Norway On The Way To Become Unfriendly Neighbor In Russia's Eyes

Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Norway is executing a drastic change in its military policy, towards a far more aggressive posture. A total of 330 US Marines have been stationed for a trial period from January at the Vaernes military base east of Trondheim. The deployment marks the first time since World War II that foreign troops have been allowed to station in Norway. Last year, the Norwegian Parliament approved a one-year trial period for the US military presence, including two six-month rotations. Now it is planned to double the Marines presence in the country from 330 to 650 soldiers. Norway and the United States are now discussing the usefulness of continuing this agreement beyond 2017.

The airport in Nord-Trøndelag can become a major military air base. The US Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway, already stores large amounts of military equipment in caves. The caves currently hold enough to equip a fighting force of 4,600 Marines. The US military plans to enlarge the stockpile allowing it to store enough weapons and equipment for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade (up to 16, 000 servicemen). Planners are completing an analysis of the current gear cache that should wrap up in the next 12 months.

There are other plans to increase US military presence in the country. Last summer, a study group from the US Navy visited both Andøya and Evenes airports in northern Norway to see if they could host American P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft.

According to Washington-based Center for Strategic and international Studies (CSIS) report, «The former Royal Norwegian Navy base at Olavsvern is ideal for supporting submarine operations in the extreme North Atlantic and Arctic Seas». The paper says it may be possible for Norway to nationalize and reopen a portion of the facility to support the rotational presence of US submarines. Olavsvern is NATO’s closest naval base to the Kola Peninsula. The paper notes that the United States needs to leverage its bilateral relationships with Norway in order to develop and deploy a new generation of undersea sensing capabilities.

The construction of sophisticated new radar system known as Globus 3 in Vardø has started. Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is an element of the US-led NATO ballistic missile defense (BMD).

The radar located in Svalbard (the Arctic) can also be used by US military for missile defense purposes. The site has been frequently visited by US officials and politicians. This radar is installed in violation of the 1925 treaty which states that Svalbard has a demilitarized status.

Norway used to be skeptical toward the BMD plans. In 2002, Norway condemned the US decision to pull out from the ABM Treaty. Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO General Secretary, was skeptical about the system at a summit in Moscow in 2007. But Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced the decision to join the NATO missile defense in 2015 – the same year Norwegian ships participated with radar sensors in an allied BMD exercise.

The joint American-Norwegian radar project is an openly hostile move, which has become an irritant to negatively affect the Russian-Norwegian bilateral relationship. The missile shield will alter the strategic balance—giving Washington and NATO the ability to launch a first nuclear strike on Russia and prevent it from launching a counter-strike. Besides, the radar will be used for intelligence collection being stationed just 40 miles from the Russian Kola Peninsula where strategic submarines and other military assets are based.

According to Professor Theodore Postol, a professor at Massachusetts Technological Institute and a well-known scholar, Norway «would be dragged into a conflict between the great powers… The radar in Vardø is of the type GBR-P, formerly deployed on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific. It was formerly intended to be the most important radar in the US missile shield, to be deployed in the Czech Republic».

«Norway has to understand that after becoming an outpost of NATO, it will have to face head-on Russia and Russian military might», Teimuraz Ramishvili, Russian ambassador to Oslo, told Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. «Therefore, there will be no peaceful Arctic anymore». Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is part of US global ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, making Norway a prime target for attack in the event of a conflict.

Norway plans to have over 50 US-produced F-35 stealth warplanes in 2019. It will give it the capability to strike deep into the Russian territory. It underscores the fact that Norway would rapidly be drawn into any war that NATO launched against Russia. Indeed, the preparations unquestionably make Norway a target for Russian military action.

The US military presence represents a shift from the peacetime policy of prohibiting the posting of foreign troops in Norway. Before joining NATO in 1949, Norway pledged not to allow deployment of foreign military on its soil «as long as it is not under attack or threat of attack.» No Norwegian government has said it is threatened by Russia. Quite to the contrary, just a few days ago Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that she doesn't consider Russia to be a threat to Norway's security in an interview with German DW. According to her, Oslo and Moscow have a «good partnership», especially in the Arctic. «We don't believe that Russia is a direct threat to Norway, but we believe that Russia has become more unpredictable in its policies», the PM noted. Hardly so, Russia is very much predictable because it has no alternative to taking measures in response.

The border between Russia and Norway has been peaceful for centuries. The two countries have always been good neighbors. It is all changing now. Foreign troops on Norwegian soil and the construction of the new radar are parts of unfriendly policy toward Russia, which believes that the provocative moves are unacceptable. Perhaps, it should be taken into account by Norwegian politicians as the country nears the parliamentary elections in the fall.


