4000 US Troops Launch Massive Military Drill On Edge Of Syria

A little over three weeks ago, we published a report on leaked images of U.S. military equipment arriving in Jordan’s Aqaba Industrial Port via the vehicle carrier vessel “Liberty pride” for the upcoming participation in the annual war drill “Eager Lion.”

To conclude, we asked a straightforward question: with the return of John Bolton, is war imminent in Syria?

“Jordan is a major player bordering southwestern Syria but has been silent as the Russian-backed Syrian regime expanded territorial gains from terrorist groups in the eastern Ghouta region. Now, Jordan seems like it is preparing for a conflict with Syria, as the United States Armed Forces have recently unloaded large amounts of tanks and personnel carriers. Nevertheless, with the return of John Bolton, is war imminent on the Jordan–Syria border?”

Fast forward to today when two days after the United States, Britain, and France lobbed more than 100 missiles into Syria, the Jordan Armed Forces- Arab Army (JAF) kicked off the twelve-day Eager Lion 2018 military exercise with the United States at its side.

In a joint press conference on Sunday, Maj. Gen. Jon K. Mott, Director of Exercises and Training U.S. Central Command and Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Thalji of the Jordan Armed Forces, told reporters “the exercise is carried out for the eighth consecutive time with the participation of land, sea and air forces of about 7,000 troops, representing the Jordanian and American forces,” as quoted by the Jordan News Agency.

In total, nearly 4,000 US servicemen will participate in the drill.

“Today marked the official opening of Eager Lion 2018, the premier US-Jordanian joint military training exercise,” stated U.S. Embassy Jordan.

Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Thalji of the Jordan Armed Forces and Major General Jon Mott of the U.S. Air Force, the co-directors of Eager Lion, met with journalists today to talk about the exercise.

Al-Thlaji said, “this year’s exercise aims at improving operational alignment between the Jordanian armed forces and the US military, training in counterterrorism, border security and humanitarian operations, crisis management, strategic communications and future planning.”

Al-Thlaji further told reporters that the exercise deeply focuses on “search, rescue, and joint logistics operations and other goals that are in line with the armed forces’ strategy to develop their operational, training and humanitarian capabilities.'”

Gen. Mott said, “around 3,500 American troops are taking part in the drill, which is a part of the US-Jordanian strategic partnership, and will help boost preparedness of the two countries’ armies.”

“This is a golden opportunity to tackle specific threats to regional security at the operational level,” he underlined, spurring participants to develop new ideas and scenarios “that improve our ability to think and act faster than our strongest opponents”.

Eager Lion: Jordan and US forces train in massive CENTCOM exercise

The exercises are being conducted around Jordan's capital Amman, which is about 100km (62 miles) from the Syrian border.  During the drill, there will be a variety of war scenarios playing out, which we think the most fascinating will be the simulated attack of chemical weapons. The exercise is extremely convenient and comes about a week after the West has blamed President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical weapons attack against his civilians. While Russia tells the world, the Syrian gas attack was staged, U.S. officials are making the case that the Assad regime is the responsible actor behind the attack.

Gen. Mott, detailed to reporters that a mobile scientific team will respond to a simulated chemical event during the exercise. He said that it is a “threat all too real, as we have seen recently in Syria.”

While it is still not clear who the responsible actor was during the gas attack in Syria, what is quite evident and disturbing, is that the United States and Jordan have been planning this military drill next to Syria’s border for quite some time.

With more than 7,000 troops in total, including 3,500 U.S. troops, and dozens of tanks, this is currently the most massive U.S. military drill in the region.

What is social media’s response? “Apr 15th Eager lion begins “coincidentally” scheduled for April this year and not may like the last 3,” said one Twitter user.

"It’s just Eager Lion. We’ve been doing that one for many years,” a combat veteran said.

The good news is that president Trump already declared that the US adventure in Syria is over and that “Mission Accomplished!”, which means there is no risk of those 4,000 US troops in Jordan deciding to launch an invasion on the proxy and civil war torn country...


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The two main sites in Syria, Barzah and Jamrayah, supposedly CW plants or stores were inspected by OPCW on 22 November 2017 and declared in complinace both with the amounts of scheduled chemicals (presumably dual use chemicals) present and no evidence of diversion of use. The OPCW thus certified they were not CW plants or stores. Last I heard, the US is an OPCW member, as is the UK, so the respective governments would be aware of this.


Edit: In the past, the Syrians have asked the Russians to supply S-300s. The Rusisans were pressured by unknown (((partners))) to decline, which they did. I suspect the Russians are now more open to supplying S-300s.


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Trump is going for broke!

"I can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and wouldn't lose any voters."

 in other words:

"I can murder at will, commit war crimes, break the Constitutions, and the Trumptards will still support me"

Keep circling the wagons around cheeto-jesus, Comey is talking

keep circling trumptards


enjoy bitchez ;-)

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Even though the Syrian war is winding down, Russia is bringing in boat loads of armor and trucks, the other Arab countries and their U.S. ally have to be prepared to repel any new adventure Putin, Iran and Assad may try.

We know Putin has tried these tactics before in Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine in recent years.  He can't be trusted to do the right thing.

(Just presenting an honest assessment but go ahead and down vote me anyway.)  LOL


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Right outside of Jordanian territory is an enclave of Syrians who the US has been training, the numbers are in the tens of thousands, that's an estimate, but those units who the Syrian Arab army ran off, have been moving into that enclave for over two years. The other enclave is the ISIS enclave in front of Syrian captured land called the Golan. This sector is under Israeli control. See, ISIS is supported by Israel, wonder why ISIS never threatened Israel?, now you know.

So I estimate the US and Israel proxies, combined with US troops, mercenaries like Eric Prince out of UAE could approach around a 100K, that's not idle speculation from what we know.

