Watch: Huge Beef Breaks Out Over Steak Shortage At Golden Corral

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Feb 05, 2022 - 12:20 AM

A Friday night fight erupted at a Golden Corral restaurant in Pennsylvania when dozens of customers fought over steak, according to local CBS affiliate KYW

One former employee told KYW that a fight broke out between 40 people after one customer became mental when the buffet ran out of steak. 

"There were two parties in line waiting for steak. Somebody had cut in front and then started being picky and finicky about the steaks and taking too long, and then, somebody else spoke up and said something I guess the other party didn't like. Then, it just looks like it turned into an all-out brawl," former employee Dylan Becker said.

A viral video circulating on social media shows the chaos of customers punching and screaming at each other over steak. 

"The social media videos depict the chaos of the scene at the time, and most individuals were gone upon police arrival," Sgt. Glenn Vandegrift from the Bensalem Township Police Department said. "Thankfully, there were no serious injuries resulting from the fight that we are aware of. Only a few, minor injuries were sustained."

"All I wanted was some steak," one person is heard saying in the video.

The brawl is one of the first documented incidents where meat shortages resulted in a public fight among 'hangry' consumers. Americans will have to get used to third-world conditions as US cattle herds decline and shortages push beef prices to record highs. 

Meanwhile, the misguided Biden administration is approaching the meat crisis entirely wrong, blaming greedy meat processors for meatflation. But the fact is, there's a lot more to the story than the White House is willing to admit. From declining herds, labor shortages, soaring shipping costs, snarled supply chains, and rising commodity costs, many of these inputs are increasing costs than greedy meat processors. 

Long story short, hangry Americans will do anything for cheap meat in today's inflationary world, even if it means fighting for the last piece of meat in a massive WWE-style brawl at a buffet. 

Come on, America, you can do better. Just go to your local farm and purchase a quarter cow and have beef for a year rather than resort to a buffet. But then, again, some consumers are like goldfish. Their mental capacity is only limited to days out -- so becoming a prepper is seen as "fringe."