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first: who is this "we", kemosabe?second: start with giving up Ukraine as an US ally/protectorate?you know, that very country where the EU was elbowed out and Russian intelligence delivered us the tapes where the US envoy said "Fuck (what) the EU (wants)"? while... "Crimea happened"?Moscow is rattling the sabers versus Norway (here in the article noted as "behaving as an enemy"), Sweden the Balts, Poland and Ukraine, for the Greater Glory of the Russian MICWashington is delighted and is moving troops and hardware to the same, for the Greater Glory of the US MIC, and rattling those sabers in concertas Denmark recently noted, in Europe there are two kinds of countries: the small and those who have not yet understood that they are smalland the propaganda spin goes on, relentlessly. particularly when it comes to Russia, which is either an innocuos Teddy Bear or a blood-thirsty Grizzly Bear, and never, ever anything even resembling the reality of the situationmeanwhile, the message is clear: buy and set up weapons. signed, the Russian and US MICsby Jingo, in case this wasn't clear

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"Well, Ghordius, sorry to say it, but you have no fucking clue about geopolitics, that much is clear from your posts"links, please? I am posting here since 5 years. lots of downvotes, then what I write here goes against the grainand yet you repeat very often that "that much is clear from your posts" without ever linking one. isn't it a bit tired, as a trollish way of commenting?I think I posted something like 500 comments on the Ukraine articles alone. go on, find me one where you can prove that I was wrongparticularly in regard to geopolitics

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Of course, Norway behaves like an enemy towards Russia. What else shall Russia say or do?

Not always, when there is a conflict, is it that both sides escalate it. It's clear as the day that Russia is indeed threatened. By your logic, them merely pointing the fact out, already means "saber rattling"?? WTF!?

That's why I said, you have no clue! Russia is being surrounded by ever more NATO troops and anti-missile installations (to prevent a counter-strike). Forcing them to scramble counter-measures. "Saber rattling"?
You know, what "saber rattling" would be? If they installed nuclear warheads in Cuba. Or venezuela.

I am not saying, you are dumb. I am just saying, that you have a very one-dimensional view on the issue, namely, that "the MIC on all sides" were the driving force.
But that's bs as far as Russia is concerned. Just a few days ago Putin explicitly said, that Russian defense spending (at 3 % or so of GDP) is too high and he wants to bring it down. In 2017 it will shrink by 7 %. Compare that to trump's hike of the pentagon's budget by 54 bn - that INCREASE alone is almost as large as the entire Russian defense budget (65 bn $ in 2017)!

Russia's MIC is of course very interested in selling Russian arms abroad - which they do. That is an entirely different thing, though, than what you claim. Russia simply has not enough resaources and money to expand their defense budget, so they are the last ones who want to do saber rattling. If anything, they desperately want to discourage the US and NATO from seriously considering an attack on Russia.
And a pre-emptive (nuclear) strike on russia is what ALL this expansion and missile shields by the US/NATO are about.
Here are not two great powers struggling for top spot. here is THE superpower (USA) trying to knock down Rusia - and Russia does whatever it can to stay alive.

It is THAT point that you completely fail to understand - instead you come up with the bs of two (equal) competing MICs as being the driving force behind all these events.
But it's a fight for life and death.

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this doesn't sound, at all, like what president trump promised before he was president.  they will not be bought off.  he can give the mic and the zionists everything they demand and they will still impeach him because they do not control him like nearly everyone in, say, the u.s. congress.  a snake is a snake is a snake.he is better off being true to his convictions and his supporters and beating them in the courts of law and public opinion.

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"Moscow is rattling the sabers versus Norway (here in the article noted as "behaving as an enemy"), Sweden the Balts, Poland and Ukraine, for the Greater Glory of the Russian MIC"

You're going to have to show me how and when.

Some questions - why would Russia rattle sabers versus the Baltics? What would that achieve, apart from maybe pressuring Estonians to recognise ethnic Russian Estonians as, you know, actual citizens?

Why would Russia threaten Sweden? I mean, honestly, what possibly would be the reason for that? It goes against their strategic Eurasian integration program, economic interests, virtually their entire MO.

Ukraine is a joke, son, a complete and utter joke. To suggest that "Russian aggression" in Ukraine is real you have to dismiss / forget great many facts, you know, things that actually happen, and keep relying on fantasy worldviews fed by comic book mentality.

I do not want to take the automatic view that Putin is a saint and Russians are all our very best friends because I know it is not true. But I see no evidence of the sheer aggression everyone seems to be touting, and I see loads of crazy lies and blind hate from our governments.

