Is America's Liberal Left Enforcing The Fascist Ideals They Preach Staunchly Against?

Authored by Jon Hall via Free Market Shooter blog,

Last week, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was booted out of a Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. Protesters swarmed around Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s home on Friday. Florida’s Attorney General was confronted and heckled at a showing of a Mr. Rogers documentary.

Just what is going on?

The liberal left is the side that espouses tolerance, acceptance, and love. That apparently only extends as far as keeping with their political alignment, however. In a news clip that reeked of practicing intolerant, extremist enforcement to “stand up” against “fascist” ideals, Rep. Maxine Waters advocated for those within the Trump administration to face harassment, all for doing their job:

Sarah Sanders, a paying customer to the Red Hen was forced out of the restaurant merely for her political affiliation. Sanders – or her party – did not cause a scene or ruckus to merit being booted out. Sanders was merely removed for the “offense” of working for the Trump administration.  Of the incident, co-owner of the Red Hen, Stephanie Wilkinson said:

This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals.

Wilkinson also said she “would have done the same thing again”.

The Red Hen and Wilkinson conveniently hid behind the veil of morality to claim their “just” decision to enforce their own intolerance upon a member of the Trump administration. Sanders and her group, of course, took the high road, and left politely without causing any drama when asked to leave, the true definition of going high, when they go low – the (hypocritical) mantra of the Obama family.

Showing no shame, protesters targeted Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, at her home last week as well. A group of about two dozen protesters swarmed around Nielsen’s house, blasting audio of crying immigrant children and chanting “No justice, no sleep”.

As Nielsen left her home, the protesters hurled vitriolic insults at her: “History will remember you,” one shouted. “You belong in the Hague! You’re a modern-day Nazi!” another jeered.

Some Democrats even went so far as to praise the protesters.

U.S. Representative, David Bowen of Wisconsin tweeted, “Walking in @SecNielsen DC area neighborhood to remind her & neighbors snatching kids from families is wrong!” Former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, David Leopold posted, “Good morning @SecNielsen. Kids don’t sleep in peace. You don’t sleep in piece [sic]”.

The group of protesters that surrounded Nielsen’s home even included an employee of the U.S. Department of Justice, as reported by Fox News.

Nielsen also encountered trouble attempting to grab a bite to eat, being heckled and booed out of a Mexican restaurant – being faced with chants of “shame” and “end family separation” as she dined before the insults became too much and she was forced to leave. That’s two members of the Trump administration forced out of public for no reason other than their political beliefs.

NPR defended the incident, calling Nielsen a “hypocrite” for eating at a Mexican restaurant.

That’s correct, NPR insinuated that people should pick their dining choices based on their political affiliationsFor NPR, though – an outlet that receives federal funding – it’s the norm now.

Pam Bondi, the Republican Attorney General of Florida, was heckled over the weekend as she left a showing of a Mr. Rogers documentary. Demonstrators shouted her down as she left the theater, with one of them asking Bondi “what would Mr. Rogers think about you and your legacy in Florida”. Another shouted, “you’re a horrible person” as Bondi was escorted out by police.

The irony of the venue these protesters chose for demonstrating must be entirely lost on them. As Bondi points out:

We were in a movie about anti-bullying and practicing peace and love and tolerance and accepting of people for their differences…

Yet the shameless left still hurled vitriol and toxicity toward her, trying to preach for tolerance and acceptance but because Bondi was part of the party they disagreed with, that justifies the total lack of decency and standards.

On the topic of lack of human decency, Michael Hayden, the former director of the NSA – who likened the separation of families at the border to the Holocaust – defended his comparison, tweeting:

Notice near the end of his tweet – “After we punish a marginalized population“. It is laughable that a former director of one of the biggest intelligence agencies in the U.S. is calling for a “marginalized population” to be disciplined (editor’s note – think of the level of access of information that Hayden had on Americans when he was director of the NSA – if you support Trump and this doesn’t scare you, I’m not sure what would)Violence against not only members of the Trump administration but also Trump supporters is being normalized at a scary pace. The “tolerance and acceptance” is truly astounding.

All of this isn’t even mentioning the worst offender of the week – actor Peter Fonda.

Fonda took to Twitter – in a series of now deleted tweets – to blast President Trump for “his” policy that separated families at the border. In the most extreme tweet, Fonda espoused:

We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant asshole she is married to.

In his other tweets, Fonda called Sarah Sanders and Kristjen Nielsen a “lying gash” and prompted that Nielsen “should be put in a cage and poked at by passerby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passerby while being filmed for posterity”.

Bear in mind, the latest narrative about separating illegal families at the U.S. border was hinged on a plea from the liberal left to think of the children. However, here we have a liberal Hollywood megastar yearning for a child to be put in a cage and raped.

