The US And Europe To Go Separate Ways Pursuing Divergent Goals

Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The US withdrawal from the Iran deal (JCPOA) has not buried it. That agreement is still very much alive. Even the US’s closest allies have refused to follow suit. The Iranian foreign minister is going on a trip just to save it. Tehran has the backing of all the signatories to the JCPOA, except America. That list includes Russia, China, and the EU, which keeps on trying to find an arrangement. 

What the US did manage was to deal a heavy blow to trans-Atlantic solidarity.  Washington set a six-month deadline for European companies doing business in Iran to get out. They’ll have to either terminate their operations or face heavy penalties. This means that the US has now become the main threat to Europe’s economy. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed President Trump for his decision to pull out. The unofficial leader of Europe believes it “damages trust” in the global order. She is not alone. The UK and France have also admitted that they regret Trump’s move. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire stated that European powers should not be Washington’s "vassals."

On May 11, the German chancellor discussed the situation with the Russian president in a phone conversation. There’ll be more talks on May 18 when Angela Merkel visits the Russian resort city of Sochi. In defiance of the US, Germany became the first EU country to begin the construction of its portion of the Nord Stream 2 gas project on May 3. It did so even before Sweden and Finland had agreed to permit the pipeline to pass through their territorial waters. The US is adamant in its opposition to Nord Stream 2. Washington does not shy away from twisting the arms of any allies who dare to see Russia’s stable and cheap energy supplies as an alternative to America’s more expensive liquefied gas that must be transported by sea. 

The US-European relationship has been clouded by Washington’s plans to introduce tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the EU. The German chancellor has pointed out on a number of occasions that the US and EU have been clashing more frequently, which indicates that a wider schism is opening up within the Western alliance.

European leaders will discuss the US withdrawal from the Iran deal, as well as trade policy, at an EU summit that will be held June 28-29 in Bulgaria, at which the US is expected to face “a united European front.” Meanwhile, the EU is prepared to introduce countermeasures in response to the US-imposed punitive restrictions against European companies doing business with Iran. The idea has been floated of adopting an EU-wide blocking statute to nullify any US sanctions.  A trade war is just around the corner. Can security interests coincide when economic ones differ so much? Not a chance.

The German chancellor believes that US global influence is on the wane and the time is ripe for Europe to stop relying on America’s military protection. Instead, it should “take its destiny into its own hands.” Some conflicts, such as a potential clash between Israel and Iran over Syria, may occur. Hostilities in the Middle East could trigger more streams of refugees into the Old Continent, but that’s a European headache. Why should Washington care?

Last month, Paris launched an initiative to set up a European intervention force in June that would operate independently of the EU’s current efforts. That would make it possible to include Great Britain, along with Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.  So far too much of the EU initiatives has consisted of hot air.  Significant strides have been made on paper but with too few results achieved in purely practical terms. Some EU tactical rapid-reaction units exist but they have never been deployed.

This time, Britain was quick to support the French initiative.  In December, the EU created PESCO but it’s not clear if the UK would be a part of it after pulling out from the EU. London is seeking a security treaty with the bloc by 2019 — the Brexit deadline.

Meanwhile, EU High Representative Mogherini has announced her intention to submit for consideration by mid-June the new European Peace Facility that will streamline the EU's funding of defence and military operations. Seventeen joint European defense-program projects are being pursued within the framework of PESCO.

The US openly humiliated Europe by making a unilateral decision on such an important security issue as the Iran deal and threatening its closest allies with trade sanctions. Europeans are being told which energy projects are best for them. And prior to that, Washington made a unilateral decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. 

Sooner or later anyone’s patience wears thin.  Today Europe is being pushed toward countering the “America First” message with a “Europe First” policy. Angela Merkel has the right to adopt her own “Germany First” approach.  It looks like the European locomotive is shifting tracks to head off in that new direction. Despite all the nice words about common values and so on, these two entities are gradually diverging to go their separate ways.


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"This means that the US has now become the main threat to Europe’s economy."

How the hell does the loss of trade with one single country, result in total economic catastrophe?  And mind you, we're not exactly talking about a decades-long trade relationship here.  The EU will be back to where it was in 2014.  And if the EU wants to place tariffs on the UK, then they should also be willing to accept tariffs themselves.

Stop being so goddamn dramatic.

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Jesuits orchestrated the French Revolution. Ending with "Human Rights Bill" with 10 human commandments, replacing God's 10 commandments. Biblical created mankind was replaced with ape evolving humanity.

