Sweden In Free Fall

Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute,

  • If it is considered 'objectionable' in the West to talk about the factual consequences of migration, in Sweden it is now viewed as a crime.

  • The kind of 'integration' that the mosque in Växjö is reportedly spreading to the local Muslim inhabitants is that Muslims are urged not to participate in the Christmas celebration of "kuffars" [a derogatory term for 'disbelievers'], and Jews are, of course, mentioned as the enemies of Allah. The mosque's school uses Saudi Arabian school curricula, and encourages women not to dress in 'Western clothes'.

  • "Silence has become an established norm in certain groups of inhabitants" in these areas.... there is pressure from relatives and religious communities, not to contact authorities, but to use the local alternative systems, such as the mosque, instead. Sometimes, the local criminal gangs even tell the residents to call them, instead of the police, to minimize the presence of police in the area. — BRÅ, the Swedish Crime Prevention Council

  • It increasingly appears that it will be Sweden that integrates into Islamic culture.

In 2017, a Swedish police report, "Utsatta områden 2017", ("Vulnerable Areas 2017", commonly known as "no-go zones" or lawless areas) showed that there are 61 such areas in Sweden. They encompass 200 criminal networks, consisting of an estimated 5,000 criminals. Twenty-three of those areas were especially critical: children as young as 10 had been involved in serious crimes there, including ones involving weapons and drugs. Most of the inhabitants were non-Western, mainly Muslim, immigrants.

A new report "The Relationship with the Judiciary in Socially Vulnerable Areas" from BRÅ (Brottsförebyggande Rådet), the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, shows that more than half of the inhabitants of these areas -- around 500,000 people -- think that criminals affect people in the areas by scaring people from appearing as witnesses, from calling the police, from moving freely, and from intervening when witnessing vandalism. Residents fear repercussions from the local criminals, not only against themselves but also against family members.

Cars burn during a riot in suburb of Stockholm, on February 20, 2017. (Image source: YouTube/gladbecker82 video screenshot)

According to BRÅ, "Silence has become an established norm in certain groups of inhabitants" in these areas. The new report also notes the existence of parallel legal systems. 12% of the people living in these areas said that there is pressure from relatives and religious communities not to contact authorities, but to use instead local alternative systems, such as the mosque. Sometimes, the local criminal gangs even tell the residents to call them, instead of the police, to minimize the presence of police in the area. These alternative systems appear to handle all crimes that have to do with "reputation" and "honor" but also deal with other crimes, such as blackmail and theft. Relationship issues, including divorce and child custody, are also often handled by the local mosque. BRÅ points out that these alternative systems are often "markedly patriarchal", disadvantaging the rights of women and children.

Since 2005, when the last such document was published, BRÅ, which is responsible for crime statistics in Sweden, has refused to release data about the ethnic identity of criminals. Nonetheless, Swedish newspaper Expressen recently published a report that out of 32 gang rape cases adjudicated in 2016 and 2017, 42 of the 43 of the rapists were migrants or descendants of migrants; 32 had been born abroad. 10 were born in Sweden, with one or both parents born abroad. The men were on average 21 years old at the time of the crime, and 13 of them under 18.

According to Stina Holmberg, the investigative and research counsel at BRÅ, there is no urgent need for a new study on migrant crime, although the last such study that BRÅ did was in 2005. What is needed now, according to Holmberg, is the "integration" of migrants, which she believes will end the crimes. According to her, the 42 migrants guilty of gang rape are a negligible part of all migrants, in relation to the 163,000 migrants who applied for asylum in 2015.

In February, Peter Springare, a Swedish police officer, said that gang rapes were a new cultural phenomenon in Sweden -- a consequence of the last 10 to 15 years of immigration policy.

