Armageddon Put Trade Up Over 500% For The Week, More Room To Go And More Trades To Set Up!

As those who have been reading me for a while know, I have been crowing about sovereing debt default leading to a European bank collapse, causing global contagion for some time. For those who haven't, reference last years posts in the Pan-Europan Sovereign Debt Crisisseries, or The Anatomy Of A European Bank Run: Look At The Banking Situation BEFORE The Run Occurs! for something a little more recent. Early last week, I put one a trade in the US options markets to capitalize on what I saw as the European tipping point, Game Over For The European Ponzi Scheme? Monetizing Pan-European Sophisticated Ignorance Via US Options, Part 1 For Retail and Professional Realists (8/2/2011). I then updated said post with the results of said option trade, a full 260% return in 48 hours - Timely Trading Tips For 8/5/2011  as well as additional illustrative trades for blog subscribers as well as plenty of educational material for those that don't subscribe. That was last week.

Well, another week, another story. The very same armageddon trade is now up over 500%, and I believe it still has plenty to run. Athough we may be overdue for a snapback rally, the macro outlook AND the fundamentals are downright disgusting, and to be quite frank they have been since 1st quarter of 2009. Incessant bubble blowing by the global central planning cartel (the Fed, ECB, BOJ & Chinese government) have succeeded in convincing many an investor that bubbles blowing = economic growth. My dear friends, it simply does not. All you are doing by blowing bubbles is pulling/borrowing economic growth from future periods, and now its time to pay the full debt service (itnerest plus borrowed economic capital) back in spades! Reference Do Black Swans Really MatterNot As Much as ...,

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We have also just released (this morning before the trading session) additional trade setups designed to take advantage of the recent US debt downgrade, see Trading the US Debt Rating Downgrade the…

 Update: Minutes afte typing this, the same put is Asked just under $48!!! If/once this option goes "in the money", the party will be just getting started!

Oh, and I will soon be updating on that big European bank(run) just waiting to happen...