Napoleon was commissioned to lead the remaining patriotic and Christian French man to the Battle of Waterloo and had them deliberately massacred.

Hitler was also used by Jesuits to massacre German man. The same script, but this time in Russia. It followed a rape orgy of German woman and girls by various ethnicities. Merkel is another Jesuit to further destroy German people. Her famous pyramid handsign says it all.

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Time for the vassals to stand up for themselves and tell the bully rapist to get lost.

The nerve of the US Oligarchy, - coercing their "allies" in Europe with who they can and can't trade with, and coercing Europe with who they can and can't get energy from!

What this Sick Man needs is to be kicked in the balls. America has no real allies, and is overrun by Zionist Zombies. 

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The USMC (United States Marine Corps), the smallest branch of the United States Armed Forces, has more combat power than the entire German Bundeswehr and UK put together. They have more tanks and more serviceable combat aircraft. Including the "Brown Water Navy" they have 9 flat tops and attendant Naval escorts. How in the hell is the EU going to field a credible military when none of their constituent states has the requisite tanks, combat aircraft, heavy lift aircraft, sea lift and combat naval forces? 

I see no reason for Americans to be on the hook to die for people who not only won't defend themselves, but that invite in millions of Islamic invaders. Europe can go to the dogs for all that I care. 


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That is a good philosophy when dealing with civilized neighbors.  However when you are dealing with uncivilized invaders from the third world or extremely uncivilized overlords from TPTB it is probably just a recipe for slavery and death. 

Sometimes you have to do unto others before they do unto you because they sure as shit aren't going to do unto you as they would have you do unto them.

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Out of curiosity, what exactly, should Europe defend herself from? Russia wants to sell energy, China wants to sell stuff, Turkey wants to integrate, Africa wants to partner up, South America wants to do business, Asia wants to visit, but USA wants to vassal her.

So again, what, or who exactly, should Europe defend herself from?

Now, on to another matter, I observe that UK has begun to disrobe her garment of perfidy, if so, kudos to Theresa May! And regarding Prime Minister May, I've always wondered how she allowed herself to be manipulated into the false flag mess. Her instincts at the beginning of the fiasco, were correct, she hesitated, but inexplicably, she caved. Well, better late than never. Mend relations with you know who, mend relations Miss May!

As for Germany, France, and continental Europe, follow your own policies and the refugee problem will dissolve on its own. Thanks for your stance on Palestine.

As for USA, November is around the corner, utilise the opportunity to the MAX...

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Israel, America and Saudi Arabia are the axis of evil they don't tell you about.

Iran is refusing to submit to their engine of dominatrix, hence why it is getting viciously vilified.

Anybody with half a fucking brain knows that the Anglo-Zionist empire demonises sovereign countries that resist being subjugated: Russia, Syria, Iran, China, NK, Venezuela, Libya etc...

The pattern is pretty obvious.

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That sounds like bullshit Zionist propaganda. The Iranian government is definitely not as unhinged as portrayed in the Western MSM.

Meanwhile, Israel has developed nuclear weapons in secrecy, allows no inspectors in, and is not a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty. On top of that, they officially don't confirm or deny their nuclear arsenal. Sounds honest and transparent to you?

This rogue Zionist outpost and its nuclear arsenal, obtained deviously, is the reason why Iran is in the crosshairs.

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Is America truly the evil empire while Iran an innocent nation?
Where are gay teenage boys executed for the crime of having sex?
Where are Christians and Baha'i persecuted for following their religion?
Where are critics of the regime jailed and tortured?
All this is happening in Iran, not America, and that is the clear sign who is EVIL.

Make no mistake, I have nothing against the Iranian people themselves, who are the prisoners of their crazy theocratic rulers. I'm quite certain they would overthrow this regime if they only could. 


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Burned alive or shot on their front porch ie Waco and Ruby Ridge, or fake stories of child abuse so the federals raid and steal Christian children, accusations of being anti-semitic when acknowledging "jews" as the enemies of the gospel, etc.

Homosexual boy executed by diverse means, building up a sex-based worldview of false joy only to come crashing down in a reality worth suicide or life of diseased misery.

Enemies of the US regime are not only jailed and tortured, but murdered, and whole nations wrecked to destroy any who will not serve.  If not directly, by paid proxies like "ISIS" and "al-CIA-da".