"There are also ethnic Swedes engaged in gang rape , but not in the same numbers as foreign-born offenders," Springare said. For those comments, Springare was reported to the police, who announced that they would conduct an internal investigation into his remarks. The Secretary General of Sweden's Law Society, Anne Ramberg, said that Springare's comments were "almost racist". If it is considered 'objectionable' in the West to talk about about the factual consequences of migration, in Sweden it is now viewed as a crime.

The Swedish government, however, seems undeterred by the risks of more potential gang rapes and migrant crimes. It has proposed legislation that will allow 9,000 unaccompanied and mainly male minors -- approximately 7,000 of whom have reportedly turned out to be older than 18 and are thus not minors at all -- who have had their asylum applications rejected, and who should have been deported, to get temporary residence permits in Sweden, if they plan to attend high school or are already enrolled in one. Notably, even those among the 9,000 whose identities are unverified -- presumably because they have no papers -- will be allowed to stay.

Both the police and the Swedish migration courts have heavily criticized the legislation, especially as it breaks with Swedish law, which requires people who want to stay in the country to be able clearly to identify themselves. Lowering this requirement reduces the ability of the Swedish authorities to know who is living in the country.

In response, the government has argued that the proposal is about allowing the 9,000 migrants to finish or apply for a high school education and not about asylum. So, it suddenly turns out that the 9,000 male migrants did not come to seek asylum, but to acquire a Swedish high school education. Who knew? Why grown men of unverifiable identity and from foreign countries should be allowed into Swedish high schools remains unanswered. Allowing the 9,000 'minors' to stay is expected to cost the Swedish state nearly two billion kroner [$238 million; almost 200 million euros] in 2019 alone.

Bishop Fredrik Modeus of the city of Växjö has argued that Sweden should "reintroduce the possibility of residence permits in special and particularly devastating circumstances", and that Sweden should view itself as a "humanitarian superpower": "Allow the unaccompanied youth to stay. Not temporarily but permanently," he said.

The mosque in Bishop Modeus's city recently applied for permission publicly to broadcast its calls to prayer from a loudspeaker for three minutes, twice on Fridays. There are already two mosques in Sweden that publicly broadcast their prayers on Fridays, one in Botkyrka -- where permission was granted in 2013 -- and one in Karlskrona. The local Muslim leader, Imam Ismail Abu Helal, has said the call to prayer would enable Muslims to integrate better into Swedish society. "I welcome the application and look forward to hearing both church bells and prayer announcements in our city", Bishop Modeus said.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven refused to state an opinion on the matter of the Muslim call to prayer. He said that it "depends on the location of the mosque" and that it is up to the local municipality. In May, Växjö police decided that the mosque will be allowed to call to prayer every Friday for three minutes. In its decision, the police stated that the assessment had been based on traffic considerations, public order and safety. "No other aspects had been taken into account, such as the content of the call for prayer. Bishop Modeus said that the police's decision was wise and would benefit integration".

The kind of 'integration' that the mosque in Växjö is reportedly spreading to the local Muslim inhabitants is that Muslims are urged not to participate in the Christmas celebration of "kuffars" [a derogatory term for 'disbelievers'], and Jews are, of course, mentioned as the enemies of Allah. The mosque's school uses Saudi Arabian school curricula, and encourages women not to dress in 'Western clothes' but to teach their daughters to 'dress decently from childhood'.

It increasingly appears, therefore, that it will be Sweden that integrates into Islamic culture. Recently, a Swedish court ruled in accordance with principles aligned with sharia law, when the jury -- which had two Muslim members -- found that a woman who had been violently abused by her husband could not be trusted because she came from a 'lesser family' than her husband and that it was "common" for women to lie about abuse. The jury also berated her for having involved the police, instead of solving the issue by consulting her abusive husband's family. The case caused a scandal in Sweden and the two jury members were subsequently dismissed.

In another recent case, a 12-year-old Swedish Muslim girl was forcibly taken to Iraq and forced to marry her 22-year-old cousin, who reportedly raped her; after she returned to Sweden, she gave birth to twins. Her family forced her to return to Iraq to live with her 'husband.' His family then forcibly took her children away after finally agreeing to let her have a divorce. The children are still in Iraq. The Swedish court gave this man, an Iraqi citizen, custody of their now 10-year old twins.


