Watch: Iran Lawmakers Burn US Flag, Shout "Death To America"

Hard-line lawmakers celebrated President Donald Trump's announcement to pull the US out of the Iran deal - a decision that will mostly help them win the sympathies of the Iranian people - by burning a US flag while shouting "Death to America!" in Parliament, the Telegraph reported.

They also burned a piece of paper representing the nuclear deal (despite Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declaring during his rebuttal to Trump that Iran would seek further cooperation with its European partners and China, but barring that would begin enriching uranium "in the next weeks") and stomped on the paper's ashes.

Rouhani dispatched his foreign minister, Javad Zarif, to begin negotiating with the countries still in the deal - a group that includes, France, the UK, Germany, Russia and China. Even so, Rouhani stressed that he could restart the country's centrifuges at any time.

"So if necessary, we can begin our industrial enrichment without any limitations," the Iranian leader said. "Until implementation of this decision, we will wait for some weeks and will talk with our friends and allies and other signatories of the nuclear deal, who signed it and who will remain loyal to it. Everything depends on our national interests."

After the flag burning demonstration, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said responsibility for saving the accord now falls to the European Union.

"The period is only a window in which the EU can prove if it has enough weight for settling down international issues or not?" he said.

Larijani also urged the country's nuclear program to prepare for "resumption of all aspects of nuclear activities."

All of the remaining signatories to the deal expressed their disappointment with the US decision.

On Wednesday, China vowed to "safeguard" the agreement.

"China calls on all relevant parties to assume a responsible attitude, bear in mind the long-term and general interest, persist towards a political and diplomatic resolution and properly control disputes, so as to return at an early date to the right track of implementing the deal," foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a regular press briefing.

Sergei Lavrov, Russia's acting foreign minister, said Russia remained committed to the deal.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council basked in what they see as an immense political victory over their regional rival, Tehran.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain swiftly backed U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to reimpose sanctions on Tehran, reflecting their concern about Iran's ballistic missile programme and support for militant groups.

"Paris and London may not like Trump’s decision, but how would the French or British feel if their capital cities came under direct threat by the Iranians?" Faisal Abbas wrote in Saudi Arabia's English-language Arab News daily next to a headline that read: "The deal is dead."

Many observers said that, while harsh criticism of the US has been a staple of Iranian politics for years, it was the first time anybody could remember something being burned inside the Parliament building.

The demonstration reflects broad public anger in Iran following Trump's decision, which effectively puts an end to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran deal (although as noted earlier, there are many unknowns on just how the unwind will take place). While Iranian officials, including the parliament speaker, say they hope Europe will work with them to preserve the deal, many are pessimistic.


The lawmakers, including a Shiite cleric, held the flaming flag alight as their colleagues joined their chants.

While US flag-burning is common in Iran and harsh criticism of America has been a staple of Iranian parliamentary politics for years, it was the first time political observers could remember anything being burned inside the parliament itself.


HopefulCynical RumpleShitzkin Wed, 05/09/2018 - 07:56 Permalink

I was just telling a friend that Trump's bonehead move benefits only the Iranian hardliners and warmongering Bibi. Open up ZH and oh hey look! I was correct. Again. I wouldn't mind being correct so often if it wasn't about such bad shit...

I wonder how many of those flag-burners are on Bibi's covert payroll?

[EDIT: Look at all those downvotes! JIDF is out in force this morning. WE SEE YOU...]

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D503 A Sentinel Wed, 05/09/2018 - 08:55 Permalink

Are they making the flags or buying them? What is it like buying something you want to destroy?

Some American capitalist is over there in a "Death to America" flag kiosk; selling cheap, mid, and high quality American flags for consumption.

I bet the fucker's rich too.

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fx Keyser Wed, 05/09/2018 - 09:56 Permalink

Oh keyser, you obviously do not know any real facts. OMG! Just as a start: that was all Iran's money all along, arbitrarilky frozen by previous US administrations. Nobody "gave away" Money to Iran.


Apart from that the behaviour of these Iranian lawmakers is a childish, dumb act borne out of despair. While I fully understand their emotions, it doesn't help them; instead it plays straight into the hands of the US neocon warhawks.

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just the tip fx Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:25 Permalink

oh fx, please tell us, when do countries now exchange currency in this manner?  when do countries exchange hard currency bundled up on pallets such as this?

transactions in the billions between treasuries of countries are done through the BIS, regardless, of what you think of BIS.  that is how it is legally done.

the HNIC did not transfer iranian money, he bundled a bunch of benjamins on pallets and shipped it to iran.  but when people like you make the pathetic argument it was iran's money, you never discuss the reason for shipping benjamins, hard cash, as the transfer.  if it were iran's money, the transfer would have been made in rial, wouldn't it?

now if pablo escobar had made the transfer, everything would have been cool, huh?


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NiggaPleeze just the tip Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:38 Permalink


This is apparently the ultra-Zionist Tyler.  The correct translation of the "chant" is "Down with America" and by that they mean the anti-Iranian regime.  "Down with" and "death to" use the same word in Iranian (Farsi), if one sees interviews with the people making the chants it's clear they mean the "down" part since they hae no animosity to American people, just the hostile regime.

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DownWithYogaPants Dilluminati Wed, 05/09/2018 - 08:48 Permalink

I suspect this sort of thing is set up by CIA operatives to make it easier to dehumanize Iran.  Iran should be more careful to appeal to mainstream Americans who do not want war with them to avoid it.  

Don't burn flags: It makes you look nuttish.  I know effigy burning was much more common in years past but it has passed from the cultural memory of most Americans.

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pods HopefulCynical Wed, 05/09/2018 - 09:28 Permalink

About the dumbest thing those Persians could do is this. It was probably for public consumption, but the optics are pretty poor from this angle.  I can't blame them, but this video will be replayed while Bibi tells CNN about how close they are to a bomb.

And of course, on both sides the little people get ready to be turned to either carbon or hamburger.


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BennyBoy 1981XLS Wed, 05/09/2018 - 07:56 Permalink


US already has troops in Pak, Iraq and Afghanistan. CIA in Turkmenistan, Azebijan. US warships in Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf. Iran borders Turkey so NATO will get involved or at least UK and France.

Iran is surrounded, pretext for regime change coming soon.

But first, lies, lies, lies the MSM/NYT will repeat over and over and over and never ever question.


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