonus points if you can spot the irony by remembering who the VP of the US was then, then the next 2 Presidents, or 3 of you count shrub)...

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tmosley DillyDilly Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:21 Permalink

What I mean when I say "there will be no war" is that there will be no war between the US and Russia. Just fake responses to fake atrocities that wind up not killing anyone.

Igor (I'm going to start calling that idiot with numbers for a username Igor) claimed that Russia was going to sink American ships. And it wasn't just him. Lots of people here said that. They wished for me to die in a nuclear fireball for telling them that there would be no war.

Dementia has taken hold of the peanut gallery.

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DillyDilly tmosley Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:56 Permalink

I never said any ships were gonna get sunk... But what I did say was:


- What's the point of putting that possibility at risk

- over what was almost clearly a false flag (at minimum, nobody gave it a chance to be investigated)

- and there are always the possibilities of mistakes (unless you think that there have NEVER been ANY mistakes in military operations in the history of warfare)


It was the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen a POTUS do...

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geno-econ tmosley Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:20 Permalink

Assuming that the recent  Syrian military strike was not just because of unproven use of  chemical gas by Assad, and considering Russians, so far, have not retaliated militarily, means the U.S. will be emboldened to strike again in order to achieve their real goals. In this sense, there will be more confrontation until one side or another reaches their goals or backs down due to a heavy cost---history tells us there has to be a winner and a loser in military confrontations. Currently Russia in the Middle East has a slight  logistical military advantage but U.S. and Europe have a huge military resource advantage.   Recent history also tells us that Russia loses foreign competition for political and  economic expansion, but invariably wins patriotic wars by foreign invaders on their territory.  A third possibility is that Russia may withdraw from the western global economic system and opt for a balanced economic model with bilateral partners, such as China thereby denying Europe and the western economy of cheap energy and much needed natural resources from a geographic territory the size of U.S.,Canada and Europe combined.  A worthy bounty justifying a stupid war no one can win. 

Much better to seek economic cooperation now and prevent Neocons from causing world armageddon.   

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TheAnswerIs42 tmosley Sun, 04/15/2018 - 15:13 Permalink

I believe you are correct. Technology has allowed for ever more sophisticated false flags, necessary to dupe a more connected and inquisitive (and dumbass) population. We are also living in the Crisis turning (since 2008 or so) which will run until 2025 or so.

For example, This involves Artist generations who enter childhood after an Unraveling, during a Crisis, a time when great dangers cut down social and political complexity in favor of public consensus, aggressive institutions, and an ethic of personal sacrifice. Artists grow up overprotected by adults preoccupied with the Crisis, come of age as the socialized and conformist young adults of a post-Crisis world, break out as process-oriented midlife leaders during an Awakening, and age into thoughtful post-Awakening elders.


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MK ULTRA Alpha DillyDilly Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:36 Permalink

Eager Lion starts on April 18, one day before Israel independence day, April 19, also the day of fire, a Satanic ritual day. It's in Jordan, with around 4000 US troops and thousands of mercenaries and with Jordan's military, since the Saudi Salman was in DC and is willing to fund just about everything, we can expect Saudi funding of Jordan. We paid for a new drone and helicopter base, B1 have been using the Jordanian air base. (around 50K US, Jordanian and mercenaries troops from Jordan are ready to go starting April 18)

US troops in Israel, more than 2500, we can't get accurate reports, they've been hiding it, new US Army base and Israel Command, Iwo Jima helicopter carrier in port. USAF fighters now in Israel. Limited reporting on this.

Carrier and 7 escorts moving in, with UK warships and subs, it looks like war.

Putin talks of the new Satan ICBM, it's named after an ICBM feared by the West, the SS-18 NATO code name Satan. These are much better than any weapon the Russians have, these weapons are heavy lift ICBM, there are still around 40 in silos. They are MIRV, multiple reentry.

I would say, Russia has a nuclear strike force the US and Trump better fear. The fleet of SS-18 which NASA has repeatedly said doesn't exist, I don't know what planet NASA is on, but it's real, the fleet of 40-50 SS-18, though old can level the US many times over. It only takes 10 SS-18 to destroy the entire US. So I don't know what Trump is talking about in his arms race comment.

The reason for hypersonic is to hit the US before it can launch, US counter strike would then be hit with greater throw weight.