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Not only is Sweden governed by a bunch of stupid womyn who should never have been put in such positions to begin with, but the average Swede turns out to be an idiot worse than what could be found in the Australian bush. They brought it upon themselves. 

This is the fertile ground on which Jews like Barbara Lerner spectre strive. 

As long as they don't try to invade and infect Russia it's all the better to keep them repeating their stupid mistakes over and over because what better deterrent for a Moslem invasion than such a showcase of Darwinist naivete? That would have been a worthy sacrifice in the end. 

Goodbye Sweden. 


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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Sweden has tunred into an immigration shithole within a generation, courtesy of Soros' sponsoring, plain dumb Christian Bishops and gullible Swedish voters who keep electing the crooks and liars into power who want even more of the same.


The trouble is, with Europe's open internal borders, these crimes and gangs are soon going to spread to denmark and the germany and beyond.


Fuck sweden and their plain dumb citizen.



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Wow you really are really, really stupid, because clearly you want to pretend that Kalergy and Spectre never existed.


"Friday 5 May 2017

It turned out to be blackmail. Jewish organizations based in Sweden began to accuse the Swedish central bank of having dealt with “Nazi-gold” supposedly stolen from Jews during WWII. The Swedish government did two or three investigations, but couldn’t find any evidence for the Jewish allegations.

As Carlqvist says: “These Jewish organizations didn’t settle for this, and the Swedish government decided to give Paideia 40 million Swedish Kroner, about 4 million US Dollars, to set up the institute. Not for looted gold, for there was none, but “as a gesture”.

CARLQVIST: “When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: “If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.”

Holocaust blackmail, the goose that lays the golden egg.  Or in this case, the goose that ate Sweden.

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Do you understand yet, how the Christian religion plays a role in this? I mean, you can't keep turning the other cheek for your enemy to strike. At some point you have to make them stop. Or you die. Jesus taught that his followers are supposed to forgive their enemy 70 times 7. You're supposed to forgive your enemy 490 times. Nobody has that many cheeks.

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They are being manipulated by globalist and leftist groups who lobby their religious leaders with photos and stories of nice Muslim families in need. As long as the numbers are low most Christians have no problem with helping out, but the ignorant Christian leaders fostering the larger migrations are part of the problem, whether they have bought into the dumb Zio-Rothschild Coudenhove Kalergi plan, or are simply socialists pushing the globalist agenda. If they were true Christians they would obey their true leader and first seek the truth, and then they would have to act on it. There is scarcely a peep of condemnation from Christian (and I am including Catholic) leaders against the rape and pillaging by Israel and the Western powers of the Middle East, the very place most of the "refugees" are coming from.

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Barbara Spectre is not this evil genius people here purport her to be. She actually quite the opposite. she merely believes that If jewish people welcome Everybody, they will be loved and welcomed in return. to use the snake analogy. She thinks that if she feeds the snake and takes care of the snake, the snake will like her and be nice to her in return. She is too stupid to realize is a damned snake and will bite her the first chance it gets no matter what she does, because that is what snakes do. She is no evil genius, just incredibly ignorant and naive as are lots of other leftist people. good intentions, just don't want to see reality for what it is.

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"Muslims want to kill every Jew on the planet"

Then why has ISIS NEVER attacked Israel?  Nor Al Queda for that matter.

Then why does Israel call ISIS in Golan Heights their ally and provide them with weaponry, supplies and hospital treatment for their wounded?

No, Muslims are too stupid to figure out how the heebs are playing them.  Ditto the American blacks.  Ditto the feminists.  Ditto the ....

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Yea that is what Israel wants more countries run by islam. You are an idiot.

Counter-intuitive as it sounds... yes, they do.