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"why would Russia rattle sabers versus the Baltics? What would that achieve, apart from maybe pressuring Estonians to recognise ethnic Russian Estonians as, you know, actual citizens?"excellent thread. go on, explain this situation from your point of viewEstonia would prefer all ethnic Russians in Estonia to learn Estonian and swear on the Estonian Constitution and Flagin some places, that's the standard request. now tell me what you think would be more just(alternatively, explain to me why Sweden is complaining so much that it is even contemplating joining NATO)no, "rattling the sabers" is not aggression, nor sheer aggression

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oh yeah, Sweden. They likely feel threatend by all the Russian submarines they claimed to have spotted over the past few years - unable to ever even show a single picture or other proof.
As for the baltic states: THEY increased hostilities against Russia, year afdter year, as did Poland. Now, these are all NATO members. It is clear that russia would risk a direct confrontation with NATO if they ever attacked any of these countries. That is more deterrent than you ever need, and certainly more than sending a few thousand additional troups there.
Apart from the fact, that Russia would have ZERO to gain from invading the baltics or Poland. What for? In fact, nobody has ever been able to show what Russia would ever have to gain from invading other countries?
(And spare me any Crimea drivel, if you planned to come up with that, because Crimea is an entirely different story, having been Russian homeland for centuries and with their inhabitants overwhelmingly supporting separation from Ukraine!)

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Ghordius, Ghordius...The more I read your comments the more I realize how disconected from reality you really are.I guess Russia just keeps moving its country closer to NATO bases and that can't work for you can it?You never really reply directly to anyone, and deflect most subjects with counter arguments that don't hold much.Only in your distorted mind view can Russia be the agressor in this mess. We all know Putin is not our best friend forever, but to see the events in the Ukraine/Crimea/Syria as an act of agression from Russia just shows the real mindset of establishment Europeans.You guys are FUCKING LUNATICS, and no wonder Europe as become a fucking SHITHOLE. 

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I am not claiming to be a real expert on Scandinavian politics, but just a little anecdote to support your comments G. I ran into a nice Norwegian dude the other day who was traveling through the states for business (sitting at the bar in one of the worst Hooters I have ever been in).  We got to talking and eventually the subject of politics came up.  To make a long story short, this guy was petrified of Russia and that crazy guy Putin.  He seemed pretty well-versed and balanced in most of his views (he liked his soft Norwegian version of socialism -1, but he does hate bankers +1), but the anti-Russia propoganda machine was turned up to 11 in Norway and he was sure that Putin would be invading Norway, just like he had Crimea... Bankers, MIC, and compliant corrupt media(?) marching the world toward war.

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Ghordius, you are full S...Imagine what the US would have done if the Russians moved in on Mexico and Canada....oh wait, they did in Cuba and it almost went nuclear. Putin is damn patient man with the US. Putin could, as any person with a slight brainfunction has noted, play the way as the US normally plays; shoot first, ask questions later. US is meddling with nations FAR outside their jurisdiction while Russia is meddling with their neighbours. Europe would have been WAY better off if they allied themselves with Russia and told pedofile-Washington-twats to go F*** themselves. But we all know that the Western media is working doubletime and overtime to portray Russia as the biggest, badest wolf there is. 

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I am a European, too, and I never ever felt threatened from Russia. At the same time, I sit here and watch the USA and their alphabet soup of spy and terror-coordinating agencies running the show everywhere in Europe.
At the heart of it, Europe is a vasall of the US and anybody who dared to do anything against that, will be killed by the pro-transatlantic media machine (state-owned as well as private ones).
In feel much more threatened by the US and their actions over here (and the possible consequences thereof) than by Russia, that much I can tell you!

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Well, on top of being an European myself I am also Norwegian. Here is a fact which you will never read about in any mainstream media;Kirkenes, Norwegian city that borders with Russia up in the north is actually proud to be so close with the Russians. I used to work up there and people living up there care not what the media says or even what the politicians from Oslo dictate they should be doing regarding Russians. There, kids now learn Norwegian, Russian and Finnish in schools from early age and they are more interconnected with the Russians then with Oslo.The problem with the world today is that those people who are afraid of Putin are the very ones who just seem incapable of critical thinking. They literally swallow everything that is being spewed out en mass in the media. The result is mass fear! And The West knows this so the propaganda machine just keeps pumping 24/7. Once you break through this BS, you are free of all that fear mongering.

