A US Ally Is Literally Beheading People Over Nonviolent Drug Charges

Submitted by Carey Welder of AntiMedia

Saudi Arabia, the United States’ main ally in the Middle East, has executed 48 people so far this year, half of them over nonviolent drug charges, Human Rights Watch reported this week.

“Many more people convicted of drug crimes remain on death row following convictions by Saudi Arabia’s notoriously unfair criminal justice system,” the advocacy organization said in a release.

Though Human Rights Watch did not specify the method of execution, the Guardian classified the 48 killings as beheadings, and the Saudi government has a reputation for this type of sentence.

Saudi Arabia has carried out nearly 600 executions since the beginning of 2014, over 200 of them in drug cases. The vast majority of the remainder were for murder, but other offenses included rape, incest, terrorism, and ‘sorcery,’” HRW noted.

As far back as 2004, CBS reported that “[t]he Saudi government beheaded 52 men and one woman last year for crimes including murder, homosexuality, armed robbery and drug trafficking,” adding that the Kingdom argues the practice is acceptable under Islamic law, which governs the country. At the same time, they condemned beheadings by militant groups. CBS noted that while Islam allows for the death penalty “few mainstream Muslim scholars and observers believe beheadings are sanctioned by Sharia, or Islamic law.

Nevertheless, the Saudi government has continued the practice, beheading 157 people in 2015, the highest since 1995, when 192 were executed. Nonviolent drug offenders were among those killed that year, as well.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) found that of the first 100 prisoners executed in 2015, 56 had been based on judicial discretion and not for crimes for which Islamic law mandates a specific death penalty punishment,” the Guardian noted at the time.

In its latest update, Human Rights Watch discussed the difficulty of obtaining a fair trial in Saudi Arabia, highlighting that, among other issues,  longstanding due process violations in Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system that makes it difficult for a defendant to get a fair trial even in capital cases.

The organization said that in cases they analyzed, “authorities did not always inform suspects of the charges against them or allow them access to evidence, even after trial sessions began.

The Kingdom also criminalizes protest and received widespread condemnation in 2017 for its efforts to execute 14 Shia minority demonstrators who protested during the Arab Spring. One of those protesters was a Saudi student who was arrested on his way to study abroad in the United States, and an advocacy groups’ appeals to President Trump to intervene on his behalf, the White House offered no indication it intended to help him.

Others who have spoken out against the monarchy have faced floggings and crucifixion. Nevertheless, in 2015, the kingdom’s representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council, Bandar al-Aiban, insisted the death penalty is applied “only [to] those who commit heinous crimes that threaten security.”

Though the country’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has expressed his intent to reform the country and reduce the number of executions, it’s extremist roots make this a daunting task that will likely take a significant amount of time.

Considering the Saudi kingdom has funded the spread of radical Islam around the world and has also been linked to financial sponsorship of ISIS and the 9/11 terror attacks, it is not surprising they continue to impose the death penalty against even nonviolent offenders and that they are one of the top executioners in the world.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government remains fixated on largely unsubstantiated claims of atrocities by geopolitical rivals in the region, failing to display a modicum of principle in its ultimately tepid opposition to oppression and radicalism as it continues to facilitate the sale of billions of dollars worth of weaponry to extremist regimes.


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Too bad you weren't in charge back in 2001.

You could have connected all the dots and saved the US from 9-11. (snark)


You make a lot of accusations but are unable to come to any logical conclusion based on those accusations.

Since we're so inept against your vast intelligence and insights into world affairs please explain how Trump going to SA to unload some weapons systems on some dune coons and Kushner heading to Jew land makes Trump a moslem.

Please tie it all together so it makes sense to those not living in the alternate LSD reality you seem to occupy at this time and space.

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Not sure why beheading is so terrible.  When you're dead you're dead.  The "how" isn't really that important.

The real issue is the hypocrisy.  Saudi is fine, but Syria is a mad dog to be put down.  But which one is really worse?

The west should be friends with both or neither.  Bomb both or neither.  Give a rats ass, etc...

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China at least is more civilized and more effective despite it being run by a repressive government. No. 1 - It does not rely on a revolving door judicial-prison system which just punishes low lifes and the competition. It relies on the bullet and the illegal drug business is far better controlled. No. 2 - Its establishment is not behind the illegal drug trade as with our Western establishment which understands liberty and freedom as giving them the right to exploit the weak. 

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Standard modern Lutheran behavior. Both parents of the Pres are Lutherans for generations, from German origins on his father's side, and actually expat British in his mother's case. This is hardly unusual in the USA, which was founded by Lutherans/Protestants.

USA is 69% Christian, and 24% unaffiliated to any religion. The largest group of the Christians are Protestants/Lutherans, at 45% of the US population, followed by 20% or so Catholic.

Jewish are 2% and Islam and Buddhist both are 1% each.


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In The Gulag Archipelago Alexander Solzhenitsyn relates how "children" were those most easily turned into amoral brutalizers of the weak and defenseless.  They were used by prison gang leaders to steal, beat and murder on their behalf with no remorse whatsoever.  The same phenomenon occurs repeatedly in third world states where thugs and warlords use "children" to commit the most heinous acts of criminality.  Palestinian "children" are immersed in hate from the time they leave the womb.  They are indoctrinated by family members, teachers, and imams 24/7.  They are rendered useless for anything other than lives of cruelty and brutality.  So who is really responsible for the death of these "children"?  You and I draw different conclusions.

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ZH is doing the same thing as zuckerberg. 

Making money from clicks...

Further, I was banned under another pseudonym last year for criticizing an article on ZH. Apparently, they were serious about not talking about fight club. (Fags)

Tyler Turden went off the rails a few years ago.


Somebody in the organization is still posting articles under the same guidelines as before, but for the most part it still sold out. Figuratively, maybe even literally. 

It's of no real particular consequence to me. Just saying.


Truth Hurts



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Moreover, Saudi princes are often making such executions by themselves. Excellent country to lead Human Rights Committee in UN, right?

I think that Trump could also try this practice as well. A lot of new thrills is guaranteed. How many prisoners US have right now? I believe no one will ever notice if few of them are beheaded.


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How do you figuratively behead someone?

I've never heard of that...It doesn't make sense.

If the article heading said, "Literally killing people" then you'd have a good reason for your post. The word 'killing' has been used literally and figuratively.

Ya, don't hold your breath.

Do what you did in your post?..keep lowering your expectations?

The word 'literally' in the heading of this article is completely unnecessary. The writer used it in the same sense that I suspect irks you. He used it for emphasis...which is an improper use of the word.

He could have written, people are literally losing their heads... That would have been a proper use.

At any rate...

Truth Hurts



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