Garrison: 'Trump Derangement Syndrone' Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

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Trump Derangement Syndrome, otherwise known as “TDS,” has become an epidemic among the left.

In their restless delirium, the carriers shriek out their hatred of President Trump. We’ve all been made well aware of their disease, which is widespread among Democrats, the corporate legacy media, Hollywood, and most disturbingly, security agencies such as the FBI. The Deep State has a deep case of TDS.

Earlier this week we witnessed a fresh outbreak. People come to our country illegally and they bring their children along while doing it. Naturally, those kids don’t go to jail, but the fact they get separated has caused great outrage and bitter scolding from those afflicted with TDS. (Never mind Obama had the exact same policy).

Hillary Clinton used the artificial outrage to ask for donations to a fund that rewards and encourages more illegal aliens. She’s also the one that brought about the mass hysteria that somehow Trump is Putin’s puppet. Those convinced of that hallucination almost always have TDS.

Peter Fonda actually encouraged criminal acts against Barron Trump. He’s since apologized for becoming so unhinged, but calling for violence against our president and his family is a TDS symptom common to many in the entertainment industry.

Jim Carrey is another good example. Once beloved by many Americans, he’s become a miserable, hectoring scold. He expresses his hatred of Trump by scrawling bitter, ham-fisted cartoons. TDS has stripped him of his humor and popularity.

Robert De Niro is another washed-up star whose anti-Trump profanity does nothing except give many a reason to stop watching his old gangster movies.

Rachel Maddow spewed crocodile tears while on air, thereby making her virtue signaling seem more sincere. She shed tears for the border children, but her eyes remain dry for the millions of unborn children aborted each year.

Bill Maher wished for a recession to hurt Trump’s presidency. He continually says Trump is a ‘threat to our democracy’ without any real supporting evidence.

Speaking of Maher, his show should be renamed “The Trump Derangement Syndrome Show,” because it has devolved into nothing but a parade of hatred toward our president and his family. On a recent show, Maher talked about Trump’s tax ‘giveaway’—and one of his guests also expressed outrage that undeserving people (to her) were ‘given’ money. Wrong. People work hard for their money. They earn it and are forced to cough a great deal of it up to the IRS. If they get any back, they’re getting their own money back. The progressive left always wants more taxes and more government, not less. People such as Michael Moore, another severe sufferer of TDS, wants 97 percent of wages taxed. Like Bernie Sanders, he wants communism.

The TDS sufferers look for Trump’s impeachment as a cure. Instead, they may get a red wave, followed by his reelection in 2020.


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Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders – FOLLOWED HER to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment!

The Red Hen restaurant owner, Stephanie Wilkinson also organized a protest at the restaurant Sanders and her family were dining at across the street!

Ingraham tweeted: @GovMikeHuckabee told me last hour that after asking @PressSec to leave the Red Hen, owner Stephanie Wilkinson organized a protest at the restaurant her family was dining at across the street.

@GovMikeHuckabee told me last hour that after asking @PressSec to leave the Red Hen, owner Stephanie Wilkinson organized a protest at the restaurant her family was dining at across the street.

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) June 25, 2018

She is the head of the Historic Business District Group to promote business there. 80% want her shit!

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In this case, they are distracting from the fact that nothing has changed with a new president. They want you to believe that the office is so important, that you very life depends on having the "correct" person be king.

If the "wrong" person is in office and the country doesn't immediately burn down with millions of bodies everywhere, people might just start to question whether it is really so important to get behind the "correct" person. They might even begin to questions whether high office should have so much power, or whether the king and his court (Congress) should be given trillions to spend on their friends.

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Some of what you say is true but I am still extremely glad Trump is president and Hillary is not.

There are some very good reasons for that and I should not have to explain that again but here goes:

We tossed a wrench in the gears.  At the very least we got something very very valuable: To wit:

  • the Deep State outing itself in such an obvious way that a significant percentage of the population is being educated in it.
  • Same as first point but directed at the main stream media.   Sort of a repeat since msm is paid lackey of Deep State Banking Cabal.
  • After all this Deep State obviousness on lying / law breaking no one is going to be able to go back to where they started before the Trump's first 4 years.  We've crossed some tangible line in the distrust of government.

Trump is better than Hillary alright.  Low bar.  But nonetheless he is.  None of the above points would have been achieved in such spectacular terms had said wrench not been tossed in the gears.  I laud anyone who had the vision to vote for Trump for achieving this.  My only worry is how do we up the anty after Trump exits office in 2024.

They say conservatives think liberals are stupid and liberals think conservatives are evil.  The real truth is liberals are duped minions of the Deep State that are both stupid and evil.  That's what you get when you seek to get something for nothing cut out of the hide of someone else.



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Given the downvotes I must come back and explain that I also am glad Trump got it over Hillary. And for the same reasons you gave DWYP.

To me, Trump represents the beginning of a Great Repudiation of the notion of an all-powerful State whose only check is an occasional vote on people who are typically unwilling to materially change anything. Like or dislike Trump, he has helped to expose the real nature of such a system, and we're having a better opportunity than ever to wake people up to new ideas.

I laud anyone who had the vision to vote for Trump for achieving this. My only worry is how do we up the anty after Trump exits office in 2024.

IMO, for the next 4 years (action starts in 2022 if the whole thing holds together) you need to be doing nothing but building up your Plan A (homestead) and Plan B (escape plan), reading books, and getting to know your neighbors + get organized. In our case, we're getting to know the local homeschool network.

Even if these recent incidents are more bark than bite, doing all of the above will yield you much more influence and many more options for action, which will be needed when the time comes to take leftism out of civil discourse.

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got it...


i also am glad Trump won...he literally is destroying BOTH corrupt parties...


and if you think both parties are NOT corrupt...sorry...then you are part of the problem...


REAL change can only truly occur IF if burns to the ground (figuratively) and something new can be reborn WITHOUT the elitist lawyers...


as always, i'll put down my peace pipe and slowly back away from the keyboard...



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My great-grandmother-in-law was a minor victim of the Red Guard. Minor meaning that she wasn't killed - they just took everything the family had after kicking them around. Grandma was 5 at the time and made to watch. In China you don't talk about it but at the end of her life she told me and my wife, her grand-daughter.

Fun fact: The Red Guard sounds like soldiers, kinda like our Marines. This is false, they were middle/high school Antifa. The main takeaway I got from that lesson was, never never never give up the guns.

One semi-related fact: The first Communist Revolution in China failed, and Mao was driven way out into the middle of nowhere. If the Japanese hadn't invaded, they would have faded into insignificance. This is both the opportunity and the threat in front of us.

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You are missing the elephant in the room: on one side, Trump Derangement Syndrome - that's for the liberals.

On the other side, you have the Marxist or Commie Derangement Syndrome, that the author above undoubtedly suffers from.

Same on each side.

The whole country is batshit crazy.

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'batshit crazy'


No kidding. The right does have it's own problem members too, some fringy and some loony.


The left's problem is that there are so many students, sexual deviants, and wildly out of control politicians and media / entertainment folks 'in the news' every day. The normal American is now at the end of the line with the pushing and shoving to the left they observe. I predict a good showing for the R's in November, and a lot of violence by the D's immediately afterward.



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