Pat Buchanan: Are Globalists Plotting A Counter-Revolution?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

On meeting with the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker last month, Donald Trump tweeted: “Both the U.S. and the E.U. drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies! That would finally be Free Market and Fair Trade.”

Did Larry Kudlow somehow get access to Trump’s phone?

We know not. But, on hearing this, Steve Forbes, Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer broke into the “Hallelujah” chorus of Handel’s “Messiah.”

“Amen,” they thundered in The New York Times.

Trump should declare “total trade disarmament” to be national policy and make free trade his “legacy” to America. Such a proclamation, they wrote, would assure Trump the “moral high ground” in the global debate and transform him from “evil disrupter of international commerce to potential savior.”

For free trade is always and ever a “win-win for trading partners.”

To read the Times op-ed is to appreciate that what we are dealing with here is an ideology, a political religion, a creed, a cult.

For consider the fruits of free trade policy during the last 25 years: the frozen wages of U.S. workers, $12 trillion in U.S. trade deficits, 55,000 factories lost, 6 million manufacturing jobs gone, China surpassing the U.S in manufacturing, all causing a backlash that pushed a political novice to the Republican nomination and into the presidency.

To maintain a belief in the superiority of free trade to economic patriotism, in the face of such results, is to recognize that this belief system is impervious to contradictory proof.

Still, the enduring enthusiasm of free trade zealots is not the only sign that GOP globalists, having learned nothing and forgotten nothing, are looking to a post-Trump era to resurrect their repudiated dogmas.

In USA Today, Jeffrey Miron, director of economic studies at the libertarian flagship think tank Cato Institute, wrote last week:

“The solution to America’s immigrant problems is open borders. … Open borders means no walls, fences, screenings at airports, ICE … deportations, detention centers or immigration courts.”

And what would happen after we declare open borders?

“Immigrants will not flood into America. … Crime will not skyrocket. … Even if values and culture change, so what? … Who says America’s current values — some of them deeply evil — are the right ones?”

Bottom line for Cato’s Miron: If we throw open America’s borders and invite the world to come in and to remake who we are as a nation, “Think about the money we could save and make.”

This is truly economics uber alles, economy before country.

Other open borders and free trade true believers have begun speaking out. Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, a megadonor to the GOP, has just lashed out at Trump as “divisive” and denounced the “rise in protectionism.”

Nations, organizations and individuals, said Koch, “are doing whatever they can to close themselves off from the new, hold onto the past and prevent change.”

He added, “This is a natural tendency, but it is a destructive one.”

In a pair of tweets, Trump fired back:

“The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas. I made them richer.

“Their network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn. They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First and the American Worker — a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again!”

The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, are threatening to have their network, Americans for Prosperity, withhold funding from GOP candidates who echo Trump on immigration and trade.

The open borders, free trade ideology of the Kochs, the Cato Institute, and such supply-siders as Moore, Forbes and Laffer, have deep roots in the Republican Party establishment.

Milton Friedman was of this school, as was the longtime editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, Bob Bartley, who for years pushed for a constitutional amendment declaring, “There shall be open borders.”

Bartley, somewhat prematurely, predicted that the nation-state was “finished” in the New World Order. Yet, today, as tribalism and nationalism are making a comeback, it looks more like the transnational “New World Order” that may be headed for the dumpster.

As long as Trump is in the White House and the party base is so viscerally behind him and his America First agenda, a renunciation of tariffs or a return to globalism is dead.

But what happens after Trump? Who and what comes next?

Republican recidivism — a return to the rejected open borders, free trade agenda of the Bush Republicans — would ignite a firestorm of protest that would tear the party of Trump apart.

Yet, while these ideas have lost Middle America, they are alive and well among the establishment elites of both parties, who have also not given up on a foreign policy of using America’s economic and military power to attempt to convert mankind to democracy.


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I get the feeling that something even bigger is coming down the pike. Maybe the powers that be are getting ready to pull the pin on the world economy. The last thing they want is for Donald Trump to be proven successful in his economic strategy.

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" The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, are threatening to have their network, Americans for Prosperity, withhold funding from GOP candidates who echo Trump on immigration and trad"

More billionaires wanting to be king..? Wow, this country really is owned by the moneyed interests. The working public is toast...

Maybe the French were right in their revolution.