Zionists want Jews to "return" to Israel. And the best way to force that to happen is for antisemitism to increase everywhere else so Jews are driven out and into Israel.

Zionists want this for various reasons. Some of them a religious fanatics, others have just been brainwashed into believing that Goyim will never let Jews assimilate, but others - like every other divide-and-conquer leadership throughout history - realise that the easiest way to a life of luxury is to "lead" "your" people. And as virtually every group already has "leaders" (none of whom are in a hurry to surrender their privileges) ambitious psychopaths know they have to create or exaggerate a new grouping to acquire followers.

Israel faces two main problems, both of them demographic. It has the same problem with increasing ratios of aging/young citizens as every other developed country (the orthodox Jews tend to have a lot of kids, but they're the least economically productive) and they also face the fact that Arab Israelis are outbreeding the Jews, and once they reach a large enough minority will force a tricky decision on the Israeli government: do we stay Jewish, or do we stay democratic? The first would require ethnic cleansing of Arabs who are technically Israeli citizens, which would be profoundly bad optics...  the second would require introducing even more apartheid, which would also be very bad optics. Getting as many "Jews" to make Aliyah kicks the can down the road a few more decades.

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Indeed. The narcissistic prick that is Tony  Blair opened the floodgates in the U.K. just to spite the Conservative party, and bring in 3rd worlders who had very little to offer. He was determined to make the U.K. as multicultural as possible. You also had a very liberal (((Barbara Roche))) as the Immigration Minister at that time, so no need to guess what her policies would have been in regards to poor immigrants.  An additional 3 million came as a result of their disastrous policies. Fast forward to London today and you can see what the dire consequences were of his decisions. Parts of London are turning into a 3rd world shit hole with murders practically every day.   

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Swedes learning a hard lesson. 

Just because your country is visited by wealthy Muslims that spend money and treat you nice doesn't mean you know the Muslim street people from Syria and Somalia. 

Time to quit playing 'good host' and the niceties that come with that.  They are in your country and they either get their shit together and become part of YOUR society or get the fuck out.  

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plain dumb Christian Bishops

If only it were that simple, that the bishops could have an epiphany and repent. The problem is they aren't Christian. Many sects and denominations get infected with sociopaths same as any other organization. They aren't there for the Gospel but for the Power, which they turn infernal. Here in the States, the head of the Rhode Island Council of Churches has announced that he is a woman and will start his transition. sHe would be a lovely fit in Sweden.

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I'm still trying to figure out if this is just a bunch of stupid cunts making horrible decisions or have they been threatened/paid off? It's almost inconceivable that someone would do this to their country and countrymen. It's treason of the highest order, yet the average swede just goes along with this bullshit. Something has to give where the trance these idiots have been in is broken.

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The problem is that liberalism is not a rational belief, it is an ideological system closer to a religion.  When the fundamental tenets are faulty , they will go into complete denial and do anything to avoid the realization that their entire belief system is wrong and has no solution for these problems, in fact it is the cause of the problem.  It's just too catastrophic for them

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You're expressing a fundamental misunderstanding of what liberalism is

The only religious ideological system that should concern you is the Venetian central banking trust running their fascist scam over the centuries

These Pharisees have been controlling the masses by manipulating the status quo via their control of intelligence, communications & media

They are the true conservatives as they wish to conserve their corrupt status quo

Liberalism is the antidote as it promotes the rights of individuals

You're letting yourself be controlled by their left-right propaganda/paradigm. You've got to learn to think for yourself

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"So you see, way back then, uh, Sicilians were like, uh, wops from Northern Italy. Ah, they all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but, uh, well, then the Moors moved in there, and uh, well, they changed the whole country. They did so much fuckin' with Sicilian women, huh? That they changed the whole bloodline forever. That's why blonde hair and blue eyes became black hair and dark skin. You know, it's absolutely amazing to me to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, that, uh, that Sicilians still carry that nigger gene."

Coming at ya Sweden.

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