Trump At G-7 Closing Remarks: "We're The Piggy Bank That Everybody's Robbing"

President Trump's 24 hours in Quebec while attending the annual G-7 Summit was every bit as confrontational as we imagined they would be. The president has enraged his fellow world leaders, insulted Justin Trudeau, who's hosting the summit in Quebec and whom Trump repeated referenced as just "Justin", and skipped a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has attacked him and vowed to challenge his "America First" trade agenda while also confronting him about his climate stance - something that might be difficult to do, since Trump left this morning after he said he would skip  discussions about climate change Saturday night.


Trump also showed up late to a gender-focused breakfast meeting, billed by the event's Canadian organizers as a chance for leaders to "draft concrete actions for the G-7 to advance gender equality," according to CBC. Isabelle Hudon, Canada's ambassador to France, was making opening remarks when Trump and a flood of press pool members arrived and interrupted her.

As Trump quietly took his place between Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, and Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross, the Canadian head of the NATO college in Rome, Trudeau restated his welcome and Hudon repeated her remarks.

Then there were his controversial remarks. Early on, Trump suggested that the G-7 should consider readmitting Russia, which was kicked out in 2014 for its activities in Crimea. Trump instead blamed those on Obama. Also on Friday, Trump floated the idea of ending all tariffs and trade barriers between the US and its allies - a pitch that wasn't exactly expected, according to Politico. Trump offered the proposal at the end of a "contentious" meeting on trade disputes. Most G-7 members remain furious with Trump over his decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, and his threats to impose more trade restrictions. Merkel responded positively to Trump's suggestion, saying she would consider it.

"We should at least consider no tariffs, no barriers — scrapping all of it," Trump said, according to officials who were listening and taking notes.

Before leaving for his meeting with Kim Jong Un, Trump provided an update during a live press conference with Larry Kudlow and John Bolton. First he thanked Trudeau and praised Canada as a "beautiful country" before launching into a summary of issues starting with trade. Though he walked away without signing the US on to the traditional post-summit agreement (providing more fodder for critics who sneered about the G-6 + 1), Trump insisted that the G-7 was "tremendously successful" and despite trade tensions "relationships are outstanding." He adds that the tariff situation is "going to change, 100 percent" as the US is "like the piggy bank that everyone robs".

During his talk, Trump alternated between stream-of-conscious rambling about trade, Russia and North Korea and taking questions from reporters.

On trade:

"We had productive discussion on having fair and reciprocal" trade and market access.

"We're linked in the great effort to create a more just and prosperous world. And from the standpoint of trade and creating more prosperous countries, I think they are starting to be committed to more fair trade. We as a nation lost $870 billion on trade...I blame our leaders and I congratulate leaders of other countries for taking advantage of our leaders."

"If they retaliate they're making a tremendous mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance...the numbers are so much against them, we win that war 1000 times out of a 1000."

"We're negotiating very hard, tariffs and barriers...the European Union is brutal to the United States....the gig is up...there's nothing they can say."

"We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing."

"I would say the level of relationship is a ten - Angela, Emmanuel and Justin - we have a very good relationship. I won't blame these people, unless they don't smarten up and make the trades fair."

On eliminating trade barriers:

"That's the way it should be. No tariffs, no barriers - no subsidies."

"You go tariff free you go barrier-free you go subsidy-free - that's the way we learned it at the Wharton School of Finance. We can't have an example where the US is paying fees of 270%."

Then "Worst, Fake News" CNN asked President Trump how disastrous his trade policies are and how his actions are hurting relationships... to which he replied very informatively, ending "so you can tell that to your fake friends at CNN..."

On North Korea:

"I feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people...he's got an opportunity that, if you look back into history, few people have ever had."

"This is a great opportunity for peace and lasting peace and prosperity."

"It's going to be something that's always spur of the moment...this is an unknown personality many people don't know."

"You know how they say you know whether you'll like somebody in the first five seconds? I think I'll know pretty quickly whether we're going to make a deal."

On Russia:

"Some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in." 