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Call me an optimist but when I see the globalist movement moving to censor and de-platform anyone who expresses an alternative view, it signals to me that they are pretty far progressed in their death spiral. Violence, censorship, de-platforming, harassment...these are actions of a desperate movement that has lost its real power.

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The sad reality that I see all around is that Western civilization has been hijacked by degenerate hyenas like Rome was sacked from within first before being sacked externally. The institutions that once made the West a leader and a model, have been corrupted, tainted and filled with anti-humanists and crony corporatists. Greed is out of control and "popular culture" is spreading decay. The hollowing out will continue until these parasites find another host to leech off. Will it be China? Will it be a global government? Will it be another planet? Who knows. 

Once upon a time figures like Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan, Browder, Clapper, Clinton etc would be just fucking taken out or punished. Instead of that, they get to wander their toxic asses around like protected peacocks, all on tax payers dime, with their shitty agendas, and their shitty handlers cheering on the degeneracy and assault on the truth and the people.

If this is what "civilization" has boiled down to, count me the fuck out of it. The 5000 year old human farming experiment is merely switching straight jackets. Its the same old story that ever was, ever since we gave up the nomadic lifestyle. In a way, its probably an inevitability, given our flawed human nature, and the size of the population....and average intellect. The desire to be 'lead' by some ruling class, no matter what flavour of 'ism' it is, eventually all turns to the same end result....shit. Unless this global awakening can muster into a force to be reckoned with, and not be swayed by divide and conquer tactics, nothing will change. So far with the toxic Left vs Right divide, and countless other divides, the only beneficiaries of this are the ones at the top of the pyramid.

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Pat Buchanan: Are Globalists Plotting A Counter-Revolution?

HopefulCynical: Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Is fire hot?

FFS, look at the goddamn purge on (((Social media))). Of COURSE the (((globalists))) are attempting a counter-revolution.

We all need to move to alt-tech: Minds, Gab, Bitchute. Even if you don't have a (((social media))) presence, consider getting an alt-media presence. We've been wondering when the next phase would begin, whewn it would be time to take further action. Well, it's here.

First step in this next phase is to set up multiple lines of communication not under (((establishment))) control. Even if you seldom use them, set up accounts; advise those you know to do likewise. Wanna see the establishment panic? If they see the subscriber count for the alt-tech sites suddenly quadruple (or more) in response to their purge, they'll shit themselves. They'll probably attempt to pull domain registrars and financial processing services from those sites.

Then - the motherfucking games begin, bitchez.

[EDIT:] According to Styx, the alt-tech sites are already seeing a surge in membership. Let the (((establishment))) diaper-filling begin!

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Free Trade and Open Borders are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ISSUES.


Anyone that knows much about economics knows that Free Trade is a Good Thing (as long as it really is Free Trade, and no barriers on any side between trading partners).  

Open Borders, on the other hand, are anything but a good thing.  Flooding your country with Illegal Aliens and Religious Nut-Jobs is about the stupidest thing a country can do.




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Yip, and this is a part of (((their))) tactic: 

Doesn't matter if it's 2004 or 2018, the (((usual suspects))) keep playing this cruel game to maintain their eternal victim status, garner pity, sympathy and the mandatory outpouring of tax dollars from the city/state/nation's Treasury to their jew supremacist pockets.

And it's been going on for centuries....all over the western world.

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home

It's restricted, jewtube don't want you viewing it:


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•• ssk81646 (above)

•• Adolfsteinbergovitch (above)

•• More Sun (whack job)

•• Free This (below, in all his 7th grade glory - JACKASS  as new icon!)

....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.



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Ah... the two jew supremacist screechers show up on the scene. Where's your third back door pedo at?

 Scream on and on jews, just like you did and continue to do toward, Jesus Christ, Mosley, Hitler, Ernst, Ursula, Germar, David, Monika, Sylvia and a whole host of other White Euro truthers that defy your lies, warmongering and usury.

Get It, Read It:

"Against Our Better Judgement" Allison Weir

"The Bad War" M.S. King

"MegaCaust" Michael Walsh

"The Jewish Onslaught" Dr. Tony Martin

"The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit-And it's Impact On World History" E. Michael Jones


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Please state a set of assumptions under which the "competitive equilibrium is Pareto-optimal" applies here, and show that they're all satisfied.  Also please explain why conssumption is all that matters, that there should be no value placed on self-reliance (which builds strong local and national community) and why it's not important that the transfer payments needed to keep people from starving in that Pareto-optimal equilibrium don't problematically cause massive undesirable immigration of freeloaders.

