"Big Progress" - North Korea To Halt Nuclear, ICBM Tests; Dismantle Test Site; Pursue Peace

Update 3: President Trump has tweeted the "good news," adding that this move was "big progress."

"North Korea has agreed to suspend all Nuclear Tests and close up a major test site. This is very good news for North Korea and the World - big progress! Look forward to our Summit."

*  *  *

Update 2: North Korean Leader Kim's full statement (via KCNA):

The decision "to include the great victory of the economic construction and nuclear armed forces construction transfer line" includes the following decisions.

  • First, in the course of struggle to carry out the party's translation, we carried out the nuclear test and the underground nuclear test, the miniaturization and the lightening of the nuclear weapon, and the project for the development of the ultra-large nuclear weapon and the transportation means sequentially and faithfully realized the nuclear weaponization. I declare it solemnly.

  • Second, from April 21st, Juche 107 (2018), the nuclear test and the intercontinental ballistic rocket test will be discontinued. North Korea's nuclear test center will be discarded in order to ensure the transparency of the suspension of the nuclear test.

  • Third, the suspension of nuclear testing is an important process for global nuclear disarmament, and the DPRK will join international efforts and efforts to halt the nuclear test altogether.

  • Fourth, we will never use nuclear weapons unless there is nuclear threat or nuclear provocation to our country, and in any case we will not transfer nuclear weapons and nuclear technology.

  • Fifth, we will concentrate all the efforts to build up a strong socialist economy and mobilize the human and material resources of the country to dramatically raise people's lives.

  • Sixth, we will establish a favorable international environment for the construction of a socialist economy, and will intensify close dialogue and dialogue with neighboring countries and the international community in order to protect the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the world.

There is one small caveat before everyone celebrates. As Vipin Narang notes,

"The precise language here is important. Closing the testing site doesn’t preclude atmospheric nuclear tests for example (or other sites). And missile tests could still be conducted under the guise of space launch vehicles. Language matters— for how it can be potentially flanked."

Update 1:  We suspect the odds below just went way down!!!

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, just a few short days after President Trump proclaimed "mission accomplished" in Syria, North Korea's leader has followed suit, reportedly say the nuclear test site in the north of the country has completed its mission and will be abandoned.

Furthermore, Yonhap reports Kim says no further nuclear tests are needed, and will stop launching test-flights of ICBMs on April 21st.

As a reminder, the nuclear test facility in the northern part of the country was potentially a major problem as we noted previously the fact that it was collapsing.

And one tunnel reportedly killed 200 when it did collapse.

Additionally, KCNA reports that North Korea says it will actively engage dialogue with the international community to achieve peace and refocus on economic growth.

Seems like that trip to Beijing recently made some serious difference!!

While there are few details, it is hard to misinterpret the Korean headlines.

We are sure President Trump will be quick to congratulate Kim (and himself).

Hard to see how this is not a big win for Trump!

This is going to be a tough pill for Bezos and The Washington Post to swallow... Here's tonight's headline...



DingleBarryObummer UndergroundPost Fri, 04/20/2018 - 18:13 Permalink

Kim wasn't bothering me at all.  He can shoot all the missiles he wants over Japan.  Not my problem.

"The letter Kim Jong-un sent to Donald Trump is not the first time North Korea has committed itself to denuclearization.  Over the decades, the Juche communists have made such overtures no fewer than nine times "

And there you go.

P.S. Pics of Pompeo/Kim summit or it didn't happen

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TheWholeYearInn Dickguzinya Fri, 04/20/2018 - 18:24 Permalink

Kim John Un will now retire to the BIFF TANNEN penthouse suite in the newly constructed Trump Casino Resort, while Jared Kushner will get the contract to build tenements & become the biggest slumlord in Asia.


Meanwhile ~ NK people will become Rothschilds CENTRAL BANK debt slaves.


Trump will tweet it as a WIN!


Then ~ After KJU waivers after a few years, he'll get 'Ghadadffi'd' and the next thing you know we'll not only be fighting the Russians & Iranians to save Israel, but also be on the border of China.


Wow ~ I can't wait

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This regarding N.K. appears to be some good news.

But the #1 ongoing problem is: The jew supremacists ethnocentric audacity, the slaughtering of millions, and the incessant drum beat to continue it,  no compassion for the innocent, the remorseless fleecing of the worlds peoples, the non-stop deceit & destruction, the vastness of lies, the talmudic approved pedophilia, the smut purveying and every other unGodly continued activity of the jew supremacists has caused the stench to once again rise to the heaven, and to the consciousness of the world, it can not be hidden or denied any longer.        

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And after you finish those I'll gladly provide you with a list of 100 more.

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Nah dude, the NK couldn't miniaturize the bomb, and their ICBM's are incapable of reliably delivering a nuke to a target(the most important part is actually the delivery mechanism, of which they can't reliably get to work with limited resources and testing)...


All of this leads up to the "peace process"... Most likely just buying time and a chance to recharge resources before going back at it again...

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Falcon49 Shillinlikeavillan Sat, 04/21/2018 - 06:12 Permalink

This is just another repeat of the same old scam NK and US administrations have used for decades.  Kim's daddy used the same scam....essentially, rattling their sabers to get attention, give a US administration a BS victory, and get more $$$ and aid to keep the repressive regime propped up.  NK is needed in the grand scheme of things.  Or, it could be possible that this time it is for real...and being used as a mechanism for a face saving exit from the far-east as China extends its power and control over the entire area. 

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FireBrander nmewn Fri, 04/20/2018 - 18:34 Permalink

Holy Shit!

Well, guess this explains why the Democrats are suing Trump and the Russians...that's all they've got left in their bag of tools:(

Trump brought PEACE to the Korean peninsula without firing a shot!

Let's all hold hands and pray that Kim isn't as dumb as Assad and doesn't decide to "gas his own people"...fingers crossed!

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That's the deal, finally a peace treaty.Russia and China as guarantors.No nukes on the peninsular and no

US troops.Abe is trying to muscle in the negotiations,his visit is really about that.

Obozo could have made the same deal,its been on the table for three years,but he wouldn't even fart in Kim's

general direction.I really think Kim will be a reformer(in a N.Korean context)once the threat of imminent war

is gone.The Korea's will unite again at some point in the distant future.

Now watch the deep state try everything to derail a long overdue reconciliation. All the stops pulled out.

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