Asked if Crimea should be considered Russia now:

"you'd have to ask President Obama because he's the one who let Crimea get away. He allowed Russia to take Crimea. I may have had a much different attitude."

Trump is now making the 20-hour flight to Singapore, where he will attend a historic summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. We'll now keep our eye out for the finalized communique from the group. The US is typically a leader in the crafting of the statement. But this time, it's unclear if the US had any input at all into the statement, as only the leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan as well as the presidents of the European Commission and European Council remain at the meeting. But regardless of who writes it, the statement will probably be of little consequence, as UBS points out:

Several heads of state will be heading off on a taxpayer-financed "mini-break" in Canada today. In all of its incarnations (over the past four years, we've gone from G-8 to G-6+1) the group hasn't really accomplished much since an initial burst of enthusiasm with the Plaza Accords and Louvre Accords in the 1980s.

And this meeting likely won't be any different.


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"Europeans don't want to buy American cars"....we all 'know' that right?

So why the high tariffs on US car imports? Why the PROTECTIONISM/NATIONALISM on the part of the EU?

The EU should cut this deal...0% tariffs on cars both ways between the EU and the, win for them...right?

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Klassenfeind Dickweed Wang Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:43 Permalink

"We're the piggy bank that everybody is robbing." Excuse me?!

Errrr, that so-called "piggy bank' just happens to;

1) have the world's reserve currency

2) dominates the entire planet militarily since the end of the Cold War

3) dictates "regime change" around the world

4) manipulates and controls the world's entire financial system, from the price of a barrel to every financial transaction in the SWIFT system.

And Trump has the ignorance, the arrogance and the audacity to be pleading 'poverty?'

Who THE FUCK is robbing who here?!?

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BaBaBouy Klassenfeind Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:49 Permalink

Big BIG BIIIGGG NothingBurger G7 Meeting...

Looks Like His TradeWar Is On...

The Free Whirld has All the Power, If they start Dumping Their USD CB Paper, Its all over...

UPD: WoW Check This Out...............

A pale mark lingers on the hand of US President Donald Trump after French President Emmanuel Macron shook it before a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in La Malbaie, Quebec…


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CuttingEdge BaBaBouy Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:58 Permalink

He's not pleading poverty, dummkopf.

He's pleading a level playing field.

It's called equality.


Something totally against EU (read: German) principles. Or lack of them.

For confirmation see: Greece, Italy, German importation of migrants, I could go on and on and on.


Beside, watching Merkel squeal is fun.

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CuttingEdge Billy the Poet Sat, 06/09/2018 - 12:23 Permalink

There was a story the other day that US GDP is equivalent to the other G6 combined.

A similar equation springs to mind, after observing the comedy.

Other than Italy (unfair to comment), the other five collectively do not stack up well against Trump on the world leadership stage.

May, Macron, Trudeau and Merkel have fuck all going for them, all coat and no knickers, either on the personality or morality scales. And not a single sprog between them. Which explains a lot. Like maybe why they don't give a flying fuck about future generations.


And Abe's collusional* in poisoning his nation (and the Pacific) - a right little shit, make no mistake.


Trump will eat them up and shit them out all day long - the snowflake generation of career politicians who cannot handle reality.



*OT link: Very recent, very disturbing video from a US mom who collected samples and geiger readings 140 miles from Fukushima in the years post the tsunami. There's a 10y jail term in Japan for reporting radiation levels, btw.

Scary doesn't come close.

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Escrava Isaura helltothenah Sat, 06/09/2018 - 14:51 Permalink

By the way, Trump is right on the tariffs in my view, Europeans should lower their tariffs and not having the US raising it.


Trump: "We're The Piggy Bank That Everybody's Robbing"

Isn’t Trump great in catch phrases? Trump’s base will now regurgitate it to death.

Now reconcile Trump’s remarks with reality:

Professor Werner: Germany is for instance not even allowed to receive delivery of US Treasuries that it may have purchased as a result of the dollars earned through its current account surplus: these Treasuries have to be held in custody by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a privately owned bank: A promise on a promise. At the same time, German influence over the pyramid structure of such promises has been declining rapidly since the abolition of the German currency and introduction of the euro, controlled by an unaccountable supranational international agency that cannot be influenced by any democratic assembly in the eurozone. As a result, this structure of one-sided outflows of real goods and services from Germany is likely to persist in the short and medium-term.


To add insult to injury:

Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs

The documents show that ACUE financed the European Movement, the most important federalist organisation in the post-war years. In 1958, for example, it provided 53.5 per cent of the movement's funds.


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bshirley1968 Escrava Isaura Sat, 06/09/2018 - 15:00 Permalink

Okay, everyone set your "team" aside for a few minutes and let's look at the facts and reality.

Do you really believe the rest of the world has trade advantages over the US? Well, let's consider major industries.

Agriculture.....maybe, but only sightly. Our farmers are the richest in the far.

Manufacturers.....probably so....because we gave it away to countries with slave labor. Manufacturers jobs were jobs where people could earn a decent living...and that had to go..can't be cutting into corporate profits with all that high cost labor.

Defense.....need I go here? We spend more than the next 11 countries combined! We sell more as well.

Energy.....we rule thus space because we buy it with worthless printed fiat debt...whenever we want to....and nd if you deny us, we will bomb the hell out of you and take it.

Technology. ....Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Amazon, Oracle, Dell, Cisco.....who can touch that line up....not to mention all the on-line outfits like Facebook and Twitter.

Finance.....the best for last. We control the printing press that prints the dollar the rest of the world needs. We control energy and foreign policy. Don't do what we like and we will cut you off from SWIFT and devalue the hell out of your currency...and then move in for the "regime" change to some one who plays ball the way we like it. 85% of all international trade takes place in dollars everyday. We have the biggest banks, Wall Street, and infest the world with our virus called the dollar so that we can jerk their chain at will.

Now I ask you....just where the hell are the "trade imbalances"? Sure there are some companies or job sectors that get a raw deal because our politicians give some foreigners unfair trade advantages here and there, but as a whole, we dominate trade by far. The poor in our country lives like kings compared to 5.5 billion of the world's poorest population. Trump knows this.....or he is stupid. He is pandering to his sheeple voting base that are easily duped into believing someone is getting what is their's.

Hey, I am thankful to be an American and enjoy the advantages we have. But I am not going to stick my head up Trump's ass and agree with this bullshit. It is misdirection (corporate America and politicians are the problem here, not foreign countries) and a major distraction. Because all the trade in the world isn't going to pull us out of this debt catastrophe that's coming.

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Escrava Isaura exlcus Sat, 06/09/2018 - 15:46 Permalink


Lots to digest there but I agree with your list with a caveat:

You: The poor in our country lives like kings compared to 5.5 billion of the world's population.

Wrong. The poor in America don’t live like kings; the elites and the bourgeoisie in America are the ones out of touch with reality.


Anyway, trade war is not going to solve American problem. It will make it worse.

So then, what needs to be done?

Well, won’t be done for many reason, but here’s my list:

New Deal 2.0

Universal Healthcare

Free Education

Legalize all Drugs

Release all the nonviolent prisoners

Sovereign Money

Window Guidance at Production


Professor Werner: I have been trained in international and monetary economics at the London School of Economics and have a doctorate from the University of Oxford in economics. I have studied such issues for several decades. I have also recently tested, using advanced quantitative techniques, the question of the size of impact on GDP from entry to or exit from the EU or the eurozone. The conclusion is that this makes no difference to economic growth, and everyone who claims the opposite is not guided by the facts. The reason is that economic growth and national income are almost entirely determined by a factor that is decided at home, namely the amount of bank credit created for productive purposes. This has sadly been very small in the UK in recent decades, thus much greater economic growth is possible as soon as steps are taken to boost bank credit for productive purposes – irrespective of whether the UK stays in the EU or not (although Brexit will make it much easier to take such policy steps).

Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China never needed EU membership to move from developing economy status to top industrialised nations within about half a century.