The only real threat to Russia is the sea leg which is the Ohio class ICBM boats. But these can easily be hit, in port, and at sea. A one megaton ICBM hit at a subs launch station will kill subs for many miles. Russian subs can track US and UK subs because of recordings done for the Russian subs super computer, then the data is downloaded into the new nuclear armed torpedoes.

Because of the way it is, a Russian First Strike could win and they know it, but the Americans think they have all the cards. US land based silos can easily be dug out of the ground, US silos were built on the cheap, they can't take the pound per square inch, it's pathetic, US air bases can be wiped clean and only the sea leg of TRIAD would be the only counter.

Carriers have stores of nukes, supersonic nuke armed Russian and Chinese Sunburn cruise missiles will kill them easily. These are launched from many platforms.

If the US invades Syria, a nuclear retaliation in in order. France, small ICBM fleet easy to take out, UK sub fleet easy to kill. Satellites monitor earth magnetic field distortion and heat detection, recording of sound by underwater sensors etc.

Russia can move a large portion of it's 150 million people underground. The US, our government will get us killed and they have proven they could careless about the people of this country unless someone has a lot of money.

China, ICBM fleet of 20 heavy lift with 4 megaton weapons, largest warhead yield in the world, would finish us off, no chance of a counter strike.

Syria has a large population of Christians, early Christians who are mixed with the Israelites, they made Palmyra, it was on a desert, the caravans from the silk road would trade there. It was one of the routes, they got along good with the Romans. Later it became a Kingdom, it encompassed the exact land of the 10 tribes.

Well we helped kill around 500K out of 2 million. They're all in the Syrian armed forces trying to prevent the genocide of their people. No word from the US Christians, the Pope, nothing except Tucker Carlson. I don't watch TV, I was reading Tucker was the only one who pointed out we are killing the early Christians for Israel.

The reason Putin went to save Syria is because the Russian Orthodox Church ordered him to do it. Putin is the one who brought back the Church, it was because his mother was a Christian even though this was against the law.

Remember when Putin went and got permission from the Russian Orthodox Christian leader? Putin believes in God, does Trump believe in God?

There is history of the Russians sending a fleet to this region to fight to protect the early Christians. Not many know that, but it's true.

So the Russians have another reason for this, it's not all geopolitical.

We have the nutcase former CIA director bragging about killing Russians in congress, citing a couple a hundred were killed, it's outrageous, these weren't Russian troops, they were mercenaries for a Russian company. And this jack ass brags about it.

We know there is 3 billion barrels of oil under the Golan, Netanyahu wanted Trump to approve the annexation of Syrian Golan, this was cited in Trump's visit to Israel. We also know Netayahu want's block 9 natural gas field which belongs to Lebanon. Already there are warships defending Exxon's operation off Cyprus. Greece and Turkey are ready to have a war over the natural gas fields.

Turkey wants the lost lands of the Ottoman empire, the Kurds are standing in the way.

The Islamic world wants war because it's the big battle of the end times, because they believe Mahdi and Isa(Jesus) is here ready for the final battle of good vs evil. Syria is an important battle for this end time event. They actual believe Mahdi is here and Jesus is here, well it's true, both are here. Turkey is driving to take the area for the final battle and the Americans haven't got a clue. They think it's all geopolitical and they have control.(Mahdi and Jesus will stand together, Mahdi will hand Jesus a sword, Mahdi will point out the evil ones and Jesus will cut the head off of the evil ones)

What else? Oh yes, Israel, because of Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal, it will be taken out for the next ten thousand years because it is a threat, radioactive desert for the next ten thousand years is kind of Biblical and a fitting end to all of this.

Salman and Netanyahu are so good friends proving to the Islamic world what they always suspected, the Saudi royal family were the Jews. Which is true by the way.

Netanyahu is an American face for the con job, he's actually a con artist who worked with Romney in the rip off of mom and pop America during the tech stock market crash, those who don't know how those huge pools of money called hedge funds developed, that's the stolen money in a huge rip off of the American people.

We've been hit and hit and now we'll be killed because of these people who call themselves Jews. It's a huge lie.

