Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign

Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim during Monday's joint press conference with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland, when the Russian President said some $400 million in illegally earned profits was funneled to the Clinton campaign by associates of American-born British financier Bill Browder - at one time the largest foreign portfolio investors in Russia. The scheme involved members of the U.S. intelligence community, said Putin, who he said "accompanied and guided these transactions."

Browder made billions in Russia during the 90's. In December, a Moscow court sentenced Browder in absentia to nine years in prison for tax fraud, while he was also found guilty of tax evasion in a separate 2013 case. Putin accused Browder's associates of illegally earning over than $1.5 billion without paying Russian taxes, before sending $400 million to Clinton.

After offering to allow special counsel Robert Mueller's team to come to Russia for their investigation - as long as there was a reciprocal arrangement for Russian intelligence to investigate in the U.S., Putin said this: 

For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder, in this particular case.  Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.  Well that’s their personal case.  

It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal.  So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions.  So we have an interest in questioning them.

We would expect Putin to show some receipts for such bombshell allegations, while President Trump did not challenge the claims. 

Who is Bill Browder?

From a report we noted in February by Philip Giraldi of The Strategic Culture Foundation:

Israel Shamir, a keen observer of the American-Russian relationship, and celebrated American journalist Robert Parry both think that one man deserves much of the credit for the new Cold War and that man is William Browder, a hedge fund operator who made his fortune in the corrupt 1990s world of Russian commodities trading.

Browder is also symptomatic of why the United States government is so poorly informed about international developments as he is the source of much of the Congressional “expert testimony” contributing to the current impasse. He has somehow emerged as a trusted source in spite of the fact that he has self-interest in cultivating a certain outcome. Also ignored is his renunciation of American citizenship in 1998, reportedly to avoid taxes. He is now a British citizen.

Browder is notoriously the man behind the 2012 Magnitsky Act, which exploited Congressional willingness to demonize Russia and has done so much to poison relations between Washington and Moscow. The Act sanctioned individual Russian officials, which Moscow has rightly seen as unwarranted interference in the operation of its judicial system.

Browder, a media favorite who self-promotes as “Putin’s enemy #1,” portrays himself as a selfless human rights advocate, but is he? He has used his fortune to threaten lawsuits for anyone who challenges his version of events, effectively silencing many critics. He claims that his accountant Sergei Magnitsky was a crusading "lawyer" who discovered a $230 million tax-fraud scheme that involved the Browder business interest Hermitage Capital but was, in fact, engineered by corrupt Russian police officers who arrested Magnitsky and enabled his death in a Russian jail.

Many have been skeptical of the Browder narrative, suspecting that the fraud was in fact concocted by Browder and his accountant Magnitsky. A Russian court recently supported that alternative narrative, ruling in late December that Browder had deliberately bankrupted his company and engaged in tax evasion. He was sentenced to nine years prison in absentia.

William Browder is again in the news recently in connection with testimony related to Russiagate. On December 16th Senator Diane Feinstein of the Senate Judiciary Committee released the transcript of the testimony provided by Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS. According to James Carden, Browder was mentioned 50 times, but the repeated citations apparently did not merit inclusion in media coverage of the story by the New York Times, Washington Post and Politico.

Fusion GPS, which was involved in the research producing the Steele Dossier used to discredit Donald Trump, was also retained to provide investigative services relating to a lawsuit in New York City involving a Russian company called Prevezon. As information provided by Browder was the basis of the lawsuit, his company and business practices while in Russia became part of the investigation. Simmons maintained that Browder proved to be somewhat evasive and his accounts of his activities were inconsistent. He claimed never to visit the United States and not own property or do business there, all of which were untrue, to include his ownership through a shell company of a $10 million house in Aspen Colorado. He repeatedly ran away, literally, from attempts to subpoena him so he would have to testify under oath.

Per Simmons, in Russia, Browder used shell companies locally and also worldwide to avoid taxes and conceal ownership, suggesting that he was likely one of many corrupt businessmen operating in what was a wild west business environment.

My question is, “Why was such a man granted credibility and allowed a free run to poison the vitally important US-Russia relationship?” The answer might be follow the money. Israel Shamir reports that Browder was a major contributor to Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, who was the major force behind the Magnitsky Act.


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Illegal aliens given right to vote in SF:


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Browder's paternal grandfather was Earl Browder, who was born in Kansas in 1891.He was a radical and had lived in the Soviet Union for several years from 1927 and married Raisa Berkman, a Jewish Russian woman, while living there. After his return to the United States in 1931,Earl Browder became the leader of the Communist Party USA, and ran for U.S. president in 1936 and 1940. After World War II, Earl Browder lost favor with Moscow and was expelled from the American Communist party.