To be so deranged as to wish a child be raped for simply being the son of Donald Trump makes their argument against mistreating children fall apart completely.

If the left cares so much about children, where were they at when an 18-year-old Trump supporter was kidnapped and tortured by four black individuals in Chicago? In regards to the incident, the silence of the mainstream media was deafening – a total media blackout.

It’s no surprise that hypocrisy and double-standards plague the liberal left. However, the slippery slope has long been traversed in regards to the edifying normalization of hate and vitriol against those of different political belief – as showcased with these toxic incidents that all transpired in just a week.

Furthermore, consider the massive liberal outrage funneled and orchestrated by the mainstream media if any member of Obama’s administration had been treated in the way Sarah Sanders or Kristjen Nielsen has been. Consider the furor and demand for action if a major Hollywood star called for Obama’s daughters to be locked in a cage with pedophiles. That hypothetical star’s career would have been ended and condemned – and rightfully so.

However, because the bigoted chastisements and savage remarks are directed at the other side of the aisle, the always-left mainstream media won’t form a crusade against any of the ire and demand action. In fact, they will report on these incidents as if they are acceptable and further normalize their hateful rhetoric, plunging our nation and discourse into the freakish state of vulgarity and indecency we currently find ourselves in.


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The Libtards are running out of tricks: Schumer’s tears, “poor chillen”, Maxine’s rants, Adam Schiff’s tantrums…

They’re left with the Nuclear Option – unleashing Nancy Pelosi’s tits à la “Girls Gone Wild”.   ;-)


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Just had a thought...

Back in the 90s, "They were throwing babies out of incubators!" and so began the Gulf War.

Right after 9/11, instead of simply getting Bin Laden it was "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction! And look at how his regime treats women!" And so began Gulf War 2.

Not so long ago, they had fake pics of dead children in a school, and "Assad gassed his people!" in order to attempt an escalation in Syria.

Now, it is "Children in cages! Get Trump!" The coup is coming home.

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Of course the liberals are fascists, the progressives don't even believe in real science like blacks being dumber than whites. Can't be that progressive when you deny facts 🤣 they're all just cheerleaders for the fascist jew world order, yawn. How could they get famous otherwise? Talent? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

Besides, all these 9/11 cover-uperers will burn in hellfire when the divine maker decides he's had enough of their little charade. That's 10,000 cycles as an aphid for you Sarah, and 100,000 as a gibbon for you Obama, or whatever species of monkey it is that eats its young and throws feces... Bonobos? Yeah that sounds about right. An Orangutan is too noble for Trump so he'll just come back as a fucking carrot.

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I'm sort of surprised that some enterprising person hasn't printed up flyers and handed them out to Lexington homeless implying that the bathrooms at the Red Hen are available for their use, since the owner is a progressive. I'm sure,  well reasonably sure she would welcome them, because how could she not, they're human beings, right? Also perhaps they would be welcome to use unoccupied tables for their comfort and repose In the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

I would be alarmed to learn that there were illegal aliens working in her kitchen.

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The MSFNM (Mainstream Fake News Media & Entertainment Oligopoly) (including Hollywood) and The Communist Progressive Demon-Marxist Party consist of the very same Bolshevik Leftists who denied the atrocities committed by the Bolshevik Marxists in the Soviet Union. Then the Soviet Union fell and the Russians admitted that, "Yeah, all those atrocities denied by your Bolshevik Leftists for decades really all happened. It's just that the numbers of dead was far higher than people like Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley ever knew."

So, does one trust people who were proven LIARS over the course of many decades? I know what I think. It's certainly no surprise that the presstitute LIARS in the Mainstream Fake News media continue to deny reality. They aren't in the 'business' of reporting on reality. They are solely illegitimate Bolshevik Agit-Prop (political agitation and propaganda) outlets. 


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Not fascist ideals, communist ones.

This is almost an exact repeat of Weimar, except that we haven't had the massive national humiliation nor the hyperinflation. But yes, Antifa acted then exactly the way they do now, and the Nazis rose up in response. They put all those commie fucks in jail, made things in their country the way they ought to be.

Then we destroyed them to satisfy Churchill's personal vendetta against the German people.

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I was talking with my father-in-law the other day about Chinese communism, and he told me that the recently formed Republic of China had very successfully driven out Mao and the communists, and there were just a few thousand left in a desert town in the middle of nowhere, maybe even a few hundred at the lowest point.

