Michigan Declares State Of Emergency After Cancer-Linked Toxin Found In Drinking Water

Michigan officials declared a state of emergency on Sunday after high levels of Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) were discovered in Kalamazoo County tapwater, reports Mlive.com

The declaration was made by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley (R), several days after the toxic compound was found in the water supply of Parchment and Cooper Township. 

“This declaration will allow the state to supply additional resources to help with response efforts and ensure the health and safety of residents in Parchment and Cooper Township,” Calley said in a statement, adding "This helps make sure that every resource that is possible is on the table and that we can work as expeditiously together as we possibly can." 

"State and local officials and members of the community have been working in full partnership to ensure people in the area have safe water in the short, medium and long term," Calley said.

Officials detected a concentration of 1,587 parts per trillion of PFAS substances, while the EPA's maximum recommended dose is 70 parts per trillion. Recent research by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, however, suggests that single-digit levels of the compounds can cause health problems, reports The Hill

Crews from Kalamazoo are currently working to flush Parchment's water lines, which may stir up sediment and discolor the water - which residents are advised not to drink. In the meantime, officials are distributing water at Parchment High School.

PFAS compounds can be found in food packaging, commercial household products - especially those with Teflon and other nonstick surfaces. They are an emerging public health threat across Michigan - having contaminated the water supplies of over 20 communities across the state. 

The compounds can cause low infant birth weight, immune system issues, cancers, and thyroid hormone disruptions.

If humans,  or animals, ingest PFAS (by eating or drinking food or water than contain PFAS), the PFAS are absorbed, and can accumulate in the body. PFAS stay in the human body for long periods of time. As a result, as people get exposed to PFAS from different sources over time, the level of PFAS in their bodies may increase to the point where they suffer from adverse health effects.

Studies indicate that PFOA and PFOS can cause reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney, and immunological effects in laboratory animals. Both chemicals have caused tumors in animal studies. -EPA.gov

Meanwhile, water supplies in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York and elsewhere have tested positive for elevated PFAS levels.

A 2013 analysis of data collected in 2007 found that around 20% of US water supplies contain PFOA, a more dangerous form of PFAS, while 28% of water supplies have some form of contaminant in the perflourinated compound family according to Quartz

Research also suggests that the toxins harm human health at much lower levels than the EPA threshold. According to David Andrews, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, there is debate in the toxicology community as to whether, like lead, there is actually no safe level of exposure, particularly in children who can accumulate more of it than adults and where some studies have suggested an association with behavioral and developmental problems.

PFOA is not currently regulated by the EPA, so state or local governments aren’t required to test for them. The EPA does set a recommended maximum exposure level for PFOA at 70 parts per trillion. But it’s nonbinding: states can choose to comply or not. In New Jersey, the local environment department has set the “acceptable” level at 14 ppt, the most stringent in the country (there is a lot of PFOA in New Jersey’s drinking water—the Environmental Working Group calculated the EPA’s testing method would have missed 75% of the contamination in that state). -Quartz




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"State and local officials and members of the community have been working in full partnership to ensure people in the area have safe water in the short, medium and long term," 

Chill bottle of Topo Chico in ice.  To sanitize, open and drink down to bottom of yellow circle, refill to top with sterile alcohol such as Cazadores tequila or Yuu Baal mescal, squeeze in 1/4 lime, and enjoy a healthy Ranch Water.

Disclosure Statement: Long Topo Chico

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As someone else mentioned I'm sure that the MSM will try and blame this on Trump.

I have to wonder what the source of this problem is and whether other communities will end up with this issue? Also, what's the source of the bottled water they're handing out? I would hope that shit is shipped in from out of state.

If I was a resident I would go after the City, then again I'm sure someone's already started on that.

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Zero probability of the contamination having occurred suddenly. A major source is/was Scotchgard, from 3M. Sales of the original product containing PFOA and related compounds started in 1956. Our Johnny-on-the-spot EPA began an investigation into the chemicals. By June 2003 3M had replaced PFOS with PFBS, which is supposedly only 1/60th at bad.


More detail:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotchgard

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You need to live outside the US for a bit to realize that.  We are completely spoiled here in the US.  So much so, that the definition of poverty has been lost.  I've seen truly poor people when I lived abroad, but no poor people in the US.  The poor in the US have cable, Obama phones, housing, food stamps, and 60 pounds of excess body fat.  

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See, poverty comes in various flavors. The worst poverty in the world, by far the saddest, is poverty of the human spirit. A body can have all the material shit, money, beauty, fame, tv's, phones,cable, plastic fuck shacks, houses ..

And still be as fucking poor a bombed out third world refugee,

Funny how that works ..

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"Shower and wash with the tap water.  No problem with that."

NOT.  Sodium fluoride and its fellow-travelers in our tap water tend to suffuse across the epidermal boundary, infusing the tissues and entering the blood stream.  From there, the brain.  From there, Useful (to our Infandous Übermenschen) Problems.

Filtration in general is a very good idea, these cost-slashing days.  So is dropping a muslin bag loaded with 'arf a pound or so of Bone Char into the reservoir below the filtration-chamber in any gravity-driven homemade filter rig (mine works dandy and cost aught but the price of the 20-micron spun-polyester filter element) or Berkey-style store-bought unit.  It lasts for months on end, absorbing so much fluoride out of the filtrate that one's Pineal Gland just might (slowly, gently) de-calcify and return to normal function (Inner Vision) all on its own.  Just change it with the main filter element(s). 

A couple months on a gram per day of a decent Monoatomic Gold Ormus (mine was from one "ormusextreme" [dotcom] fwiw) tends to speed and fine-tune the Pineal Awakening too.  There's a good reason why certain ancients of note and record called that material "Philosopher's Stone" and treasured it more than metallic gold itself. 

Just de-calcify first.  Gold in any form is not for wasting.  And that is all. 0{:-)o[

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I know the fix, it is much worse than people can imagine. Have seen it have to happen once. Small tiny little old military compound left in affluent burbs, with fuel storage tanks, all but forgotten, they leaked.

They had to excavate the entire site down to five metres to remove the contaminated material, dispose of it safely and fill and compact the hole, mind boggling cost for the amount spilled because it had moved through the water table.

To go from the military base out to town wells, the fix, straight up buy out time with penalties for losses and turn that part of town into part of the military base, it's done for centuries and the contamination will continue to move. Once it is in the water table it is only a matter of time before it is in the Kalamazoo river.

Americans seem to have gone pollution insane, fracking, couple of decades of production for centuries of pollution as fracked wells fail, hundreds of thousands of them, probably millions by the time they are done.

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Can't waste resources here at home assuring sound drinking water for all, no, we need to attack Iran because as the rumor has it that the "undemocratic" Ayatollah is denying his people the benefits of premium drinking water.  Or something like that.  I get confused.

I'm certain, however, that the banks will step forward in their community spirit and lend the money at interest necessary to see Kalamazoo through their current crisis (bonds maturing sometime in the 22nd century).

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Nah.  That narrative has (at last, halleleujah!) pretty much run it's course.  But just watch as they gin-up to blame it all (and worse-to-come) on QAnon and the weaponization of our collective autism.  Which has been given us by, um, what greasy little gang of übermenschen over many, many toxics-laden decades, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk...?

Is real.  Oi, such a gift!  And that is all.  0{;-|o[

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