Another point, the Saudi royal family came from Yemen a long time ago, they came from India, the Houthis tribes ran then off around 500 or 600 AD, they became raiders on horses, they set up shop in front(a small town) of Mecca and charged money and sold raided supplies to the annual Hadjj. Well there is a huge war in the south and the Houthis always chant, first Saudi Arabia, then Israel, and then America, because they know.

The war with Iran and the Houthis is not based on religion as we are led to believe, it is the ancient Aryans, the last and the Houthis against the ancient snake people. There are white blue eyed Iranians, some mixed with the Persians, etc.

The US is going to get it's head handed to it over this because this a historic war which the Americans have no idea the reasons. But we can all depend on television mind Trump, can't we?

I voted for him but I didn't vote for more wars. We could walk away, like he said he would do. It's insane, we're officially broke, we agreed to give them more money because they said they needed to replace old ships, now it's being spent on more wars, how much does it cost to deploy troops, or why did we have to cut an emergency check of $800 million for SAM missiles for Israel.

The nut case USAF Commander in Israel relinquishing his command to an Israeli general, it was too much, at least the American Christians know what's going on, they believe we need an end of all war to go to their god.

So all the time lines for an end of time battle for all the religions is here. The ancient snake people set us up good didn't they?

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DillyDilly MK ULTRA Alpha Sun, 04/15/2018 - 15:45 Permalink

Careful there MK...


You're risking a RED ARROW from mosley (along with the usual 'peanut scolding' maneuver, which, is accompanied by the FALSE PARADIGM volley that'll suggest that you're 'praying for war' ~ only to make him look foolish on ZH).


It's all about mosley, u know...


It has nothing to do with nuclear powers, whereby one of them spends his day seeing how many 'likes' he gets from his tweets...


It's a hard job ~ he needs a break

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MK ULTRA Alpha DillyDilly Sun, 04/15/2018 - 17:02 Permalink

It's worse than that, I edited it into the essay about end time scenarios to make it more accurate, see, Islam believes Mahdi and Jesus will stand together against evil. Mahdi will hand Jesus a sword, not any sword, but the sword of Allah. Mahdi will point at the evil ones and Jesus will cut the head off of the evil ones. It's kind of like the American saying, how do you kill a snake? you cut it's head off.

It's all about killing the snake people, it's written into both books. But because both books are real old, both using ancient scripts found here and there, and written in a kind of allegoric representation common to people of the region, it's unclear to modern readers.

And one would have to have lived long ago when everyone knew about the ancient snake people. See, there wasn't that many humans on Earth back then, so everyone knew about the cannibals and the region they came from.

The cannibals have almost killed off the white race. Red race, the early humans are almost wiped out, then it was the white race, and now the black race is being decimated by a biological weapon, AIDs, the difficult one to kill off and last is the yellow race. (I saw a few Orange race in the jungles of SE Asia, not many left, they must have been eaten long ago too.)

The Jews have ancient cannibal genetic code, it's their first genetic code and their operating system. There are even the original part human part reptile among them.

They were conditioned to eat people and serve their god a snake for 100,000s of years. Now they cause wars for us to kill each other to feed their snake god.

Core is not human, part human and part reptile, an early species, then first shell, genetically mixed with the snake people, second shell are humans who call themselves Jews used for cover and then the outer shell are nutcases running around yelling and screaming Israel, Jew, Israel, Jew, all brainwashed it is the only way to God.

This is all an ancient war from the ancient world. Human vs not human.


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MK ULTRA Alpha Ted19731950 Sun, 04/15/2018 - 22:29 Permalink

Ted, I am reporting what I read in both the Bible and the Quran. Jesus is in both of them, I was just reporting on the final battle against good and evil in the Quran.

I have written extensively on the subject of the Jews being the ancient snake people. I know the Bible better than most, there is no such thing as the Jews in the Bible. Many will respond saying, the "J" was not in the English language until much later. This is true, but long before this, there was no such thing as a Jew in the Bible.

The Bible was decided upon in 325 AD by Roman Bishops, there were many Bibles and loads of gospels. I suggest you read my opinion under…

This took a life time of study. However I appreciate your non-violent grievance, it's the sign of honor.

Also, Jesus was not a Jew. There are many mistakes and changes in the Bible, one must change their mind and understand on their own.