That is, if YOU know much of anything about economics.

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But will “negotiations” and regulatory loosening on issues like the environment and worker safety, which have gotten out of hand in the US to the disadvantage of underemployed citizens, offset the extremely low wages offered to Asian and Latin American workers in the countries where American-owned companies shipped over 6 million jobs, canceling out the SS-retirement fund contributions that would have been made by American workers [and] employers if the jobs had been kept here? 

Cheap labor seems to TRUMP everything with US employers. 

Running from the SS trust fund might be another reason for their abandonment of America.

Cheap labor Trumps everything here in the USA, too, and the cheap-labor pool is aided and abetted by the welfare system. That is why US employers prefer an often extremely absentee welfare and progressive-tax-code-subsidized labor market, receiving .gov-financed monthly bills and up to $6,431 in refundable child-tax-credit cash for US-born instant-citizen kids.

Contrary to myth, hard work, daily and all-day attendance and even work productivity, like every-month quota meeting, is NOT preferred by American employers for most of the jobs left here in the USA. 

The welfare-eligible 42 million are (on the books) not hard workers, but part-time workers, staying under the income limits for welfare programs. I KNOW that from working at the Department of Human Services, where single moms and the womb-productive girlfriends of illegal and legal immigrants MUST submit proof of a single-breadwinner’s part-time, traceable earnings to get the free stuff.

The earnings must fall below the income limits for welfare programs that ALWAYS reward part-time work in womb-productive single-breadwinner households of citizens and noncitizens. You cannot work full time in a minimum-wage job while meeting the income limits. When I worked at DHS, both the EBT and monthly cash assistance income limits were BELOW $900 per month......

Even if Trump eventually lures US corporations back here with looser regulations and tax cuts, rather than just unleashing a stock buy-back spree, it will not matter to the 101 million American citizens of working age who are out of the labor force and the 78 million gig pieceworkers, not if this welfare-rigged labor market of citizens and noncitizens continues to be the norm.

You cannot compete with a bigly labor market full of welfare-fetching citizens & noncitizens who do not need pay sufficient to cover rent due to their womb production.

Only a Deplorables First immigration reform would address that issue, including a big reduction in the number of welfare-eligible legal immigrants let in each year. The number 1.5 million is too many. This—no more and no less than illegal immigration—keeps wages down, but the illegal immigration has the added bonus of making America more dangerous. 

The impasse on the immigration issue is the reason why I am skeptical of the value of current trade-war maneuvering, even though I am glad that Trump is addressing that general issue. 

The other thing that complicates this trade war is the way that globalist elites have sold America out over the years, not just destroying the middle class with all of this offshoring and welfare-supported illegal labor, but also getting the US economy 1) waist-deep in debt, 2) dependent on foreign investment and 3) subject to getting jerked around by Machiavellian currency manipulation that non-math people, like me, really don’t understand.

It sounds kind of dangerous, though, even just the argument that Stockman makes about China being a house of cards that, if it came down, could have unintended consequences for the US. 

I have no idea. But I do know that many of the people who voted for Trump are pretty adamant about the immigration issue, first and foremost, regarding it as an easier and less risky thing to get done as well.

Maybe, the children-at-the-border Movie of the Week has convinced most Trump voters to stay on the train, thinking something permanent has been done to contain the flow of welfare-rewarded illegal immigration.

I think many of the teenagers, released into the country to live with extended family or in foster care, will, in a few years, be entering the labor force as part-time workers, producing instant-citizen kids and getting free monthly bills and refundable child-tax-credit cash from .gov, while citizens like me will still face rent that eats up over half of our monthly, earned-only income from low-wage churn jobs.

As much of an enthusiastic Trump voter as I have been, going back a long way, I am not sure that I am going to vote in the mid-term general election. I am not going to vote for this Tammany Hall II Democratic Party, but I may just stay home. 

There are many populists out there, not just on the right either, who are disgruntled for very real reasons, like this interesting article explains, so there will likely be wave after wave of non-centrist populism until globalism’s shoreline has been redefined.

Hmmm, weird, when I loaded the other link, it conformed to the format of this text box, but then when I loaded the link above this last paragraph, it reverted to cutting off the text on the side. Until I post it, I cannot see the full text after links are added.

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@ Brazen,


“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.”

