FBI Chaos: Comey Caught In Lie Over Flynn Investigation; Anti-Trump "Lovebird" Lisa Page Quits

Quite a bit of FBI-related news broke late Friday;

  • A newly unredacted section of a House Intel Committee report reveals that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told Congressional investigators that the FBI had virtually no case against Mike Flynn
  • The same report reveals that James Comey contradicted himself during a recent interview with Bret Baier
  • Comey, McCabe and then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord gave the committee "conflicting testimony"
  • Anti-Trump FBI "Lovebird" Lisa Page (with whom Peter Strzok was having an affaird) has flown the coop, tendering her resignation on Friday
  • One of Comey's closest confidants, former FBI top lawyer James A. Baker also resigned Friday

A newly unredacted version of the House Intelligence Committee's final report on Russia was released on Friday, containing bombshell revelations stemming from the Congressional testimony of former FBI and DOJ officials Andrew McCabe and James Comey.

For starters, the redacted section of the report covers up the fact that former deputy director Andrew McCabe told Congressional investigators the FBI had virtually no case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

McCabe also says that former FBI Director James Comey spearheaded the "ambush" of Flynn at the White House - in which two FBI agents, one of whom was Peter Strzok dropped in unannounced to interrogate him.

McCabe told the committee that "The two people who interviewed [Flynn] didn't think he was lying[.]" as well as "[N]ot [a] great beginning of a false statement case."

“Deputy Director McCabe confirmed the interviewing agent’s initial impression and stated that the 'conundrum that we faced on their return from the interview is that although [the agents] didn’t detect deception in the statements that he made in the interview … the statements were inconsistent with our understanding of the conversation that he had actually had with the ambassador,'” the report states.

Next, we learn that Comey lied (or had a terrible lapse in memory) when he told Fox News host Bret Baier that he didn't tell Congressional investigators what McCabe told them; that the two FBI agents who interviewed former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn didn't think he was lying to them.

“Director Comey testified to the Committee that ‘the agents…discerned no physical indications of deception," reads the new report. "They didn’t see any change in posture, in tone, in inflection, in eye contact. They saw nothing that indicated to them that he knew he was lying to them.” 

Here's what Comey told Fox's Baier last week: 

Baier: Did you tell lawmakers that FBI agents didn't believe former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was lying intentionally to investigators?

Comey: No. And I saw that in the media. I don't know what - maybe someone misunderstood something I said. I didn't believe that, and didn't say that.

As Sean Davis of The Federalist notes, the DOJ and FBI "demanded significant redactions to the document not to protect national security or sources and methods, but to protect potentially corrupt officials from accountability"

House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) weighed in, pointing out to Fox News's Laura Ingraham that his committee had "been fighting with the Department of Justice and the FBI, for six weeks, to release this information to the American people."

Flynn, who has been cooperating with Mueller's investigation, was forced to resign as Trump's National Security Advisor last February after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about perfectly legal and to-be-expected conversations he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition. 

So why would Flynn plead guilty?

Some have suggested that Flynn pleaded guilty due to the fact that federal investigations tend to bankrupt people who aren't filthy rich - as was the case with former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo, who told the Senate Intelligence Committee "God damn you to hell" after having to sell his home due to mounting legal fees over the inquiry. 

“Your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money — more than $125,000 — and making a visceral impact on my children."

Thus, it's entirely possible Flynn pleaded guilty in order to avoid financial ruin - though like Caputo, he didn't escape having to sell his house in March.

Another thought is that the FBI simply called Flynn's bluff and said they caught him in a lie. While perhaps a stretch at this point and certainly unconfirmed, some have suggested that Andrew McCabe instructed Peter Strzok and the other FBI agent who interviewed Flynn to alter their "302" forms - the document FBI investigators use to document an interview.

Investigative journalist Sara Carter has reported that FBI sources maintain the FBI’s deputy director under Comey, Andrew G. McCabe, may have asked FBI agents to alter or change their findings in their 302s; Carter alleges that OIG Inspector General Michael Horowitz is looking into this. -The Hill

So we know that innocent people plead guilty all the time, and that Flynn faced significant financial pressure were he to remain in the Trump administration and fight the claims against him. Also recall that during December 2016, when Flynn spoke with the Russian ambassador, the Russiagate narrative was in a full frenzy. It's possible that although Flynn and Kislyak's contact was perfectly legal and to-be expected, he may have been hesitant to tell the FBI about some or all of his communications out of an abundance of caution. It should also be noted that Flynn may have considered the obviously pro-Clinton top brass of the US intelligence community to be "the enemy" and been hesitant to tell them the full truth. 

