Yazidi Slavery, Child Trafficking, Death Threats To Journalist: Should Turkey Remain In NATO?

Authored by Uzay Bulut via The Gatestone Institute,

August 3 marked the fourth anniversary of the ISIS invasion of Sinjar, Iraq and the start of the Yazidi genocide. Since that date in 2014, approximately 3,100 Yazidis either have been executed or died of dehydration and starvation, according to the organization Yazda. At least 6,800 women and children were kidnapped by ISIS terrorists and subjected to sexual and physical abuse, captives were forced to convert to Islam, and young boys were separated from their families and forced to become child soldiers, according to a report entitled "Working Against the Clock: Documenting Mass Graves of Yazidis Killed by the Islamic State." Moreover, 3,000 Yazidi women and girls are believed to remain in ISIS captivity, but their whereabouts are unknown.

One Yazidi child recently sold in Ankara, Turkey, and then freed through the mediation efforts of Yazidi and humanitarian-aid organizations, according to a report by Hale Gönültaş, a journalist with the Turkish news website Gazete Duvar. On July 30, three days after Gönültaş's article appeared, she received a death threat on her mobile phone from a Turkish-speaking man, who told her that he knew her home address, and then shouted, "Jihad will come to this land. Watch your step!"

This is not the first time that Gönültaş has been threatened for writing about ISIS atrocities. In May 2017, she received similar telephone threats after posting two articles: "200,000 children in ISIS camps," and "ISIS holds 600 children from Turkey."

In addition, a video of Turkish-speaking children receiving military training from ISIS was sent to her email address. In the video, in which one of them is seen cutting off someone's head with a knife, the children are saying, "We are here for jihad."

Gönültaş, whose lawyer has filed a criminal complaint about the threats, told Gatestone:

"A child has been sold, and this is a crime against humanity; and I do not think the sole perpetrator is ISIS. There is a larger organized network involved in this. My report has further exposed this reality. I have been a journalist for 22 years and have been subjected to similar threats many times. I do not live in fear or worry. I will continue reporting facts."

In her article, Gönültaş conducted an interview with Azad Barış, founding president of the Yazidi Cultural Foundation, who said that a Yazidi girl, who was taken captive during the ISIS invasion of Sinjar in 2014, was sold for a fee determined by ISIS through "intermediaries" in Ankara:

"To restore the child to liberty, the Yazidi community and humanitarian aid organizations -- the 'reliable intermediaries' who stepped in to save the child -- contacted the intermediaries who acted on behalf of ISIS.... The child was then taken out of Turkey quickly with the help of international organizations and reunited with her family. As far as I know, Turkish security forces were not informed of the incident. The priority was the life of the child and to take her to safety swiftly. And the child did get safely reunited with her family."

Barış also said that Yazidi women were exposed to mass rapes at the hands of ISIS terrorists who called them "spoils of war" and claimed that it was "religiously permissible" ("jaiz" in Arabic) to rape them:

"Women were taken from one cell house to another and were exposed to the same sexual and psychological torture in every house. According to witness statements, women were mass raped by ISIS militants three times every day. Dozens of women ended their lives by noosing and strangling themselves with their headscarves.

"Slave markets have been formed on an internet platform known as the 'deep web.' Not only women but also children are sold on auctions on the deep web... When the selling is completed on the internet, the intermediaries of those buying the women and the intermediaries of ISIS meet at a place considered 'safe' by both parties. Women and children are delivered to their buyers. Some Yazidi families have liberated their wives, children and relatives through the help of the reliable persons that joined in the auctions on the deep web on their behalf. The price for liberating the women and children ranges between 5,000 and 25,000 euros... Our missing people are still largely held by ISIS. Wherever ISIS is, and wherever they are effective, the women and children are mostly there. But selling women is not heard of very often anymore."

Also according to Barış, the second largest Yazidi group held captive by ISIS are boys under the age of nine:

"[they] receive jihadist education at the hands of ISIS; are brainwashed, and have been made to change their religion. Each of them is raised as a jihadist. But we are not fully informed of the exact number and whereabouts of our kidnapped children."

This is not the first time that the sale of Yazidis in Turkey was reported in the media. In 2015, the German public television station ARD produced footagedocumenting the slave trade being conducted by ISIS through a liaison office in the province of Gaziantep in southeast Turkey, near the Syrian border.