They've stated around ten thousand US troops somewhere in and around Syria,and a huge Naval and USAF air support and I am not counting those personnel.

I figure the enclaves proxies and if we include the Kurds the number is well over 100K, but with the Jordanian and Israel enclave proxies, the ISIS mercenaries transported to the Jordanian enclave, and US troops, it's much closer to 50K and with the Kurds, it's closer to 100K. (ISIS leadership was helicoptered out to the Jordanian enclave, they and their mercenaries are fully operational under a new name, maybe it will be US Army this time, with an American flag for Jew controlled MSM.)

We can see the plans for a greater war, the only reason Trump made the statement about withdrawal was political, a soldier had just been killed, so he had to nip it in the bud so to speak before bad publicity was started against him. Trump has been playing us. There is no intention of backing off, for Trump the Conqueror. Television mind par excellence.

Those tanks in Jordan are not needed for an anti- terrorist operation, who are they trying to fool? not the ZH board, because we know everything. period.

Saudi Salman pledged money to Trump for the dirty deed. Even came to DC, the murderer of Yemen. And we know how Trump reacts to money. Trump tried to get Salman to pay $20 billion for Syria war, but he balked, now the money has been paid.

I read only one American stood against it, he was Tucker Carlson the last American, he said we are killing off the last of the early Christians who are a mix of the real Israelite. They have joined the Syrian army to stop the genocide of their people, around 500K have been killed out of around 2 million. He mentioned it at least.

Red Shield and the Bilderberg Group want that oil especially after 3 billion barrels has been discovered under the Syrian Golan and the natural gas fields off the coast. No need for Russian gas when Red Shield controls this new gas discovery. I have reviewed the finds, and this is a huge gas field. It's bigger than what every one thought, block 9 belongs to Lebanon, but if southern Lebanon can be brought under Israeli control then Israel can set up gas platforms. But Lebanon has already granted Russian companies concessions.

There is many dynamics to this equation. Everything is set for a huge kill off of mankind. We're used for the grand kill off and we will lose and be subjugated by the Jews who we all thought were so good and perfect etc. Snake kings are smart, they've been killing humans since the beginning of man's time.

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Fuck you are misguided. What kind of "misadventure" is it to rightfully reclaim land that is yours from a bunch of abject squatters and gypsies that have come to occupy your country? 

The USSA is occupying northern Syria under the absurd pretext of "fighting terrorism". I hope an insurgency starts soon if kicking the occupiers out by conventional force won't work (running the risk of WW3). Just sick and tired of this fucked up empire running amok and plundering the world. And useful Goyim like you who are brainwashed into thinking this is doing the region any good.

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Russia has 143 million in population and shit for farmland. California has more people than that between LA and the Mexican border and even the homeless are getting fat. California, if left alone by the Commie bastards, could feed every man, woman and child on Earth forever. Populations are in decline world wide, the West and Japan most notably and all population increases in the future are coming from Sub-Saharan Africa. The real world and the soppy wet liberal science world are two entirely different environments. The Syrian war is not winding down as it's an Iranian moslem quiet invasion for Ali Babba or whatever his name is.

That war is not likely to go away fast. It's written about in some very old books. The truth is out there.

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yes. very old books written by kikes in babylon in 942. very very old. blueprint for world domination. pity they cant rebuild the temple as 1 they dont have the original plans and 2 the temple was not where they say it was. the wailing wall (boohoo) was one of the walls of fort antonia, built by the romans after they tamed jerusalem. according to josephus not one stone of the temple was left in place. good luck finding its location, kikes

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Dayr el Zor airport first needs an S-400 battery and some serious aviation to back up the campaign to take back the al Omar oil fields from those fucking squatter plunderers and their Kurdish fudge packers. Something tells me the old rules of engagement north of the Euphrates are going to change soon.

Do it for the honour of the brave, mad Druze......General Zahreddine!

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Incorrect. They will be slaughtering the Deep State terrorist army that Hillary Clinton and John McCain created.


You. Really? A regular on ZeroHedge. And that is the most naive/retarded thing of the day. Or are you just the troll that everyone claims you are? Hasbara or CIA mockingbird?

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I read some Trump supporters claim we should cut him some slack for this latest attack on Syria. I say bulls**t, Trump dishonored the USA, he risked the honor of the US military and for what?

They say the attack was a headfake, that nothing major got destroyed. I say get your thinking hats on, and stop spouting nonsense.

An innocent man is accused of murder, neighbors call the cops, while the cops are on their way, a person in another town, who is the accuser in the first place, decides not to wait for the cops, goes on a rampage, and destroys the innocent man's properties.

In the US, this is a felony because US law says "an accused, is innocent until proven guilty" and the guilt, must be proven "beyond reasonable doubt". Trump flouted US and international law, which prohibits unprovoked aggression against sovereign states.

Now, who do you think holds the bag for Trump's crime? Innocent Americans! Who stated loud and clear, back off! These Americans included a former president, a former governor, a respected news anchor, lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, tradesmen and women, teenagers, children, old folks, and even well meaning foreigners and still, he goes ahead and dishonors the United States of America as a brand, the US military, as a honorable fighting force, US citizens, as law abiding and essentially honorable people.

So for those still claiming he's playing some kind of chess, or what have you, pay attention to the DAMAGE!

He was elected to prevent essentially what he did! If that's what Americans wanted, they had Hillary Clinton, who they rejected!

Let's not succumb to Stockholm Syndrome, Trump needs to be punished, and more so by the deplorables, so that some intending scumbags don't get ideas that they can betray their supporters and get away with it.

We're long past party loyalty or personality cults, we want results and we demand kept promises. Nothing else will do! No more bullshit!!!

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