Until we know more, we can only speculate. 

In other FBI news - Lisa Page and James Baker quit on Friday

Two top Comey advisors announced their departure from the FBI on Friday, leading to speculation that some bad information is about to come out regarding the pair.

Resignations were handed in by James Baker - former top lawyer for the NSA specializing in FISA matters before becoming the FBI's top lawyer, and lawyer Lisa Page - one of the two "lovebirds" who sent anti-Trump text messages with her co-worker with whom she was having an extramarital affair - special agent Peter Strzok (who spearheaded the Clinton email investigation, the early Trump investigation and interviewed Mike Flynn).

Mollie Hemmingway of The Federalist notes that Page and Baker quit as a highly anticipated report by the DOJ's Inspector General is "looming," suggesting that the report will reveal violations of the law egregious enough to call for both of them to hand in their resignations on the same day.

One Twitter user takes it a step further... 

And, oddly, James Comey forgot to mention Page's name when he was praising Baker on Friday night:

Perhaps Page and Baker can set up legal defense funds like Andy McCabe and convince people to give them a half-million dollars to cover upcoming expenses.


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D-Tards enveloped in another D-Tard scheme. A tired old whore with silicone tits, paid (twice), trying to break a contract (supposedly) but mainly getting paid to harm the President.

To the article.

Comey is a sleazy Weasel. Freud must have grinned like a banshee, when Comey provided the best descripton of himself.

Time to build the gallows- at least 6 foot, 8 inches off the ground.

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What I don't understand is how those remaining are able to continue to perpetuate the deception after their boss(es) have left or been canned.   Comey is gone - and still the releases are redacted to protect him.  Why?

It would seem to me that if the 'evil' boss is gone, the time to come clean is now - to save oneself and no longer participate in the conspiracy.   The only reason it continues is because Comey wasn't the top - and the 'evil' that directed everything is still well in control.

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In other FBI news - Lisa Page and James Baker quit on Friday

Two top Comey advisors announced their departure from the FBI on Friday, leading to speculation that some bad information is about to come out regarding the pair."

heh...the slow motion FBI/CIA/DOJ train wreck continues, shall we play again Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Brennan, Rosenstein, Rice, Farkas, Soros & Mrs.Sunstein? ;-)

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As we all know, FACTS DON’T MATTER to the tens of millions of hyper emotional blue brained numb skulls. The Soros-Prog game plan has been to confuse & obfuscate, to delay and stonewall. To do whatever it takes to thwart the will of the people, regain power & control and destroy every last hope of democracy for America. Breaking the law is nothing more than an inconvenience to the Progs who know they will be protected. The Progs will impeach Trump for doing nothing and waste years crippling his administration. Dozens of Prog activists are facing jail time if the USA gets a real Attorney General who cleans out the DOJ & FBI and hires a real Special Prosecutor to indict the Criminal Elite.
- Judas Sessions


“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power”

- 1984


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One of the very interesting aspects of this entire special counsel affair, the heavy-handed-ness of it, Rosenstein expanding the scope of the investigation with a memo after Muellers team had already taken relevant actions, government officials lying to judges to get authority to spy...then going before judges and defending their actions as if they were legitimate, telling the judge most recently that he wasn't minding his own business.  And they're doing all of this as if it were completely normal, Not Unusual in any way...

They don't seem to understand that what we are seeing, because they are revealing it, is that this is how Federal suspects apparently are routinely treated by the so-called justice system.

Can anyone be legitimately surprised that federal law enforcement is a political weapon?

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And I'm sure the continued delay in Flynn's sentencing has nothing to do with Politics, nothing to do with flipping him against Trump ;~)

At this point the hypocrisy of this investigation, the extent they've gone to find a crime, any crime, is so obviously a coup, any prosecution of Trump, without some dramatic new evidence,  would likely awake a sleeping giant against the establishment.

