"My Neighbourhood Is On Fire!!!" - Pipeline Explodes In Nigeria 

According to Nigerian newspaper Vanguard News, a massive fire is raging at one of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation's (NNPSC) pipelines in Abule Egba, a neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, although the state-owned oil corporation, NNPSC, has yet to report on the incident or if there was a disruption to its crude transportation. 

Besides Vanguard News, alleged video of the devastation surfaced on social media.

One Twitter handle said: "Fire service, please tell us what to do. Tell us what you've done. People are disturbed!!! My neighbourhood is on fire!!! Nigeria help !!!! Ekoro, Abule Egba, Pipeline. SOS SOS SOS !!!” 

Another user captured a massive fireball in the sky. 

Handle @IAMGFLOW2 tweets a picture of charred cars and possible structure fires, saying, "Several properties were said to have been consumed."

Handle @ConcernNigeriaC tweets a video of a massive fireball lighting up the sky with hundreds of people watching. 

Besides the various media reports, there is no incident report yet on any NNPSC's pipelines: