Britain In Panic As Trump-Putin Summit Looms

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Britain alarmed as John Bolton travels to Moscow to prepare summit...

Days after I discussed rumours of an imminent Trump-Putin summit, seeming confirmation that such a summit is indeed in the works has been provided with the Kremlin’s confirmation that President Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton is travelling to Moscow next week apparently to discuss preparations for the summit.

The Kremlin’s confirmation of John Bolton’s visit was given today by President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov

As far as we know, such a visit is going to take place. This is all we can say for now.

Further suggestions that some sort of easing of tensions between Washington and Moscow may be in the works has been provided by confirmation that a group of US Republican Senators will shortly be visiting Moscow.

It seems that a combination of the collapse in the credibility of the Russiagate collusion allegations – which I suspect no Republican member of the House or Senate any longer believes – unease in the US at Russia’s breakthrough in hypersonic weapons technology (recently discussed by Alex Christoforou and myself in this video), and the failure of the recent sanctions the US Treasury announced against Rusal, has concentrated minds in Washington, and is giving President Trump the political space he needs to push for the easing of tensions with Russia which he is known to have long favoured.

One important European capital cannot conceal its dismay.

In a recent article for Consortium News I discussed the obsessive quality of the British establishment’s paranoia about Russia, and not surprisingly in light of it an article has appeared today in The Times of London which made clear the British government’s alarm as the prospect of a Trump-Putin summit looms.

As is often the way with articles in The Times of London, this article has now been “updated” beyond recognition.  However it still contains comments like these

Mr Trump called for Russia to be readmitted to the G8 this month, wrecking Mrs May’s efforts to further isolate Mr Putin after the Salisbury poisonings. Mr Trump then linked US funding of Nato to the trade dispute with the EU, singling out Germany for special criticism.

The prospect of a meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Putin appalls British officials. “It’s unclear if this meeting is after or before Nato and the UK visit,” a Whitehall official said. “Obviously after would be better for us. It adds another dynamic to an already colourful week.”….

A senior western diplomatic source said that a Trump-Putin meeting before the Nato summit would cause “dismay and alarm”, adding: “It would be a highly negative thing to do.”

Nato is due to discuss an escalation of measures to deter Russian aggression. “Everyone is perturbed by what is going on and is fearing for the future of the alliance,” a Whitehall source said.

I will here express my view that the Russiagate scandal was at least in part an attempt by some people in Britain to prevent a rapprochement between the US and Russia once it became clear that achieving such a rapprochement was a policy priority for Donald Trump.

In my article for Consortium News I discussed at length the size of the British footprint in the scandal, and the outsized role in it of various British or British connected individuals such as the ex British spy Christopher Steele who compiled the Trump Dossier, the former chief of Britain’s NSA equivalent GCHQ Robert Hannigan, the former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, and the Cambridge based US academic Stefan Halper.

I would add that there are now rumours that Professor Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious London based Maltese Professor who also had a big role in the Russiagate affair, may also have had connections to British intelligence.

As this article in Zerohedge says, all roads in Russiagate lead to London, not, be it noted, Moscow.

A summit meeting between the US and Russian Presidents inaugurated an improvement in relations between the US and Russia is exactly the opposite outcome which some people in London want.

That however looks to be what they are facing.


FBaggins King of Ruperts Land Thu, 06/21/2018 - 15:19 Permalink

History Synopsis:

The British royalty, establishment and financial community has been very cozy in bed with Wall Street and the US establishment every since the Rothschild/British tribe took over American finances before setting up the Federal Reserve. From that time on the US has been used as cannon fodder to fight all sorts of wars to advance the monopolistic interests of the US-UK- Zio establishment. 

Before the Brit and Zio tribe took over US fiances and media, the US was for the most of the 19th century more allied with Russia. The British establishment was supportive of the South during the Civil War while Russia helped the North by keeping Britain out of the war. After the later Brit-Zio financial conquest of the US, Wall Street was instrumental in supporting the communist revolution in Russia. The new Russia now liberated from 70 years of slavery to communism is no friend to the Brit&Zio tribe which did so much damage to their nation and is presently busy with the US trying to bankrupt and conquer it.     

The US is not independent from its ties to the Anglo-Zio cabal and some even say is subject to them.  Trump will try to do a deal with Putin over Syria, guaranteeing Israel and Western oil & gas companies this and that, but nothing the US does will really step too hard on the toes the Anglo-Zio alliance.  

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Shemp 4 Victory Fish Gone Bad Thu, 06/21/2018 - 20:12 Permalink


I have been told there are 4 or 5 "families/organizations" that run the world, and Putin's is one of them.

You have been told wrong, at least as far as Putin's family. The same person or people probably also told you a fairy tale about him having amassed a fortune of billions of dollars. Like all the Putin-as-thug folklore, these tales are not rooted in reality.

I bet he would love to fuck over Soros & Friends.

Yes, because they were doing everything they could to fuck over Russia. That's why the Soros front organizations have been expelled from Russia.

The enemy of my enemy is probably a douche...

If you put any faith in US media narratives, you'll be hard pressed to identify your real enemies correctly.

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just the tip FBaggins Thu, 06/21/2018 - 17:01 Permalink

my tin foil hat reception tells me, that when the brits got wind of plan red in 1928, via a disclosure by the NYT, the brits promptly crashed the US stock market, creating a depression, that would distract and prevent the execution of plan red.  and give the brits time to create a different enemy to focus the US energies toward.

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beemasters gaoptimize Thu, 06/21/2018 - 15:11 Permalink

"Tommy Robinson was going to expose this. Two days later he is arrested. – child grooming gangs in England where state officials are involved in cover-up."…

And people thought it was all about those muslim rapists. You don't get arrested for covering news about arrested criminals get arrested for going after the UK's powerful elites. That makes more sense.

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gregga777 Offthebeach Thu, 06/21/2018 - 15:21 Permalink

The United States of America and the Russian Federation agree to divide Europe based on defined spheres of indfluence and to combat terrorism in the Middle Eat. Sign plans for a joint stock company pipeline system that will take natural gas from all producers, competing on price instead of armaments, for transport to Eurooean customers. AlQaeda and ISIS suddenly evaporate without their state sponsors. Companies from America, China and elsewhere rebuild Syria. Saudi Arabia surrenders to Yemen and agrees to pay €100 billion in reparations while also paying to develop Yemeni energy resources. Iran says, well shit. Maybe this peace shit could work. The I awoke my hallucinatory daydream. Well, peace in my lifetime. Yeah, never fucking happen. 

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It is a known fact that the Zionist bankers in NY and the City financed the Bolshevik Revolution which overthrew Kerensky in 1917.  Trotsky, Lenin's bagman, went to NYC in early 1917, was wined and dined by the top bankers, and reputedly returned with $20 million in gold bullion to Russia.  That was in 1917 dollars, so it would be about $1 billion in today's dollars.  Whether the Cabal lost control over the USSR under Stalin, or if it was all in the centralization and police state plan toward their long term goal of a world neofeudal fascist government, is open to debate.  Both sides have solid arguments.

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mkkby Ambrose Bierce Thu, 06/21/2018 - 15:56 Permalink

Nobody is our friend.  The UK wants war between the US and russia.  The eu wants their free military security from us.  The chinese want our jobs and our inventions.  Congress sells our representation to the highest bidder, foreign or domestic.  The deep state is a mafia that wants to stay in charge thru any political changes.

Trump is the only political leader in 50 years who cares about america.  I hope he declares martial law and rips the guts out of this mess.  The constitution has been dead for a long time anyway.  Time to bury it.

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hola dos cola LaugherNYC Fri, 06/22/2018 - 05:13 Permalink

Great Britain is THE PRIZE. Strategically speaking: if one (superpower) controls Great Britain, one gains control over more than Europe.

As Russia (currently top of the threat-list) can't just invade or grab it, it has to come up with other means of gaining control.

The Brits are very right to be cautious, even a bit paranoia. But they don't stand and won't walk alone.

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Posa Looney Thu, 06/21/2018 - 17:56 Permalink

It has ALWAYS been British imperial policy since the 19th century to block and sabotage alliances among US- Russia and Germany. Any two would have sunk the Empire. But even after the Empire collapse the Brits still retained marginal control through their puppets in the US-- thus the "Cold War"..


And even today the Mueller "Russiagate" probe was born and executed in the UK with traitors in the Obama DoJ and Obama himself.

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The Stuarts are crypto-jews infiltrated through Mary, wife of the Orange. Haven't you seen van der Helst's portrait? LOL…


Her mother was Henrietta Maria, daughter of Marie de' Medici... unless you're one of those retarded delusionists who thinks the Medicis weren't cryptos despite the florentine jewish population having their fate tied to their success. Aside from the Medicis fabricating hermeticism to attack the church, and probably being the folks behind the kabbalah hoax, as well. Yawn... yeah go suck some scaly jew dick head, slave.


But back to the Stuart crypto-jew dynasty... Mary's daughter Anne became queen after William III, then George of Hanover (George I) became king despite 50 people having closer relations because his mother, Sophia of Hanover, was chosen as the next in line due to the passing of the Act of Settlement, but she died before Anne. She was chosen because her mother was Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. Her mother was Anne of Denmark. Her mother was Sophie of Mecklenburg-Gustrow. Her mother was Elizabeth of Denmark, and her mother was Sophie of Pomerania, who was the daughter of Anna Jagiellon. She was elected queen of Poland-Lithuania and was the daughter of Barbara Radziwiłł, and if you can spot all the crypto-jewish red flags in the Radziwiłł tale then you're just not too good at this.


The idea that the UK hasn't been jewed going back to Edward's successors is just brainlet-tier. The internet exists now, keep up. There's no excuse not to analyze the histories and see what has been spun.

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JimmyJones char_aznable Thu, 06/21/2018 - 13:28 Permalink

Laughter as in it supports your statement above?  Or laughter because its historically inaccurate?  Looked pretty ligit to me but I haven't verified his account point by point.  I had never heard of him prior to someone posting a link to it and figured what the hell I will give it a read.

I really do wish you would post some links to read further on some of the stuff you are posting.

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