I believe the actions of the Deep State, are so audacious, so full of risk that it's obvious they think they're untouchables, and their actions are those of desperate lunatics.  These people are truly psychopaths, and there's nothing beneath them, no evil is to great to retain their power.

  They'll murder us all, and sacrifice the entire country, if we don't put them down by force!



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Just as an aside, has anyone else noticed that these so-called redactions in document releases are increasingly being made to cover-up malfeasance and/or avoid embrassment by/for the Agency in question. In this instance, the FBI. Such redactions are supposedly made in the interests of "National Security" (whatever that means) but that seems almost never to be the case now.

Something needs to be done about this in the interests of "The Constitution".

As for the "case" against Flynn, hasn't that all but collapsed?

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Yes, what should be done is that perjury under oath in Government should be defined as a "National Security" issue and there should be no limitations as a National Security matter. If they can redact out their own degeneracy, two must be able to play the same game, especially then the other side of "two" is "We the people"..

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And while these Comey theatrics go on in jewmerica, this HUGE travesty of justice is happening in Je(r)wmany!

And in another Court in Je(r)wmany this monumental travesty of justice is occurring:

A direct result of the jew supremacist Karl Marx is the imprisonment of those that oppose the jew supremacists and their monumental current and historical LIES!

They have now imprisoned a Canadian citizen retired Violin teacher for making a video titled " Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust" She was visiting Germany and with family when she was arrested by the jew supremacist controlled non-sovereign nation of Je(r)wmany. 

Do everything you can folks to FREE this poor woman from the ethnocentric thugs that call themselves jews.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAP526u32Fg

She told the truth and the jew supremacists put her in prison- ITS HERE FOLKS!

They kidnapped Ernst Zundel from his home in Tennessee, Yes U.S. INS (jew supremacist) officers showed up in force unannounced caught him outside his home and flew him to Canada in chains, spent two years in prison there. Then was extradited to Je(r)wmany and immediately prosecuted and sentenced to another 5 years in jew supremacist prison...... for what you might ask- for telling the truth and publishing a small booklet authored by someone else titled "Did six million really die?" while he was living in Canada.

So for asking a question and presenting proven facts he like Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stoltz, Ursula Haverbeck, Germar Rudolf, & David Irving have all been imprisoned by these rabid lying jew supremacists.

These warmongering thugs and all their HUGE accumulation of LIES must be stopped!

Call, email & write the embassies, Speak out, Tell Friends, Call Congressman, Put a Bumper sticker on your car- make your own. Don't ignore this folks- this is HUGE!! 

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wvv1ZA412Q

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" it's obvious they think they're untouchables, and their actions are those of desperate lunatics..."

There may not be as many as we fear, albeit <<they>> are demonically powerful.  There seems to be a plan to remove <<them>>.  Their actions betray kneejerk reactions and ill thought out ploys.  <<They>> seem to know fear.

That is very good.

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Muller is slick...and dirty.  Otherwise he would have indicted all these monsters and traders.   He has no problem going outside the original mandate.  He is also in the center of all this.

Perhaps it is to catch the ultimate evil and expose the deeper state...the one call Soros and the ones called Clintons.

Remember Muller has a history with Clintons and dirty deeds, how the hell else did he get this jobs, why with Obama's assignment.

This is a 20 year plan, make no mistake.  Forces behind the scenes have been battling for a long time.

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Another significant announcement, Admiral Mike Rogers, Head of the NSA, has also retired as planned.

He is a real American hero, not perhaps on the battlefront of old but in the cyber war. The guy who stopped the illegal searching of NSA files by the politically oriented FBI, forcing them to go down the FISA path. He also visited Trump, without authorisation, the day the election following which the Trump team moved lock, stock and barrel out the following day. No doubt he told Trump the degree to which he was being watched and monitored as a result of the FISA warrants.

To a very great extent the cleaning of the FBI and NSA swamp that has already taken and is now taking place is down to his early action.

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We're finally through that long line and are getting in the car to start that cranking sound that gets you to the fun part of the roller coaster ride.

That waiting was a killer, but the IG report is the crest. It's all downhill after that. There's going to be a lot of puking going on.

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