Trump Hits Russia With New Sanctions Over Syria Gas Attack

The Trump administration will impose new sanctions against Russia on Monday for "enabling the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in civil war", Nikki Haley revealed earlier on Sunday, and the New York Times confirmed later in the day. 

The sanctions, coming shortly after American-led airstrikes against facilities linked to Syria’s chemical weapons, are meant to signal that the United States holds responsible not just the Damascus government of President Bashar al-Assad but also his patrons in Russia and Iran. President Trump has vowed that Syria’s allies will pay a “big price” for permitting his use of poison gas.

The Sanctions, first announced by UN ambassador Nikki Haley, "will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use," said Haley on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning. 

I think everyone is going to feel it at this point. I think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it,” said Haley.

The Monday sanctions will be the third round enacted by the Trump administration against Russia in the past month. In March, the administration imposed sanctions on a series of Russian organizations and individuals over 2016 election meddling and other "malicious cyberattacks." 

In late March, the U.S. State Department warned European corporations that they will likely face penalties if they participate in the construction of Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, on the grounds that "the project undermines energy security in Europe", when in reality Russia has for decades been a quasi-monopolist on European energy supplies and thus has unprecedented leverage over European politics, at least behind the scenes.

As many people know, we oppose the Nord Stream 2 project, the US government does,” said State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert at a Tuesday press briefing. “We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine Europe's overall energy security and stability. It would provide Russia [with] another tool to pressure European countries, especially countries such as Ukraine.”

Last week, the Trump administration slapped sanctions on seven of Russia's richest men and 17 top Kremlin officials over election interference and other Russian aggressions. 

Effectively, the action prevents the oligarchs from traveling to the United States or doing business or even opening a bank account with any major company or bank in the West. It also restricts foreign individuals from facilitating transactions on their behalf. -NYT

Former Obama Admin sanctions official Elizabeth Rosenberg called the penalties as "fairly muscular," and predicted more to come. 

The list is an assault on one of the oligarchs’ favored tools for avoiding sanctions, which is to pass assets to their children.

It targeted the oil executive Igor Rotenberg, the son of Arkady Rotenberg, who is a former judo partner of Mr. Putin and whose companies have won a host of state contracts, including one for the construction of a bridge from the Russian mainland to Crimea, the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula seized by Moscow in 2014.

Also on the list is Oleg V. Deripaska, who once had close ties to Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Altogether, the Trump administration targeted seven oligarchs, 12 companies they own or control, 17 Russian government officials and a state-owned arms export company. -NYT

The Trump administration also expelled 60 Russian diplomats and intelligence officers, closing the Russian consulate in Seattle after the poisoning of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, in Salisbury UK (except, oh my, a Swiss lab says the "BZ toxin" used in the poisoning came from the US or the UK)

Meanwhile, U.S. strikes against Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma were said to have been designed specifically to avoid striking Russian targets and provoking a response. 

By hitting just three targets and limiting the attack to a single night, the Trump administration seemed to keep it limited enough not to compel Moscow to lash back.

But Ms. Haley said the administration was determined to make Moscow pay a price for supporting Mr. Assad, noting that it had vetoed six United Nations resolutions related to Syria and chemical weapons. -NYT

“Assad knew that Russia had its back,” she said on “Fox News Sunday.”“Assad knew that Russia would cover for him at the United Nations and Assad got reckless and he used it in a way that was far more aggressive.”


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It would be legitimate to wonder if the U.S. MIC will stealthily add to the long list of sanctimonious sanctions the interdiction for any western vassal state to buy the vastly superior Russian weapon systems in a not so distant future. One can feel it coming. Needless to say this kind of short sighted vision will be the straw that will break the camel's back. 

These sanctions are ultimately going to hurt more the USA than Russia because little by little countries are leaving the American sphere of influence for the more balanced and reasonable Eurasian one. Nobody wants to stay with a maniac like Nikki or a fool like trump...

The Americans will be begging to be integrated once they hit the bottom. 


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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Whoa Dammit Adolph.H. Sun, 04/15/2018 - 16:35 Permalink

The reason we voted for Trump is because we are tired of this sanctimonious hypocritical horse shit. Instead we get more of what we didn't vote for.  All Russia did was kindly not sink any of our war ships when we attacked Syria on an assumption. 

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strannick Bes Sun, 04/15/2018 - 17:12 Permalink

America ruins the world to rule it.

Dying petrodollar makes it harder for Zionist/Deep State to rule with debt and military. So they fall over..or debt free Rothschild free resource rich Christianized Russia and exporter producer business doing China takes over.

Meanwhile we listen to a silly twat like Halley dumb our minds with embarassingly absurd MIC deception.

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“We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine Europe's overall energy security and stability. It would provide Russia [with] another tool to pressure European countries, especially countries such as Ukraine.”