It took a life time of preparation to read the Bible. I studied all of man's history, tracked down real Israelites, studied the most advanced technology, studied all the logic of this world, to prepare for one thing to read the Bible.

The above is the God's truth, and I will say, since I am in contact with God. God strike me down right now, if my words are not true.

Believe me, I know Jesus real well, I found his tribe, they trained me when I was a young man. Each people, around the world and many Americans prepared me for this mission.

The mission is, "Spiritual warfare. Warfare at a higher plain." I am standing on that higher plain.(This is the first line of written programming from the CIA, if it wasn't for the CIA taking over the mason plan, I would not be here.)

These people who call themselves Jews have no association with the Bible. This is not a dualism struggle between Christian and Muslim, or any dualism system of thinking. There is no Satan, there is only God. Satan is what early man called the snake people and their snake god.

There is a portal to God, or in your terminology Heaven. I have marched into that portal. I have seen their god, it is a snake. If the snake was not in the portal I would not have known it was a portal.

I used a metal nanoplasma. I placed a metal nanoplasma in my blood stream, it is the same as when the cannibal snake kings lived off of blood. They had a chromium toxicity so they could see the life force of millions of snakes come together in the portal to make one huge snake. But one must have a snake close by and I didn't even know a huge python was in an old log nearby until after the ancient prayer. (I have two ancient prayers one from the Native American and one from the time of the real Israelites of King David.) 

I was born on April 19, Good Friday and the day of Satanic Fire. The day of fire is a day of harvest by the snake kings, it is ancient. This is when they would bring in thousands of new slaves. They would start fires to drive the humans into the hands of their soldier caste. It is an ancient day, this is 100,000's of years old.

They would mark the hand of the captured slave for the season of eating them, and would make them drink a neurotoxin, this mix of King Cobra venom would deaden the brain and only the motor unit would function. They worked them as slaves until they were eaten. Kind of like in the US, we work, then our wealth is taken when the economy is roiled. It's a new way of eating us, we are prepared for harvest by being programmed by the TV to be evil and against God. We're fed neurotoxin, one third of our people are at the level of a Zombie.

During the time of my birth, a comet tail switched, this is an ancient sign, the sun spiked and radio communication was shut down before and after my birth.

First came the KKK, then the masons and their FBI masons, and then came the CIA. The KKK wanted to kill me, the masons who had just killed Kennedy wanted me to be a Manchurian candidate President and later when the CIA Mormon masons took over the mason operation, they wanted me to me a CIA general. It was a child's game, I was not a CIA general given the seventh star of our nation.

What would you choose, Jesus, a President or CIA general? (see, the black people thought I was Jesus, it caused a great problem in the city, I had a black nanny and she talked of me, she had never had a baby like me. It's because I have red man blood, one can see a slight tint of red in my skin. It's a long story. My mother had recently remarried, the blacks had never seen my original father. My mother married in to a Mason clan. I have never ever said I was Jesus in my life, because being Jesus is a death warrant.)

On November 23, the day after Kennedy was killed. It was a Saturday. I had been trained the week of the killing of Kennedy by the masons to say a speech in the Church. I didn't know it was for a church.(November 23 is a particular reading about the history of the real Israelites, it is the beginning of Israel, these people you call the Jews hijacked the ancient Israelite history,)(at the next building over in Dallas was the sniper nest of the Jewish hit man for the Las Vegas Jewish mafia, the holocaust museum is in back of that building, he was arrested and released. I know everything because I heard the masons talking about it.)

My grandfather had died, I now know he was murdered by the masons to gain access to me. They had already given me a drug which was stolen from the CIA. On the day of the funeral. That drug would be administered without me knowing from the age of 6 to 11 years old.

There were masons from the FBI who got jobs inside the CIA. The CIA of today is not like the CIA of the 60's, back then the CIA was run by military officers.

On the day of the speech, I was taken to the Bible study building, there were no people, and I knew that wonderful happy building because I had kindergarten at that Church.

I was dressed in a Thanksgiving outfit like a pilgrim, tall black hat even the shoes were the old way. But Thanksgiving wasn't until Nov 28. I didn't know any better back then, only in adult life did I put it together.

The Church didn't have many people, perhaps thirty people, for such a large Church, this was a few people. I had to stand in front of them and say the speech.