In 2016, the Turkish daily Hürriyet reported that the Gaziantep police had raided the Gaziantep office and found $370,000, many foreign (non-Turkish) passports, and 1,768 pages of Arabic-language receipts that demonstrate the transfer of millions of dollars between Syria and Turkey.

Six Syrians were indicted in Turkey for their involvement, but all were acquitteddue to a "lack of evidence." No member of the Gaziantep Bar Association, which had filed the criminal complaint against them, was invited to attend the hearings. According to Mehmet Yalçınkaya, a lawyer and member of the Gaziantep Bar Association:

"The court, without looking into the documents found by police, made the decision to acquit... We learned of the decision to acquit by coincidence. That the trial ended in only 16 days and 1,768 pages of documents were submitted to the court after the decision to acquit shows that it was not an effective trial."

A news report from German broadcaster ARD shows photos of Yazidi slaves distributed by ISIS (left), as well as undercover footage of ISIS operatives in Turkey taking payment for buying the slaves (right).

Addressing the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on December 9, 2015, Mirza Ismail, founder and chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International, said, in part:

"We Yezidis are desperate for your immediate help and support. During our six-thousand-year history, Yezidis have faced 74 genocides in the Middle East, including the ongoing genocide. Why? Simply because we are not Muslims. We are an ancient and proud people from the heart of Mesopotamia, the birth place of civilization and the birth place of many of the world's religions. And here we are today, in 2015, on the verge of annihilation. In response to our suffering around the World there is profound, obscene silence. We Yezidis are considered 'Infidels' in the eyes of Muslims, and so they are encouraged to kill, rape, enslave, and convert us."


"I am pleading with each and every one of you in the name of humanity to lend us your support at this crucial time to save the indigenous and peaceful peoples of the Middle East."

Three years after this impassioned plea, Yazidis are still being enslaved and sold by ISIS, with Turkish involvement, while the life of the journalist who exposed the crime is threatened. Reuniting the kidnapped Yazidis with their families and bringing the perpetrators to justice should be a priority of civilized governments worldwide, not only to help stop the persecution and enslavement of Yazidis, but also to defeat jihad.

The question is whether NATO member Turkey is a part of the solution or part of the problem. Should Turkey, with the path it is on, be allowed even to remain a member of NATO?


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NATO, North Amerikan Terror Organ, that limp appendage dangling from the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan capital of USSA's flaccid vassal Brussels, seat of the infamous albeit collapsing EUSSR wants to be the global gangster sidekick of the Pentacon thugs but just doesn't want to pay to play. Will the Germans get suckered for a third time into a global war for their anglozionazi bankster masters and the Washing town thugocracy? Nah...they finally seem to have figured it and STASI agent "Erika" out as the I$I$ "backed" Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah gets flushed from the global Ponzi sewer of the Potemkin Village (idiot) Mercan "economy" of slaughter for the profit of the zero 1%.

Meanwhile the summer of financial collapse is upon US, on both sides of the Atlanticist swamp, as the detritus of USSA'S Middle East judaic wars rapes and pillages its way across a seething Europe betrayed by the hag in Berlin and her Soros puppet master. Syria is where the anglozionazi beast and Pentacon Murder Inc. finally bit off more than they could chew in their serial judaic wars of terror and the rest of humanity sees it for what it is. All the emasculated pedophile pawns in Natostan huff and puff at Mr. Bear's doorstep but that is all these Brownstoned cretins will ever do. It is all over bar the inevitable bankrupt collapse of €urolandia and the long awaited civil war reloaded in Slumville USSA. Bismarck was right more than a century ago, the only future Germany has and Urupp by default is in the warm embrace of Mr. Bear and his vast supply of energy and resources as USSA vainly squeezes gas from the "shale miracle" BS and hubris bloated turds in the stinking Washing town swamp.


Onward on the great One Belt One Road trip of a lifetime sans everything USSAN



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What is going to happen will happen and it won't be good around here.  There is no doubt that they have guns but do they know how to use them?  I don't know.  It's not a good situation but I remain diplomatic at this point.  I have a few that I liked but really don't think they really like me.  What they don't like is when they play the "poor immigrant card", whoa is me, and then I introduce Mrs.M from Russia who takes no shit from even me.  They don't know what to say about that.  