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waspwench bshirley1968 Sat, 06/09/2018 - 16:47 Permalink

But, if we cut through all the verbiage, we will arrive at the elephant in the room.

American manufacturing jobs have been off-shored to low wage countries and the jobs which have replaced them are, for the  most part, minium wage service jobs.   A man cannot buy a house, marry and raise a family on a humburger-flippers wage.   Even those minimum wage jobs are often unavailable to Americans because millions of illegal aliens have been allowed into the country and they are undercutting wages  in the service sector.   At the same time, the better paid positions are being given to H-1B visa holders  who undercut the American worker (who is not infrequently forced to train his own replacement in order to access his unemployment benefits.)

As the above paragraph demonstrates the oligarchs are being permitted to force down American wages and the fact that we no longer make, but instead import, the things we need, thus exporting our wealth and damaging our own workers is all the same to them.   They grow richer and they do not care about our country or our people.   If they can make us all into slaves it will suit them perfectly.

We need tariffs to enable our workers to compete against  third world wages in countries where the cost-of-living is less.   (American wages may be stagnating or declining but our cost-of-living is not declining.)   We need to deport illegal aliens and to stop the flow of them over our borders.   (Build the wall.)   We need to severely limit the H-1B visa programme which is putting qualified Americans out of work.   (When I came to the US in 1967 I was permitted entry on the basis that I was coming to do a job for which there were not enough American workers available.   Why was that rule ever changed?)

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bshirley1968 waspwench Sat, 06/09/2018 - 18:45 Permalink

You are making my point. China didn't "off shore" our jobs....our politicians and corporations did. You can't fix that by going after other countries. You fix that by penalizing companies for using slave labor workers from other countries. Tariffs are not going to fix this. They will just raise prices on everyone.

I can't believe you Trumptards can't see this! Once again we will focus on a symptom and ignore the real problem. Boy, Trump and his buddies from NYC and DC have really suffered because of unfair trade practices, right? Why can't you people see that "government is the problem" and misdirection your attention to China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, or whomever is just that....misdirection.

I would tax the shit out of companies like Apple that make everything overseas with slave labor and then ship it in here to sell to Americans at ridiculous prices.

Plenty of down votes but no one has proven that I am wrong on one point.

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Adversus bshirley1968 Sat, 06/09/2018 - 20:05 Permalink

"I would tax the shit out of companies like Apple that make everything overseas with slave labor and then ship it in here to sell to Americans at ridiculous prices." 


Why does any corporation have any obligation to manufacture any product in the USA?

By virtue of the fact that it will be sold in the USA? (What are you? Fucking retarded?).


Apple sells their products for what the market will bear.

Just because you are obviously butt-hurt over the price (which apparently, you view as too high) doesn't mean that it is priced too high.

If it were, in fact, priced unfairly high, the Iphone would not be the best selling phone/computer/TV/Camera/personal assistant in recorded history. 

If you disagree with Apple labor practices, don't purchase any of their products.


Insofar as not being entitled to make ignorant statements is concerned, most of what you stated would apply.

That said, fuck anyone that tells you that YOU don't have the right to be an arrogant, ad hominem attacking douche nozzle.

Wars have been fought over YOUR right to be an asshole.


Let's show some respect for those who died for your right to have your head jammed up your ass.

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bshirley1968 Adversus Sat, 06/09/2018 - 23:21 Permalink

First of all I don't buy apple shit.

Secondly, any corporation has the right to manufacture where ever they want. BUT....when they exploit SLAVE labor and then ship their shit back in here at even HIGHER prices, you can bet your ass, that as President it is my right to tax the shit out of them and protect those companies that hire American worker with real jobs and real living wages, so those Americans can buy the products they produce, raise their families, and live like decent human beings without the constant fear of falling behind and never being able to catch up.

Now if that is being an "ad hominem attacking attacking douche nozzle".....and NOT what wars have been fought over....then you and those that died fighting bankster/corporate wars can kiss my ass. Maybe you should quit "fighting" and wake the hell up for once in your life......AND there hasn't been one swinging dick fight and die for my right to speak my mind in the last 150 years.

