Big Brother: Police Raid Home Of Man Who Posted Pictures Of His Mushroom Dinner On Facebook

Authored by Jay Syrmopoulos via,

On May 11, a man named John Garrison posted a public photo on Facebook showing morel mushrooms he had gathered while foraging with his girlfriend Hope Deery, and wrote of his plans to “sautee them with brown sugar and cinnamon and see how that turns out.”

Garrison went on to claim that his original Facebook post about morel mushrooms, which are a legal and sought-after delicacy, led to a visit to his home hours later from law enforcement apparently investigating possible use of psychedelic mushrooms commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms.”

Photography is Not a Crime reported that police appeared at his house less than 24 hours later, questioning Garrison and Deery about why they were “eating mushrooms and posting about it online.”

We had just finished eating the Morels we found today and heard a knock on the door. A police officer and an RA were standing outside. We let them in and as soon as the police officer walked in he asked us why we were eating mushrooms and posting about it online. He thought he was on the biggest bust of his career thinking we were having a magic mushroom party before I explained to him that Morels are a native choice edible mushroom similar to truffles,” Garrison wrote in an additional Facebook post.

The officer allegedly refused to believe that the couple ingested legal mushrooms. Garrison, in an effort to prove that they were simply morel mushrooms, said that he retrieved a piece of the mushroom from the trash— but the officer still refused to believe they hadn’t broken the law until a second officer arrived on the scene and confirmed it was a legal mushroom. Before the officers left, Garrison said his ID was processed.

He wasn’t convinced. So I rummaged through the trash to find a piece of a Morel so that he would have evidence that we weren’t taking psychedelic mushrooms. I showed him and he still wasn’t convinced that they weren’t magic mushrooms, Which was shocking to me because morels look nothing like a psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms and I figured a police officer would know what illegal drugs looked like. A second police officer showed up and I showed her the Morel and she immediately knew it was a Morel which was a relief. They processed our ID’s and eventually left. What an experience,” Garrison wrote.

It appears Big Brother is well and truly here... and he's watching you!


homiegot Thu, 05/17/2018 - 22:07 Permalink

Tip for the morons:


Don't post your fucking life online if you don't want this shit happening. The internet is the ultimate surveillance grid designed to watch you. 

philipat Bitchface-KILLAH Thu, 05/17/2018 - 23:51 Permalink

Next time just ask Siri or Alexa about mushrooms and the PD will turn up in half the time?

In the case of Facefuck, as the old saying goes, "If it's free, YOU are the product". In the case of Alexa, paying to be surveilled is probably not a smart choice.

All of that said, agreed that this incident is simply proof of all of the above and, whilst the mushroom eaters indeed are the victims, it is another wake up call that we live in a surveillance State which will only get worse with time and technology. Be guided accordingly.

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COSMOS giovanni_f Fri, 05/18/2018 - 01:33 Permalink

Guy was an idiot for letting the cop into the house.  He should of stepped outside and locked his front door if he wanted to talk. Otherwise he had no obligation to even answer the door.   The cop should of gotten a search warrant.

The above is a great video by Barry Cooper a former DEA agent who tells you not to answer your door for police.  Excellent video and his full length videos on search and seizures or how not to get arrested are GOLD and on youtube.


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Nunyadambizness COSMOS Fri, 05/18/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE.  NEVER.  They are not there to protect YOU, they are there to build a case against you for the District Attorney.  Be polite, but refuse to be helpful.

The police will NEVER enter my home without a warrant, unless they break in.  LEARN YOUR RIGHTS, then FIGHT FOR THEM.

Youtube has some EXCELLENT videos about this subject, there is one in particular that's about 45 minutes of a law professor telling his students exactly what I am saying--that they are NEVER to allow their clients to speak to the police, and there is a 20+ year LEO that discusses his ability to get people to admit to just about anything, and he was in complete agreement with the professor.  (Unfortunately I cannot post the link at this time, but I would guess you could find it in a search)

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jin187 Mycroft Holmes IV Fri, 05/18/2018 - 05:11 Permalink

I doubt Facebook was directly responsible for this.  They usually only notify the police in such a manner for things like child porn and bomb threats.  It's more likely to be one of their Facebook "friends", which they generously supplied with access to all their contact info, especially the geezers.  There's nothing bitter old people love doing more than snitching on people they think are doing something wrong.

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Decoherence philipat Fri, 05/18/2018 - 05:51 Permalink

Exactly.  We all should understand what kind of world we live in at this point, so stay the hell off of Facebook.  Whether you should or shouldn’t be able to do something isn’t the point.  Stop handing over information to be used against you that potentially never goes away.  It’s just idiocy fueled by vanity.  No one gives a shit about what you’re posting anyway, except big brother of course.  

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Shift For Brains DownWithYogaPants Fri, 05/18/2018 - 04:41 Permalink

This is your brain. This is your brain on seriously low IQ "law enforcement."

And yes, the place for discussions with Officer Friendly is your front porch with the door closed. If he wants to look around he can get a fucking search warrant. Maybe the judge will be able to figure out what is edible and what cop narratives are just indigestible.

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bshirley1968 homiegot Thu, 05/17/2018 - 22:31 Permalink

No. Both of you are right.....and a couple of morons.

I would have told the cop to kiss my ass and get the hell off my property until he has a warrant.....then when that dumbass moron pushed it, me and a local ambulance chaser would have sued the shit out of the city. I damn sure wouldn't go digging through my trash like dome field slave to prove to massah that I was innocent.

That's why these authoritative bastards act like the thugs they are because all you sheeple.....act like sheeple.

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