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A dominant variable in impulse to be "big" is bank credit.  It is not the only variable of course, but a large factor.   Why?  It is because of balance sheet mechanics.Every night ledgers have to be balanced.  In the days before private banks linked their reserve loops, there was automatic geographic imbalance.  If you spent bank credit from Midland Texas in Peoria Illinois, then the bank in Illinois was positive, and the bank in Midland was negative.  Midland bank credit had to swim home to its debt instrument, and this presented problems.  So, private banking industry WANTS to consolidate the world into a one currency system.  Illuminist owners of big banks want to absorb small banks, so you eventually end up with a one bank, one currency, one world government.  Russia's central bank still operates under BIS rules.  So, while Russia is becoming more sovereign, they still don't have their own money.  My guess, if they decided to boot out the atlantacists and take their money power, Russians would come under immediate attack, like what happened in 1933 to Germany.The bottom line: if natural order is small countries of sovereign like-minded people, then economic natural order is for each country to have its own sovereign money - not international bank credit.The shit show will continue as long as the money system linking of reserve loops, imbalances were settled with a unit that private banks agreed was money - usually treasuries, and before that metal.  Midlands bank credit would exchange in Peoria for treasury money using a variable exchange rate.  In France they called bank credit "rag money" because it's power would fall of geometrically with distance from bank, and French bankers would not exchange their credit for new paper, in the hopes that the rags would fall apart, benefiting said banker.)

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Norway are finding any way possible to sell themselves out.Desperate to sell more fish, Norway is looking to India, allowing their IT companies increased access to the local market, in exchange for tariff reductions, which are currently high for European imports.… is and will be even more DinduTopia. They are utter cucks. USSR should not have bothered driving out the 3rd Reich for them.

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Not the first time Norway was a Zionist tool.  It happened in 1940 as well:

"1. As soon as the Soviet Union publicizes its occupation of Finland in its entirety, including its bays, coastline and islands, the maritime ministry is prepared to send marines and other forces no later than the night of May 14-15, 1940 to occupy important objects in Norway. In addition, England will occupy Denmark. In cooperation with French troops, England will occupy Swedish Göteborg as well as southern Sweden. At the same time British naval forces will control the North Sea and block access to it from the Baltic Sea for German ships and submarines....3. Following the occupation of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, agreement can be reached between English and Soviet forces as to the distribution of troops and their targets, as well as the timing of the attack against Germany; that according to already established plans, so that:Troops of the English and French expedition force will jointly initiate an attack along the Cherbourg-Rotterdam line with the Siegfried-Line as their target, while at the same time Poland and Czechoslovakia are attacked by Soviet forces.The defense forces of Holland and Belgium have agreed to join British/French troops.French and English naval forces will close the North Sea, as well as the English Channel, to any naval traffic of German ships until Germany’s forces are defeated and Germany is forced into a peace agreement." and Stalin had plans to divide all of Scandanavia and to use it as a platform to attack Germany.  Of course they had already invaded Iceland.  The Soviets also got Poland, and the Baltics.Norway is a nothing but a land of shiksa's and cucks.

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"Norway plans to have over 50 US-produced F-35 stealth warplanes in 2019. It will give it the capability to strike deep into the Russian territory."Really?What if it's snowing?

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What if they have radar that can see these lumbering turkeys?"It will give the capability for Norway to give away lots of cash that they clearly don't want .....for a plane that won't work "King Stolte of DinduLand IS the victor, you may now kiss his ring, Vikings!Guys - the Swedes next door just launched a new Saab Gripen, FFS.…

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After the war the Norwegian government forced German prisoners of war to clear minefields. When the clearing ended in September 1946, 392 of them had been injured and 275 had been killed, meanwhile only two Norwegians and four British mine-clearers had sustained any injuries. Many of the Germans were killed through their guards' habit of chasing them criss-cross over a cleared field to ensure that no mines remained. The Norwegians' claim that the German prisoners were Disarmed Enemy Forces circumvented the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, which forbids the use of prisoners of war for harmful or dangerous labour.

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That is not surprising since after V-Day all of Europe was under control of the same zionist overloads.   WWII was their crowning achievement, and they are watching all their lies crumble.  That is why they are so desperate to get WWIII started, they need to get complete control of either the internet or the goyim brain.

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The American military...

Attempt to find ANY weakness in your made up enemy, no matter how insignificant or costly $$$ the mission... And when that "weakness" can't be exploited to Uncle Sammy's satisfaction?... Find another with the only objective of ratcheting up tension for "tensions sake"... And then of course RUN AWAY to find the NEXT HOLE!

Looks like the U.S. is willing to beg for volunteers towards permanent chaos in the greater Europa project, but I'm not convinced Norway is big enough to get the job done whatever the job du jour "IS" at this point!!!