Why can’t the Europeans take care of this?
Where is there benefit to the American Sheeple?

I guess this makes Germany our pimp and America Germany's bitch.


What Does Marsellus Wallace Look Like?



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Chupacabra-322 PrayingMantis Sun, 04/15/2018 - 17:18 Permalink

The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths in the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. have a record of Gas Lighting the masses into submission with Scripted False Narrative PsyOp’s.  Generational ones.  

They’re just not “Occult” about it anymore.  The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Criminal Deep State actors in the CIA, MI6, Mossad, NSA, 5 Eyes Scum Fucks are operating now in plain sight for all the World to see.  

Them & their Operation Mocking Bird / TALPIOT Presstitute appendages are losing & will continue to lose the Information Warfare. AI or no AI.  

Their running the Hubris, Desperation Script now.  

Any trust, loyalty, respect & World Creditability has been completely squandered.  And, the Pentagram, Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths have no one else to blame but themselves.  However, Psychopaths under complete Hubris never blame themselves.  Make no mistake.  These Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths Tyrannical Lawless Psychopaths are Blood Thirsty.  They will stop at nothing less than War to achieve their sick, Twisted Plan at Total, Complete Spectrum World Domination, Petro Dollar Hegemony, Vassel Destabilized Middle / South East Asia & expansion of the Yinon Plan.  

We’re Governed by Adult Children & Psychopaths.


Remember four points:


1. Isreal will fight to the very last American Soldiers Death.

2. The Zionist screams in Fear as he Stikes you.

3.The Yinon Plan.

4.Operation TALPIOT.


Not only is Obama & now Trump Scum Fuck Pure Evil War Criminal Psychopaths, they've now officially become, although they've always have been, accessories to War Crimes, Treason & Conspriacy to Murder American's.


It's safe to say now, any Criminal Fraud CEO "President" of the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. from here on out would have to defacto continue the Crime, swear an Oath to Treason & continue the PsyOp / False Narrative Flag of 911 & the absolute, complete, open, in your Faces Tyrannical Lawlessness Political Police Surveillance State. 

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I thought everyone already knew about Soros, Zuckerberg and's also the issue of Obama crushing Project Cassandra to get his silly Iran deal done.

But of course that went to benefit (((other))) actors.


Ewww, struck a raw nerve with that one, I wonder why? ;-)

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Trump's in deep over his head. It was an open question whether he posed any genuine obstacle to the pathocracy, but it seems more clear now that, one way or another, he has been brought more tightly under their control. THAT, much more than any individual false-flags or other deceptions or wrongs, should be cause for the rational world to fear. The psychopaths are still on the march, and Trump is at least paying lip service to their chicanery. The further out on a limb he goes, the more reluctant and then helpless he will be to backtrack as pathology becomes more extreme and events escalate under their own momentum. With markets looking more precarious than ever, how long will it be before the psychopaths commit more and bigger false flags?

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Forgot to say that theses sanctions are downright embarrassing.

So we illegally attack a different country, that country’s ally doesn’t respond to our act of aggression, and we’re now slapping sanctions on that country... for not responding to our attack? Not only sanctions but sanctions on products that both parties actually know aren't there. Unless the US is sanctioning the supply chain of swimming pool and industrial/domestic cleaning agents based on chlorine.

Brilliant just the way to get an agreement from them next time.

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"...will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use..."

So in other words, there are no actual sanctions, because as described above there is no actual target for sanctioning.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Sanctions... act of war.  Dropping bombs on a sovereign country (without UN approval even)... act of war.  Insulting foreign leaders and creating false flags to justify your illegal actions... act of war.  Don't be fooled into thinking that just b/c Russia did not respond to the US actions, that "nothing happened".  War has started, this is just the beginning.

If you think otherwise, you are a fool.

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Here we go again- the ever-plotting West trying to create reality on the fly- attempting to make the alleged chemical weapons attack into a fait accompli, painting the tape of reality with the shadow-puppets of the operation mockingbird-controlled, corporate (MIC) media!


Any good reason we shouldn't just start calling the 5(+1)-eyez media environment the Oceania State News Network (OSNN) right now?

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veritas semper… r0mulus Sun, 04/15/2018 - 18:16 Permalink

 America starts the war on Syria ,by financing, training, paying the terrorists . America builds military bases there.

 And Syria , with help from her allies , still wins the war.

 America asks her remaining terrorists there to plan, execute a false flag . As a casus belli.

 America attacks , the coalition is small .

 Syria stuns the world with her courage and old Soviet era air defense . The aftermath for America is embarrassing .

 America gives sanctions to Syria because Syria defended herself , to Russia because Russia still doesn't bow .

 Iran is next .

 In May we will have further escalation.

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