The reason they ultimately came out on top, was Japan invading + the communists then being able to convince enough people that only they knew how to use guerilla warfare to drive back the Japs. This gave them the second wind they needed to make a second go at their revolution. That, and giving Chiang Kai-shek an offer he couldn't refuse at the Xi'an Incident (If you visit China, go see that site - Lady Yang's Bathhouse - in Xi'an. They even preserved the bullet holes from that "negotiation.")

I think the bottom line here, is that all of the mass-murdering evil we saw in the 20th century was precipitated by war and by economic chaos (Weimar hyperinflation) giving the baddie-of-choice an opportunity. The absolute worst thing that could happen to Soros, the MIC, and these Marxist street thugs is no war, a general attitude among the people that they can and will rebuild the nation and the economy, leading to a moderated recession.

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This is going to get me a lot of down arrows, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  If that baker is entitled not to be forced to bake a cake for a gay marriage, then this Wilkenson is entitled not to serve Sanders.  That's called individual liberty and non-coercion by the iron fist in the velvet glove.  And all the libertarians and conservatives in the area are entitled to boycott this restaurant and suggest to their less political friends that they do so also.  That's called voting with your wallet.

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Of course they are entitled not to serve her.

But running after them and protesting in front of a DIFFERENT restaurant? Following them home? Attacking them in the street? BOMBING their homes?

Understand that while there is a fairly clear line between what is and isn't acceptable or allowable, the leftists can't see it. Whenever they lose, they escalate the situation until you wind up with a communist revolution and a few hundred thousand people in concentration camps.

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Well let's look at what the real liberal magic is:

  • baker does not want to bake cake.  Has to fight it all the way to the supreme court
  • Does not want to serve people in MAGA hats? Oh no problem that's not the same as the baker thing. Coincidentally NO GIGUNTO LEGAL BILL.....NO WAITING TO GET THE DEFINITIVE NO.

The best business approach in both cases is probably to just do the job and take the money.  If you think someone is too annoying to put up with as I suspect Mr and Mz Froot with the cake are then just botch the job so badly they never come back.  You can't be sued for being incompetent at least not cake-wise.

.........The interwebs are full of gloriously funny botched cake inscriptions.  Google it.

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If I had a business, I want every stupid, fucktard liberal spending their hard earned money buying my stuff. In turn I will spend their hard earned money on guns, other stores and businesses that support conservative values and to donate to conservative causes.

Only liberals are so damn stupid to open their mouths and shun half of their business revenue by bashing conservatives an trying to fake-shame them. 

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msmedia is controlled by jews and cia minders.  

They have less control over millenials and gen z.

they deal in illusion consensus.


why is not one late night talk show host even moderate let alone pro-Trump?  Half the country supports him but there’s no money in having one guy even who isnt a Kimmel/Bee/Colbert clone?  Really?  



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FFS I am getting sick and tired of the misuse of the word "fascist". The so-called "American Liberal Left" are actually communists, and they are behaving the exact same way that communists have always behaved. The fascist movements in Germany and Italy were formed in direct response to communist agitation--and outright revolution--in the immediate aftermath of World War 1...the exact same kind of agitating and revolutionary activity that we are seeing happen RIGHT NOW in the Former United States of America. Doesn't anybody know the first fucking thing about history? In 1919, the communists were literally on the verge of taking over Germany before irregularly-organized remnants of the Imperial German Army put a stop to them. Many of those heroic soldiers went on to found and/or join the NSDAP which was organized specifically to fight the communist threat-- a threat that was thwarted in 1919, but by no means defeated, until a particular man put an end (well, a temporary end at least) to the German communist movement in 1933.

And for those who are ignorant of history, the communist movements worldwide were created, and led, by... wait for it...


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The fascist political/economic system functioned on the state playing the role of picking winner and loser companies either for the benefit of the state and/or oligopoly.  Furthermore, the fascist systems used propaganda and gestapo to ensure alignment of thought.  Politically Correct term was born out of these very tactics (albeit soviet).  


So in the sense of economic (Silicon Valley, green energy) and political (media, legal attack groups)...they are very fascist.  Now if you believe they are hiding a motivation for complete state ownership of all means of production and property you may be right that thy are closer communists.  Rather though, i think most are not.  Most want a government enforced sort of theocracy that looks like fascism

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This is what they jews have taught us, yes. But now we have learned to question their lessons, as they have proven time and again they do not have our best interests at heart.

The firsthand reports I have read said that Nazi Germany had a system of free enterprise with only a few limitations that stopped people from doing degenerate shit like dressing little boys up like harlots.

Stop framing National Socialist Germany in Soviet terms. They were not the same, and jews (like yourself) conflate them to hide the crimes of your ilk.