-Rothschild Brothers of London communique’ to associates in New York June 25th, 1863.


The Difference.

J. Speer-Willams

June 16, 2010.


New-Cons. Love War & torture, increased regulations, tyranny and taxes; with our taxes going to the plutocrats of the private banking community.  They support governmental destruction of our environment, under the pretender of protecting it.  They, also, overtly support corporatism (Fascism for Oligarchs) and any measures supported by the Republican Party that enrich the private International Monetary / Banking Cartel at the expensive of the. American People. 


New- Libs. Love War & torture, increased regulations, tyranny and taxes; with our taxes going to the plutocrats of the private banking community.  They support governmental destruction of our environment, under the pretender of protecting it.  They, also, overtly support corporatism (Socialism for Oligarchs) and any measures supported by the Democratic Party that enrich the private International Monetary / Banking Cartel at the expensive of the. American People.

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By the time Trump leaves office the remainder of the industrialized world will be in such a state of economic ruin that there will be no question about open borders. We are in the last days of the oil age, and its resulting civilization. The US must protect what it has - while it still has something remaining; Otherwise, it will become like the rest of the world that will soon have nothing! Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and soon all of Asia, and most of Europe will be reverting to a brutal, ruthless barbarism. North America will be one of the last remaining remnants of civilization existing on the planet. We must not allow a few self serving, self interested, myopics to destroy our only possible path for survival.

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The faster oil runs out the better. We will then be forced to make giant leaps to ET tech, trash Einstein, elevate Tesla, trash the bogus math and physics in favor of the ET tech. Oxidation to produce energy is stupid. When the ET civilizations come forth all sorts of elevations of mankind will manifest themselves as even the IQ challenged will realize what a dunce we have all been to listen to these so-called enlightened ones that don’t know Jack.

Another whacked out thought I’ve had for years is that my high school English teacher meant well but she steered us wrong in teaching the structure of term papers, with particular emphasis on the sacred Bibliography. I will use the shortened “Ibid’ for all references to the structured procedures.

The rub comes in that almost all formal education is FAKE, designed to perpetuate the ruling class, peak oil being the next fear porn that scares most. Point is, the geologists prepare fancy fear reports decorated with fancy authoritative Ibids for dumbasses like me to lap up. I enjoy Wikipedia but it is as fake as CNN when it comes down to can we really trust it. No, we cannot trust it, nor should we, no one has any absolute knowledge on anything. University pedigrees are the most FAKE shit of all, engineers do better than most because people die in large numbers when we fuck up. Therefore, we aren’t proud, we use fudge factors to CYA, so eloquently called an Empirical Factor which should indicate just what a dumbass Einstein was with his silly refusal to use a fudge factor and decrying “God does not play dice with the universe” or some such nonsense. Weird Al, you ain’t God, just a cousin-grinder.

An example of the Ibid fallacy is that I wonder how many Ibids have been put forth on how to treat ulcers, probably voluminous no doubt. All of those degreed experts producing study after study, documented to the nth degree which is nothing more than control, Ibid control, damnit! Big pharma rakes it in with their antacids beta-alpha-theta-psi-chi-omega blockers, ad infinitum, $billions per year. Along comes a wild-eyed Aussie and proclaims the heretical thought that ulcers are caused by a particular bacteria, no big mystery, no big deal to cure.

Burn him at the stake!! Heresy. How dare you challenge these robed, mortarboarded Purveyors of the sacred Ibid. well, Wildeye gave himself ulcers with his common bacteria and then cured himself with a plain antibiotic in short fashion. BLAP! Ulcers gone as a human plague, which is the most important obversation of all in that almost ALL significant advancements by mankind have been made by one or two wild eyed crazies listening to a different drummer.

I piss on Einstein’s leg a lot because he represents what is wrong when the controlling crowd shit cans all logic to promote one of their own knowing it’s wrong. That promotion holds back mankind, which brings us back to peak oil. Fuck peak oil, watch our wild eyed ones come to the forefront and piss on Einstein once again. I say, the sooner, the better the oligarchs have their monopolies pried from their evil little Baal horns and we witness the greatest industrial revolution imaginable, no, beyond imagination.

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The founding fathers were the billionaires of their day. SAME AS IT EVER WAS.

Except they had a sense of obligation to us peasants.

The murderous, sociopathic motherfuckers of both parties today are monsters.

Everyone knows what we should do with monsters.

