Iowa Crop Tour Reveals "Underwhelming" And "Disappointing" Cornfields Ahead Of Harvest

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Aug 26, 2022 - 07:05 PM

Crop scouts have wrapped up their four-day Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour across the western crop belt. Earlier this week, scouts revealed that menacing heatwaves and drought this summer had damaged corn and soybean crops. One of the last legs of the survey was farmland in Iowa on Thursday. What the scouts found was nothing short of "underwhelming," "disappointing," and just "not great," according to Bloomberg

Iowa is the top producing state for corn output in the US, the world's leading exporter. That's why the state of corn in Hawkeye State is critical to understand during the tour. 

What scouts uncovered yesterday as they inspected farmland were large swaths of cornfields damaged by heat and dryness. Some said many of the fields they visited were in worse shape than last summer. 

"Iowa was disappointing on my route, especially on corn," said Mark Bernard, a crop consultant for Agro-Economics. He was one of the scouts that inspected the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. 

Pro Farmer Iowa's results show that 2022 harvests are expected to be below 2021 levels and barely above a three-year average. 

Other crop scouts pointed out corn was stressed. 

Reuters' ag specialist Karen Braun examined fields and found corn harvests will likely be below last year's harvest levels. 

Here's another crop scout:

Corn futures in Chicago have risen all week as the scouts made their way across the western crop belt. We noted earlier this week that scouts in Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota were "shocked it's as bad as it is" because heat and lack of rainfall damaged corn ahead of fall harvests. 

The news from Iowa and other top producing states of drought-stricken cornfields is discouraging as the world banks on the North American growing season to produce a bumper harvest this year as food disruptions and inflation remain troublesome.