The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director

One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul Institute director, found their Twitter accounts suspended. 

On Monday, Twitter suspended the editorial director of Scott Horton, former State Department employee Peter Van Buren, and Dan McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute.

Horton was reportedly disciplined for the use of "improper language" against journalist Jonathan M. Katz, he said in a brief statement, while McAdams was suspended for retweeting him, he said. Past tweets in both accounts were available to the public at the time of the writing, unlike the account of Van Buren, which was fully suspended.

According to TargetLiberty, Horton and McAdams fell victim of Twitter’s suspension algorithm after objecting to Katz’s quarrel with Van Buren over an earlier interview.

The suspensions come days after Twitter suspended black conservative Candace Owen from Twitter for highlighting the algorithmic hypocrisy of Twitter by replacing the word “white” with “Jewish” in a series of tweets modeled on those by New York Times editor Sarah Jeong.

just after controversial conservative Alex Jones, and his podcast InfoWars, were kicked out from most social media platforms, prompting conservative to accuse the social networks of collusion in a collective crackdown on non-mainstream voices. The Silicon Valley giants were criticized by the US political establishment for failing to prevent alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Meanwhile, critics now say the pressured media giants are engaging in political censorship, using their market dominance and lack of legislated neutrality requirements to target descent voices ahead of the midterm elections.

* * *

In a scathing op-ed on Tuesday, Nigel Farage wrote that "while many on the libertarian right and within the conservative movement have their issues with Alex Jones and InfoWars, this week’s announcement by YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify represents a concerted effort of proscription and censorship that could just as soon see any of us confined to the dustbin of social media history."

These platforms that claim to be “open” and in favor of “free speech” are now routinely targeting -- whether by human intervention or not -- the views and expressions of conservatives and anti-globalists.

This is why they no longer even fit the bill of “platforms.” They are publishers in the same way we regard news outlets as publishers. They may use more machine learning and automation, but their systems clearly take editorial positions. We need to hold them to account in the same way we do any other publisher.

Farage then accused social media giants of being corporatist:

That they cannot profess to be neutral, open platforms while being illiberal, dictatorial, and hiding behind the visage of a private corporation (which are more often than not in bed with governments around the world at the very highest levels).

This isn’t capitalism. It’s corporatism.

He concludes that the real interference in "US democracy" comes not from Russia, but from some of its most powerful corporations which now yield more power in some cases than the government itself: "This isn’t “liberal democracy” as they keep pretending. It’s autocracy."

"...for those that don’t take issue with the latest censorship of right-wingers by big social media -- unless we take a stand now, who knows where it could end."


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Ah, so they chuck some Libertarians off their platform so it looks like it's not just Conservatives (with an added bonus of trying to drive a wedge between them).  Very tricky.  But it won't work.  Word's out.  There's no going back at this point.

Why doesn't Twitter grow a sack and try turning off Donald Trump's account?  I double dog dare them.  See what happens.  I mean, he's the core of the problem according to the leftists, right?  Why fuck around in the margins when you could, with the click of one key, end the problem at it's source?  What's the hold up?


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It's surprising that people can comment positively about Trump in the comments section of this article about freedom of expression. Remember Edward Snowden? Has Trump invited him to come back to the US? Has Trump offered Snowden full immunity? 

Remember Julian Assange? Same questions. 

Trump, the massive Orange Narcissist, is only looking out for himself. He ain't gonna make America great again. In fact, he never intended to.

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Doesn't matter if it's 2004 or 2018, the (((usual suspects))) keep playing this cruel game to maintain their eternal victim status, garner pity, sympathy and the mandatory outpouring of tax dollars from the city/state/nation's Treasury to their jew supremacist pockets.

And it's been going on for centuries....all over the western world.

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home

It's restricted, jewtube don't want you viewing it:


Also Read:

"The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit- and It's Impact on World History" E. Michael Jones

"The Bad War" M.S. King  (banned by the jews & jewmazon)

"The Jewish Onslaught" Dr. Tony Martin

"MegaCaust" Michael Walsh

"Mein Kampf" Adolf Hitler

"The Jews & Their Lies" Martin Luther

"Against Our Better Judgement-The Hidden History Of How The U.S. Was Used To Create Israel" Allison Weir

"The Controversy Of Zion" Douglas Reed

"The Hoax of The 20th Century" Arthur R. Butz 

And take the time to watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" You will be very, very glad you did.  

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•• ssk81646 (above)

•• More Sun

•• Adolfsteinbergovitch (above)

•• Free This (below, in all his 7th grade glory - JACKASS  as new icon!)

....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.



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Tweet from Kim DotCom:


Twitter, Facebook, Google, you betray your users by helping the Deep State to spy on all, you politicize your platforms to manipulate public opinion, you shadowban, censor and attack free speech. Your tech is easy to replace and your users will leave you. Your days are numbered.


Undercover Audio from Twitter Exposes Twitter's Plan To Shut Down The Freedom of Speech

"Every single conversation is going to be rated by a machine & the machine is going to say whether or not it's a positive or negative thing... it's going to ban a way of talking" 


US Senator Chris Murphy's Orwellian tweet, and the massive backlash he received in the comment section:


Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it. 

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speaking of Califexico: purposely lighting fires to force federal money that you think you're entitled to, is not the way to's waaaay too transparent and desperate. We all know you're like the degenerate gambler uncle who has no shame in trying to steal money from his family or take "loans" to feed his habit; money that he has no intention or ability of ever paying back.

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We don't ANY regulation. We need only enforce the existing rule of law, reinstate the laws that applied to media BEFORE Clinton's 1996 Telecommunications Deregulation ACT, and honor the constitution. I realize these social media technocrat pedophiles think the constitution is a punchline but we have plenty of rope for them. no technocrats; no problems.

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Agreed. If he truly did, he would order the military to seal the border, only allowing commercial and legal traffic to come in. He would order DHS to arrest every violent Antifa protester. He would increase the budget for ICE significantly to hire more agents for deporting illegals.And he would pull our troops out of Syria. He also would have voted against the massive budget increase. And Hillary, Brennan and all of their minions would be locked in supermax prisons for their conspiracy, sedition and treason.

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Campaign finance reform would be more effective.

1. End all corporate political donations.

2. Limit private donations to an amount anyone can afford.  $100 seems about right.

3. Anyone who can gather a requisite number of signatures and holds ONLY US citizenship will be eligible for office, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof.

4. Campaign finance to be provided from a tax-based fund and distributed on an equal basis - candidates having discretion as to how the money is spent, with an independent auditing process to detect fraud.

5. No politician may sit on the board of directors, or hold corporate office for a period of five years post government service.

6. Salaries to reflect the level of responsibility and accountability of the office attained.

Do that, and you won't need term limits.  Undue influence will largely disappear, candidates who perform well will remain in office, those who don't will be voted out.


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this congress. 

no wait. 

this congress?

this congress should step in and do what?  fuck things up more than they are?  this congress couldn't piss in a glass if they held it with both hands.  this congress told trump if he fires jeff, they will not entertain a replacement, and will consider the firing, grounds for impeachment.

this congress?  oh, yeah.  brilliant.  fucking brilliant.

and in a totally off topic comment:

trump considers revoking top secret clearance for those who wish to stage a palace coup against him.



fucking considers?

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