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Parrotile bshirley1968 Sat, 06/09/2018 - 21:35 Permalink

Your points also boil down to the point I made a few months back, referencing an article in the FT (from 1995 or so), where the major US Companies who chose to exploit the Chinese workforce did so because a) promise of massive profits, b) compliant non-Unionised (so very exploitable) massive workforce, and c) - the real "killer mindset" - the presumption that the Chinese were "too stupid" to reverse -engineer US Technology, and would "never pose a competitive risk to US Tech. dominance".

Fast-forward to today, and who was the stupid (and arrogant) one? Certainly wasn't China (who have the Worlds largest number of, and most powerful, supercomputer flotilla). They have not only caught up, but have surpassed US Technology. All thanks to the short-sighted greed of the US Corporatocracy.

Got lots of down-votes for that too!!

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Bobbyrib bshirley1968 Sat, 06/09/2018 - 21:23 Permalink

"Finance.....the best for last. We control the printing press that prints the dollar the rest of the world needs. We control energy and foreign policy. Don't do what we like and we will cut you off from SWIFT and devalue the hell out of your currency...and then move in for the "regime" change to some one who plays ball the way we like it. 85% of all international trade takes place in dollars everyday. We have the biggest banks, Wall Street, and infest the world with our virus called the dollar so that we can Jeri their chain at will."


Someone is not going to understand his financial reckoning very well. The US's debt is unmanageable. We have a debt to GDP ratio of over 100%. We keep increasing spending, and our debt to GDP ratio is going in the wrong direction. The rest of the world "needs" dollars since we set up the way countries transact. What if more and more countries start to transact in Euros, or a basket of currencies? "Need" the dollar? Some of you guys are comedians.

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Giant Meteor bshirley1968 Sat, 06/09/2018 - 23:12 Permalink

Well generally speaking, it's called wanting to eat the fucking cake, and preservng it as well. While perfectly an understandable trait of a good many human beans, individuals, groups and nation states, Murika has perfected it to a fine art form.

"I know not why any one but a school-boy in his declamation should whine over the Commonwealth of Rome, which grew great only by the misery of the rest of mankind. The Romans, like others, as soon as they grew rich, grew corrupt; and in their corruption sold the lives and freedoms of themselves, and of one another. [...] A people, who while they were poor robbed mankind; and as soon as they became rich, robbed one another."

Samuel Johnson: Review of Thomas Blackwell's "Memoirs of the Court of Augustus"

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mkkby helltothenah Sat, 06/09/2018 - 17:52 Permalink

The EU countries have free college, health care, day care and just about everything else.  All paid for because they have no military spending. 

It's all on the backs of the US tax payer.  Or the fed, if you prefer.

Trump is working both angles.  Forcing them to pay for their own defense.  Forcing them to allow US products with no trade disadvantages.  Go MAGA and fuck the EU.

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beemasters macholatte Sat, 06/09/2018 - 12:44 Permalink

"1) have the world's reserve currency

2) dominates the entire planet militarily since the end of the Cold War

3) dictates "regime change" around the world

4) manipulates and controls the world's entire financial system, from the price of a barrel to every financial transaction in the SWIFT system."

Fair enough. It's a game of who's calling whom the robber first. So in this case, Trump wins.

Meanwhile, the world has been quiet while the US (and allies) has "robbed" Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan (just to name a few) of their lives/livelihoods, imposing unwarranted sanctions on others. Shame on them all. They are all silent co-conspirators, now robbing the piggy bank filled with the most BLOOD MONEY.

Don't forget Israel. None of them has stood up to the robbery and other crimes against humanity. Trump is not only silent about it, but continues to support them financially and militarily. That's very sick!