"In America, it is the dream of all mothers, that someday their son will be president for this is how we prove we are a democracy."

Months later, I was in a car that went to see one of the masons, I could see the face of some of the men who were at the Church on the Saturday, the day after the killing of Kennedy.

Christian are you going to continue to support the death of the human race. It doesn't matter what color we are, we are all humans.

Christian, do you believe because you hold a book and march to a church, you will automatically be taken to God? It doesn't work that way. There is a unit in your brain connected to God, one must grow a neural pathway to access it. God doesn't speak a language, it is a more sophisticated communication system than that. God doesn't respond to words.

One must concentrate silently to communicate with God.

Christian, do you believe you are in God's image? We are not made in God's image and the human emotions the books have assigned it are wrong, God doesn't have human emotions. All the books written by man don't define God correctly.

Christian, do you give money to the church?, it takes no money to know God.

All you do comes from man, not God.

I know what I know because the tribe of Jesus taught me, they gave me secrets that are ancient. The Jews are a mix of people who came out of India at the last ice age. They are not the people of Jesus.

I am no different from you Christian, you can be in contact with God. All of what I tell of the ancient world comes from old books and years of research, but the whole story comes from God. This thing is the most powerful force in the universe. Again, what I tell about all that happened in the ancient world, in the beginning it came from a lot of work, but when I stood on the higher plain, it came from God.

I promise, you can do it too. Remove the TV, drink fresh water other than public water, go into nature and meditate. Concentrate on communicating with God, just the noise of nature. At some point, whistle like a bird.

Let me tell you an interesting observation, how did an ancient people know the sine wave before we did, the sine wave is used to explain out modern technology. This is what early man taught me, one of the tribes of Jesus. And those tribes are not in Israel today. We use the sine wave to explain light and electronics, the high is 0 and a low is a 1, this is how we use it in computers.

In the ancient world, it means, a high is heaven, the low is earth, Mountain, valley, sun, moon, fire, water, man, woman, and so on.

In the man and woman part, man is noble and woman is of Earth, she likes the shiny trinkets and things of Earth, man is noble because he seeks honor.

Where did early man learn that? from God. And there is much more I can tell you, but you must do it on your own. That's over a 100,000 years old, I know how to use light, I can develop advanced technology far more advanced than we are now. We don't need to use oil or anything, we can connect to God and God will show us how.

Now do you really want to have an end of time kill off? The Christians must rise up and stop it, but they believe we must have a huge kill off for them to go to God. Doesn't that sound illogical? They think in what I call number line logic, this is what they were programmed in. I could tell you all about the origin of the line in our minds. We're not on a line and we do not need to march down the line to our deaths.

The Christians believe they must kill for the Jews to go to God. The white Christians are in a racial caste system, it's called Zionist Christianity with many names, it means Jews are on top, then the whites, and people of color are on the bottom. It justifies killing people who we don't even know all over the world. Does that sound like Jesus?

It was created by the masons and it is now nationwide, it is a state religion. Some people don't go to Church anymore, but they're still programmed this way, is this your brand of Christianity.

God sends in children all the time prewired to God, in the last forty years, God has been flooding the zone, but many are intercepted.

We face the greatest threat to man, the most sophisticated killing species in the history of man, can you wake up? It maybe too late to wake up, but please try to grow the neural pathway to a unit of your brain so you can be in contact with God. If I can wake one today, I earn honor to my God.

I know a lot of this you didn't understand, it will take time for the seed to grow so that you can be one with God. And when you make contact with this thing called God, don't jump around telling it, you must be silent and slow, because the majority is programmed by the snake people to be evil and to seek evil, many know what I know and many have seen what I have seen, I am not the only one who knows this.

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tmosley Lumberjack Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:44 Permalink

What we have now hardly even rises to the level of spycraft, much less war.

No, were the US and Russia to go to war, you would KNOW IT. Even if it were a limited, non-nuclear war, you would know it. Ships would be sunk, aircraft knocked out of the skies, camps bombed with thousands of soldiers dead.

It would be very, VERY obvious.

This shit is all just status quo.

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Lumberjack tmosley Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:09 Permalink

Israel weighs consequences of U.S.-led tripartite attack on Syria


They are trying to rally the diaspora to pressure other governments to enter their fray. There will once again be very serious consequences for that.

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