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See the history of the artistic country of France for examples of what happens with that kind of thinking. France has the best visual art, but our Founders fled European thinking on several fronts, like the way they aligned the idea of private property with the idea of individual liberty, rather than emulating the European aristocracies that linked property rights to entrenched power.

The problem is not wealth. It is the static wealth of the current globalist economy. It is more akin to the anti-liberty, aristocratic wealth hierarchies of “old Europe,” including today’s aristocratic power couples—i.e. the assortative-mate couples with their two, safe, high-paying jobs per household, creating no additional jobs for Americans, but creating financial dynasties within an overall stagnant economy.

The global corporations, with their wage-slave serfs in far-flung foreign lands and their welfare-fed serfs here in the USA, including many welfare-eligible / womb-productive legal / illegal immigrants, make “the [rigged] system” even more immovable for the plebs. And the plebes are becoming less mobile in many ways. 

Why vote in a rigged system? (see American voter turnout, v/s turnout in other countries) 

Why work in a rigged system? (see American labor-force participation rates)

Why move to other parts of the country in a rigged system? (see American mobility in previous generations v/s today, ironically, when we have much more advanced transportation means than the covered-wagon couples of past eras)

The welfare-rigged labor market that favors single-breadwinner parents does not work in a republic, nor does the wealth concentration from accommodating assortative mating with all kinds of womb privilege in workplaces and the tax code. 



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Strong borders are needed, BECAUSE the State hands out free candy to layabouts

Trade restrictions are needed BECAUSE the State strangles local businesses with taxation and regulation


Abolish welfare, medical regulation (INCLUDING the absurd training requirements), environmental regulation, and cut taxation right back to the bone and THEN we can have open borders and free trade.

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Go ahead, cut all that crap out.

Now explain to me how people who pay $300 per week in rent or $400 (?$400???  More like $800) on a mortgage can compete with people whose entire budget is $40 per week.

Now if we had freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee markets, one might expect something along the lines of, workers have to accept wages of $40 per week to compete with their overseas competitors but then rents and mortgages would dramatically decrease as the real estate "market" re-adjusts to accommodate what people can actually afford to pay.  Why is land over here "worth" so much more than land over there anyway?  More importantly, why does no-one ever talk about this?  Needless to say, even if "free markets" worked this fantasy will remain so if for no other reason than DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT ... oh, I don't know I forgot.  You think bankster landlord cartels are going to allow the price of real estate to go DOWN?  Perhaps third world workers will demand higher wages causing inflation in the cheaper countries so they can catch up to us!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  Sorry, it wasn't that funny.  I mean, it all balances out eventually, right?  And all we have to do is wait for another MurderDeathKill and we'll know where the perp is.  But I guess if this paragraph didn't make sense to you then that last sentence won't help either.

You know what happens when you compete against someone who works for a bowl of rice per day and sleeps on the factory floor?  In order to keep your own costs down, you have to live on a bowl of rice per day and sleep on the factory floor.  This is one of those occasions where you by choosing the standard of living for your neighbours, you get to choose your own standard of living.

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As the other guy said, how has that worked out in the real world for the last 30 years?

$300 for rent alone vs $40 for entire budget but what???  Oh yeah, "increased efficiencies".  Well I see one glaring inefficiency right there and it is not to our advantage.

What increased efficiencies do we have over here that can not and will not be replicated over there?

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Abolish welfare, medical regulation (INCLUDING the absurd training requirements), environmental regulation, and cut taxation right back to the bone and THEN we can have open borders and free trade.

....once we've convinced the indigenous population that all that they have worked for, all that they have contributed to and all that they have created is FREE for anyone to walk in and take a share of.

Anyone that comes to a country with the intention to 'take' can F.R.O back to where they came from.  Anyone wanting to 'bring' something to our countries and generate even more is welcome.

It's not a difficult concept - except our elders and betters seem to think they have the right to simply hand over everything our forefathers worked for and left to us as if it was there's to give away.  Cnuts.

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OverTheHedge kellys_eye Tue, 08/07/2018 - 11:00 Permalink

A question to ask: what's in it for me? What do I get out of unregulated, constant, endless immigration? In what ways do I benefit?

Obviously, if I am an employer, I get cheaper labour, because of the competition. If I am a landlord, I get higher rent, again because of the completion. If I am not a landlord or an employer, what do I get? Cultural enrichment? Is that like ordinary enrichment, but without the money part?

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