“A handful of shysters who basically stole Russia's most valuable companies in the 90s, minting a small handful of mega-billionaires, while the rest of the country ate dirt.” (Hedge fund managers George Soros, Bill Browder and other Russian investors ripped off the Russian people) 
 …”the Great Russian Rip Off” happened in the 1990’s, while Soros was Bill Clintons Expert on Russian affair…
…Coincidentally, Bill Browder is the man behind the accusations by the Clintons of Trump’s Russian collusion..



Thank you for the great post Jack's Ma: 


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Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign



See that? Putin doesn't have to skulk about in the shadows in order to nail Hillary. The man says it right out loud in a room full of people with worldwide press coverage. But he didn't involve himself until the Democrats dragged him into this.

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It is now dazzling before my eyes:

"So what we’ve learned in the past few days is that Bill Browder and Thor Halvorssen have ties to former M16 spies including Pablo Miller who allegedly recruited Sergei Skripal and now works for Christopher Steele, the guy who wrote the Trump dossier.  Browder also has close ties to Legatum whose staff has ties to Malta not only through the Atlantic Council but as we’ll see, through Henley & Partners’ passport program.

Not only that, Rebekah Mercer who helped create Cambridge Analytica was listed on Thor Halvorssen’s website but was removed only days after I archived it.  I mean, how much, if anything, did the Mercers and Steve Bannon (or even Halvorssen) know about Malta and Henley & Partners?

Rebekah Mercer recently joined the new, improved, and renamed Cambridge Analytica, “Emerdata Ltd,” another Alexander Nix company that lists Johnson Chun Shun Ko on the company roster.  Chun Shun Ko is an executive from Frontier Services Group, “a military firm chaired by prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince.”  Emerdata Ltd. is listed at the same address as SCL and for all you conspiracy theorists out there that can’t help yourselves enjoy this video, “Erik Prince Blackwater:  Knight of Malta Tradition.”

And, folks, I haven’t even gotten to Brexit yet."


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I might be mistaken, but I'm figuring things must be picking up behind the scenes for Trump to be confident to meet in person with Putin, despite all the globalist controlled media going into neo-McCarythism overdrive; especially before the 2018 mid-terms.  It's coming to the point that these anchors on TV are yelling at the camera, all the "guests" are either IC officiers and/or former Obama officials, so basically anyone and everyone trying to cover their own asses from whatever they did when Obama was "running" the show.

Interestingly enough, I thought Trump and company would wait to make some bold moves after the mid-terms in November, and not give anymore ammunition to the mockinbird media, to just leave them to their own devices to go into meltdown. Maybe I'm wrong though and by throwing them a juicy piece of meat just makes them look all the more stupid, and speeds up the process of driving more people away from their propaganda narrative.  Any thoughts ZH'ers?

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What you/many call "Russian Jew" is actually Russian Ashkenazim.

Ashkenazis were but one tribe (that almost went extinct) 700 years ago.

So.. these tribal oligarchs can be said to be an organized crime cartel, emanating from one tribe. It is not unlike the Italian Maffia, emanating out of Italy. If Mafiosos were to play the same anti-defamation card as Ashkis do, then they'd scream "Anti-Italian racist" from pulpits, radio, TV, newspapers, etc. They'd get "Anti-Italianism" recognized as a form of racism.  How absurb and how perverse.


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Jack Keane is always and forever on Fox to push the perfidious Russians mantra and cheerlead the war on Syria. Ralph Peters played that one-string ukulele too until he left Fox in a huff. At least,  Dobbs, Carlson,  Hannity and Ingraham don't buy the collusion story. 

They're good on immigration but seem unable to come out and say stop it completely.  Carlson invariably has the most infuriating dual-citizen Mexican troll immigration lawyer on to push immigration bullshit.  Never Brimelow of Sailer.  Occasionally,  I think,  you'll see the NumbersUSA guy. Why us it always the shills for Mexico? You want fair and balanced?  How about Prof.  MacDonald to contrast Zionist fanatical anti-immigrant measures in Israel and Jewish fanaticism on immigration and open borders here and in Europe? 

Whites are ordained by God to submit to the third world invasion. 

Fox is schizophrenic on these issues. 

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Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer.

Not only do you have a better idea of what they are doing, their motives, etc, they are part of your shield.

At this point in his Presidency, impeachment is more of a fantasy than ever. A blue wave in congress is extremely unlikely, at least given prosecutions by 6 November, 2018. If those are handled well, and the Republicans field pro-Trump candidates, it will be a red wave. The major risk for Trump is now assassination.

If I were Trump, I would have David Patraeus, Hillary Clinton, Bolton, ... all of them on the airplane with me every time I flew anything anywhere, and surrounding me at every event, right outside my ring of serious Russian Spetsnaz security, inside the rings of US security.

