Italian Bond Futures, Euro Climb As Italian Coalition Agreement Reached

The culmination of months of negotiations between the anti-immigrant Northern League and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement has arrived Wednesday afternoon in the form of a forty page comprehensive policy agreement reached between the two parties, according to Ansa, the Italian newswire.

Northern League Deputy Claudio Borghi confirmed in a tweet that negotiations have produced an agreement that must now be approved by party leaders Matteo Salvini, who represents the Northern League, and Luigi di Maio, who represents the Five Star Movement.



While the document hasn't been publicly released since six or so of its provisions are still awaiting approval, while the rest have been formally closed, Ansa reported. Importantly, the agreement omitted a provision setting out a plan for Italy possibly exiting the euro bloc.

Instead of the euro provision, the document only advocated revising certain provisions in some of the European Union's founding treaties, like the Maastricht Treaty.

Di Maio and Salvini are planning a meeting tonight to take stock of the last remaining disagreements in the program contract.

Italian bond yields jumped on the news as investors worried about the impact of the euroskeptic government's leadership - even though party leaders denied earlier reports that Five Star would petition the European Central Bank to forgive 250 billion euros of Italian debt.


The euro also climbed on the news.




TheGardener Wed, 05/16/2018 - 13:24 Permalink

At last some common sense coalition. No wonder no one reported any of it , non establishment parties taking over .

Just like in the oh so dark middle ages , when no important conquers and inter-king marriages occurred to be reported and sensationalised by later historians and people lived within their means and in peace with nature.

Rubicon727 Wed, 05/16/2018 - 16:55 Permalink

It's rather amusing to read some of ZH articles about Italy. Usually, it favors the EU elites that run Europe, or it stereotypes Italians to mirror the equally stereotypical responses by (largely) westerners or Americans over here.


Here's a far more intelligent chronicling of Italy in its formation of a new government.

First and foremost, though, it has to be understood that via the EU mechanisms, whereby Ireland simply laid down and died, Italians did not!

For the last 12+ years, the Italian govt. has either been run by "techno-crats" like Monti, or wholly corrupt politicians (what politicians AREN'T corrupt?) such as Renzi who was bought off by these EU characters. As a result, Italy has had stolen billions of euros by these autocrats in Germany and Brussels. They country is faltering terribly, with these EU constrictions.

Unlike the MSM who simply categorize The Northern League as "anti-immigrant" they now include some foremost economists who realize the EU is a scam-job for the ultra wealthy elites while pulverizing countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece and others. These Italians economists know that using an alternative currency on a daily basis for most commoners is doable. It's a beginning as they keenly understand neither can Italy leave the EU, nor swear off euros. The relevancy here is that, unlike the US retail businesses are mostly all corporatations. Not in Italy. There remain thousands of small retail businesses: family operated hotels, family operated restaurants, etc. 

Briefly, here is a picture of what the Northern Leaguers are having to face:

The EUists all over Europe are simply going insane over the latest declarations by the League. You couldn't believe the hatred frothing at the mouth on the part of the establishment. Yesterday no fewer than three EU top bureaucrats threatened Italy with words bordering on instigation to a financial coup. The League is sending up balloons with some measures under discussion to see the effect of that on the MSM, and the effect is explosive. Two of the measures sent "airborne" last night are: Italy recovering the right and entitlement to pull out of the Eurozone if it so wishes; the outright unilateral and compensation-free cancellation of 250 billion Euros of public debt. Especially the latter is driving the EUists crazy. It's the FIRST TIME ever such measures are publicly discussed. About 5,000 people yesterday thanked Borghi on Twitter for what they are doing in the negotiation. For the first time, the voice of national sovereignty is being heard.

The Leaguers, and partly even the 5 Stars, are under a pressure which we can but imagine, to take back those measures and/or break up. The ENTIRE European media system is pounding away at them. Threats follow up threats, blackmail follows up blackmail. I've never seen anything like that before. Financial newspapers wave the scarecrow of the "spread" and threaten untold disasters, a Democrat politician minutes ago conjured up the idea of a military coup to arrest the Leaguers, another accuses the League of "hiking gasoline price in Italy just by publishing their program". They are panicking. Running amok. Their toy, the Euro, is under attack by these "populists"! Never seen anything like this.


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I have a close Italian that I communicate with daily.

He's a highly informed citizen who has a deep-seated knowledge of EU politics, the EU financial structure and how it's pulverized Southern Europe.

I know of NO American or British sources (online) who specializes in understanding anti-EU sentiments with regard to finances. Thusly, I rely on my one source who has many connections with other anti-EU economists in France and Italy.

All the rest are paid off pro-EU stenographers who are very mainstream.

You might, once in awhile come across a Russian journalist who has some semblence of understanding, or an author in Central Europe, but other than that, no, I can't think of anyone.



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Don't know if you live in Italy or not.I have lived here since 2007. Many holes in your analysis . Tsipras roared like a lion until things were explained to him.                                                                     

Technocrats in Italy since 2013 general election. Since second world war by corrupt politicians , and many centuries before no doubt.           

The UNILATERAL cancellation of 250 billion euros of debt , is a request to count the debt held by the ECB not as Italian debt to GDP. Also the request goes for all EU countries , not just Italy. The debt still exists.

Many other points to clarify, but there is no point . The puppet masters are still fully in control . Nothing happens unless the puppet masters say so.

Yields to come tumbling down as soon as everyone knows where they are sitting. Or not if the puppet masters pull the plug for a bigger con. You pay your money and you make your choice. Mines on the former.



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"Don't know if you live in Italy or not.I have lived here since 2007.

You can live in Italy for the next 50 years, but unless you have a well educated, keen-sighted Italian informing you of current day circumstances, as well as Italy's nearly 2,500 year history, you can die there and remain wholly ignorant or biased towards the EU structure, and never shall you grasp what is REALLY going on.


Many holes in your analysis . Tsipras roared like a lion until things were explained to him. 

Ah, I see..........."until things were explained to him."

Well, your statement there pretty much tells where you're coming from.

Too bad.             

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Many holes in your analysis . Tsipras roared like a lion until things were explained to him. 

Ah, I see..........."until things were explained to him."

Well, your statement there pretty much tells where you're coming from.

Too bad.             "


Well !!  there you have it.

Tsipras WAS PREORDAINED from the age of 16. yes 16.

Where in the fucking world a 16 year old TSOUTSEKI is regularly on ............National TV????

And where in the World a young man is ORDAINED LEADER OF A 2%-3% Lefty Party that his father was a JUNTA's Favourite Constructor??? (Skapaneas)

And where did he get his regular expeditions abroad to "Demonstrate" and later JOIN THE "demonstrated against said People"? Clinton, Royal British Princes etc. etc.

Oh and before I forget. He regularly demonstrated (So said friends of mine ) against Israel. Now he SIGNED MILITARY AGREEMENT WITH THE SAID AskeNAZIS.


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