Kind of like that really TV old show from the late 50's called "Maverick".  She's an ace up my sleeve.  She is a White Russian and not a Red Russian.  As for Russians and Turks, they are not friends.  I made that mistake when I was younger in introducing a Turk women to Mrs.M.  I have never done it since.  A Turk in your house is bad luck.  

I doubt that I will ever figure this all out.  LMAO      

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That is what they want you to do.

TAKE THEM OUT OF THEIR ANCESTRAL HOMES and leave the place (ME) to Israelis and Turks,

They got rid of MOST CHRISTIANS since 1914, First it was the Middle class Armenians (like Gulbenkian), Assyrians, and Greeks (Who remembers Onassis? and his killed son?) All products of the now Defunct Ottoman Empire. ..........My respects to Erdogan.

Was there a Plan? ..................Nooooooooooooo you Bloody Conspiracy Factists.

And better not ask Otto Liman von Sanders

He only followed orders, like all the Generals today.

THE PLAN STAYS THE SAME: Which path to Persia

If the Path to Persia conflicts with THE OTHER PATH , the New Silk Road. TOO BAD.

The usual suspects are present and correct.

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Slavery, Child Trafficking, Death Threats To Journalist: Should Turkey Remain In NATO?

Should they remain?? I'm deeply confused. I thought these - plus sociopathic mafia thuggery - were the key selection criteria for NATO club admission ...

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I'll never forget this mission in Iraq where a Yazidi lady was kind to us. We entered her house to avoid detection while trying to set up an ambush for a nearby firefight (I forget the details, but it was something like that. Nothing really happened). This lady made us a kind of pizza and gave us ice water. She was the kindest person I met in my 2 years in that hell hole.

Every other kind of experience like that always had politics behind it, but this lady was just nice to us when she really had no reason to be.

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It is sad to see Constantinople defaced. Ancient Rome thrived for nearly 400 years after arriving in this part of the world and this was where Romans were first converted to Christians.

Our greatest loss is the Hagia Sophia. Savages have it. For now. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagia_Sophia

Islam can never be the ally of Christians. Stupid that people don't remember this. So much crap with the Muslims. Islam will never be compatible with western civilization except in small numbers as tightly controlled visitors.

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Actually, Turkey (Gomer/Beth-Togarmah) will figure in to Armageddon as they align with China, Russia (Magog), Iran (Persia) and other Islamic nations such as Libya (Put) and Ethiopia (Cush), to attack Israel during a time of peace. Russia and China will be the only totally non-Islamic countries. 

Interestingly enough, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Jordan, and Egypt  will not partake in Armageddon, which seems to mean Israel will have subdued their immediately situated enemies.  

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The Muslim savages you mention have just recently taken it over.  For nearly 200 years, the Ottomans adopted mostly secular laws, and ran Istanbul as a modern, cosmopolitan city.  It was the Europeans that ruined that, by breaking up their empire after WWI just for revenge.  Just as they did with the rest of the middle east after WWII, replacing the secular sultans and kings with religious zealots, because they were more resistant to communist influences, and supposedly dividing them up along tribal and religious lines would make them easier to control.  I guess that didn't work out as intended, unless you believe the people here that claim the Jews have had it all planned since 500 B.C.

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"Should Turkey Remain In NATO?"

Is that the same NATO that has bombed millions of

Iraqis, Syrian, Afghanistanis, etc to their brutal and

bloody deaths in their homes and cities?


Who the fuck cares what becomes of that hypocritical

terrorist outfit?   YOU?


Erdogan should get Turkey out of it before somebody

completely destroys their headquarters in Belgium. 

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I remember when Turkey was a reliable ally.  In the 90’s during Clinton’s tenure we were in Mogadishu for some fucked up, warlord, CIA, reason, and things went to shit (you’ve all seen Blackhawk Down).  Clinton would not let our troops out to save our soldiers.  After so much of a fight and deaths, Turkey said ‘fuck it’ and pulled their asses out of the fire.  That is the last time I’ve seen Turkey be a reliable ally.  Since then it’s devolved to this Islamic Erdogon dictatorship to build a new Caliphate.  Time to pick up our nukes, equipment, and move to Eastern Europe where they would like us to be, or just bring it all home.