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PrayingMantis beemasters Sat, 06/09/2018 - 15:43 Permalink


   ... it’s really not surprising that Trump is sort-of in isolation ... he doesn’t belong to any of the international “exclusive” clubs ... he, nor his family, were never invited to the “Bilderberg” get-together conferences nor be a member of the Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission ... and at home, he was shunned by the “Council on Foreign Relations” despite being a “billionaire mover-shaker” in NYC’s real-estate industry and out of the membership list of the exclusive, albeit weird, Bohemian Club which meets regularly at their Bohemian Grove retreat and, if not for Wilbur Ross, a member of one or more of the above “exclusives”, and was a”Grand Swipe” (whatever that means) of the Kappa Beta Phi Wall Street exclusive secret society of banksters, the banksters wouldn’t have had extended bailouts for four of Trump’s bankrupt companies ... Wilbur Ross is a Rothschild operative, which makes him Trump’s handler, for lack of a better description ... and Trump, in turn, appointed Ross as Secretary of Commerce ... 

   ... during Trump’s early start as a NY mogul-to-be, he tried to “belong” to the “exclusives” and even hired Sen McCarthy's lawyer, (((Roy Cohn))), the homosexual who died of “aids”, as his lawyer and his mentor ... he also did business dealings with Jared Kushner’s dad, (who was indicted by Gov Christie, and why Christie never had a chance to be in Trump’s cabinet) and also became Trump’s mentor for real estate deals ... and Trump might have even encouraged to have had Ivanka try to get into dating one of the Rothschild’s to get into the “family”, but perhaps, Trump is way down the “exclusive” Rothschild elite scale ...

... and, perhaps tried a different route ... Trump bought 93% of Resorts International, the money laundering arm, drug-running arm of CIA/Mossad/Mafia(Meyer Lansky), “directed” by Lansky, Rosenbaum, Mellon-Hitchcock, Rockefeller and Rothschild.  It somehow worked and finally became a political contender ...

... however, Trump might have been perceived as a “loose cannon”, and  “only for himself”, as shown on his Chinese loans to his Indonesian and Dubai ventures in the middle of ZTE and other China trade deals and Trump might not be amenable to most of the “exclusives’” agenda, and therefore, Trump is considered a “liability” amongst the “NWO” agenda ...

... if you noticed, most of Trump’s detractors in the US are either members of CFR or the Bohemian Club or a bankster member of Kappa Beta Phi ... and even the Wednesday 10’s group that controls “arms appropriations” to Israhell, headed by the Menschel brothers, owners of Goldman Sach’s, might not even be sure if Trump would play their “games” by having a Menschel’s son-in-law, Priestap, to “spy” on Trump via the FBI’s romantic team of Sztrok/Page, Hilary’s friend MCabe and former HSBC director and former Lockheed VP Comey ...

... it’s almost an upstream battle for Trump and his team. ... only his “Resorts” association with Rothschild and his close proximity to ex-Pennsylvania furniture salesman Bibi Mileikowsky have had been, perhaps, Trump’s saving grace ... without these “associates”, only a crooked-nose knows how long Trump would last ... 

   ... looking at past history, JFK defied the Rothschilds with his executive order 11110, to shut down Rothschild’s private US central bank, the US Federal Reserve, and JFK threatened to blow and expose the existence of “Dimona”, Israhell’s nuclear capabilities ... 

   ... and the net result was JFK’s murder, elimination of other Kennedys, Robert Sr., running for president, John-John, running against Hillary’s senate run ... Ted’s career dead-end due to that “river-drowning” incident and basically the wipeout of the Kennedy clan out of the political scene .... only because JFK defied the Rothschilds ...


                  ..... the best part of waking up is opening your eyes ...

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waspwench PrayingMantis Sat, 06/09/2018 - 17:07 Permalink

Trump is not "in the Club" and he will not be allowed into the Club unless he toes the line.   Trump is a wild card and (((They))) hate that.   (((They))) have not been able to control him entirelyl

Given the record of The Club in removing opposition I do wonder how long Trump can survive.   The one thing in Trump's favour is that if he is seen to be unfairly removed, or to meet some questionable end such as a plane crash, this time the people will not believe the lies, as they did with, for example JFK's assassination.   The people will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Deep State has killed their champion.

BTW a biography of Trump:  Donald J. Trump, A President Like No Other, by Conrad Black, has just been published.   It is an interesting look at our President.

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