Theocratic rulers, like those in the US regime that helped establish the centerpiece of zionism, the idol of an antichrist religion, the "jewish state".  Those who sacrifice millions in blood wars to establish and maintain dominance of the "jewish state" in the region.  Those who believe they must serve the self-labeled "jews" and their idol "state" or God will curse them.

There are no innocent nations, but if you really want to compare lists, the US regime is by far more guilty.

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Where are boys persecuted for being born boys?

Teens really should not be encouraged to have sex, even on your little island Mr. Epstein.

The jewish funded left and media persecute Christians and Christianity in the US all the time.

The US has the largest prison population on the planet and you know they don't just jail opponents, they assassinate them. 

I'm pretty sure that nobody reading this would be surprised to one day find out that the mad mullahs are really just puppets of the Mossad/CIA - used to gin up fear and loathing to sell more weapons and extend government control over the masses of tax slaves.

Oh and one more thing, fuck you.

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Sure, want to see Europe go it alone.  First, behind the scenes, the Euro project is quickly dissolving - with Italy, not Britain, leading the way.  The idea of Europe first is laughable and entirely an impossibility - far too dependent on outside forces; America for protection and overall structural integrity; Russia on oil and gas; the UN for all of its pet bourgeoise projects that amount to nothing   So be them.  But at the end of the day, Europe is trapped, a prisoner of its own making, geographically and historically.  It cannot survive without America; both as its ultimate protector, and providing for both its economic and geopolitical integrity.  Left to itself, in dealing with, for example, Russia and China, to say nothing of the Middle East, the Europe Project will be exposed as an empty shell.  The only reason Europe - can exist as a political entity is because America is there to carry Europe's water.  Without America it will dissolve into its various meaningless parts as it always has, with of course, Germany, its supposed leader, leading the charge.  Need only have to look at what's happening in Italy, or to a lesser extent, Spain and Greece, to know how that will work out.  

So, be our guest, please go off on your own.  

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@ACP the average german has a waaaaaaay higher standart of living than the average american, thats for sure (I've lived in both countries). But Merkel is messing it up, thats right, standarts a changing.

And all this "muslim rape" thing is just stupid. There have been a lot of muslims for almost 100years now in germany and just recently, because it fits in the bigger picture of american politic, the muslim is some raping monkey. Thats just not true. Most of them, that are coming here, are actually trying to get a grip and do jobs that germans wouldnt do anymore because germans are just too fed up, like daycaring for old people or so. So please erase this thought out of your head you semi-political racist, it makes you look dump as hell.
Most of the immigrants, that finally have the possibility to do so, are actually just continueing their education in university, making masters and phd. so yeah...your argumend is pretty much mainstream media biased. Or simply said: stupid and not real.

Have a good day.

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I’ve been touring Europe for the last forty years.  I have witnessed firsthand the North African invasion.   There was a time when you could leisurely walk around the Eiffel Tower after dark and visit the shops around Sacré-Coeur in safety.  Those days are gone.

Your inability to see the incremental change in Europe may be based on the fact that you are immersed in it.  And like the fable of boiling a frog, you have been unable to detect the incremental temperature change.  A single visit to a train station should dispel your illusion, unless you are intentionally blind.

Islamic invasions of Europe are nothing new.  At some point, the Muslim population will achieve a local plurality.  At that moment, moderate Muslims will be deemed apostates and silenced. Jihad will be announced and the region will be ethnically cleansed.  Beirut and Kosovo are recent examples of the process.


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Same thing has happened in America with the importation of Blacks and Hispanics, but yet Americans singularly vilify Islam, almost like a scapegoat.


The issues of the West go much deeper than "Islam bad, Christianity good"


What white people understand as civilization is unnatural and constantly under attack by the laws of entropy. And yet, to maintain such civilization would require an imposition of hierarchy and order, something White people now collectively believe is racist, sexist, and "unequal".



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US regards Europe as its asset. US is an island. US fears nothing more than a prospering Eurasia as it would render the indispensable nation dispensable. 

Through media an political control in Germany (still without a peace treaty), bribed local oligarchs in Sweden, France, Norway and the support of aggressor nations like Israel, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine US stifles unrest and instability in Eurasia.  Iran has been chosen as the target of the next large operation to destabilize Eurasia.

Rest is noise.

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US creates chaos and misery in the ME, so refugees flee: then they need to be sunk and killed because of your sadistic and murderous nature? What a pity there are still such idiots on this very good websites. Constant judgments instead of discussion.

Hope they make a section for discussion and one for quick, snap judgment people who need to let of steam as it is waste of time to try and pick out some of the sensible comments.

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