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Idiot fascist fucker do you know the origin of the word fascism and why it was first just by chance chosen to qualify the ideology of the Hitler regime? Btw. Stop does not for an argument make - bovine. Hitlerism/Nazism is the fascist status of power achieved through the mass addoption of extreme right ideologies as Stalinism/Bolshevism is for the extreme left flavour ideology. Does your retarded brain have the capacity to observe how these two manifestations of fascist accumulation of power reached to be named after the leaders who climbed at the top of the power pyramid and used terror and fear to keep on and preserve their position? That is exactly the perfection of power concentration, it is actually the variation of the classic antique authocrat emperor position.

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How about you suck at the end of a gun when firing? Just do it after you read and learn the history and origin of the term 'fascism' and let us know about how it feels to find out you are an ignorant retard. Just have the dignity to not blow your tiny brain before confirming publicly that you got updated on history and your low intelligence and deep ignorance status.

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Luc, you fall into the least effective form of arguing--the personal attack.  This is used by people who have either a) a small penis, or b) no penis at all. Evidently you are weak-assed and ready for the glue factory.

I bet that you have an IQ that even is higher than Joe Biden's.  That is a particularly low bar to clear, but probably you had to figger out the internet'n'shit.  When u figger out how 2 serch the internet, u can look up this eye-talian guy:

Giovanno Gentile

Your assignment, (doubt u kan reed that gud) is to provide a book report on ol' Giovanni's influence on Eyetalian politics and, for extra credit, 'cuz we know u r a striver to gain all of them participation trophies, his influence on global politics.

Breathlessly, we await your sage response.


- Ned

{I chose not to use the term "bundle of fags" so I wouldn't trigger u, but that is the sense of faschi, don't cha' know.}


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"The fascist political/economic system functioned on the state playing the role of picking winner and loser companies either for the benefit of the state and/or oligopoly"

This tired old meme AGAIN?? Your ignorance is staggering. Let's look at a real historical example: Germany in the 1930s. Thanks to the interference of a certain, uh, shall we say, "ethnocentric rootless parasitic cosmopolitan elite", the German economy was in a complete shambles in 1933, and Hjalmar Schacht was appointed to straighten it out. To do so, he was delegated the power of the state to reorganize it from the top down, and these powers granted to him allowed him to accomplish this monumental task within only a few years. Once the German economy was reorganized, it was largely left to its own devices--or would have been, if it hadn't been forced onto a wartime footing in the late 1930s. Of course, everybody knows that wartime economies are planned economies, but that was an entirely different dynamic, and one that played out everywhere in the world, especially in the so-called "free market" USA.

Flush the Jew propaganda out of your headgear, and study some real history.

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Both communism and fascism are forms of totalitarian collectivism.  They both suck and on the street for the average Joe, there is not that much difference between them.  Once in power, they use militarized police forces, some of them covert, to terrorize anyone who steps slightly out of line, like Winston Smith.  There are two main structural differences between them,  They use different memes to appeal to the people.  The communists use extreme egalitarianism and stripping the rich of their wealth,  while the fascists usually use extreme national patriotism, xenophobia, and racism.  I would say that today, the State of Israel is the best example of pure fascism.  The other major difference is that fascism uses the classical corporate structure in the form of crony capitalism, and the so-called captains of industry have the bulk of the decision making power.  Communism structures everything directly through the state.  If I were to evaluated the USA as it currently exists, I see it as a blend, but the oligarchs are really running the show.  I would call it 65% fascism and 35% communism.  What makes that call tricky is that the power structure is fascist while the ideological meme tends to be communist.  Creates a lot of cognitive dissonance among the us pissants.

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The so-called "American Liberal Left" are actually communists

The American left is about the extraction of wealth and power from the productive.  Any *ism will do if it helps them in their theft.

After they have built as much power as possible and stolen as much wealth as possible they will move on to the next victim.

Power and wealth is their sole motivator.  Follow the money. Cui Bono. Or simply look at them and what they have amassed since entering office via foundations and family.

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Communism is the only "ism" that facilitates a foreign parasitic elite to suck a nation's economy dry. "Fascism" doesn't work because the tenets of fascism specifically exclude foreign elites from a nation's leadership. As far as "Capitalism" goes, it can be used by communists as a stepping stone to communism, by using financial markets to concentrate all economic activity into giant so-called "publicly held" corporations that are nominally owned by "public" shareholders, but are in fact controlled for the exclusive financial benefit of a managerial and political elite... or should I say, (((elite))). Let me translate that into other language that may make you understand more clearly... the means of production are "owned" by the proletariat, but actually run by a "party elite", allegedly in the proletariat's interest, but in fact, for the benefit of the party elite. Get it?

In other words, the Former USA has been transformed into a Communist Democratic State to facilitate the extraction of wealth by an ethnocentric foreign rootless cosmopolitan elite.

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