In fact, I would choose my inner ring based on Putin's advice. Putin isn't a good friend, but having spies in my inner circle promotes trust, it is more difficult to hide plans. Valued relatives of Putin's would be good. Those are among hostage's former functions, back in the days when clans could not trust each other.

I would trust Putin's people with my President's security before I would trust the Secret Service. They allowed Kennedy and Reagan to be shot, among other slipups. Not the agents, all no doubt willing to take a bullet for the President, even if she had been Clinton, who they hate. But the people doing the planning of ops, the scheduling, the protection of his airplanes, the maintainers of his airplanes, etc. Those are the people who are in a position to kill Presidents. You need people they value on every flight, in every vehicle of a motorcade, in adjacent chairs at every event.

Now re-think Trump's military advisors.

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It really is popcorn time. I believe this is the Coming Out party for the public airing of all of the dirty laundry. These moves are so big and so public that there just isn't any way forward now except a full accounting. 

Oh what I would give for a full time "Clinton Cam" over the last 48 hours. 

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And further, there is now no possibility of impeaching Trump.

But the Deep Black Swamp cannot stop the coup, they will hang.

Thus, the Deep Black Swamp's choices are :

  • assassinating Trump, producing instant civil war
  • a sudden very major war, unlikely while Trump is alive to stop it
  • a very major false flag to distract everyone, but those are losing their effect as the public grows skeptical
  • a serious bombing campaign by the next Weather Underground to distract the public. Tie it to Antifa, with a major media hate Antifa campaign, maybe, but skeptical public and alt-media, so I wouldn't be hopeful.
  • Going full-kinetic, using their 28 fusion centers' arms caches and the ISIS-recruited shock troops they have imported to run their ratlines. Not enough, compared to armed citizens, even with the armour and drones. Not enough logistics support to make that last very long, and how to you occupy the USA heartland? Not nearly enough troops.
  • A very, very major false flag, e.g. nuclear weapon in DC that takes out the President, VP, cabinet Supreme Court and Congressional leaders. Hard to get all of those into DC at once, so maybe next State of the Union address.  That would trigger the provisions of the Continuity of Government law, instant military dictatorship. So would need to take out enough of Trump's people in Joint Chiefs of Staff, their own people out of town, David Patraeus, etc.

The last is the best bet, seems to me. I wouldn't hang around DC until after the next State of the Union. Is there some ceremony swearing in the new Congress that would bring all the required victims into DC?

I still think the DBS, even with all their allies inside the country and internationally, with the support of the Free Shit Army (probably more impediment than help, though there are many veterans among them, no doubt some not on drugs), would ultimate lose, way too many people inside the military and various police forces would side with the Patriots. Hard to win with your ranks infiltrated so completely, but it would be a very ugly war. Major cities looking like Aleppo, for example.

The DBS cannot stop, they hang. Any roll of the dice is better than hanging for them. It has to get ugly before this ends.


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The problem with using nuclear weapons is that the source of the nuclear material can be IDed from the isotope composition, down to the reactor and the year.

The evidence trail that would be left in getting an NK bomb into the country and into a critical position in one of those faults, ... The CIA cannot pull that kind of thing off, meta-data galore, open for public view. The exact reason they are losing this contest with Trump, despite total control of the media.

But, as a short-term delay, getting ready for further steps, yes, maybe. But once you open that strategy up as a possibility, there are an infinite number of possibilites that would have as large an effect.

Probably less metadata and investigators if it is done in a foreign country, foreign city. The Deep Black Swamp's psyops forces can blow an imaginary pimple into a mountain without much effort, give them any real event to work with, ... Who knows?

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Continuity of Government provisions were triggered and instituted 9/11.  It has never been revoked, is the information I have.  One way of explaining Trump's powerlessness.  Or Session's.

It was a coup.  A (((foreign))) intelligence service, working with (((elements))) of our government, our oligarchy, and our intelligence services.

Why do "intelligence services" even exist?  They are clearly not compatible with freedom.  From the oligarchy, for the oligarchy.  No space for them in a Constitutional Republic.  Or even a democracy.

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Logged in just to up vote you. This analysis I agree with 100% - with the key line being "any roll of the dice is better than hanging". That is what we're up against - a cornered animal. Nothing is off the table for them if they think it might swing the tide.

Situational awareness always. Watch your surroundings and avoid crowds - from now on until we see major moves against the kingpins, or even some front men like Comey and Mueller.

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I was banking on Putin doing this, I thought he would do it behind closed doors with Trump but the brilliance of doing this in a room filled with the gap mouthed press...even more brilliant. Now they can't pretend they did not know...and he now gives both the U.S. and the Brits a choice, shut up or put up. I also believe it was for this reason the swamp did not want Trump to go.



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